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Two-Stage System Based on a Software-Defined Radio for Stabilizing of Optical Frequency Combs in Long-Term Experiments

Martin Čížek, Václav Hucl, Jan Hrabina, Radek Šmíd, Břetislav Mikel, Josef Lazar, Ondřej Číp
2014 Sensors  
The research presented in this paper deals with a novel approach based on digital signal processing and a software-defined radio.  ...  Experiments in the field of precise length metrology of low-expansion materials are usually of long-term nature so it is required that the optical frequency comb stay in operation for an extended period  ...  The background of the research was supported by the European Commission and Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic project number: CZ.1.05/2.1.00/01.0017 and CZ.1.07/2.4.00/31.0016  ... 
doi:10.3390/s140101757 pmid:24448169 pmcid:PMC3926637 fatcat:fuspquqlhjeehdn5gcr3erzq2y

A coherent fiber link for very long baseline interferometry

Cecilia Clivati, Giovanni A. Costanzo, Matteo Frittelli, Filippo Levi, Alberto Mura, Massimo Zucco, Roberto Ambrosini, Claudio Bortolotti, Federico Perini, Mauro Roma, Davide Calonico
2015 IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control  
We realize a coherent fiber link for application in very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) for radio astronomy and geodesy.  ...  This could improve VLBI resolution by providing more accurate and stable frequency references and, in perspective, by enabling common-clock VLBI based on a network of telescopes connected by fiber links  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Consortium GARR for technical help with the fibers and C. Calosso for useful hints and discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tuffc.2015.007221 pmid:26559621 fatcat:bldhyya3bbfhxf5boge4y5b72m

Coherent Optical Clock Down-Conversion for Microwave Frequencies with 10-18 Instability [article]

Takuma Nakamura, Josue Davila-Rodriguez, Holly Leopardi, Jeff A. Sherman, Tara M. Fortier, Xiaojun Xie, Joe C. Campbell, William F. McGrew, Xiaogang Zhang, Youssef S. Hassan, Daniele Nicolodi, Kyle Beloy, Andrew D. Ludlow (+2 others)
2020 arXiv   pre-print
an absolute fractional frequency instability of 1*10-18 in the electronic domain.  ...  Such faithful reproduction of the optical clock phase expands the opportunities for optical clocks both technologically and scientifically for time-dissemination, navigation, and long-baseline interferometric  ...  The output signals of the DDS's were used as references for software defined radios (SDR).  ... 
arXiv:2003.02923v2 fatcat:lrnmnlgqmrfo3pnhrw424gvj2y

Comb-referenced laser distance interferometer for industrial nanotechnology

Yoon-Soo Jang, Guochao Wang, Sangwon Hyun, Hyun Jay Kang, Byung Jae Chun, Young-Jin Kim, Seung-Woo Kim
2016 Scientific Reports  
direct traceability to the radio-frequency standard 8, 9 or an optical clock 10 .  ...  Nonetheless, for practical use in precision positioning and dimensional measurement, they need to be appraised systematically in terms of the stability and uncertainty in consideration of all possible  ...  For heterodyne interferometric phase detection, the combined DFB lasers are divided into two fibers, one of which is connected to a pair of acousto-optic modulator (AOM) to provide a frequency-shift of  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep31770 pmid:27558016 pmcid:PMC4997355 fatcat:4syipss5vfej7cs3s24okeflla

Laser radio transmitter [article]

Marco Piccardo, Michele Tamagnone, Benedikt Schwarz, Paul Chevalier, Noah A. Rubin, Yongrui Wang, Christine A. Wang, Michael K. Connors, Daniel McNulty, Alexey Belyanin, Federico Capasso
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Here we give a proof of concept of a new compact radio frequency transmitter based on a semiconductor laser frequency comb.  ...  These results pave the way to new applications and functionality in optical frequency combs, such as wireless radio communication and wireless synchronization to a reference source.  ...  Here we focus in particular on the difference in terms of ra- dio frequency generation between two QCL regimes: the fundamental comb and harmonic comb.  ... 
arXiv:1901.07054v1 fatcat:kferctsbqvacnk4oa6bid3xhd4

Two-Photon Dual-Comb LiDAR [article]

Hollie Wright, Jinghua Sun, David McKendrick, Nick Weston, Derryck T. Reid
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The interferometric signals produced in conventional dual-comb laser ranging require femtosecond lasers with long-term f_CEO stability, and are limited to an upper sampling rate by radio-frequency aliasing  ...  these in a digitizer-based acquisition system to implement ranging with sub-100-nm precision.  ...  Ron Hui and his group at the University of Kansas for early influential discussions on the Er:fiber laser design. Disclosures The authors declare no conflicts of interest.  ... 
arXiv:2108.10146v1 fatcat:yiv5nscmsngthf42yiq5hwv66i

Femtosecond Timekeeping: Slip-Free Clockwork for Optical Timescales

D. Herman, S. Droste, E. Baumann, J. Roslund, D. Churin, A. Cingoz, J.-D. Deschênes, I. H. Khader, W. C. Swann, C. Nelson, N. R. Newbury, I. Coddington
2018 Physical Review Applied  
We verify the underlying stability of the optical timing system by comparing two comb-based clockworks with a common input optical frequency and show <20 fs total time drift over the 37-day measurement  ...  We demonstrate comb-based clockwork that phase-coherently integrates ~7x10 20 optical cycles of an input optical frequency to create a coherent time output.  ...  We thank Stefania Romisch and Jeff Sherman for helpful comments. The use of tradenames in this publication is necessary to provide clarity but does not imply NIST's endorsement of these companies.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevapplied.9.044002 fatcat:o4q2jc7osvh6vmohz6fqs5ea7e

Demonstration and Evaluation of an Optimized RFS Comb for Terabit Flexible Optical Networks

Jiachuan Lin, Lixian Wang, Mingyang Lyu, Amruta Pai, Xiaoguang Zhang, Sophie LaRochelle, Leslie A. Rusch
2017 Journal of Optical Communications and Networking  
We experimentally demonstrate and evaluate an optimization strategy of recirculating frequency shifting (RFS) optical comb for terabit flexible optical networks.  ...  Long distance tests at 4 Tb/s result in a post-FEC net rate of 3.3 Tb/s and 6.3 bit/s/Hz of spectral efficiency.  ...  flowchart is shown in Fig. 7 7 Experiment setup of RFS comb source based flexible terabit optical system both with and without in-loop filtering are presented.  ... 
doi:10.1364/jocn.9.000739 fatcat:p5gxj6omvjaj3axwuumtudpwzi

Picometer-resolution dual-comb spectroscopy with a free-running fiber laser

Xin Zhao, Guoqing Hu, Bofeng Zhao, Cui Li, Yingling Pan, Ya Liu, Takeshi Yasui, Zheng Zheng
2016 Optics Express  
Dual-comb spectroscopy utilizes two sets of comb lines with slightly different comb-tooth-spacings, and optical spectral information is acquired by measuring the radio-frequency beat notes between the  ...  using a simple data acquisition and processing system in an all-fiber setup.  ...  All the work has been carried out under the supervision of Z.Z. All authors have reviewed the manuscript and contributed extensively to the work presented in this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.24.021833 pmid:27661919 fatcat:2h5ozua4djfsjj3lps5c555oqy

Dispersive heterodyne probing method for laser frequency stabilization based on spectral hole burning in rare-earth doped crystals

O. Gobron, K. Jung, N. Galland, K. Predehl, R. Le Targat, A. Ferrier, P. Goldner, S. Seidelin, Y. Le Coq
2017 Optics Express  
.; Ferrier, A.; Goldner, P.; Seidelin, S.; Le Coq, Y.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Michel Lours and José Pintho for electronics support, and Sébastien Bize and Giorgio Santarelli for fruitful discussions.  ...  Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform, allowing fast prototyping and testing of the data processing and of the feedback method.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.25.015539 pmid:28788976 fatcat:owksqjzy7bfancls3if3h5kqey

Nobel Lecture: Defining and measuring optical frequencies

John L. Hall
2006 Reviews of Modern Physics  
Two of these were the quest toward a stable repetitive sequence of ever-shorter optical pulses and, on the other hand, the quest for the most time-stable, unvarying optical frequency possible.  ...  By improving pump/probe experiments, one important application will be in bond-specific spatial scanning of biological samples. This next decade in optical physics should be a blast.  ...  We know that the accuracy of optical frequency mea- FIG. 4 . ͑Color͒ Long-term frequency stability of Iodine-based Optical Clock.  ... 
doi:10.1103/revmodphys.78.1279 fatcat:ilrwpdkdbbbbnnolrrn2r7knf4

Chip-Based Laser with 1 Hertz Integrated Linewidth [article]

Joel Guo, Charles A. McLemore, Chao Xiang, Dahyeon Lee, Lue Wu, Warren Jin, Megan Kelleher, Naijun Jin, David Mason, Lin Chang, Avi Feshali, Mario Paniccia (+5 others)
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In this work, we break this paradigm to demonstrate a compact, high-coherence laser system at 1548 nm with a 1 s integrated linewidth of 1.1 Hz and fractional frequency instability less than 10^-14 from  ...  Such frequency stability typically relies on bulk-optic lasers and reference cavities, where increased size is leveraged to improve noise performance, but with the trade-off of cost, hand assembly, and  ...  On the other hand, there is significant interest in, and need for, field deployment of atom-based systems [4] [5] [6] .  ... 
arXiv:2203.16739v1 fatcat:yxmrphzgxbanljultxwjml2obi

A free-running dual-comb spectrometer with intelligent temporal alignment algorithm

Qiuquan Yan, Yiming Li, Jun Zhang, Xin Zheng, Dan Wu, Ke Yin, Tian Jiang
2021 Optics and Laser Technology  
In this paper, an intelligent temporal alignment (ITA) algorithm is proposed into signal processing of a free-running dual-comb spectrometer around 1.5 μm.  ...  To the best of our knowledge, this paper proposes and implements for the first time the combination of the ITA algorithm and freerunning dual-comb spectroscopy.  ...  The authors declare that they have no known competing financial interests or personal relationships that could have appeared to influence the work reported in this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.optlastec.2021.107175 fatcat:4smnwpvkh5bpfn23so3bfcgixm

Software-defined microwave photonic filter with high reconfigurable resolution

Wei Wei, Lilin Yi, Yves Jaouën, Weisheng Hu
2016 Scientific Reports  
Microwave photonic filters (MPFs) are of great interest in radio frequency systems since they provide prominent flexibility on microwave signal processing.  ...  For the first time the filter shape, bandwidth and central frequency can all be precisely defined by software with ~MHz resolution.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61575122, 61322507, 61132004) and China Scholarship Council (2015060230116).  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep35621 pmid:27759062 pmcid:PMC5069681 fatcat:nv76uvdxrzft7lmvkcndysgwke

A Survey of Optical Carrier Generation Techniques for Terabit Capacity Elastic Optical Networks

Muhammad Imran, Prince M. Anandarajah, Aleksandra Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, Nicola Sambo, Luca Poti
2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials  
In addition to standard telecommunication lasers, optical carrier generators based on optical frequency combs (OFC) have also been considered with expectations of reduced cost and inventory, improved spectral  ...  Elastic optical networks (EON) have been proposed to meet the network capacity and dynamicity challenges. Hardware and software resource optimization and re-configurability are key enablers for EONs.  ...  Designing tunable optical filters, with excellent optical characteristics and low complexity and cost, is a major challenge. 6) Long term stability: Long term stability conforming to industry standards  ... 
doi:10.1109/comst.2017.2775039 fatcat:tzeemf6khfaepcrybdwrzlac4i
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