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Two Passes of Tiger Are Not One-Way [chapter]

Florian Mendel
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this article, we show a preimage attack on Tiger with two passes (16 rounds) with a complexity of about 2 174 compression function evaluations.  ...  Even though the attacks are only slightly faster than brute force search, they present a step forward in the cryptanalysis of Tiger.  ...  Preimage Attack on Two Passes of Tiger Before describing the preimage attack on the compression function of Tiger reduced to 2 passes (16 rounds), we first have a closer look at the key schedule of Tiger  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-02384-2_3 fatcat:m3lqvpft25hzjfiyd4fxe4itna

Page 417 of The New Monthly Magazine Vol. 69, Issue 275 [page]

1843 The New Monthly Magazine  
On another occasion, I was making my way to a pass towards which the beaters were to drive a herd of spotted-deer, when two tigers crossed n 4 path, and walked into the ravine I was about to beat, without  ...  The tigers immediately turned, dashed through the line of beaters, fortu- nately without killing any, and made their way into a dense bamboo thicket from whence twenty elephants could not have driven them  ... 

Page 92 of Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Vol. 17, Issue 1-2 [page]

1923 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine  
There are two kinds of death by lightning: one from fright, where no wounds are to be found, the other from being struck where wounds are to be found. Tigers.  ...  If an ox suddenly rushes at a man so that he has not time to get out of the way, the wound will generally be on the back or ribs. Crushed.  ... 

Page 468 of American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine Vol. 14, Issue [page]

1843 American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine  
When the depredations of a tiger are complained of by the villagers, two or three small buffa- loes are tied up to near the place where the tiger is supposed to be, and the chances are, that one is killed  ...  This fact being ascertained, the shikaries (game keepers) reconnoitre, and having decided on the proper way to beat, build michans near the place, where the beast is likely to pass when driven ; the tiger  ... 

Page 374 of None Vol. 80, Issue 2082 [page]

1895 None  
The mahouts, thoroughly alive to the fact that tigers are not likely to present themselves, keep their beasts in rank so regular that no likely patch of cover shall be passed unbeaten ; and we are off.  ...  Three of our four guns are sent as ‘‘ stops” to advanced posts up the nullah, whitherward they make their way by forest routes ; one remains to drive along the nullah bed, he being flanked on either hand  ... 

Page 143 of New McClure's Magazine Vol. 12, Issue 2 [page]

1898 New McClure's Magazine  
In beat- ing up a tiger in a nullah, guns are stationed in a U on either bank, while two guns come on with the beating elephants, flanking the line in case the tiger breaks back.  ...  ‘‘So with chatting and jolting and tails swinging and elephants lunching by the way, we reach the point where the howdah ele- phants are waiting; where the tigers and rhinos are waiting also, let us hope  ... 

Tiger: A fast new hash function [chapter]

Ross Anderson, Eli Biham
1996 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Among those cryptographic hash function which are not based on block ciphers, MD4 and Snefru seemed initially quite attractive for applications requiring fast software hashing.  ...  Furthermore, all these functions were designed for 32-bit processors, and cannot be implemented e ciently on the new generation of 64-bit processors such as the DEC Alpha.  ...  We also believe that they are one-way a n d m ultiplication-free And93] . The e ciency of this function is partially based on the potential parallelism in its design.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-60865-6_46 fatcat:pfrsegkkxnbqxnc5yjyldvv6cq

Page 320 of Knight's Penny Magazine Vol. 4, Issue 216 [page]

1835 Knight's Penny Magazine  
On opening a door in the side of the tiger, a row of keys may be seen just withinside ; although awkwardly placed, and not very easily come at, they may be played upon in a clumsy way, and may be made  ...  Behind the keys are two rows of copper pipes, in unison with each other, two unisons being played by each key: either or both rows of pipes may be made silent by drawing out one or two stops placed by  ... 

Page 537 of Spirit of the Times Vol. 21, Issue 45 [page]

1851 Spirit of the Times  
The flames ye from all parts of the cage, but it was not till the door-way was in a blaze that any motion of the tiger could be perceived.  ...  The tiger did not hurt any one, but in the scuffle, two natives got run through the foot, and a European soldier and a child were slightly wounded in the arm.  ... 

Page 532 of Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls Vol. 15, Issue 7 [page]

1888 Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls  
Tigers are generally hunted in two ways: one is, shooting from the howdah of a “‘ pad” ele- phant, which is a comparatively safe method ; and the other is to shoot them from a meechaum, or platform of  ...  We were not looking especially for tigers, but were ready for anything that came; and we soon arrived at the village where we were to pass the night.  ... 

Teaching quantum information science to high-school and early undergraduate students [article]

Sophia E. Economou, Terry Rudolph, Edwin Barnes
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This program allows students to perform meaningful hands-on calculations with quantum circuits and algorithms, without requiring knowledge of advanced mathematics.  ...  A combination of pen-and-paper exercises and IBM Q simulations helps students understand the structure of quantum gates and circuits, as well as the principles of superposition, entanglement, and measurement  ...  Next we define two two-qubit gates: the SWAP gate, which simply swaps the colors of the two input marbles, and the control-NOT (CNOT) gate that applies NOT on one marble conditional on the color of the  ... 
arXiv:2005.07874v3 fatcat:k5e4u7sosbfpxbchksi47yf2ay

Page 464 of The Athenaeum Vol. , Issue 3155 [page]

1888 The Athenaeum  
Fife-Cookson did not go out of his way in search of small game.  ...  At other times a tiger would pass to the rear of the sportsman, and the latter would not be able to shift his position in order to take aim.  ... 

Page 661 of Current Opinion Vol. 72, Issue 5 [page]

1922 Current Opinion  
The tiger or leopard that steps in bird lime does not step gracefully out of it and run away. He tries to bite the stuff from his feet and then he gets it on his face.  ...  First of all, one should examine and interpret carefully a few of his own dreams. This will bring to light cer- tain tendencies which are not obtaining full satisfaction in the waking life.  ... 

Page 429 of Youth's Companion Vol. 71, Issue 37 [page]

1897 Youth's Companion  
The jungle’s on fire above us, and the flames are sweeping this way.’  ...  With two swift steps I passed within the door- way, closed the door, and threw the heavy iron fastening-bar down into place across it.  ... 

Collisions and Near-Collisions for Reduced-Round Tiger [chapter]

John Kelsey, Stefan Lucks
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This extends to a collision-finding attack on 17 rounds of the Tiger hash function in time of about 2 49 compression function invocations.  ...  We describe a collision-finding attack on 16 rounds of the Tiger hash function requiring the time for about 2 44 compression function invocations.  ...  As the full Tiger operates on 24 rounds, this attack gets through two thirds of Tiger, with work equivalent to 2 44 compression function invocations.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11799313_8 fatcat:lljr2gwerzadbazzj5a5diseyi
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