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Two Fast Methods for High-Quality Line Visibility

Forrester Cole, Adam Finkelstein
2010 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics  
We introduce two methods that exploit graphics hardware to provide fast and robust line visibility.  ...  First we present a simple shader that performs a visibility test for high-quality, simple lines drawn with the conventional implementation.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank the editors and reviewers for their comments and assistance in revising the paper, and Michael Burns and the Google 3D Warehouse for the example models.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvcg.2009.102 pmid:20616387 fatcat:n2pbu335yrdq3gp2dpypftxtu4

Fast high-quality line visibility

Forrester Cole, Adam Finkelstein
2009 Proceedings of the 2009 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics and games - I3D '09  
We present a method that exploits graphics hardware to provide fast and robust line visibility.  ...  Rendering speed for our system is usually within a factor of two of an optimized rendering pipeline using conventional lines, and our system provides much higher visual quality and flexibility for stylization  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank Michael Burns and the Google 3D Warehouse for the models shown in this paper. This work was sponsored in part by the NSF grant IIS-0511965.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1507149.1507168 dblp:conf/si3d/ColeF09 fatcat:ezhy3tfnnrfizajkbnuylggyeu

Mesh opening effect on solid design and quality of screen printing in knit fabric

Rasheda Begum Dina, Md Zulhash Uddin, UmmulKhair Fatema
2020 Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology  
Also, print coverage, saw-tooth effect, line sharpness, etc. were examined by measuring different distances, angles etc. in printed fabric and were compared with image positives.  ...  Mesh opening effect on the design and quality of printed fabric in screen printing was investigated after printing solid design on knit fabric using different mesh count screens and different types of  ...  . & Dysin International Ltd for their valuable and cordial support in various aspects of the thesis work. Funding None.  ... 
doi:10.15406/jteft.2020.06.00254 fatcat:lhnv6qp3g5cj3itjsexi2a7tly

Real-time Rendering of Massive Unstructured Raw Point Clouds using Screen-space Operators [article]

Ruggero Pintus, Enrico Gobbetti, Marco Agus
2011 VAST: International Symposium on Virtual Reality  
The method does not make any assumptions about sampling density or availability of normal vectors for the points.  ...  The small precomputation times and the low memory requirements make the method suitable for quick onsite visualizations during scan campaigns.  ...  Thus, fast pre-processing and real-time high-quality rendering of such noisy unstructured point clouds is crucial, especially for quick on-site visualizations during scan campaigns.  ... 
doi:10.2312/vast/vast11/105-112 fatcat:f3qz63g3ofhifoc5dusgvczqre

Effect of mesh count on dot design and quality of screen printing in knit fabric

Rasheda Begum Dina, Md Zulhash Uddin, Ummul Khair Fatema
2020 Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology  
The quality of the printed fabric was assessed by color difference, color fastness.  ...  Also, print coverage, saw-tooth effect, line sharpness, etc. were examined by measuring different distances, the diameter of dots, etc. in printed fabric and were compared with image positives.  ...  . & Dysin International Ltd for their valuable and cordial support in various aspects of the thesis work.  ... 
doi:10.15406/jteft.2020.06.00240 fatcat:kzntfqid3nch3huymw66jrq2xy

Realtime Quality Assessment of Iris Biometrics Under Visible Light

Mohsen Jenadeleh, Marius Pedersen, Dietmar Saupe
2018 2018 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)  
We propose a fast no-reference image quality assessment measure for predicting iris image quality to handle severely degraded iris images.  ...  Using the proposed method as a quality filtering step improved the performance of the iris recognition system by rejecting poor quality iris samples.  ...  Acknowledgment We thank the German Research Foundation (DFG) for financial support within project A05 of SFB/Transregio 161.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cvprw.2018.00085 dblp:conf/cvpr/JenadelehPS18 fatcat:imy7romrnfcm7k5gtd3v4pxqza

Image enhancement of x-ray microscope using frequency spectrum analysis

Wenjie Li, Jie Chen, Yijin Liu, Jinping Tian, Xiaobo Zhang, Gang Liu, Ziyu Wu, Yangchao Tian
2009 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
We demonstrate a new method for x-ray microscope image enhancement using frequency spectrum analysis.  ...  This method is easy to implement and really helps to improve the quality of image taken by our imaging system.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors are grateful for the financial support from the 985 project of the State Ministry of Education, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (10675113, 10734070).  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/186/1/012009 fatcat:2sfginlurfhojbcbenhajz73be

All frequency Direct Illumination using Visibility Correspondence generated with Spherical Voronoi Diagrams

Ho Chun Leung, Zhenni Wang, Tze Yui Ho, Chi Sing Leunga, Eric W. M. Wong
2021 IEEE Access  
Vectorized visibility is a powerful visibility representation for rendering direct illumination with all frequency quality.  ...  With our method, we have more flexibility to manipulate the visibility functions in the favour of rendering speed and render the all frequency direct illumination twice as fast as the previous method.  ...  Hence, our method can provide a 2x as fast rendering speed with a similar rendering quality w.r.t. the vectorized visibility method [12] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3084611 fatcat:4wi5kxpafrdn3d2nvmkpmspity

Realtime Dehazing using Color Uniformity Principle

Himanshu kumar, sumana gupta, K S Venkatesh
2019 IET Image Processing  
The two main requirements that an online dehazing system demands are low processing time and high visual range.  ...  Experimental results show that the quality of dehazed output, produced in real-time using the proposed method, is comparable with the results achieved by the state of the art techniques.  ...  It can be observed from Fig. 7 that though dehazed outputs using colour line [4] and haze line [6] produce visually pleasing results, the proposed method produces dehazed output with high visibility  ... 
doi:10.1049/iet-ipr.2018.5240 fatcat:holcz6m6njdtfmi42s7oipmih4

Page 455 of SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal Vol. 89, Issue 6 [page]

1980 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  
When the fast pan is coded with the pa- rameters of Table II, the picture quality is again very high, but the bit rate rises to 1.95 bits/pel.  ...  (Figure 6b shows only one field of Fig. 6a with the lines of the other field re- placed by the average of the two adjacent lines of the displayed field.)  ... 

Enhancement and quality control of GOES images

Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, Kannappan Palaniappan, A. Frederick Hasler, Dennis Chesters, Edward R. Washwell
1996 GOES-8 and Beyond  
Radiometric correction using the local solar zenith angle was applied to the visible channel to compensate for time-ofday illumination variations to produce gain-compensated movies that appear well-lit  ...  from dawn to dusk and extend the interval of useful image observations by more than two hours.  ...  The two maxima in the histogram distributions, seen as dark regimes, are the maxima for land or water (low counts) and clouds (high counts).The two vertical stripes at 1545 UTC and 2030 UTC are due to  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.254062 fatcat:nqjxj3qwa5aufeu27x4c563m2i

Fast reconstruction algorithm dealing with tomography artifacts

Federica Marone, Beat Münch, Marco Stampanoni, Stuart R. Stock
2010 Developments in X-Ray Tomography VII  
The TOMCAT beamline 1 is well equipped for fast and high throughput experiments 2, 3 .  ...  New solutions for fast post-processing of such large amount of data are mandatory to fully exploit advantages provided by the high acquisition speed enabling new experiments until recently even unimaginable  ...  In addition, we also illustrate how this fast reconstruction algorithm deals with ring and local tomography artifacts, delivering high quality reconstructions.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.859703 fatcat:twr6odo5fzagfmxkbj2rqjdb2m

A universal, plug-and-play synchronisation scheme for practical quantum networks

Virginia D'Auria, Bruno Fedrici, Lutfi Arif Ngah, Florian Kaiser, Laurent Labonté, Olivier Alibart, Sébastien Tanzilli
2020 npj Quantum Information  
Due its simplicity and high-quality performance, our scheme paves the way for the synchronization of long-distance quantum networks based on fibre, free-space, as well as hybrid solutions.  ...  We test our scheme with a genuine quantum optical method in terms of the interference between two photons coming from two remotely synchronized sources spaced by distances of up to 100 km.  ...  Compared to other reported solutions, our fully-optical method offers high synchronisation quality without the need for complex clock or control systems.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41534-020-0245-9 fatcat:nibwdciom5expn7nf3s67upvca

On the visibility of flicker distortions in naturalistic videos

Lark Kwon Choi, Lawrence K. Cormack, Alan C. Bovik
2013 2013 Fifth International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX)  
The results indicate that the visibility of flicker distortions is strongly reduced when the speed of coherent motion is large, and the effect is more pronounced when the video quality is poor.  ...  Forty three naïve subjects participated in two tasks ("follow the moving object" and "view freely") and reported their percepts on 36 test videos.  ...  When video quality was high, flicker visibility was low and less sensitive to motion, whereas when video quality was poor, the impact was large.  ... 
doi:10.1109/qomex.2013.6603231 dblp:conf/qomex/ChoiCB13 fatcat:t3kdk7e5pjbezpszoekkhrbydu

A Review on Optical Measurement Method of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water Bodies [chapter]

Fei Liu, Peichao Zheng, Baichuan Huang, Xiande Zhao, Leizi Jiao, Daming Dong
2016 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
Optical methods can no regents, high sensitivity, fast measurement of water quality. although in situ, precise sensing device is still in the research stage [15, 19] , but with the development of computer  ...  , but the UV method is more simple and fast.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-48357-3_60 fatcat:fcrblgzf3fbghecvaio6aib3ia
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