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Turning The Partial-Closed World Assumption Upside Down

Simon Razniewski, Ognjen Savkovic, Werner Nutt
2016 Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management  
The partial-closed world setting provides an intermediate ground between open-world and closed-world settings.  ...  Previous work on the partial-closed world assumption assumes that incompleteness is the default, i.e., that databases in general can be incomplete, and are only definitely complete in specified parts.  ...  Acknowledgment This work has been partially supported by the projects "MAGIC", funded by the province of Bozen-Bolzano, and "TaDaQua", funded by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.  ... 
dblp:conf/amw/RazniewskiSN16 fatcat:ttnrowof6fh6pfw52gks2tvqbq

Interplanetary Border Imaginaries in Upside Down: Divisions and Connections in the American Continent

Pablo Gómez Muñoz
2016 Journal of Transnational American Studies  
The science fiction film genre, which portrays imaginary, alternative worlds, often draws on the present environment to speculate on the future. Upside Down (dir.  ...  To briefly summarize, Upside Down portrays two twin planets (Up Top and Down Below) that resemble the United States and Latin America respectively.  ...  Nonetheless, the partial opening of the border in Upside Down also facilitates contacts between inhabitants from both worlds.  ... 
doi:10.5070/t871023482 fatcat:5wh7zat65vd3tf36ul73jhkrji

The world upside down [chapter]

Abraham Rotstein, Eugene Combs
1983 Modernity and Responsibility  
", the Catholic church -for Luther an upside down world.  ...  "These that have turned the world upside down" was, as we recall, the cry against the first of the schisms of the apocalyptic tradition .  ...  Jesus had stated to Pilate "My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight . . ." (John 18 :36) .  ... 
doi:10.3138/9781442653030-011 fatcat:mp3zooqhvnag5cxrpb2oyhckl4

Perceived size and perceived distance of targets viewed from between the legs: Evidence for proprioceptive theory

Atsuki Higashiyama, Kohei Adachi
2006 Vision Research  
In comparison 1, 15 observers inverted their heads upside down and saw the targets between their own legs; another 15 observers viewed them while being erect on the ground.  ...  When path analysis and partial correlation analysis were applied to the whole data, perceived size was found to be independent of perceived distance.  ...  Acknowledgments This research was partially supported by the Ritsumeikan University Research Fund to A.H. and by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research #16530480 from the Ministry of Education, Science,  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.visres.2006.04.002 pmid:16979687 fatcat:ymtjjtoigvesxgaigujkzue6ke

Sinking, fast and slow: Bifurcating beta in financial and behavioral space

James Ming Chen
2015 Aestimatio The IEB International Journal of Finance  
This assumption is vulnerable on both descriptive and behavioral grounds. Many of the predictive flaws in contemporary finance stem from mathematically elegant but empirically flawed Gaussian models.  ...  Beta's separate components address the distinct managerial concerns arising from loss aversion (or upside speculation) and from changes in correlation under different market conditions.  ...  I now turn to that subject.  ... 
doi:10.5605/ieb.11.6 fatcat:fe25poqfnjezjcbzbhzi6ao4ny

Sinking, Fast and Slow: Bifurcating Beta in Financial and Behavioral Space

James Ming Chen
2015 Social Science Research Network  
This assumption is vulnerable on both descriptive and behavioral grounds. Many of the predictive flaws in contemporary finance stem from mathematically elegant but empirically flawed Gaussian models.  ...  Beta's separate components address the distinct managerial concerns arising from loss aversion (or upside speculation) and from changes in correlation under different market conditions.  ...  I now turn to that subject.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2629541 fatcat:vmh6lge47jg2rkdm2jcv7s6zyu

The attraction of visual attention to texts in real-world scenes

H.-C. Wang, M. Pomplun
2012 Journal of Vision  
higher attractiveness of texts; (b) the locations where texts are typically placed contribute partially to this effect; (c) specific visual features of texts, rather than typically salient features (e.g  ...  For this purpose, data from a previous experiment were reanalyzed and four new experiments measuring eye movements during the viewing of real-world scenes were conducted.  ...  Acknowledgments Parts of the data were presented at the European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP 2010) and the Asia Pacific Conference of Vision (APCV 2011).  ... 
doi:10.1167/12.6.26 pmid:22715197 pmcid:PMC3845417 fatcat:qow5jjqtmfe37kqweywbkucbge

Estimating 'Value at Risk' of crude oil price and its spillover effect using the GED-GARCH approach

Ying Fan, Yue-Jun Zhang, Hsien-Tang Tsai, Yi-Ming Wei
2008 Energy Economics  
Estimation has been carried out using GARCH-type models, based on the Generalized Error Distribution (GED), for both the extreme downside and upside Value-at-Risks (VaR) of returns in the WTI and Brent  ...  forecast the Brent market.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China under grant Nos.70425001, 70733005 and 70573104, and the National Key Projects  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eneco.2008.04.002 fatcat:d3pbkyqicjd3rbb3nsstsda3ea

The "something something" video database for learning and evaluating visual common sense [article]

Raghav Goyal, Samira Ebrahimi Kahou, Vincent Michalski, Joanna Materzyńska, Susanne Westphal, Heuna Kim, Valentin Haenel, Ingo Fruend, Peter Yianilos, Moritz Mueller-Freitag, Florian Hoppe, Christian Thurau, Ingo Bax (+1 others)
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Videos, unlike still images, contain a wealth of detailed information about the physical world.  ...  physical world.  ...  in it] falls out Tipping something over Tipping [something] over Pretending to turn [something] upside down Turning something upside down Turning [something] upside down Twisting (wringing) [something  ... 
arXiv:1706.04261v2 fatcat:e7agmnmejnhhvna3es6zn6tsme

Calling for a Plurality of Perspectives on Design Futuring: An Un-Manifesto

Noura Howell, Britta F. Schulte, Amy Twigger Holroyd, Rocío Fatás Arana, Sumita Sharma, Grace Eden
2021 Extended Abstracts of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems  
The Futures Cone, a prominent model in design futuring, is useful for promoting discussions about possible, plausible, probable, and preferable futures.  ...  Yet this model has limitations, such as representing diverse human experiences as a singular point of "the present" and implicitly embedding notions of linear progress.  ...  The project is supported by the Academy of Finland (Grant #318930 and Grant #324685, Make-a-Diference project) and the University of Oulu.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3411763.3450364 fatcat:xx2ukzhzr5awfnbv2m76wm7chi

Upside-Down Judicial Review

Corinna Lain
2012 Social Science Research Network  
I now turn from theory to practice, considering how upside-down judicial review might happen and when.  ...  Largely beyond the world of constitutional theory, in the world of political science, scholarly preoccupation with the countermajoritarian difficulty has taken a different turn.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1984060 fatcat:72zp4lhhyjcftkwnmq6xa6vagq

Comparing the Access to and Legibility of Japanese Language Texts in Massive Digital Libraries

Andrew Weiss, Ryan James
2015 2015 International Conference on Culture and Computing (Culture Computing)  
Within the full view texts, errors in scanning and metadata were identified, including problems with legibility ("moji tsubure") in 68% of visible texts; distorted content (including slanted and upside-down  ...  pages) in 90%; motion or blur of turning pages captured by digital cameras in 48%; extra-textual objects (3-D items not part of text; i.e. fingers, hands, book holders, etc.) in 94%; and use of heavily-defaced  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Andrew Weiss thanks Luiz Mendes, for his role in facilitating the generation of metadata lists from OCLC; and Momoku Uchimura, for her assistance in searching and tabulating results of  ... 
doi:10.1109/culture.and.computing.2015.51 dblp:conf/culture/WeissJ15 fatcat:36ejgaoj2racbn73te7kqatvde

Turning the Face Inversion Effect on Its Head: Violated Expectations of Orientation, Lighting, and Gravity Enhance N170 Amplitudes

Yasmin Allen-Davidian, Manuela Russo, Naohide Yamamoto, Jordy Kaufman, Alan J. Pegna, Patrick Johnston
2020 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
For instance, rotating an image of a face upsidedown not only violates the expectation that faces appear upright but also lifelong priors about illumination and gravity.  ...  We recorded EEG while participants viewed face stimuli (upright vs. inverted), where the faces were illuminated from above versus below, and where the models were photographed upright versus hanging upsidedown  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge the gentle encouragement of the Oily Rag Foundation (EN10006).  ... 
doi:10.1162/jocn_a_01656 pmid:33284077 fatcat:ofvvbaxuwbcenmgu7igsf4prly

Critical Making: Contemporary Fashion Practices

Margo Barton, Jane Malthus, Moira White
2021 Scope: Contemporary Research Topics (Art & Design)  
The World Turned Upside Down: Thinking through Making.  ...  Tamar Kikoria UK / Georgia The World Turned Upside Down: Thinking through Making Tamar designs for longevity, adaptability and versatility using digital and hand crafting.  ...  the pivotal role of scenographic costume in performance and examining the role of play in the performers' creative approach.  ... 
doi:10.34074/scop.1021011 fatcat:vpyim3hqtfandc7vdu4dujjgei

Dynamic Effects on the Subjective Visual Vertical After Roll Rotation

Erika N. Lorincz, Bernhard J. M. Hess
2008 Journal of Neurophysiology  
In the constant acceleration paradigm, subjects were rotated with an acceleration of ϩ30 or Ϫ30°/s 2 to the same seven end positions between Ϫ90 and ϩ90°, by way of passing once through the upside-down  ...  In the constant velocity paradigm, subjects were rotated in darkness at Ϯ60°/s for five complete cycles before being stopped in one of seven orientations ranging from 0 to Ϯ90°(right/left ear down).  ...  As a consequence, the span encompasses both A-and E-type errors in close to upside-down positions, when the final tilt angle was approached from below.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.01248.2007 pmid:18497358 fatcat:kbgiwkplkvgz3dui7hzlrmq5sa
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