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Trick or TReAT: Thematic Reinforcement for Artistic Typography [article]

Purva Tendulkar, Kalpesh Krishna, Ramprasaath R. Selvaraju, Devi Parikh
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We present a computational approach for semantic reinforcement called TReAT - Thematic Reinforcement for Artistic Typography.  ...  An approach to make text visually appealing and memorable is semantic reinforcement - the use of visual cues alluding to the context or theme in which the word is being used to reinforce the message (e.g  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Abhishek Das, Harsh Agrawal, Prithvijit Chattopadhyay and Karan Desai for their valuable feedback.  ... 
arXiv:1903.07820v1 fatcat:3psmm7n6dzd3tehzafuneu6agm

Text and the City: George Grosz, Neue Jugend, and the Political Power of Popular Media

Kurt Beals
2013 Dada/Surrealism  
are not only typesetter's tricks to draw attention; rather, they enact precisely what "Kautschukmann" calls for, a flexibility on the part of the artist and an openness to popular culture.  ...  Noting that Grosz's second brief period of military duty ended with his consignment to a mental hospital where he was treated for "shattered nerves" (as Grosz wrote at the time, "meine Nerven gingen entzwei  ...  This thematic overlap can hardly be an accident: rather, it suggests that the bicyclist in "Radfahren" and the rubber  ... 
doi:10.17077/0084-9537.1280 fatcat:4thwcxsiyzbxthhggdnjaepdme

Advertising, Rhythm, and the Filmic Avant-Garde in Weimar: Guido Seeber and Julius Pinschewer's Kipho Film

Michael Cowan
2010 October  
As Schwartz has argued, the preoccupation with advertising and typography among the avant-garde was largely bound up with an effort to redefine the artist as a professional expert in matters of graphic  ...  Introduction In September of 1925, readers leafing through Der Kinematograph or Lichtbildbühne or another such film journal might have encountered a strangely familiar sight: in an advertisement for a  ...  This configuration has given us a new basis for artistic production also in the realm of typography." 58 Moholy-Nagy's mention of electric light advertisement here might not be fortuitous; as Frederic  ... 
doi:10.1162/octo.2010.131.1.23 fatcat:epqptg7tmne3diymlf75mg4o6m

Soundless Speech | Wordless Writing: Language and German Silent Cinema

Will Straw
2010 Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Media Studies  
inspired aesthetic innovations for artistic experimentation.  ...  In a certain sense Wiene's Caligari mobilized already in 1919 the graphic function of writing as iconic and animated typography, a promising start that withered away, for in the course of the 1920s graphism  ... 
doi:10.17742/image.inaugural.1-1.5 fatcat:s4j44ncn4ndytofyjwxlewo4eq

"Being then nothing": Physicality, abjection and creation in Janice Galloway's short fiction

Jorge Sacido Romero
2019 International Journal of English Studies (IJES)  
In a particularly sharp manner that engages the reader more actively than her novels, her short stories exhibit both formally and thematically an interaction of the symbolic and the semiotic.  ...  How to open up the space for being, for the body, inside the mortifying net of signifiers is her main task -the predicament of any literary artist according to Maurice Blanchot.  ...  In the presence of signified death -a flat encephalograph, for instance-I would understand, react, or accept.  ... 
doi:10.6018/ijes.348531 fatcat:z7arzme75nhodhswxvqstj4dqa

Misty, Spellbound and the lost Gothic of British girls' comics

Julia Round
2017 Palgrave Communications  
It concludes by summarising the study's findings and suggesting that these comics offer a "Gothic for Girls" that is part cautionary tale and part bildungsroman.  ...  artist David Roach). 9 The typography of the comics is also different.  ...  Gothic for girls By way of conclusion, I would like to explore the thematic ways in which Gothic tropes are adapted for a child audience.  ... 
doi:10.1057/palcomms.2017.37 fatcat:qv3zcru23bcclfpzaypm3teaxa

Download Complete Issue: CP73 (17.5MB)

Complete Issue
2013 Cartographic Perspectives  
As an artist, she is calling us out for hiding behind a "maps for maps' sake" defense.  ...  Christophe (2009) provides guidelines on applying some artistic color composition to geographic data; for example, if a color is used for little spots or small spread-out little objects in the inspiration  ...  The editor reserves the right to make minor size adjustments. • Art should be created or scaled to the size intended for print, or larger, and will later be modified as needed for online display. • Color  ... 
doi:10.14714/cp73.1190 fatcat:icof5uuvxneg7pkh5byzt5qxli

Postmodernism: style and subversion, 1970-1990

2012 ChoiceReviews  
museum in Groningen (designed by Mendini) all exhibited one or both artists.  ...  But it is also, in a sense, reinforced through its own destruction.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.49-6680 fatcat:4qi4ws472bceni7tpkv3mllmjm

OPERAcraft: Intersections of Creative Narrative, Music, and Video Games [chapter]

Katie Dredger, Ariana Wyatt, Tracy Cowden, Ivica I. Bukvic, Kelly Parkes
2019 Writing In and About the Performing and Visual Arts: Creating, Performing, and Teaching  
Teagan: I thank Steven Corbett for his vision and perseverance.  ...  Jennifer: I would like to thank my co-editors for an intellectually rich and creative process, and would especially like to thank Steven for his role in pushing me toward writing and rhetoric, all those  ...  If students enter post-secondary education either unprepared to think or predisposed to resist the use of critical thought, it is essential to give them more time and more opportunities to explore critical  ... 
doi:10.37514/atd-b.2019.0292.2.05 fatcat:envuly5atrey5mu7zfm6okckaq

ReJoycing: new readings of Dubliners

1998 ChoiceReviews  
Other patterns are seen by him as woven out of frustrated love or artistic ambition. 8.  ...  If patterns of repetition, alliteration, typography, and etymology can act as markers for underlying meanings, so can placing key words in key positions.  ...  Let me add another variation by comparing titles CHAPTER THIRTEEN The Artist Paring His Quotations Aesthetic and Ethical Implications of the Dantean Intertext in Dubliners Lucia Boldrini "There was  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.36-1459 fatcat:4z37qbarvvbadfis6dgovqnat4

Volume 67.2 (2022)

2022 American Studies  
Accordingly, the archive is clearly more than a space or a practice of collecting, storing, and distributing.  ...  testifying, intervening and witnessing, and not least of identifying and destabilizing established identities. 2 This special issue, "Archives of Resistance: Picturing the Black Americas," brings together artists  ...  the engagement of artists, for debate, for artistic and aesthetic discussion, for the formation of new artists.  ... 
doi:10.33675/amst/2022/2/1 fatcat:7yh4zfa7tfe3ragrf5nggkfxou

The Immense Complex Drama: The World and Art of the Howells Novel

G. Thomas Tanselle, George C. Carrington
1967 Novel: A Forum on Fiction  
I had better not claim too much for Howells, though; he is not a major artist or one of broad appeal (and he is a flawed artist).  ...  Thematically, too, the later books are much the same. Howells develops his usual themes of bafflement and helplessness and waste, treated in a satiric way that makes them seem sordid and small.  ...  (for satire) or pictorial. The drawing room of Mrs.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1345356 fatcat:o7d4snzfnbcgjh2ia6puc3hrh4

Gwendolyn Brooks: Poetry and the Heroic Voice

Rena Sanderson, D. H. Melhem
1988 The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association  
Acknowledgments The idea for this study germinated in Gwendolyn Brooks's poetry workshop, which I audited at the City College of New York in  ...  "Catch" may refer to a concealed difficulty designed to trick the unwary. All of these meanings apply to the poems. Their thematic orchestration presents ways ofcoping with life.  ...  For her, the surrealist is what Thorstein Veblen called "conspicuous consumption." In her lexicon, the artist creates nothing useful unless it can be consumed or exchanged for cash.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1315130 fatcat:vsp2myamdbhg3a53eme7xpfp6e

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Complete Issue
2012 Cartographic Perspectives  
F u l l c I r c l e By the 1630s the Koukou were again up to their old tricks.  ...  Law and litigation frame chapters 7 and 8, which treat gerrymandering and redlining, often condemned as subtle (or not so subtle) forms of apartheid.  ...  For more information, or to register, visit Each woman is dark, particular, young. Each woman has brown eyes, each woman is gone. There is one girl missing for ten months.  ... 
doi:10.14714/cp71.74 fatcat:jmckixw645avbg5zfc6t4et7xe

Edição integral (Full edition)

. . .
2016 PORTO ARTE Revista de Artes Visuais  
Thus, many of the artistic tradition's elements can be found in the Futurist aesthetic, be them national or not; However, the presence of these only reinforces the desire of the movement to rethink the  ...  thinking their artistic or critical cultural production.  ... 
doi:10.22456/2179-8001.62332 fatcat:rxcqdb5u55hedcai2lioa6l6kq
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