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A Shared-Electrode and Nested-Tube Structure Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Motion Energy Harvesting

Zhumei Tian, Guicheng Shao, Qiong Zhang, Yanan Geng, Xi Chen
2019 Micromachines  
Here, we demonstrate a shared-electrode and nested-tube structure triboelectric nanogenerator (SNTN) for harvesting human motion energy.  ...  The inner triboelectric unit is formed by a hollow inner tube and a hollow middle tube, while the hollow middle tube and a hollow outer tube constitute the outer triboelectric unit.  ...  ., and X.C. performed the measurements, analyzed the experiment data, and drew the figures. All authors discussed the results and wrote the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/mi10100656 pmid:31569481 pmcid:PMC6843896 fatcat:tkeql2kr6zeyhbj5ayzofiavwu

Multifunctional Woven Structure Operating as Triboelectric Energy Harvester, Capacitive Tactile Sensor Array, and Piezoresistive Strain Sensor Array

Kihong Kim, Giyoung Song, Cheolmin Park, Kwang-Seok Yun
2017 Sensors  
The proposed device is composed of resistive strain sensors, capacitive tactile sensors, and a triboelectric energy harvester in a single platform.  ...  A single functional thread is composed of a flexible hollow tube coated with silver nanowires on the outer surface and a conductive silver thread inside the tube.  ...  Giyoung Song and Cheolmin Park contributed to the surface modification for the triboelectric energy harvester.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s17112582 pmid:29120363 pmcid:PMC5712837 fatcat:obici27novdoxgsoed2soytzle

A Review on Kinetic Energy Harvesting with Focus on 3D Printed Electromagnetic Vibration Harvesters

Philipp Gawron, Thomas M. Wendt, Lukas Stiglmeier, Nikolai Hangst, Urban B. Himmelsbach
2021 Energies  
Three-dimensional printing allows us to manufacture tailored harvesting devices in an easy and fast way.  ...  The gathered harvesters are analysed, challenges examined and research gaps in the field identified. The advantages and challenges of 3D printing harvesters are discussed.  ...  The harvester's structure was a 3D printed circular hollow tube made of PLA.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en14216961 fatcat:5mb2vrgnmbhobbfbljavlfh6li

Recent Progress in the Energy Harvesting Technology—From Self-Powered Sensors to Self-Sustained IoT, and New Applications

Long Liu, Xinge Guo, Weixin Liu, Chengkuo Lee
2021 Nanomaterials  
Secondly, self-powered sensors and self-sustained IoT applications are discussed regarding current strategies for energy harvesting and sensing.  ...  With the fast development of energy harvesting technology, micro-nano or scale-up energy harvesters have been proposed to allow sensors or internet of things (IoT) applications with self-powered or self-sustained  ...  The system is mainly in the sleep mode, in which the energy harvesters can keep collecting energy from ambient environments and storing it in the energy storage unit, while the switch keeps open and does  ... 
doi:10.3390/nano11112975 pmid:34835739 pmcid:PMC8620223 fatcat:efzhkatpzrdftabf6hmzqynmtu

Triboelectric nanogenerators: Fundamental physics and potential applications

Linglin Zhou, Di Liu, Jie Wang, Zhong Lin Wang
2020 Friction  
Based on the conjunction of contact electrification and electrostatic induction, triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) can harvest mechanical energy dispersed in our environment.  ...  The major potential applications of TENG can be summarized as four fields containing micro/nano power sources, self-powered sensors, large-scale blue energy, and direct high-voltage power sources.  ...  property [44] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40544-020-0390-3 fatcat:7abe3fg22vd2xaggugrf2vukyy

Floating Oscillator-Embedded Triboelectric Generator for Versatile Mechanical Energy Harvesting

Myeong-Lok Seol, Jin-Woo Han, Seung-Bae Jeon, M. Meyyappan, Yang-Kyu Choi
2015 Scientific Reports  
A versatile vibration energy harvesting platform based on a triboelectricity is proposed and analyzed.  ...  The floating oscillator-embedded triboelectric generator (FO-TEG) is applicable for both impulse excitation and sinusoidal vibration which universally exist in usual environment.  ...  This work is also supported by Open Innovation Lab Project from the National Nanofab Center (NNFC) and the EndRun Project.  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep16409 pmid:26553524 pmcid:PMC4639750 fatcat:hfn6x6jrabeynfb5je7yhe5ojm

Additively manufactured nano-mechanical energy harvesting systems: advancements, potential applications, challenges and future perspectives

Ammar Ahmed, Ali Azam, Yanen Wang, Zutao Zhang, Ning Li, Changyuan Jia, Ray Tahir Mushtaq, Mudassar Rehman, Thierno Gueye, Muhammad Bilal Shahid, Basit Ali Wajid
2021 Nano Convergence  
AbstractAdditively manufactured nano-MEH systems are widely used to harvest energy from renewable and sustainable energy sources such as wind, ocean, sunlight, raindrops, and ambient vibrations.  ...  The optimal strategies and techniques to enhance these energy capacities are compiled in this paper. Graphical Abstract  ...  Zutao Zhang from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University Chengdu, for their remarkable contribution, supervision, and guidance in the current study.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40580-021-00289-0 pmid:34851459 pmcid:PMC8633623 fatcat:t6fq2ilb3zab5keuzneorzpuvy

Triboelectric Nanogenerator Enabled Smart Shoes for Wearable Electricity Generation

Yongjiu Zou, Alberto Libanori, Jing Xu, Ardo Nashalian, Jun Chen
2020 Research  
irregular and low-frequency passive biomechanical energy from body movements into electrical energy, providing an infinite and sustainable power source for wearable electronics.  ...  In addition, the perspective for future development of smart electricity-generation shoes as a sustainable and pervasive energy solution towards the upcoming era of the Internet of Things is discussed.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors acknowledge the Henry Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Science and the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, Los Angeles for the startup support  ... 
doi:10.34133/2020/7158953 pmid:33623909 pmcid:PMC7877399 fatcat:24cw2rqhp5g77ggv6dni3yilye

Triboelectric and Piezoelectric Nanogenerators for Future Soft Robots and Machines

Min Pan, Chenggang Yuan, Xianrong Liang, Jun Zou, Yan Zhang, Chris Bowen
2020 iScience  
This perspective provides an overview of the current state of the art in triboelectric and piezoelectric devices that are used as self-powered sensors and energy harvesters for soft robots and machines  ...  The triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) and piezoelectric nanogenerator (PENG) are two recently developed technologies for effective harvesting of ambient mechanical energy for the creation of self-powered  ...  C.Y and X.L thank the support from the China Scholarship Council PhD studentship (201706150102)  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.isci.2020.101682 pmid:33163937 pmcid:PMC7607424 fatcat:7unyr675rbhfljbjxgjdfrmy6y

Design and engineering of high‐performance triboelectric nanogenerator for ubiquitous unattended devices

Hongmei Yang, Feng Ru Fan, Yi Xi, Wenzhuo Wu
2021 EcoMat  
Triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) effectively harvests the otherwise wasted ubiquitous mechanical energy.  ...  Despite the recent advances in the design and development of various triboelectric devices, these devices' output still falls short in meeting the practical needs of directly powering electronics and sensors  ...  [223] [224] [225] [226] For instance, Wang et al 226 developed elastomerbased TENG tubes for harvesting human motion energy.  ... 
doi:10.1002/eom2.12093 doaj:cc475013e8ab4015ae817f5781aa01cf fatcat:igw5mnz3bje2nevstor5ee7kt4

Nanogenerator-Based Self-Powered Sensors for Wearable and Implantable Electronics

Zhe Li, Qiang Zheng, Zhong Lin Wang, Zhou Li
2020 Research  
, such as breeze, body drive, muscle stretch, sound/ultrasound, noise, mechanical vibration, and blood flow, and they had been widely used as self-powered sensors and micro-nanoenergy and blue energy harvesters  ...  In the past decades, based upon piezoelectric, pyroelectric, and triboelectric effect, various kinds of nanogenerators (NGs) were proposed which are capable of responding to a variety of mechanical movements  ...  , 81971770, and 61971049), Beijing Natural Science Foundation (2182091), and National Youth Talent Support Program.  ... 
doi:10.34133/2020/8710686 pmid:32259107 pmcid:PMC7085499 fatcat:tk34kforrbfh5kjj3dd7rvdgdi

Progress in triboelectric nanogenerators as a new energy technology and self-powered sensors

Zhong Lin Wang, Jun Chen, Long Lin
2015 Energy & Environmental Science  
A review on the principles, novel applications and perspectives of triboelectric nanogenerators as power sources and as self-powered sensors.  ...  In another work by Su et al., a series of single-electrode triboelectric sensors (SE-TESs) were integrated into a one-dimensional array of tube structures consisting of tube-shaped PTFE thin film and grating  ...  The basic device structure is composed of a smaller hollow cube with an opening bottom floating on top of a solid stand with a larger hollow cube surrounding it.  ... 
doi:10.1039/c5ee01532d fatcat:riadf2x5qncq3j2we7qfu2w4yy

Ferrofluid-based triboelectric-electromagnetic hybrid generator for sensitive and sustainable vibration energy harvesting

Myeong-Lok Seol, Seung-Bae Jeon, Jin-Woo Han, Yang-Kyu Choi
2017 Nano Energy  
In this work, a ferrofluid-based vibration energy harvester with a hybrid triboelectric-electromagnetic operating mechanism is proposed for the first time.  ...  A B S T R A C T A vibration energy harvester that utilizes a liquid medium has been the subject of active research recently given its advantages of shape adaptability, scalability, and durability.  ...  Results and discussion The proposed ferrofluid-based triboelectric-electromagnetic (FF-TEEM) generator is composed of a hollow cylindrical tube, half filled with a ferrofluid (Fig. 1) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.nanoen.2016.11.038 fatcat:djjbxvbqufcvtlmcal7xbogmqi

Structural and Chemical Modifications Towards High-Performance of Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Yerzhan Nurmakanov, Gulnur Kalimuldina, Galymzhan Nauryzbayev, Desmond Adair, Zhumabay Bakenov
2021 Nanoscale Research Letters  
Harvesting abundant mechanical energy has been considered one of the promising technologies for developing autonomous self-powered active sensors, power units, and Internet-of-Things devices.  ...  Among various energy harvesting technologies, the triboelectric harvesters based on contact electrification have recently attracted much attention because of their advantages such as high performance,  ...  A promising solution is to harvest abundant ambient energy from the environment, where it is represented in the form of solar energy [1], thermal energy [2] , wind energy [3] , and mechanical energy  ... 
doi:10.1186/s11671-021-03578-z fatcat:uupsmlb44rb5thy5euq4r6awxa

Triboelectric Nanogenerators and Hybridized Systems for Enabling Next-Generation IoT Applications

Qiongfeng Shi, Zhongda Sun, Zixuan Zhang, Chengkuo Lee
2021 Research  
Hence, in this review, we systematically introduce the key technologies of the TENG-based hybrid generators and hybridized systems, in the aspects of operation principles, structure designs, optimization  ...  In the past few years, triboelectric nanogenerator-based (TENG-based) hybrid generators and systems have experienced a widespread and flourishing development, ranging among almost every aspect of our lives  ...  AISG-GC-2019-002), RIE advanced manufacturing and engineering (AME) programmatic grant ("Nanosystems at the Edge," A18A4b0055), and NUS iHealthtech Grant: Smart Sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  ... 
doi:10.34133/2021/6849171 pmid:33728410 pmcid:PMC7937188 fatcat:ddllksz73vaoldm4cxxlqgue5e
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