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Quality analysis of traverses

Haèko Milan, Sabová Jana, Weiss Gabriel, Jakub Vincent, Badida Michal, Sütti Juraj
1998 Acta Montanistica Slovaca  
Quality analysis of traverses coordinated and oriented on both ends are done from viewpoint of their station accuracies and internal and external reliabilities.  ...  Their configurations were investigated with respect to rules of the Slovak Geodetic Authorities for traverse usability. Conclusions are drawn for application of traverses with engineering purposes.  ... 
doaj:0ab983cd3bb64eb48c6072136586d799 fatcat:xi4u2j4uizaaxhu26mmzmklj2y

Symbolic state traversal for WCET analysis

Stephan Wilhelm, Björn Wachter
2009 Proceedings of the seventh ACM international conference on Embedded software - EMSOFT '09  
Static worst-case execution time analysis of real-time tasks is based on abstract models that capture the timing behavior of the processor on which the tasks run.  ...  We present a novel symbolic method for WCET analysis based on abstract pipeline models which produces sound results and is scalable in terms of the considered hardware states.  ...  , pipeline, and path analysis), with the strengths of symbolic state traversal.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1629335.1629354 dblp:conf/emsoft/WilhelmW09 fatcat:c4m4ckvhr5ednl65jxk74nruae

The evolutionary traverse: a causal analysis

David Haas
2016 Journal of evolutionary economics  
The consequences of the quantitative adjustment mechanisms for aggregate growth are discussed by means of a 'causal analysis', which focuses on the properties of the traverse between two fullemployment  ...  The analysis reveals that different types of new methods lead to different adaptation paths and results.  ...  A causal analysis helps to shed light on the crucial forces and features of what may be called an 'evolutionary traverse', i.e. the path from one fullemployment steady state to another when the original  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00191-016-0483-3 pmid:28163394 pmcid:PMC5253723 fatcat:4iqto74zivhuvopuhd534paqsy

Slope traversability analysis of reconfigurable planetary rovers

Hiroaki Inotsume, Masataku Sutoh, Kenji Nagaoka, Keiji Nagatani, Kazuya Yoshida
2012 2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems  
The effects of the rover reconfiguration on its slippage tendencies are analyzed based on slope traversing experiments and numerical simulations.  ...  Nonetheless, the terramechanical theory has mainly been applied to wheels making vertical contact with the soil and not to a mobility analysis of reconfigurable rovers whose wheels can make sidling contact  ...  SLOPE TRAVERSABILITY FOR A ROVER A. Traversability Criteria In this study, "slip ratio" and "slip angle" are used as slope traversability criteria.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iros.2012.6386044 dblp:conf/iros/InotsumeSNNY12 fatcat:nxbyinr7jrcknbt5jxxuuufnii

Stereo-based terrain traversability analysis using normal-based segmentation and superpixel surface analysis [article]

Aras R. Dargazany
2019 arXiv   pre-print
This approach reformulates the problem of terrain traversability analysis into two main problems: (1) 3D terrain reconstruction and (2) terrain all surfaces detection and analysis.  ...  In this paper, an stereo-based traversability analysis approach for all terrains in off-road mobile robotics, e.g. Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) is proposed.  ...  This Analysis of the acquired sensor data in order to distinguish between the traversable and non-traversable areas in the environment is known as terrain traversability analysis. A.  ... 
arXiv:1907.06823v1 fatcat:njdwcdqnkvdvho45b56ugz7qga

Recursion depth analysis for special tree traversal algorithms [chapter]

Peter Kirschenhofer, Helmut Prodinger
1984 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
INTRODUCTION AND MAIN RESULTS In this paper we are concerned with the analysis of special recursive algorithms for traversing the nodes of a planted plane tree (ordered tree ; planar tree) .  ...  The analysis of the expected time of the visit procedure is clearly linear in the size of the input tree .  ...  The inorder traversal (KNUTH [7] ) is the following recursive principle : Traverse the left subtree In [3] FLAJOLET and ODLYZKO determined the average value h n of h in the family B n of binary trees  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-13345-3_27 fatcat:gfozbiultfci3l4kf4aorzvvy4

The Traverse, Equilibrium Analysis, and Post-Keynesian Economics [chapter]

Joseph Halevi, Neil Hart, Peter Kriesler
2016 Post-Keynesian Essays from Down Under Volume IV: Essays on Theory  
The Traverse refers to the movement of the economy outside equilibrium.  ...  Analysis of these themes, from the classical economists onwards, leads to the conclusion that it is difficult to envisage any useful role for equilibrium theory in the absence of some evidence that there  ...  The Traverse v Equilibrium The role that the traverse plays in economic analysis is closely linked to the view of equilibrium.  ... 
doi:10.1057/978-1-137-47529-9_20 fatcat:itpo3wdgebcevfv7dm5kttwdba

Traversing Fields

Omar Kasmani, Dominik Mattes
2020 Social Analysis: Journal of Cultural and Social Practice  
At the same time, we wish to evoke affect's potential for traversing fields.  ...  Seeking a common ground of analysis brings us closer to appreciating the material and immaterial ways in which religious communities that share socio-political and urban conditions converge in their aspirations  ... 
doi:10.3167/sa.2020.640107 fatcat:fourpzjcg5h4nfdhkiqbfa3vte

Analysis of stress-strain states of casting crane traverse

Yurii Sahirov, Viktor Artiukh, Vladlen Mazur, Natalia Vaynshtok, Irina Reshetnikova, O. Kalinina
2019 E3S Web of Conferences  
The object of the study is a pattern of stress distribution inside the traverse elements.  ...  Regularity of stress distribution in the traverse is obtained, and possible ways to further research are identified.  ...  Formulation of task Analysis of design calculations showed that more often in calculation scheme of casting crane traverse (refer to fig. 1,a) only action of vertical forces (refer to fig. 1,b) is  ... 
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/201911001049 fatcat:mhgwh5maqngkbfh3huqk7fko44

Distributed Traversability Analysis of Flow Field Under Communication Constraints

Shijie Liu, Jie Sun, Jiancheng Yu, Aiqun Zhang, Fumin Zhang
2018 IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering  
Traversability analysis, previously developed for ground robots, is extended to be performed by a group of marine vehicles over ocean flow fields.  ...  These support vectors, together with the parameters determined by the traversability analysis, are then shared over the communication links.  ...  Analogously, we introduce two parameters for the traversability analysis over a flow field.  ... 
doi:10.1109/joe.2018.2819758 fatcat:noqlhb4x6jhlzpf5vrrwamciey

Constrained Hopping Traversability Analysis on Non-uniform Polygonal Chains

Saurabh Upadhyay, A. Pedro Aguiar
2020 IEEE Access  
With regard to hopping robots, the literature on traversability analysis is very limited. In [6] , a global hopping traversability analysis was discussed for a specific case of asteroid exploration.  ...  Figure 2 : 2 The constrained hopping traversability analysis (CHTA) problem schematic.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2975114 fatcat:3lsmzatynfes3bix2mwlzjrjlm

Stress Analysis of Buried Gas Pipeline Traversing Sliding Mass

Lu Hongfang, Chen Liqiong, Wu Shijuan, Huang Kun, Lv Yitang, Wu Jiali
2014 Open Civil Engineering Journal  
The load brought on by a landslide can cause pipeline failure, thus stress analysis of both ways of traversing is of great necessity.  ...  Therefore, stress checks against accidental loads should be emphasized during the stress analysis of gas pipelines traversing sliding masses.  ...  Presently, stress analysis of pipelines is limited to static analysis.  ... 
doi:10.2174/1874149501408010257 fatcat:76gyecuosfesjgpxdvdezwtzw4

T-transformation: traversability analysis for navigation on rugged terrain

Cang Ye, Johann Borenstein, Grant R. Gerhart, Chuck M. Shoemaker, Douglas W. Gage
2004 Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology VI  
This paper presents a new method for traversability analysis, called T-transformation.  ...  The traversability analysis algorithm and the overall ON system were verified by extensive simulation.  ...  The system consists of four main modules: Terrain Mapping, Terrain Traversability Analysis (TTA), Traversability Field Histogram, and Motion Control.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.542576 fatcat:hv3kohcypjc5znfk7fbrlyhfpm

Off-road Autonomous Vehicles Traversability Analysis and Trajectory Planning Based on Deep Inverse Reinforcement Learning [article]

Zeyu Zhu, Nan Li, Ruoyu Sun, Huijing Zhao, Donghao Xu
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Terrain traversability analysis is a fundamental issue to achieve the autonomy of a robot at off-road environments.  ...  This research proposes a method of off-road traversability analysis and trajectory planning using Deep Maximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning.  ...  INTRODUCTION AND RELATED WORKS Terrain traversability analysis is a fundamental issue to achieve the autonomy of a robot at off-road environments.  ... 
arXiv:1909.06953v2 fatcat:iynwdfma6nharlronkq6c2sa6i

Traversing Virtual Network Functions from the Edge to the Core: An End-to-End Performance Analysis [article]

Emmanouil Fountoulakis, Qi Liao, Manuel Stein, Nikolaos Pappas
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We develop a queueing model for the performance analysis of the system consisting of both processing and transmission flows.  ...  A task traverses a service chain of two consecutive Virtual Network Functions (VNFs): VNF 1 and VNF 2.  ...  Flows traverse VNF chains and each node decides the resource allocation to each VNF and routes the flow to the next node.  ... 
arXiv:1811.02330v2 fatcat:z6bnqplrzbbbdfkua5hf5nj4qy
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