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Redacció Enrahonar
2014 Enrahonar: Quaderns de Filosofia  
In order to show the problems that arise from this argument, I will analyze some aspects of the Žižek and Derrida's ethico-political thought, as well as their reference to Walter Benjamin's famous text  ...  : On violence, politics and religion from Žižek and Derrida The main objective of this paper is to criticize the usual link between violence and religion in order to oppose them to political rationality  ...  L'esfera pública és un espai de creativitat, de celebració i de reconeixement, però els ciutadans religiosos també han d'entendre que l'autoritat política treballa des dels arguments racionals.  ... 
doi:10.5565/rev/enrahonar.229 fatcat:koqsalqndvdkdkuy2o2pzdxuh4


1995 American Zoologist  
Bullfrog tadpoles (Stage 26) were exposed to 2 ppm of lead nitrate for 6 days, a concentration similar to that which results in deficits in an avoidance learning response in this species.  ...  ELI£A reactivity of the U hormones to Ar aised against L-Phe and D-Phe-contalning synthetic N-terminal octapeptides, whose sequence is identical in CHH and MIH, was tested.  ...  These changes coincide with its transformation from an apparently normal gastric epithelium to a transporting epithelium with a relatively high capacity for mineral movement and storage.  ... 
doi:10.1093/icb/35.5.1 fatcat:dsk4lhapgvfbfjxrr2b22z4b2a

Modelling the neuromechanics of exploration and taxis in larval Drosophiila [article]

Jane Loveless, University Of Edinburgh, University Of Edinburgh, Barbara Webb, Adam Stokes
I argue that an understanding of the animal's embodiment should lead to a deeper understanding of its behaviour.  ...  The Drosophila larva is emerging as a useful tool in the study of complex behaviours, due to its relatively small size, its genetic tractability, and its varied behavioural repertoire.  ...  I have been supported by the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) grant MINIMAL (reference number FP7-618045).  ... 
doi:10.7488/era/360 fatcat:n5zh3haiwfcbtiuj2qqr4febf4