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Italy Organised in conjunction with LREC

Christian Monson, Ariadna Llitjós, Roberto Aranovich, Lori Levin, Ralf Brown, Eric Peterson, Jaime Carbonell, Alon Lavie
2006 Fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation   unpublished
The JRC-Acquis: A multilingual aligned parallel corpus with 20+ languages. Proceedings of the 5 th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'2006).  ...  Conf. on Spoken Language Processing, vol. 2, pp. 901-904, Denver Sågvall Hein, A., (1994) Acknowledgements The authors want to thank Prof. Climent Nadeu for his kind support.  ...  Electronic resources for both Quechua and Mapudungun are scarce.  ... 

Neural machine translation - how machines learn to translate patent language

Christian Lang
2020 unpublished
Using the example of patent translation, the thesis aims to both demystify the terms "AI" and "deep-learning", that are often associated with NMT, and aims to provide an accessible guide for translators  ...  This work strives to be an easy to understand overview of how the current state-of-the-art in machine translation (MT), neural machine translation (NMT), works.  ...  Each word in a sentence can therefore be learned in context of everything that came before it.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.63592 fatcat:frtadskrubajjh65r3rs2sdsna

Rachel Mor-ton, and Hartmut Wick

Renlong Ai, Maria Bissiri, Hartmut Pfitzinger, Hans
2013 References Eric Atwell   unpublished
This is followed by a suggestion of possible directions of future work.  ...  This survey examines the feedback in current Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training (CAPT) systems and focus on perceptual feedback.  ...  Conclusions This paper presents preliminary results on the automatic compilation of comparable corpora with respect to their usage in translator's work.  ... 

Proceedings of the 3rd Swiss conference on barrier-free communication (BfC 2020)

Susanne Johanna Jekat, Steffen Puhl, Luisa Carrer, Alexa Lintner
They formulated a set of rules for German Easy Language based on the existing pioneering work of several associations for people with disabilities and with reference to the current research concerning  ...  These can be conveyed both by the gainfully employed persons with a hearing loss themselves and, for example, in communication training courses for colleagues.  ...  Empirical evidence on the implementation of lexical simplification in learning material for children with SEN, however, is scarce.  ... 
doi:10.21256/zhaw-3001 fatcat:yrhu5fgl6bbqjoetoq5hyjbc6m

School Certificate Examinations in England, 1918-1950 A historical investigation of the formation and maintenance of a national examination system: Examination Boards, teachers and the state

Andrew John Watts, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Philip Gardner
This dissertation calls for a reevaluation of the place of the School Certificate Examinations (SCE) in the history of the examination system in England.  ...  This context requires a nuanced explanation of the Board of Education's choice of university-based examination boards to deliver the SC examinations, which was opposed by LEAs and teachers' organisations  ...  Acknowledgements My thanks are due particularly to my supervisor, Dr. Phil Gardner, whose interest in and support for my research has been a constant encouragement. Our discussions about  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.43215 fatcat:huu6wcjscvghxpf72cr6yb7ltq

Iowa Research Online The structural transformation of the televisual public sphere THE STRUCTURAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE TELEVISUAL PUBLIC SPHERE by Title and Department Date THE STRUCTURAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE TELEVISUAL PUBLIC SPHERE by

Daniel Faltesek, Daniel Faltesek, Daniel Faltesek, Kembrew Mcleod, David Hingstman, Sasha Waters, Freyer Goodnight
2011 unpublished
Each case study examines the tenuous production of publics in the context of the dialectical pressures of the digital.  ...  Each case study examines the tenuous production of publics in the context of the dialectical pressures of the digital.  ...  Now, learning to read the Internet happens in a living The list of various dream locations in convolute k is expansive. 13 This was the result of a Google nGram analysis. nGram allows you to search the  ...