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Trajectory-based handball video understanding

Alexandre Hervieu, Patrick Bouthemy, Jean-Pierre Le Cadre
2009 Proceeding of the ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval - CIVR '09  
This paper presents a content-based approach for understanding handball videos. Tracked players are characterized by their 2D trajectories in the court plane.  ...  The trajectories and their interactions are used to model visual semantics, i.e., the observed activity phases.  ...  Günsel et al. proposed a video indexing framework based on the analysis of "video objects" [2] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/1646396.1646447 dblp:conf/civr/HervieuBC09 fatcat:b6c4qco7fferfbs34bkmgpngpi

Model-based Behavioral Causality Analysis of Handball with Delayed Transfer Entropy

Kota Itoda, Norifumi Watanabe, Yoshiyasu Takefuji
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
They switch dynamically their behaviors and relationships based on other players' behaviors or intentions.  ...  In goal-type ball games, such as handball, basketball, hockey or soccer, teammates and opponents share the same field.  ...  In particular, there are several kinds of handball research based on player trajectories or raw video data [2, 6, 15] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.12.210 fatcat:dfzhwqjkebf6nkzvopekoeddxu

Virtual reality to assess and train team ball sports performance: A scoping review

Charles Faure, Annabelle Limballe, Benoit Bideau, Richard Kulpa
2019 Journal of Sports Sciences  
This paper also describes the way VR should be used to enhance understanding of performance in team ball sports. Additional suggestions for future research and study design are proposed.  ...  conditions of available information on ball trajectory and throwing action of the attacking player VR centre (3 Barco 1208S video projectors and a large cylindrical screen) 10 elite handball  ...  (2004) Handball To explore the use of VR to understand visual elements taken into account by a handball goalkeeper Immersive situation of a real goalkeeper facing virtual throws, under various  ... 
doi:10.1080/02640414.2019.1689807 pmid:31724487 fatcat:2io55ejqiredrhv2fyasiqp2yu

Performance analysis of male handball goalkeepers at the World Handball championship 2015

Clint Hansen, Fernando Sanz-Lopez, Rodney Whiteley, Nebojsa Popovic, Hosny Abdelrahman Ahmed, Marco Cardinale
2017 Biology of Sport  
Understanding these spatial distributions is key to understanding where shots are aimed and how goalkeepers react [13] and may be used by coaches to improve performance and by opponents to identify weaknesses  ...  Performance analysis of male handball goalkeepers at the World Handball championship 2015. do not cover large running/walking distances [7,8].  ...  Handedness was determined based on video footage and defined as the hand they were observed to throw with.  ... 
doi:10.5114/biolsport.2017.69828 pmid:29472743 pmcid:PMC5819469 fatcat:u2nhm23wpnabhoiakbro7zwymy

Does the Level of Graphical Detail of a Virtual Handball Thrower Influence a Goalkeeper's Motor Response?

Nicolas Vignais, Benoit Bideau, Cathy Craig, Sébastien Brault, Franck Multon, Paul Delamarche, Richard Kulpa
2009 Journal of Sports Science and Medicine  
The authors investigated how different levels of detail (LODs) of a virtual throwing action can influence a handball goalkeeper's motor response.  ...  However the kinematics of the motion revealed that the trajectory of the stopping limb was significantly different when comparing the L1 and L3 levels, and when comparing the L1 and L4 levels.  ...  Given these advantages of virtual reality over video, this technology has been exploited to analyze and understand players' performance in different sports such as soccer (Craig et al., 2006) , handball  ... 
pmid:24149589 pmcid:PMC3761546 fatcat:koxs6vhpnzbzzfpf2jubfoy5wq

Application of Deep Learning Methods for Detection and Tracking of Players [chapter]

Marina Ivasic-Kos, Kristina Host, Miran Pobar
2021 Deep Learning Applications  
The scenes recorded during handball games and training activities will be used as an example.  ...  Handball is a team sport played with the ball with well-defined goals and rules, with a given number of players who can participate in the game as well as their roles.  ...  To analyze handball sports videos, different CV tasks can be combined.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.96308 fatcat:gsh5cc47vng5jbsnki5ccjhxoy

An overview of Human Action Recognition in sports based on Computer Vision

Kristina Host, Marina Ivašić-Kos
2022 Heliyon  
HAR aims to detect the person performing the action on an unknown video sequence, determine the action's duration, and identify the action type.  ...  Because of that, a novel systematization of actions based on complexity and level of performance and interactions is proposed.  ...  Apart from action recognition, the dataset can be used for other video understanding tasks such as text-video alignment and video highlight generation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2022.e09633 pmid:35706961 pmcid:PMC9189896 fatcat:5o4x4ywsanfcfo6wvkoc2g6lym

Virtual Environments for Sport Analysis: Perception-Action Coupling in Handball Goalkeeping

Nicolas Vignais, Benoit Bideau, Cathy Craig, Sébastien Brault, Franck Multon, Richard Kulpa
2009 International Journal of Virtual Reality  
This study aimed to analyze the influence of the degree of perception-action coupling on the performance of handball goalkeepers in a virtual environment. 8 national handball goalkeepers were asked to  ...  react to the actions of a virtual handball thrower in two conditions: a perception-action uncoupled condition (defined as a judgment task) and a perception-action coupled condition (defined as a motor  ...  Nevertheless, using videos leaded to limited perception of the 3D trajectory of the ball. Moreover, the point of view of the user is not adapted to his position.  ... 
doi:10.20870/ijvr.2009.8.4.2748 fatcat:rossw4gworhu3avlqiuld7577e

Effects of an implicit-explicit hybrid learning model on handball tactical knowledge

Lucas Ribeiro, Gibson M. Praça, Lucas Figueiredo, Sarah Bredt, Juliana Torres, Pablo J. Greco
2023 Human Movement  
Declarative knowledge was assessed by using the players' analyses of 15 handball video scenes, while procedural knowledge was assessed by analysing the players' actions during a 3 vs. 3 ball possession  ...  Overall, 30 female handball players (mean age: 13.03 ± 0.75 years) from 2 school teams participated in 25 handball training sessions involving activities focused on both implicit and explicit learning.  ...  , full line -player trajectory Movement, Vol. 24, No 2, 2023 dribbling, not pushing/pulling the opponent).  ... 
doi:10.5114/hm.2023.114911 fatcat:zmgxw3o3ynhotfiknmnzs76blq

Effects of Environmental Context on Physiological Response During Team Handball Small Sided Games

Jan Bělka, Karel Hulka, Iva Machová, Michal Šafář, Radim Weisser, David M Bellar, Donald L Hoover, Lawrence W Judge
2017 International Journal of Exercise Science  
The distance covered and time spent in four speed zones (based on player movement speed) were selected for analysis: Zone 1 (0-1.4 m/s), Zone 2 (1.5-3.4 m/s), Zone 3 (3.5-5.2 m/s), and Zone 4 (>5.2 m/s  ...  Twelve professional female handball players [24.6±3.7 years, 172±6.2 cm, 68.2 ± 9.9kg, 22.7 ± 2 kg/m2] participated in this study.  ...  based upon inverse projection techniques (20).  ... 
pmid:29399252 pmcid:PMC5786196 fatcat:smn2rjhqv5gkfcpptnbrl6zmxi

Vision system for tracking handball players using fuzzy color processing

Catarina B. Santiago, Armando Sousa, Luis Paulo Reis
2012 Machine Vision and Applications  
Results are based on videos collected during the Portuguese Handball SuperCup competition for the year 2011.  ...  In order to perform this analysis in an automated, formal and accurate way, the authors developed a cost conscientious processing system fed by two overhead cameras (roughly one video stream for each half-field  ...  Maria Luísa Estriga from the University of Porto, Faculty of Sports for providing the video footages of the games used for test.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00138-012-0471-z fatcat:ms7r2damrnb5tcciobpsi7jeuu

Evaluating game performance from external experts in Sport Education: a case study of Handball

Peter Andrew Hastie, Todd Estel Layne, Isabel Mesquita
2013 Portugese Journal of Sport Sciences / Revista Portuguesa de Ciências do Desporto  
Video clips of game play from various phases of the season were evaluated by three expert handball coaches who were asked to place these in order from worst to best, and also to identify strengths and  ...  of this paper was to examine the efficacy of using experts' evaluations of game play as a method of examining the development of skills and tactics by a group of novice players as they learned to play handball  ...  * There is little understanding of handball rules, with the game looking more like basketball with a big goal.  ... 
doi:10.5628/rpcd.13.01.23 fatcat:2j5g3kzrtbddlgxnekt6vusk5i

Video Feedback and 2-Dimensional Landing Kinematics in Elite Female Handball Players

Anne Benjaminse, Wytze Postma, Ina Janssen, Egbert Otten
2017 Journal of athletic training  
Objective: To test the effectiveness of a video-overlay feedback method on landing technique in elite handball players. Design: Controlled laboratory study. Setting: Laboratory.  ...  Patients or Other Participants: A total of 16 elite female handball players assigned to a control group (n ¼ 8; age ¼ 17.61 6 1.34 years, height ¼ 1.73 6 0.06 m, mass ¼ 69.55 6 4.29 kg) or video group  ...  Handball is a sport with one of the highest risks for sustaining an ACL injury. 4 The ACL often ruptures during noncontact single-legged landings, 5 which involve a decreased base of support and more  ... 
doi:10.4085/1062-6050-52.10.11 pmid:29035582 pmcid:PMC5737049 fatcat:uy35qzrzpng4re3w3xydh4pbca


U. Feuerhake
2022 The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
The presented methodology is based on the transformation to relative movements and a consecutive change detection algorithm.  ...  It has been acquired with the help of a video-based tracking approach presented in Cheng et al. (2019a) and contains the trajectories of different traffic participants (pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles  ...  The dataset for the last experiment: the trajectories of 7 handball players are analyzed.  ... 
doi:10.5194/isprs-archives-xliii-b4-2022-117-2022 fatcat:nufro7utjfa5roc42h54nycuyy

Opposition Relationship in Handball and the Constant Reversibility of Attack and Defense

Zeineb Zerai, Chedlia Fitouri, Ali khalifa Alshamli, Hafsi Bedhioufi
2021 Athens Journal of Sports  
Keywords: handball, tactical decision, matrix of play, understanding, student-centered approach  ...  With its functional character, this approach is based on a modeling of game play where the opposing relationships are characterizable.  ...  Roche L, Belmessaoud S (2016) Video analysis at the service of handball performance: current uses and perspectives. Approches du Handball 154: 52–57.  ... 
doi:10.30958/ajspo.8-4-2 fatcat:7jpq5fgfj5hjnas3uhrua36sde
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