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Trace Spaces: An Efficient New Technique for State-Space Reduction [chapter]

Lisbeth Fajstrup, Éric Goubault, Emmanuel Haucourt, Samuel Mimram, Martin Raussen
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
State-space reduction techniques, used primarily in model-checkers, all rely on the idea that some actions are independent, hence could be taken in any (respective) order while put in parallel, without  ...  We introduce a geometric semantics of concurrent languages, where programs are interpreted as directed topological spaces, and study its properties in order to devise an algorithm for computing dihomotopy  ...  We then introduce an algorithm for computing an effective combinatorial representation of trace spaces as well as an efficient implementation of it (Section 2), and extend this algorithm in order to handle  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-28869-2_14 fatcat:volsq2qfzjfutpuqhjya67rgdi

Reducing the Knowledge Tracing Space

Steven Ritter, Thomas K. Harris, Tristan Nixon, Daniel Dickison, R. Charles Murray, Brendon Towle
2009 Educational Data Mining  
Reduction of the parameter space provides great efficiency gains and also assists us in interpreting specific learning and performance parameters.  ...  The estimate for each knowledge component is based on a four-parameter model developed by Corbett and Anderson [Nb].  ...  [3] , who fit knowledge tracing parameters based on data collected for one cohort of students, and used the new parameter settings within an optimized version of the tutor.  ... 
dblp:conf/edm/RitterHNDMT09 fatcat:ax7tc7xa6vae7gc2kgsytbj4uq

Design space exploration of caches using compressed traces

Xianfeng Li, Hemendra Singh Negi, Tulika Mitra, Abhik Roychoudhury
2004 Proceedings of the 18th annual international conference on Supercomputing - ICS '04  
The trend towards increased customization for embedded systems, in addition, requires the design of an optimal cache configuration for each application.  ...  Memory subsystem, in particular, cache design is important for both high performance and embedded computing systems.  ...  On the other hand, lossless techniques for trace reduction have been studied in [17, 22, 23] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/1006209.1006227 dblp:conf/ics/LiNMR04 fatcat:ulgjqy3txbh2hewqvz2dde3fjq

Multi-trace Correlators from Permutations as Moduli Space [article]

Ryo Suzuki
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In another formula, a new skeleton reduction of Feynman graphs generates connected ribbon graphs, which resembles open string interaction.  ...  We derive a set of formulae of the general n-point functions, valid for general n and to all orders of 1/N_c.  ...  Acknowledgments RS thanks Hiroyuki Fuji and Sanjaye Ramgoolam for discussions and comments on the manuscript.  ... 
arXiv:1810.09478v2 fatcat:iomljvzzbjexzkejhup47x733e

Multi-trace correlators from permutations as moduli space

Ryo Suzuki
2019 Journal of High Energy Physics  
In another formula, a new skeleton reduction of Feynman graphs generates connected ribbon graphs, which resembles open string interaction.  ...  We derive a set of formulae of the general n-point functions, valid for general n and to all orders of 1/N c .  ...  We applied a new skeleton reduction to find another set of formulae.  ... 
doi:10.1007/jhep05(2019)168 fatcat:achcabpawfellmuwxke3cax4ra

Whitted Ray-Tracing for Dynamic Scenes using a Ray-Space Hierarchy on the GPU [article]

David Roger, Ulf Assarsson, Nicolas Holzschuch
2007 Symposium on Rendering  
In this paper, we present a new algorithm for interactive rendering of animated scenes with Whitted Ray-Tracing, running on the GPU.  ...  We present two different stream reduction methods, a fast one using a hierarchical algorithm, and an easy one using the Geometry shaders.  ...  For a better efficiency of our ray-tracing algorithm, we have designed two new stream reduction methods; both of them are faster than Horn's [Hor05] , as well as Sengupta et al. extension [SLO06].  ... 
doi:10.2312/egwr/egsr07/099-110 fatcat:o3u3sumxgzajbixrlvuglua7s4

11. A Trace | Evidence of Time Past [chapter]

Sandra Brewster
2020 Liminal Spaces  
in an uproar against this reductive characterization.  ...  I can only find a new name for a new place and for a new body. My chest tightened. I could see it. I could see the rain falling with little to no space between each drop and the street flooding.  ...  And continues to be in a contemporary state of flux.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0218.14 fatcat:uwery442v5ag3mtciddykcg3oe

Images of world: from the images-trace to the electro-numerical space

Francesco Giarrusso
2016 ETD: Educação Temática Digital  
"Each new means of communication and transport […] changes the system of concrete proximities, that is, is the pertinent space for human communities" (LÉVY, 1997, p. 12), generating new cartographies and  ...  Take, for example, the pivotal role of photography in the real and imaginary unification of the United States (cf.  ... 
doi:10.20396/etd.v18i4.8646423 fatcat:u52gbzegtzfj3llqj63jqjlfui

Monitoring and mining GPS traces in transit space [chapter]

Leon Stenneth, Philip S. Yu
2013 Proceedings of the 2013 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining  
This facilitates a massive reduction in cost for transit agencies. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithms is validated on the third largest public transit system in the United States.  ...  Specifically, we propose and evaluate novel classification features with spatial and temporal clustering techniques that derive bus stop locations, route geometries, and service schedules from GPS data  ...  Related work The state of the art for transit system derivation is [2] . In [2] , for bus stop detection the authors achieved 50% precision.  ... 
doi:10.1137/1.9781611972832.40 dblp:conf/sdm/StennethY13 fatcat:lblskrsvcnchnabwtagteot3au

Phase Space Ray Tracing for a Two-dimensional Parabolic Reflector

C. Filosa, J. H. M. Thije Boonkkamp, W. L. IJzerman
2017 Mathematics and Statistics  
Ray tracing is a technique used in geometric optics for calculating the light distribution at the target of an optical system. Monte Carlo (MC) ray tracing is very common in non-imaging optics.  ...  We propose a new ray tracing method that employs the phase space of the source and the target of the system.  ...  Note that to obtain an accuracy given by an error equal to, say 1.6 · 10 −5 , around 10 7 ray need to be traced for MC and only around 6.8 · 10 4 rays for the PS method resulting in a reduction of more  ... 
doi:10.13189/ms.2017.050401 fatcat:epx4m5tkzvdunohkzqr7fskmve

Trace-Orthogonal PPM-Space Time Block Coding Under Rate Constraints for Visible Light Communication

Mauro Biagi, Anna Maria Vegni, Stefano Pergoloni, Pankil Mukund Butala, Thomas D. C. Little
2015 Journal of Lightwave Technology  
In this paper we investigate the use of an optical MIMO technique jointly with Pulse Position Modulation in order to improve the data rates without reducing the reliability of the link.  ...  Furthermore, an off-line tool for VLC system planning, including error probability and transmission rate, has been proposed in order to solve the tradeoff between transmission rate and error rate.  ...  The use of MIMO together with a space-time coding technique can provide large gains in spectral efficiency.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jlt.2014.2386613 fatcat:mbuouehkwrhhvn6hkzfvcntsme

Trace functionals on non-commutative deformations of moduli spaces of flat connections [article]

Philippe Roche, Andras Szenes
2000 arXiv   pre-print
We describe an efficient construction of a canonical non-commutative deformation of the algebraic functions on the moduli spaces of flat connections on a Riemann surface.  ...  We show that this algebra, which is a variant of the quantum moduli algebra introduced by Alekseev-Grosse-Schomerus and Buffenoir-Roche, has a trace functional which is related to the canonical trace in  ...  Acknowledgments We are greatly indebted to Pavel Etingof for his help at all stages of this project, and to Boris Tsygan for his insights and sugessions.  ... 
arXiv:math/0008149v1 fatcat:gsktel6nbfej3f7ohs4l2m4j2y

Matrix Bidirectional Path Tracing

Chakravarty Reddy Alla Chaitanya, Laurent Belcour, Toshiya Hachisuka, Simon Premoze, Jacopo Pantaleoni, Derek Nowrouzezahrai
2018 Eurographics Symposium on Rendering  
We devise an unbiased rendering algorithm that leverages this coherence to effectively sample path space, consistently achieving a 2-3x speedup in radiometrically complex scenes compared to the state-of-the-art  ...  Such clumped samples in the path space tend to contribute little toward an accurate estimate of each pixel.  ...  We integrated our sampling method into a new unbiased rendering algorithm, matrix bidirectional path tracing, which achieves significant variance reduction compared to bidirectional path tracing and metropolis  ... 
doi:10.2312/sre.20181169 dblp:conf/rt/ChaitanyaBHPPN18 fatcat:iv2xto562fhqnay7rxfpv7rph4

Naive ray-tracing

Benjamin Mora
2011 ACM Transactions on Graphics  
We present an efficient ray-tracing algorithm which, for the first time, does not store any data structures when performing spatial subdivisions, and directly computes intersections inside the scene.  ...  This new algorithm is often faster than comparable ray-tracing methods at rendering dynamic scenes, and has a similar level of performance when compared to static ray-tracers.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank Sally Andrew for proof-reading of the article and the reviewers for their valuable feedback.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2019627.2019636 fatcat:cm5yrlvv25hthadgf6kqpglyzq

Trace Functionals on Noncommutative Deformations of Moduli Spaces of Flat Connections

Philippe Roche, András Szenes
2002 Advances in Mathematics  
We describe an efficient construction of a canonical noncommutative deformation of the algebraic functions on the moduli spaces of flat connections on a Riemann surface.  ...  We construct a natural trace functional on this algebra and show that it is related to the canonical trace in the formal index theory of Fedosov and Nest and Tsygan via Verlinde's formula. © 2002 Elsevier  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We are greatly indebted to Pavel Etingof for his help at all stages of this project and to Boris Tsygan for his insights and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1006/aima.2001.2045 fatcat:i64ylay3wvbvzbc2eumbyzk4lm
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