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What is creativity in web portfolio design?

Jesenka Pibernik, Jurica Dolic, Bojan Kanizaj
2013 Digital Creativity  
The question is can the rules of good web portfolio design be defined and/or can they be perceived as a process of creating new choices out of a prevailing set of options?  ...  The article analyses the creativity in a particular category of interactive products-personal portfolio websites.  ...  If creativity is the product of some creative act, then, in the context of the web porfolio the act of navigation and interaction is a new way to bring a message into the world of reality, changing something  ... 
doi:10.1080/14626268.2013.811425 fatcat:l7gake3fvzbdhi2hhrigalcngi


Małgorzata Suchacka, Rafał Muster, Mariusz Wojewoda
2021 Creativity Studies  
The aim of the paper is to draw attention to the importance of human creativity in the context of technology development, with special emphasis on artificial intelligence.  ...  Positive and creative possibilities of using artificial intelligence in social and economic life were shown.  ...  If we were to resign from freedom in favour of the comfortable and safe use of technical artifacts, the creativity of action should be understood not as inventing new things, but as creative imitation,  ... 
doi:10.3846/cs.2021.14316 fatcat:ny5ofhn4evewzcq7bfaxg3esf4

Computational Creativity

Rania A. Hodhod, Brian S. Magerko
2014 International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence  
However, we will take a few more steps towards the development of systems that must eventually be acknowledged as creative themselves, and, in the process, we will, perhaps, ask additional interesting  ...  As the field has continued to grow, the time has come for the creation of a more formal, even archival, forum for work in computational creativity and this year we took the leap.  ...  Acknowledgment We would like to thank the members of the EU Bison project for many fruitful discussions during the development of BisoNets.  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijcini.2014040101 fatcat:t75r5mrudzckfm3cjskssgadma

Creatively prototyping the future high street

Gordon Fletcher, Anita Greenhill, Marie Griffiths, Kate Holmes, Rachel McLean
2016 Production planning & control (Print)  
We present a methodological technique, described as creative prototyping, that has at its heart, the capability to enable full stakeholder inclusivity into the future imagining of the smart city.  ...  This paper gives a voice to a range of community and individual stakeholders who would not generally be heard in the conventional town planning process.  ...  However, in the absence of firm definitions the UKGov 2013 report offers the parameters that a smart city must be more 'liveable', 'resilient to change' and 'should enable every citizen to engage with  ... 
doi:10.1080/09537287.2016.1147094 fatcat:nsvydwnxsnctzmx7y3divxxr3m

Consumer Co‐creation and Situated Creativity

Jason Potts, John Hartley, John Banks, Jean Burgess, Rachel Cobcroft, Stuart Cunningham, Lucy Montgomery
2008 Industry and Innovation  
Consumer co-creation and situated creativity. Industry and Innovation, ABSTRACT. This paper examines the industrial dynamics of new digital media from the perspective of consumer co-creation.  ...  We conclude that cultural and economic analysis might be usefully united about these themes, and that situated creativity should be construed as analysis of an ongoing co-evolutionary process between economic  ...  This is the disequilibrium context of dynamic situated creativity. Furthermore, this is the current situation in much new digital media, to which we now turn for illustrative example.  ... 
doi:10.1080/13662710802373783 fatcat:yb2hymzyr5dxli375pinckyufi

Youth, Creativity, and Copyright in the Digital Age

John Palfrey, Urs Gasser, Miriam Simun, Rosalie Fay Barnes
2009 International Journal of Learning and Media  
In this paper we focus on the knowledge of and attitudes toward creativity, ownership, and copyright infringement among the young people with whom we spoke.  ...  in a digital world.  ... 
doi:10.1162/ijlm.2009.0022 fatcat:yqtxuztunjb2rafycoz5433wjy

Pathway to Future Symbiotic Creativity [article]

Yike Guo, Qifeng Liu, Jie Chen, Wei Xue, Henrik Jensen, Fernando Rosas, Jeffrey Shaw, Xing Wu, Jiji Zhang, Jianliang Xu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a classification of the creative system with a hierarchy of 5 classes, showing the pathway of creativity evolving from a mimic-human artist (Turing Artists) to a Machine artist in its own right  ...  Based on such communication and understanding mechanisms, we propose a novel framework for building future Machine artists, which comes with the philosophy that a human-compatible AI system should be based  ...  NFTs tear down barriers for creators and collectors alike; they create a new universe of digital content that can be bought and sold around the world in an instant.  ... 
arXiv:2209.02388v1 fatcat:2b6l2yklq5dn3hvxmgmatu4exi

Creativity and Environment [chapter]

2013 Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship  
The progress principle: using small wins to ignite joy, engagement, and creativity at work.  ...  Acknowledgments The author would like to thank David Campbell, Jason Hughes, John Roberts, Hendrik Wagenaar, and the participants of the European Science Foundation (ESF) meeting on personalized medicine  ...  We are in a world that God wants get involved in and help run through the beneficial influence of the Church.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-3858-8_100187 fatcat:2nftbiwzanbf3isotlitbm356y

Actors of Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Romania

Bogdan HRIB, Tritonic Publishing Group
2013 Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy  
EO recognition can be done using: 1. Education -general culture and specialized information; 2. Experience in life/work; 3. The existence of information (through networking) 4.  ...  The new trends in the cultural and creative industries (CCI) that were theorized in the second half of the 20th century, simultaneously with the rapid development of technology, have created in post-communist  ...  The future will surely be the one of "digital entrepreneurs", the new generation born after 1989, maturing in the era of information democratization, in the midst of a digital revolution, and functioning  ... 
doi:10.25019/mdke/6.4.10 fatcat:wc7lvkumtrhsha6vllrel7zyg4

Getting Creative in Health Care

Janet Pagan, Stuart Cunningham, Peter Higgs
2009 Media International Australia: Incorporating Culture & Policy  
Reports in this Series: Educating for the creative workforce: rethinking arts and education.  ...  Creative occupations were found to be making significant, growing and widespread contributions to the development and delivery of healthcare goods and services, the initial training and ongoing professionalism  ...  Digital content 4.6 While the importance of software to healthcare is well established, we observed that digital content is being used, and explored for further use, in many diverse parts of the healthcare  ... 
doi:10.1177/1329878x0913200109 fatcat:a6afp5zwezcuzpj3hbta4hspd4

Newly emerging business models in the creative industries in the wake of increasing digitalisation

Eneli Kindsiko, Ragne Kõuts-Klemm, Helen Eenmaa, Ingmar Pastak
2022 Zenodo  
Despite the fears that digitalisation could endanger creative industries,the cultural economy is connected to the digital economy ever more closely,and facilitating new business models(Ernst & Young, 2016  ...  sub-sections of creative industries are born digital.  ...  (Prasad, 2018) This case illustrates well how some sectors should be more sensitive in terms of IPR and due to two main reasons.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7118715 fatcat:haekov7z25dwdapursuo5iiknq

Consumers, liability, and the online world

J. E. J. Prins
2003 Information & communications technology law  
The article concludes with a position on whether a new European service liability regime is needed to better protect consumers in the online world.  ...  In discussing the pros and cons of a European Union liability regime for suppliers of electronic services, this article analyses a possible need for a new liability regime to protect consumers in an online  ...  In discussing the pros and cons of a European Union (EU) liability regime for suppliers of services, attention should first be given to the new dynamics of the consumer's position in an online world (Section  ... 
doi:10.1080/1360083032000106935 fatcat:bm3ymarejfgwlcyfxnrcvgo22y

Rewrite Copyright: Protecting Creativity and Social Utility in the Digital Age

Richard H. Chused
2005 Israel Law Review  
Owners, with some justification, contend that copying has become too easy and that strong protections for their assets must be implemented in order to insure the continued production of creative work.  ...  In return for the payment of levies, owners would be required to allow users undisturbed access to their copyrighted works.  ...  Second, and more importantly, the variety of ways in which digital works may be quickly altered and recast means that some digital distributions may conflict with the creative preferences of both the author  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0021223700012826 fatcat:v7w7gvc7wrd2djnmdaxvsu6thq

Creative Leadership Within the Cyber asset Market: An Interview With Dame Inga Beale

Amit Mitra, Nicholas O'Regan
2019 Journal of management inquiry  
states around the world.  ...  In the event of cyber-attacks, the need for security of these cloud assets as well as the need for insurance to ensure survival of the organisation, is increasingly becoming a critical challenge.  ...  Most jobs have been or are being transformed beyond all recognition. We live in a world that if you are not paying for it, you are the product.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1056492619828837 fatcat:yp3czcrgmvccjftufblnpkyrkm

How Is Technology Changing the World, and How Should the World Change Technology?

Josephine Wolff
2021 Global Perspectives  
ever before and more opportunities for biases to be embedded and codified in our technological systems in ways we may not even be able to identify or recognize.  ...  to take significant steps toward regulating computer technologies and are still in the process of radically rethinking the rules governing global data flows and exchange of technology across borders.  ...  These are some of the questions that we hope to address How Is Technology Changing the World, and How Should the World Change Technology?  ... 
doi:10.1525/gp.2021.27353 fatcat:iuifbhr3lzbjjgs5jxksqkqo6i
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