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Towards Practical Gradual TypingÅsumuTyping˚ 1 Gradual Typing for Classes

Typingåsumu Takikawa, Daniel Feltey, Matthew Flatt, Robert Findler, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Matthias Felleisen, Asumu Takikawa, Daniel Feltey, Eeal Dean, Matthew Flatt, Robert Findler, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt (+1 others)
2013 licensed under Creative Commons License CC-BY 29th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming   unpublished
This paper presents an implementation of a gradual type system for a full-featured class-based language as well as a novel performance evaluation framework for gradual typing.  ...  Gradual type systems allow programmers to add type information to software systems in dynamically typed languages on an incremental basis [39, 48].  ...  This paper presents the first implementation of a sound gradual type system for a higher-order, class-based, practical OO language that supports runtime class composition.?  ... 

Page 92 of Psychological Monographs Vol. 17, Issue 4 [page]

1914 Psychological Monographs  
There are 68/280 reactions of the sharp type O, 4/280 cases of the gradual antagonistic type Z and 8/280 cases of the double type Y.  ...  Was this form of movement developed through practice? The reaction times of H. show the effects of practice in the course of the series more definitely than did those obtained from M.  ... 

Page 140 of Anglican Theological Review Vol. 1, Issue 2 [page]

1918 Anglican Theological Review  
The attainment of the new self in the healthy- minded is gradual and easy, whereas for the other type it is hesitating and difficult, and therefore frequently sudden or delayed. 4.  ...  The latter is slower and more gradual in development. 3. In religious awakenings there are at least two broad types, labelled by Professor James as the ‘healthy-minded’, and the ‘sin sick’ souls.  ... 

Enhancing Waste Management Practice - The Appropriate Strategy for Improving Solid Waste Management System in Vietnam Towards Sustainability

Song Toan Pham Phu, Takeshi Fujiwara, Giang Minh Hoang, Dinh Van Pham, Hoa Kieu Thi, Yen Anh Tran Thi, Cuong Dinh Le
2020 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
This study aims to build the appropriate model of waste management practice (WMP) towards sustainable municipal solid waste (MSW) system in a city of developing country like Vietnam.  ...  Also, the recovery performance of recyclables changes in proportional to the level of SWM practice and reach at 3.78, 5.843, 4.593, and 7.120 t/d, respectively.  ...  practice at source Separate into three types Optimal rate Optimal rate  ... 
doi:10.3303/cet2078054 doaj:9a23bcdf82d54efab26032ba56330fed fatcat:x4d5eyn62bfd3lrq3aclqbea3e

Page 228 of Illinois State Academy of Science. Transactions Vol. 28, Issue 2 [page]

1935 Illinois State Academy of Science. Transactions  
This result can be approximated for practical purposes by making the velocity of the traveling magnetic field comparatively low at the breech and gradually in- creasing toward the muzzle of the gun.  ...  If the frequency of the current in the gun coils is constant, the result can be attained by varying the pole pitch, making it small at the breech and gradually increasing toward the muzzle.  ... 

Page 349 of Metal Progress Vol. 32, Issue 4 [page]

1937 Metal Progress  
\fter 1910 the gradual trend was toward sized or chemical types. These were s of charcoal, coke, or retort carbon with irbonates, and weighed from 22 to 32 cu.ft.  ...  This was a big step toward the of casehardening costs. Instead of mixture, which was common practice e was used, a mixture of 80°. old and became the mixing formula.  ... 

Page 83 of Academic Medicine Vol. 13, Issue 2 [page]

1938 Academic Medicine  
The one is that impersonal, somewhat remote aim of medical education to turn out a product that promises gradually but certainly to improve the quality of medical practice.  ...  [ 83] There has been little or no discussion in our group regarding the relative values of different types of examinations such as the essay type, the objective type, or the modification of the essay type  ... 

Page 112 of The Philosophical Review Vol. 36, Issue 2 [page]

1927 The Philosophical Review  
It is this fact which accounts for the unity of the theoretical and the practically active behavior toward the world, and for their common structural forms.  ...  XXXVI. question is directed toward the existence and essential structure of a universal totality as such, we have the purely ‘metaphysical’ type of wonder.  ... 

Page 245 of None Vol. 55, Issue 2 [page]

1921 None  
The means for the fainting and non-fainting types are, therefore, practically the same.  ...  Among the fainting type there were 101 cases in which a gradual diastolic pressure fall occurred.  ... 

Page 337 of British and Foreign Evangelical Review Vol. 37, Issue 144 [page]

1888 British and Foreign Evangelical Review  
Thenceforth the older type sinks into a gradual descent or a barren fixity. It persists more or less, but only as a relic of a past condition, a remnant of a bygone stage of imperfect development.  ...  by the new group and carried on again in the same way toward yet higher forms.  ... 

Page 140 of International Nursing Review Vol. 52, Issue 2 [page]

2005 International Nursing Review  
In contrast, Papp et al. (2003) reported that stu- dent nurses need to be supported in clinical practice, but the source of this type of support (educational support) was nurse mentors and teachers.  ...  This theme refers to the gradual con- tact of student nurses with realities and respective subsequent outcomes.  ... 

Dynamics of Homegarden Structure and Function in Kerala, India

A. Peyre, A. Guidal, K. F. Wiersum, F. Bongers
2006 Agroforestry Systems  
The process of modernisation includes a decrease of the tree/shrub diversity, a gradual concentration on a limited number of cash-crop species, an increase of ornamental plants, a gradual homogenization  ...  Fifty percent of the homegardens still displayed traditional features, whereas 33% incorporated modern practices.  ...  Only 50% of all respondents still followed traditional homegarden management practices, whereas 33% of all respondents have adopted modern practices by increasingly moving towards concentrated cash crop  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10457-005-2919-x fatcat:hxbimg2wwzabhkalbcytva2lfy

Page 24 of Journal of the American Institute of Architects Vol. 13, Issue 1 [page]

1925 Journal of the American Institute of Architects  
In the opinion of Meurer, this gradual evolution of the market place toward more perfect regularity was of quite central importance in the German medieval planning, and the market became a formative element  ...  #vaL Market Piaces or Wuicu No. 4 REPRESENTS THE LATEST AND Most ImMprRoveD TYPE It seems clear that those practical requirements which determined the earlier forms were such as to make sure the adoption  ... 

Page 276 of Social Science Quarterly Vol. 36, Issue 3 [page]

1955 Social Science Quarterly  
Theo- retically, a religious movement may contain some aspects of the sect, and other aspects that indicate movement towards the type of the church.  ...  He also introduces another type of religious movement, which he calls the inde- pendent group, and which begins as a group resembling a sect but through a gradual process becomes much more like a church  ... 

Physicians' attitude toward recurrent hypercalcemia in terminally ill cancer patients

Akira Shimada, Ichiro Mori, Isseki Maeda, Hidekazu Watanabe, Nobutaka Kikuchi, Hansheng Ding, Tatsuya Morita
2014 Supportive Care in Cancer  
Conclusion Japanese physicians had different attitudes toward treating hypercalcemia in terminally ill patients.  ...  hypercalcemia treatment improves nausea, belief that hypercalcemia treatment improves quality of life, belief that hypercalcemia treatment prolongs life, belief that the effect of hypercalcemia treatment reduces gradually  ...  Percent Table 2 2 Determinants of physicians' attitude toward treating hypercalcemia in terminally ill patients On a six-point Likert-type scale from 1 (not important at all) to 6 (vital).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00520-014-2355-4 pmid:25047535 fatcat:hvhuybfbhje7hppftealy6uxn4
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