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An update on the analysis of agreement for orthodontic indices

Rebecca Brown, Stephen Richmond
2005 European Journal of Orthodontics  
For the Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) index and the Index of Complexity, Outcome and Need (ICON), the recommended level of acceptable inter-rater agreement is no more than ±12 and ±18, respectively.  ...  The basic method assumes that the differences between trainee and standard scores are normally distributed and that there is no relationship between these differences and the magnitude of the index.  ...  Figure 3 Histogram of differences between standard and trainee scores for (a) Index of Complexity, Outcome and Need (ICON) showing a normal distribution and (b) Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) scores showing  ... 
doi:10.1093/ejo/cjh078 pmid:15947229 fatcat:y2dawq2clfc35owzwp2swmcrny

Representing concave objects using Virtual Images [chapter]

Timothy Arndt, Gennaro Petraglia, Monica Sebillo, Genoveffa Tortora
1995 Visual Database Systems 3  
Towards this end, we extend the cutting mechanism of the 2D C-string iconic index to perform cutting lines whenever a concave point (split point) might lead to ambiguity during the reconstruction process  ...  The iconic index obtained according to this set of rules can be managed by the Atomic Relation Extraction Method to derive the corresponding virtual images which represent the normalized pictorial information  ...  In Section 2, we review iconic indexing methodologies. The definition of a virtual image is given and the normalized (with respect to reversing and rotation) iconic indexing approach is recalled.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-34905-3_3 fatcat:if46x2qoc5enlgxmjyre5buloa

Efficient position-independent iconic search using an R-theta index

Charles B. Cranston, Hanan Samet
2006 Proceedings of the 14th annual ACM international symposium on Advances in geographic information systems - GIS '06  
Using such an index, database search for icon pairs with a given spatial relationship or range is accomplished by examining the subarea of the index space into which desired pairs would map.  ...  Although the size of such an index grows only linearly with respect to the number of images in the collection, it grows quadratically with the average number of icons in an image.  ...  towards a B or instead for a B with the "opposite" orientation towards an A.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1183471.1183478 dblp:conf/gis/CranstonS06 fatcat:6f7wqbwd7zatzl7qb2r32jtdsu

A multidimensional approach towards malingering detection

L. A. Holmquist, R. L. Wanlass
2002 Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology  
Discriminant function analysis was used to classify three groups of subjects: normals responding in a sincere manner (N = 24); normals who were educated about mild to moderate head injuries and given substantial  ...  Similarity This index scores one point for each occurrence where the time to count a number of randomly organized icons in Part I differed by more than 20% for the same number of randomly organized icons  ...  Dissimulators were compared with normals and brain-injured subjects on each scoring index. A test for homogeneity of variance was examined.  ... 
doi:10.1093/arclin/17.2.143 pmid:14589744 fatcat:xrwlywlnlzfmjffstv7wcgorea

Impact of early extraction of the deciduous canine on relief of severe crowding:

Mhanna A. Aljabab, Muteb Algharbi, Jan Huggare, Farhan Bazargani
2021 Angle Orthodontist  
Orthodontic treatment need and complexity were assessed by the index of complexity, outcome, and need (ICON).  ...  permanent teeth was more prevalent in the deciduous canine extraction group (59%) as compared with the control group (28%); however, this was not statistically significant (P = .07) but showed a tendency toward  ...  However, this was not quantified using an established and validated index such as ICON.  ... 
doi:10.2319/020621-109.1 pmid:34033677 pmcid:PMC8549552 fatcat:6pgirhowljb4dcei7puivn53h4

Semiotic Tagging: Enriching the Semantics of Tags for Improved Image Retrieval

Frank Nack, Ansgar Scherp, Chantal Neuhaus
2014 2014 IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing  
SemioTag is an approach towards tagging that utilizes the semiotic sign categories icon, index, and symbol as classification structures to be used by users during the annotation and search of images within  ...  Number of Tags in Normal Tagging vs. Semiotics Tagging Tagging-QualityOfTagsAssigned Page 1 Iconic Index Symbol Iconic/Ind. Iconic/Symb. Index/Symb.  ...  Time for Normal Tagging vs. Semiotic Tagging Paper:TaggingNumber Page 1 Iconic Index Symbol Iconic/Index Iconic/SymbolIndex/Symbol Picture # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Avg.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icsc.2014.10 dblp:conf/semco/NackSN14 fatcat:ojm5msveqrcgzgca5r5sfrklo4

The Comparison of Iconicity Level of Icon Arrays on Risk Perception

Sithi Wangeamsermsuk, Department of Industrial Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, Arisara Jiamsanguanwong
2018 Journal of Advances in Information Technology  
.  Index Terms-visual aids, iconicity, risk perception, numeracy, decision making, risk information 97  ...  The results revealed the differences in risk perception toward different iconicity level of icon array from people with low numeracy.  ...  of low iconicity level of icon array in presenting the risk information may not appropriate to the public place that normally consists of people with different level of numeracy.  ... 
doi:10.12720/jait.9.4.97-101 fatcat:v54kjlhi3ndp3a6ypmzgkyhali

Correlation between the DAI and ICON indices used for assessment of orthodontic treatment need in Croatian schoolchildren

Renata Vidaković, Stjepan Špalj, Mladen Šlaj, Martina Šlaj, Višnja Katić
2018 Slovenian Journal of Public Health  
AbstractIntroductionThe aims were: evaluation of the correlation between the Dental Aesthetic Index (DAI) and Index of Complexity, Outcome and Need (ICON); the assessment of orthodontic treatment need  ...  When using the ICON index, 11.7% of subjects with mixed dentition had very severe malocclusion, as opposed to 5.8% of subjects with permanent dentition.  ...  (ICON) (3) , the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) (4) .  ... 
doi:10.2478/sjph-2018-0027 pmid:30294363 pmcid:PMC6172524 fatcat:d5g5w4ef5nakhoankkavzl222u

Improving the Acquisition of Small Targets [chapter]

Andy Cockburn, Andrew Firth
2004 People and Computers XVII — Designing for Society  
We suspect this is explained by the absence of the bubble's affordance-the participants would decelerate towards the small target as normal, but the stickyness caused the cursor to snap to the line, reducing  ...  MacKenzie (1992) described a 'Stoke-through' technique similar to goalcrossing, where an icon is selected by depressing the mouse beside the icon, followed by a dragging motion over the icon, finishing  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4471-3754-2_11 fatcat:juqacsbhkvcnxfym77vcygxo7u

The need for orthodontic treatment among 10–11- and 14–15-year-old Lithuanian schoolchildren

Diana Baubinienė, Antanas Šidlauskas, Irena Misevičienė
2009 Medicina  
required to achieve normal or ideal occlusion.  ...  The index of complexity, outcome, and need (ICON) [9] has provided the possibility of assessing complexity grade of the orthodontic cases.  ... 
doi:10.3390/medicina45100106 fatcat:6qrjbpejizeynligbrw33hdd4m

Bodily Communication Dimensions of Expression and Content [chapter]

Jens Allwood
2002 Text, Speech and Language Technology  
What a person expresses can normally be described as being dependent on the attitudes the person has toward the expressed information.  ...  "money" (rubbing thumb against index finger) or "come here" (waving fingers towards palm of hand upwards or downwards depending on culture).  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-017-2367-1_2 fatcat:wonf5k24x5axfih4z4u7li4q3i

Fast dynamic flow volume rendering using textured splats on modern graphics hardware

Daqing Xue, Roger Crawfis, Robert F. Erbacher, Philip C. Chen, Jonathan C. Roberts, Matti T. Gr÷hn, Katy B÷rner
2004 Visualization and Data Analysis 2004  
We use a vertex program to orient the splat toward the viewer, rotate it to its projected vector direction, calculate the shifted icon texture coordinates, and index its vector glyph texture.  ...  This provides long vector icons when the flow is parallel to the viewing plane, and short vector icons when the flow is either headed towards the eye or away from it.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.539248 dblp:conf/vda/XueC04 fatcat:ypo75vyqr5cuhezpid5t7lmmjq

Semiotics and the social analysis of material things

Webb Keane
2003 Language & Communication  
Because iconicity and indexicality themselves 'assert nothing,' their various social roles turn on their mediation by 'Thirdness'.  ...  It focuses on the concepts of iconicity and indexicality, paying particular attention to their roles in mediating contingency and causality, and to their relation with possible actions.  ...  They differ from icons and indexes in their orientation towards the future, and thus, in their capacity to mediate the knower's and actor's stance toward that future, and by extrapolation, the very capacity  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0271-5309(03)00010-7 fatcat:xdsuvuklpzau3bxbnh2t7ki6iu

Integrating Conjoint Analysis with TOPSIS Algorithm to the Visual Effect of Icon Design Based on Multiple Users' Image Perceptions

Ting-Chun Tung
2016 Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education  
The "Facetime App" icon is chosen for illustration purposes.  ...  A series of evaluation trials are then performed to establish the correlation between the icon visual effects and the users' image perceptions of the icon.  ...  In this study, the users' image perceptions (UIPs) toward the visual effect of static icon are described using the 26 descriptors.  ... 
doi:10.12973/eurasia.2017.00656a fatcat:mwr2y6zhtnacxnsstojbo3mhwi

Assessing Endothelial Vasodilator Function with the Endo-PAT 2000

Andrea L. Axtell, Fatemeh A. Gomari, John P. Cooke
2010 Journal of Visualized Experiments  
These values are normalized to measurements from the contra-lateral arm, which serves as control for non-endothelial dependent systemic effects.  ...  records endothelium-mediated changes in the digital pulse waveform known as the PAT ( peripheral Arterial Tone) signal, measured with a pair of novel modified plethysmographic probes situated on the finger index  ...  Figure 1 : 1 Normal Endothelial Vasodilator Function.  ... 
doi:10.3791/2167 pmid:20972417 pmcid:PMC3143035 fatcat:cw3im5h2xja43cq3z7x4ryguwu
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