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Towards Empathic Neurofeedback for Interactive Storytelling *

Marc Cavazza, Gabor Aranyi, Fred Charles, Julie Porteous, Stephen Gilroy, Ilana Klovatch, Gilan Jackont, Eyal Soreq, Nimrod Keynan, Avihay Cohen, Gal Raz, Talma Hendler
This paper addresses this issue by revisiting existing Interactive Narrative paradigms, granting explicit status to users' disposition towards story characters.  ...  for a character who is confronted with challenging situations.  ...  System Overview We have developed ENFASIS (Empathic Narrative using Frontal ASymmetry for Interactive Storytelling), a fully implemented system based on our proposed BCI approach and configured for proof-of-concept  ... 

Virtual Agents in Brain-Computer Interfaces

Marc Cavazza, Fred Charles, Stephen W. Gilroy, Julie Porteous, Gabor Aranyi, Julien Cordry, Gal Raz, Nimrod Jakob Keynan, Avihay Cohen, Gilan Jackont, Yael Jacob, Eyal Soreq (+2 others)
2015 International Journal of Virtual Reality  
In this paper, we investigate the potential role of Virtual Agents in neurofeedback (NF) systems, which constitute an important paradigm for BCI.  ...  The first is an interactive narrative in which the user empathises with the feature character; the second, an emotion regulation system in which virtual crowd behaviour becomes a metaphor for arousal,  ...  In earlier work we explored the use of an "empathic BCI" for Interactive Narratives featuring virtual actors (Gilroy et al., 2013) .  ... 
doi:10.20870/ijvr.2015.15.1.2868 fatcat:yjshg5jo2vccfehg46sgf2n3y4

Selected Methods of Therapeutic Interactions With People With Mild Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kopańska Marta, Chojdak-Łukasiewicz Justyna, Sochocka Marta, Leszek Jerzy, Podgórska-Bednarz Justyna, Banaś-Ząbczyk̨ Agnieszka, Ochojska Danuta
2022 Frontiers in Psychiatry  
This manuscript considers selected methods of interaction with ASD patients with normal IQ.  ...  An overview of the methods of therapeutic interactions in ASD, what may be helpful in diagnosing of mild ASD, were presented in our manuscript.  ...  Such behaviors in turn, make it difficult to interact with other people and lead to lower selfesteem and a negative attitude toward oneself and the world.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyt.2022.942218 pmid:35911233 pmcid:PMC9334648 doaj:e4667694e2cd4be8bfa6b8a2ec5cca67 fatcat:7jx4l3uxo5g3lkbyw5zedtskcm

Affective Visualization in Virtual Reality: An Integrative Review

Andres Pinilla, Jaime Garcia, William Raffe, Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons, Robert P. Spang, Sebastian Möller
2021 Frontiers in Virtual Reality  
The fourth and final section contains five practical considerations for the development of virtual reality environments for affect visualization.  ...  Third, some of the available methods for assessing affect are described.  ...  , 19. doi:10.4230/OASICS.CMN.2014.42 Towards Empathic Neurofeedback For Interactive Storytelling Application/pdf C. G. Lange, and W. James (1922). The Emotions .  ... 
doi:10.3389/frvir.2021.630731 fatcat:vpcc65y525gmxdke5vkl4uwxnu

Physiologically Driven Storytelling: Concept and Software Tool [article]

Jérémy Frey , Jessica Cauchard
2020 pre-print
We put forth Physiologically Driven Storytelling, a new approach to interactive storytelling where narratives adaptively unfold based on the reader's physiological state.  ...  We then propose applications to interactive storytelling and describe the implementation of a software tool to create Physiological Interactive Fiction (PIF).  ...  Amir Lorch for editorial feedback.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3313831.3376643 arXiv:2003.09333v1 fatcat:iznn7vpv3bfizpexpz7cf4khqm

Utilizing the Stanislavski System and Core Acting Skills to Teach Actors in Arts Entrepreneurship Courses

James D. Hart
2020 Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education  
People in general tend to view the status quo, even when unjust, as preferable or desirable. 36 This can make efforts towards change especially challenging.  ...  Each character sends actions and, in turn, receives actions sent towards them. There is an assumed flow between the two scene partners, what Stanislavski calls "communion."  ... 
doi:10.46776/jaee.v2.49 fatcat:jvqy4svivjeofifcxd3gqujwq4

Towards the Mind of a Humanoid: Does a Cognitive Robot Need a Self? - Lessons from Neuroscience

Elena Antonova, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv
2018 The 2018 Conference on Artificial Life   unpublished
This 'selfprojection' into the past and future as well as other's mind can facilitate scaffolded development, social interaction and planning in humanoid robots.  ...  story-telling' and narrative) to give robots the capacity to learn from and project their own and others' temporally extended experience into useful 'stories' or 'plans'. 3 Concepts in social robotics of empathic  ...  projects ITALK ("Integration and Transfer of Action and Language in Robots") and BIOMICS (contract numbers FP7-214668 and FP7-318202, respectively) to Prof Nehaniv, and by the King's Together Fund award ("Towards  ... 
doi:10.1162/isal_a_00079 fatcat:prml3wmlpzcnfkjurb7z7hyeee

Conversation Fuel

Binoodha Kunnath
They include three interactive digital experiences: Centervention (2015) -An online game to improve behavior and social and emotional skills for students in elementary and middle school designed by 3C  ...  This allows for the safe processing of memories, feelings, and emotions in a controlled setting.  ...  humans Sensitivity towards designs Sensitivity towards techniques Sensitivity towards collaboration Skills required Empathy trap Collaborative skills Open mindedness Observational skills Curiosity  ... 
doi:10.35010/ecuad:16889 fatcat:ixqczbalxfdqxbgr4u4tijrbpq

OASIcs, Volume 41, CMN'14, Complete Volume [article]

Mark A. Finlayson, Jan Christoph Meister, Emile G. Bruneau
We thank Xavier Ruiz-Collantes, Miguel-Angel Carralero, Jose-Emilio Lavilla, Daniel Giralt and Gabriel Cerón for ideas and help for the experiment, as well as the people who volunteered for it.  ...  We wish to thank Zsófia Bacskai, Dominika Czérna, Brigitta Háry, Adrienn Jörg, Tímea Kórizs, Petra Kovács and Anna Soós for their help in data collection, and three anonymous reviewers for their helpful  ...  System Overview We have developed ENFASIS (Empathic Narrative using Frontal ASymmetry for Interactive Storytelling), a fully implemented system based on our proposed BCI approach and configured for proof-of-concept  ... 
doi:10.4230/oasics.cmn.2014 fatcat:xxyiwbhjr5artnb2univbfkmyy

E-Poster Viewing

2020 European psychiatry  
We used SANSS and CGI-Scale for negative symtoms and metabolic rates (weight, IMC, Glucose, Colestherol, TG and prolactin) and abdominal perimeter. Results: 40 patients was incluided. 60% are male.  ...  Conflict of interest: No Conflict of interest: No Conflict of interest: No Objectives: This poster reports on mid-term achievements of the European H2020 EMPATHIC project (Empathic, Expressive, Advanced  ...  Thus, the hypothesis to add neurofeedback to objectify and personalize the treatment, arose.  ... 
doi:10.1192/j.eurpsy.2020.6 fatcat:c2s2sepaknaujhnoa4kay5hgre


Renata Tambelli, Francesca Freda, Associazione Mente, Agata Cervello, Maurizio Ando', Cesare Bergaglia, Daniela Bertone, Alessandra Cabiati, Giulia Costa, Marzia Costa, Alessandro Girolamo, Giorgia Magliano (+29 others)
Such rise calls for further research on how children and adolescents develop in these non-traditional family forms and on those factors affecting people's attitudes towards them.  ...  heterosexism and early caregiving experiences as relevant factors when studying prejudices towards same-sex parenting and, more in general, homosexuality.  ...  , and for training with increasingly sophisticated neurofeedbacks systems.  ... 

A Personal Journey Through Instructional Technology: A Vision of Excellence Approached From a System of Magnanimity

Virginia Ellen Gilbert
In conclusion, I will present a personal vision of excellence for Instructional Technology that will be approached from a system of magnanimity.  ...  Throughout this journey, I will endeavour to substantiate the need for Instructional Technologists and all educators to design and implement tools and methods that address all aspects of the human intelligence  ...  Empath y is built through awareness and connection with others and self.  ... 
doi:10.26076/0406-153f fatcat:z6wj7pzvrfcppmxbmqyeunopdu

Beyond mystery babies : undiagnosis in a diagnostic age [article]

Elizabeth Martha Lewis
I am grateful to John Hartigan for our conversations on the intersections of cultural anthropology and science and technology studies, and for always encouraging me to think outside the box while still  ...  Thanks, too, to Philippa Levine for pushing me to include historical attention to questions of bodies and difference, grounding present-day vi narratives of disability in a broader trajectory.  ...  Demanding a space for undiagnosis is not simply a consolation prize or gesture toward inclusion.  ... 
doi:10.15781/t2319sj9s fatcat:452gux2egzezvfbkwb3xrdldee