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Wada You Do for Language: fMRI and Language Lateralization?

Chad Carlson
2010 Epilepsy Currents  
This was compared with the Wada procedure using both whole-brain and midline exclusion-based analyses.  ...  This could affect the clinical validity of fMRI for presurgical language lateralization. The current study sets out to identify if a systematic effect of lesion type and localization on fMRI exists.  ...  Given that fMRI is dependent on cerebral blood flow, Wellmer et al. explored the role of lesions on laterality.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1535-7511.2010.01365.x pmid:20697501 pmcid:PMC2912538 fatcat:3qqr2aefrnabdafixwqawfhsaa

Individual variability in functional connectivity architecture of the mouse brain [article]

Eyal Bergmann, Xenia Gofman, Alexandra Kavushansky, Itamar Kahn
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
The data also revealed stable individual features, which create a unique fingerprint that allow identification of individual mice from the group.  ...  The functional organization of brain networks can be estimated using fMRI by examining the coherence of spontaneous fluctuations in the fMRI signal, a method known as resting-state functional connectivity  ...  A major challenge in precision fMRI is the need of large amount of data per subject ranging from 50 to 100 minutes based on the studied brain structure 37 .  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.03.16.993709 fatcat:q4pozmt64nfbjltuky3gf4bhm4

Toward literature-based feature selection for diagnostic classification: a meta-analysis of resting-state fMRI in depression

Benedikt Sundermann, Mona Olde lütke Beverborg, Bettina Pfleiderer
2014 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience  
Multiple reports of resting state fMRI in MDD describe group effects.  ...  Coordinates extracted from the original reports were assigned to two categories based on directionality of findings.  ...  classification efforts based on rs-fMRI data.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnhum.2014.00692 pmid:25309382 pmcid:PMC4159995 fatcat:modg4tctwndo7l44yvi6huwikq

Resting State fMRI for Motor Cortex Mapping in Children with Epilepsy [article]

Manu Krishnamurthy, Xiaozhen You, Leigh N sepeta, Emily Matuska, Chima Oluigbo, Madison M Berl, William D Gaillard, Taha Gholipour
2022 medRxiv   pre-print
We defined a motor component selection process based on Discriminability Index-based Component Identification (DICI) score, resulting from comparing binarized component to the Human Motor Area Template  ...  Our results shows the sensitivity and reproducibility of an automated motor mapping based on ICA analysis of rsfMRI in children with epilepsy.  ...  In EHI, Laterality Quotient (LQ) is calculated based on counting answers to each question as below: then volume-based nonlinearly spatially normalized to the MNI152Lin2009cAsym standard space.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2022.02.04.22270184 fatcat:hxm73im7xnh3xnehldd2hitfre

Neuroimaging Strategies Addressing Challenges in Using fMRI for the Children with Cerebral Palsy

Juniper J. Lee-Park, Harshawardhan Deshpande, Jonathan Lisinski, Stephen LaConte, Sharon Ramey, Stephanie DeLuca
2018 Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science  
Functional connectivity and brain activity mapping were obtained based on anatomical landmarks, and laterality indices were developed based on the obtained functional-connectivity map to specify a dominant  ...  What this paper adds: 1) Presents a real-time imaging protocol for fMRI to help children complete scanning; 2) Presents an fMRI methodology to obtain laterality indices in the presence of abnormal anatomy  ...  Comparing the average motion indices within the groups, TDC subjects (blue) moved their heads more than the CP group (red), as the scanning sessions approached towards the end (time lapse (t) = 298 -300  ... 
doi:10.4236/jbbs.2018.85019 fatcat:rhv5qsf2z5ho3lotwhk7jrxfg4

Defining language networks from resting-state fMRI for surgical planning-a feasibility study

Yanmei Tie, Laura Rigolo, Isaiah H. Norton, Raymond Y. Huang, Wentao Wu, Daniel Orringer, Srinivasan Mukundan, Alexandra J. Golby
2013 Human Brain Mapping  
First, group independent component analysis (ICA) was applied on the training group (14 subjects) to identify group level language components based on expert rating results.  ...  ) based on spatial similarity analysis.  ...  National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering of the National Institutes of Health; Contract grant numbers: R21NS075728, P41EB015898, P41RR019703, P01CA067165; Contract grant sponsor: The Brain  ... 
doi:10.1002/hbm.22231 pmid:23288627 pmcid:PMC3683367 fatcat:qeiux7wc7jbgtjkva2towunn2e

Individual variability in functional connectivity architecture of the mouse brain

Eyal Bergmann, Xenia Gofman, Alexandra Kavushansky, Itamar Kahn
2020 Communications Biology  
We found that the mouse connectome is also characterized by stable individual features that support connectivity-based identification.  ...  AbstractIn recent years precision fMRI has emerged in human brain research, demonstrating characterization of individual differences in brain organization.  ...  based on coherent spontaneous fluctuations in the fMRI signal [1] [2] [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1038/s42003-020-01472-5 pmid:33277621 fatcat:hos6nstykvfh3gu7btznbl7dba

Disconnected brains: What is the role of fMRI in connectivity research?

2009 International Journal of Psychophysiology  
We conclude that fMRI has made significant contributions towards our understanding of the brain in terms of neural systems but that the conclusions drawn from its application in the sphere of autism research  ...  We discuss how alternative techniques such as EEG/MEG may address the limitations of fMRI in assessing brain connectivity, and additionally consider the potential of multimodal approaches.  ...  Conclusion Perhaps one of the main contributions of fMRI is the theoretical shift towards understanding the brain in terms of neural network/ systems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2008.12.015 pmid:19530277 fatcat:q3hh54ucarbilmus6f2l7dx5ry

Tumor location and reduction in functional MRI estimates of language laterality

Monika M Połczyńska, Lilian Beck, Taylor Kuhn, Christopher F Benjamin, Timothy K Ly, Kevin Japardi, Lucia Cavanagh, Susan Y Bookheimer
2021 Journal of Neurosurgery  
Brain tumors located close to the language cortex may distort functional MRI (fMRI)-based estimates of language dominance.  ...  The authors hypothesized tumor bias based on laterality estimates independent of confounders and that the effects are the greatest for tumors proximal to Broca's area.  ...  This research has received financial support from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, grant no. K01DC016904.  ... 
doi:10.3171/2020.9.jns202036 pmid:33799298 pmcid:PMC8909357 fatcat:5kqjc46rubel7fhbonom6tvrnm

Similar cortical correlates underlie visual object identification and orientation judgment

Christian F. Altmann, Wolfgang Grodd, Zoe Kourtzi, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Hans-Otto Karnath
2005 Neuropsychologia  
Using fMRI, we addressed the question whether these routes are exclusively involved in either object recognition or spatial representation.  ...  Visual object perception has been suggested to follow two different routes in the human brain: a ventral, view-invariant occipital-temporal route processes object identity, whereas a dorsal, view-dependent  ...  We would like to thank Hans-Joerg Mast for technical assistance with the data acquisition and Kiley Seymour for fruitful comments on the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2005.03.015 pmid:16243054 fatcat:fc7yhc67nbcubpcajaynvx7jre

Face-selective Activation in a Congenital Prosopagnosic Subject

Uri Hasson, Galia Avidan, Leon Y. Deouell, Shlomo Bentin, Rafael Malach
2003 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
In this study, we used fMRI to compare the brain activity elicited by faces in a congenital prosopagnosic subject (YT) relative to a control group of 12 subjects in an attempt to shed more light on the  ...  nature of the brain mechanisms subserving face identification.  ...  The data reported in this experiment have been deposited in The fMRI Data Center ( The accession number is 2-2002-113AH.  ... 
doi:10.1162/089892903321593135 pmid:12729493 fatcat:2zik6kvi3rb7fbnwtsb64tznm4

Prior Neurosurgery Decreases fMRI Estimates of Language Laterality in Patients with Gliomas within Anterior Language Sites

Monika M. Połczyńska, Bryan Ding, Bianca H. Dang, Lucia Cavanagh
2021 Journal of Clinical Medicine  
The impact of previous surgery on the assessment of language dominance with preoperative fMRI remains inconclusive in patients with recurrent brain tumors.  ...  We calculated fMRI language dominance with laterality indices using a whole-brain and region of interest approach (ROI; Broca's and Wernicke's area).  ...  Glioma Identification Individual glioma borders were based on the changes in signal intensity on T2.  ... 
doi:10.3390/jcm10071491 pmid:33916728 pmcid:PMC8038372 fatcat:dhpi5b3errbw3oir5xwdbslhqy

Use of Network Analysis to Establish Neurosurgical Parameters in Gliomas and Epilepsy

Satoshi MAESAWA, Epifanio BAGARINAO, Masazumi FUJII, Miyako FUTAMURA, Toshihiko WAKABAYASHI
2016 Neurologia medico-chirurgica  
One particular challenge that is close to realization is using fMRI for the identification of sensorimotor-and language-dominant areas during a task-free resting state.  ...  In this review, we describe recent developments in network analysis using resting state fMRI related to factors in glioma and epilepsy surgery: the identification of functionally dominant areas, evaluation  ...  were highly consistent with those using datasets of task-based fMri. 32) identification of the language area in the glioma-distorted brain is more challenging, as its location is known to be more variable  ... 
doi:10.2176/nmc.ra.2015-0302 pmid:26923836 pmcid:PMC4831941 fatcat:a7qq7efwufd6dlokg3tipuvs2q

Neural Correlates of Gender Face Perception in Transgender People

Alessandra Daphne Fisher, Jiska Ristori, Giovanni Castellini, Carlotta Cocchetti, Emanuele Cassioli, Stefano Orsolini, Carolina Sensi, Alessia Romani, Francesca Mazzoli, Agnese Cipriani, Valdo Ricca, Linda Vignozzi (+4 others)
2020 Journal of Clinical Medicine  
To date, MRI studies focused on brain sexual dimorphism have not explored the presence of specific neural patterns in gender dysphoria (GD) using gender discrimination tasks.  ...  Considering the central role of body image in GD, the present study aims to evaluate brain activation patterns with 3T-scanner functional MRI (fMRI) during gender face discrimination task in a sample of  ...  This convincement is based not only on the contrast we used, but also on the lack of additional areas in the other between groups' analyses.  ... 
doi:10.3390/jcm9061731 pmid:32503300 pmcid:PMC7356844 fatcat:6ewnnpwmrrdibadz3dxczzhigq

Left-lateralization of resting state functional connectivity between the presupplementary motor area and primary language areas

William Lou, Kyung K. Peck, Nicole Brennan, Arka Mallela, Andrei Holodny
2017 NeuroReport  
We tested the hypothesis that by seeding the pre-SMA, one would be able to establish language laterality to known cortical and sub-cortical language areas.  ...  We provide rfMRI evidence that the functional connectivity of the pre-SMA is involved in semantic language processing and that this identification may be useful for establishing language laterality in  ...  task-based fMRI.  ... 
doi:10.1097/wnr.0000000000000783 pmid:28538516 pmcid:PMC5466468 fatcat:5frxzow6fbci3jx4zmi5vcoiia
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