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Towards Sustainable Extract-Transform-Load Fusion of Company Data

Kay Müller, Claus Stadler, Ritesh Kumar Singh, Sebastian Hellmann
2016 Extended Semantic Web Conference  
Since ETL systems produce the RDF offline, any mapping or content change requires a re-ingest of the relevant source data.  ...  Once the unified graph passes all data quality tests, the RDF can be materialized. This process poses an alternative to existing ETL solutions.  ...  The Intermediate RDF Layer provides direct access to the non-normalized RDF data.  ... 
dblp:conf/esws/MullerSSH16 fatcat:sdoaxwtyk5hepbgegdeqipc2ki

Research on Dioxins Suppression Mechanisms During MSW Co-Processing in Cement Kilns

Yeqing Li, Huanzhong Wang, Jiang Zhang, Jiajun Wang, Rui Zhang
2012 Procedia Environmental Sciences  
This paper tentatively studies dioxins formation and suppression mechanisms in RDF (Refuse derived fuel)cement kiln co-processing by analyzing the dioxin concentrations of solid and gas samples of the  ...  obtained from another 3 points with RDF co-processed at feed rate of 8t/h under normal operation conditions.  ...  Blank measurement As shown in table 1,solid material are sampled from 5 representative points listed in table 1 without co-processing RDF under normal operation conditions and samples measured for Cl content  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proenv.2012.10.087 fatcat:r7znp2kqlfbdhclxurlozqsw5u

Deep frequency principle towards understanding why deeper learning is faster [article]

Zhi-Qin John Xu, Hanxu Zhou
2020 arXiv   pre-print
To this end, we separate a deep neural network, trained by normal stochastic gradient descent, into two parts during analysis, i.e., a pre-condition component and a learning component, in which the output  ...  Based on experiments of deep networks and real dataset, we propose a deep frequency principle, that is, the effective target function for a deeper hidden layer biases towards lower frequency during the  ...  As the training goes, the peak of RDF of a deeper hidden layer moves towards low frequency faster.  ... 
arXiv:2007.14313v2 fatcat:dsfqqhrqrnhudjrfrvwvcgrdle

Ion Hydration Under Pressure: A Molecular Dynamics Study

Maksym Druchok, Myroslav Holovko
2013 Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung A-A Journal of Physical Sciences  
Molecular dynamics simulations were performed for systems modelling CsF, CsCl, CsBr, and CsI aqueous solutions under 'normal' (10  ...  The first peak of the I-O RDF even slightly increases its height in the HP case and shifts its maximum toward smaller separations.  ...  The Cs-H RDFs show larger differences between the NP and HP cases: the first peak shifts toward smaller distances and the height decreases.  ... 
doi:10.5560/zna.2012-0093 fatcat:l3czvi5gjrhbjcj6qs652gop74

Effect of Drip Fertigation on Productivity and Economics of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Eastern Dry Zone of Karnataka

Richa Khanna, T. Sheshadri, Subhash Chandra
2018 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
The lowest grain yield was recorded with surface irrigation with 100 % RDF through normal fertilizers (7.9 t ha -1 ).  ...  Higher nutrient uptake has resulted in more biomass accumulation and more translocation of photosynthates towards the sink i.e. grains.  ... 
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2018.705.100 fatcat:o7svo3q6zvce5jzsoc6j76xdr4

Fertilizer use Efficiency and Economic Assessments of Red Chilli (Capsicum Annuum L.) With Fertigation Cum Mulching

G. Chandramohan Reddy et al., G. Chandramohan Reddy et al.,
2018 International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research  
., application of water-soluble fertilizers 100 per cent recommended dose of fertilizers (RDF) with mulching, followed by normal fertilizers 100 per cent RDF through fertigation with mulching than non-mulched  ...  The higher net returns (Rs. 6, 09,651 ha -1 ) and B: C ratio (3.11) was recorded in the treatment of normal fertilizers 100 per cent RDF through fertigation with mulching than other treatments.  ...  (Urea, 19:19:19 and KNO 3 ) @ 75% RDF and without mulching T 5 : Fertigation with normal fertilizers (Urea, DAP and MOP) @ 100% RDF and polyethylene mulching T 6 : Fertigation with normal fertilizers  ... 
doi:10.24247/ijasrjun20187 fatcat:kw3lls6psnbq5exzwu55ksob7e

Spatial correlations of interatomic voids in molecular liquids studied using Delaunay simplices

M. G. Alinchenko, A. V. Anikeenko, V. P. Voloshin, N. N. Medvedev, D. Paschek, A. Appelhagen, A. Geiger
2006 Journal of Structural Chemistry  
It has been shown that the RDFs of normal liquid pentane and octane are similar, but differ widely from the RDFs of their isomers (neopentane and isooctane).  ...  conventional RDF since the weight of the pair distances is approximately the same and is reduced after normalization.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10947-006-0386-5 fatcat:vo4ql76jefb6vpjdvv2g6r75zi

Effect of Soil Conditioner on Carrot Growth and Soil Fertility Status

Dipendra Kumar Ayer, Sheetal Aryal, Keshav Raj Adhikari, Krishna Dhakal, Anupama Sharma
2019 Journal of Nepal Agricultural Research Council  
Thus, use of normal dose of GMT™ soil conditioner along with ½ Recommended Dose of Fertilizer and ½ Farm Yard Manure (T7) can be used as an alternative to T2 for higher carrot production which also can  ...  higher root yield and biological yield, treatments Soil Conditioner +Micronutrient (Double Dose)+1/2 Recommended Dose of Fertilizer +1/2 Farm Yard Manure (T10) followed by Soil Conditioner +Micronutrient (Normal  ...  SC+MN (Double Dose) + 1/2 RDF + 1/2 FYM (T10) treatment was also closer to the treatment performances of SC+MN (Normal) + 1/2 RDF + 1/2 FYM (T7), SC+MN (Normal) + FYM Full (T6) and FYM Full (T3) based  ... 
doi:10.3126/jnarc.v5i1.18674 fatcat:74emhonagrfhbdzxfdfj5pruji

Semantify CEUR-WS Proceedings: Towards the Automatic Generation of Highly Descriptive Scholarly Publishing Linked Datasets [chapter]

Francesco Ronzano, Gerard Casamayor del Bosque, Horacio Saggion
2014 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
Finally, the data is modeled and published as an RDF graph. Our system is provided as an on-line Web service to support on-the-fly RDF generation.  ...  To foster this trend, in the context of the ESWC2014 Semantic Publishing Challenge, we present a system that automatically generates rich RDF datasets from CEUR-WS workshop proceedings.  ...  Semantic Web technologies are an enabling factor towards this vision [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-12024-9_10 fatcat:cymj5lrgszable4csh7gylnzem

Ornamental feathers in Cretaceous Burmese amber: resolving the enigma of rachis-dominated feather structure

Lida Xing, Pierre Cockx, Ryan C. McKellar, Jingmai O'Connor
2018 Journal of Palaeogeography  
Here we describe a large sample set of isolated and paired RDFs from Upper Cretaceous Burmese amber (~99 Ma).  ...  One of the most peculiar feather morphotypes discovered to date are rachis dominated feathers (RDFs), which have also been referred to as proximally ribbon-like pennaceous feathers (PRPFs).  ...  Based on comparison between well-preserved RDFs and normal flight feathers in Early Cretaceous compression fossils, RDFs were inferred to represent secondarily modified normal pennaceous flight feathers  ... 
doi:10.1186/s42501-018-0014-2 fatcat:dcavhphdzjdvnocr6kngrffwo4

Hydrophobicity with atomic resolution: Steady-state and ultrafast X-ray absorption and molecular dynamics studies

Thomas J. Penfold, Christopher J. Milne, Ivano Tavernelli, Majed Chergui
2012 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
spectrum of aqueous iodide, which is analyzed using quantum mechanical/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, indicates that the hydrogens of the closest water molecules point toward  ...  anions and O atoms toward cations).  ...  rather than toward the solute.  ... 
doi:10.1351/pac-con-12-04-02 fatcat:btbnrnjuyzcgbpnp2j2suur7yq

Deep‐water sediment transport patterns and basin floor topography in early rift basins: Plio‐Pleistocene syn‐rift of the Corinth Rift, Greece

Martin Muravchik, Gijs A. Henstra, Gauti T. Eliassen, Rob L. Gawthorpe, Mike Leeder, Haralambos Kranis, Emmanuel Skourtsos, Julian Andrews
2019 Basin Research  
Pie diagrams show the results of clast composition analysis on different sources of sediment to the RDF such as deltas (Kyllini, Kefalari and Mavro) and intrabasinal highs with exposures of previous syn-rift  ...  During deposition of most of the RDF in the Amphithea fault block the coastline was situated towards the southern margin of the basin, forming a large embayment from the Kefalari and Trikala faults towards  ...  The rift structure is characterized by mainly E-W striking normal fault segments up to 20 km in length, that mainly dip towards the north and can achieve several kilometres of displacement.  ... 
doi:10.1111/bre.12423 fatcat:e6n554rvffaetjxp2mfav7idwu

RDF Structure Investigation of Densified Silica Glasses

1990 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
The position of the strongest intensity shifts toward the higher angle with increasing the compression pressure.  ...  X-ray photographs of the densified specimens indicate that the profile of scattering intensities of haloes are different from those of the normal silica glass.  ...  To obtain RDF, normalization of observed scattering intensities was carried out adopting the high-angle region method.7) The atomic scatter ing factors were taken from Cromer and Waber.8) Compton scattering  ... 
doi:10.2109/jcersj.98.311 fatcat:ebweuupa55falb4mitfkh245xu

Production Potential and Economic Feasibility of Planting Pattern and Nutrient Management in Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) Based Intercropping System under Rainfed Condition

I.B. Pandey, S. Tiwari, R.S. Singh
2020 Legume Research An International Journal  
), 100% RDF and 125% RDF along with sole crop of pigeonpea, urdbean, sesame and sorghum.  ...  However, it increased significantly upto RDF and 125% RDF of sesame and sorghum in pigeonpea + sesame and pigeonpea + sorghum intercropping systems respectively in both the planting pattern.  ...  Higher number and dry weight of nodules in pigeonpea + urdbean might be due to contribution of legumes towards an increase in plant nutrition.  ... 
doi:10.18805/lr-4226 fatcat:jq5kghlql5grjcewnuwnzolycy

Bio2RDF: Towards a mashup to build bioinformatics knowledge systems

François Belleau, Marc-Alexandre Nolin, Nicole Tourigny, Philippe Rigault, Jean Morissette
2008 Journal of Biomedical Informatics  
The Bio2RDF project has successfully applied the semantic web technology to publicly available databases by creating a knowledge space of RDF documents linked together with normalized URIs and sharing  ...  Although RDF was proposed as a standard format for the web, these databases are still available in various formats.  ...  This paper is an extension of our workshop paper'Bio2RDF: Towards a Mashup to Build Bioinformatics Knowledge System' published in WWW2007/HCLS-DI (  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2008.03.004 pmid:18472304 fatcat:2jx2euwntbdmnhps5qxyak565y
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