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A Comparison of Two-Stage Scheme and Fully Sequential Sampling Scheme for Estimating Software Reliability

Bader S Alanazi
2020 International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering  
Our goal of this scheme is to obtain the near-optimal choices for distributing of test cases among sub-domains by minimizing the variance of the overall software reliability estimator.  ...  Also, the two-stage sampling scheme is expected to perform better than a balanced sampling scheme by virtue of lower the variance incurred by the overall estimated software reliability  ...  We are using a classical approach by aiming to minimize the variance of overall estimated software reliability incurred by the maximum likelihood estimator.  ... 
doi:10.46338/ijetae1020_01 fatcat:vhsgdywbl5bhho547yu4y5frwm

Research of Component Software Reliability Estimation

Liu Shuchen, Cao Wei
2015 Open Cybernetics and Systemics Journal  
With the rapid development of component software technology, it is very important how to improve the single component software reliability and how to estimate the whole software system reliability using  ...  We call the strategy as variance decomposition. Finally, we verify the advancement of the approach in the theory.  ...  Computation of Reliability Estimation Variance of Software Obtaining the estimated value and estimation variance of the component software reliability, it is easy to compute the reliability estimation  ... 
doi:10.2174/1874110x01509010199 fatcat:uv3dltnadzbanofziclmycg5lq

A hybrid GA-PSO approach for reliability under type II censored data using exponential distribution

K. Kalaivani, S. Somsundaram
2014 International Journal of Mathematical Analysis  
In software testing phase, quality risk, reliability and fault detection are used to analysis and remove the failure of the item.  ...  In order to observe the failure during testing phase, censoring becomes significant methodology to estimate model parameters of exponential distributions.  ...  Bootstrap variance estimation is the given estimation and the bootstrap estimate of the variance this is given by the empirical variance of the bootstrapped estimates, that is in the above equation the  ... 
doi:10.12988/ijma.2014.49286 fatcat:ggfkhctqxfdzfknmiqpzwqp7ui

Estimation of software reliability by stratified sampling

Andy Podgurski, Wassim Masri, Yolanda McCleese, Francis G. Wolff, Charles Yang
1999 ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology  
A new approach to software reliability estimation is presented that combines operational testing with stratified sampling in order to reduce the number of program executions that must be checked manually  ...  Experimental results are reported that suggest this approach can significantly reduce the cost of estimating reliability. 4 Note that because operational inputs are captured directly there is no need to  ...  DISCUSSION OF ASSUMPTIONS The principal assumptions underlying our approach to estimating software reliability are as follows: (1) The future reliability of software can be predicted based upon its reliability  ... 
doi:10.1145/310663.310667 fatcat:nvqyqhjhcfgjrb6n4tsvzqw6a4

Assessment the impact of samplers change on the uncertainty related to geothermalwater sampling

Katarzyna Wątor, Anna Mika, Klaudia Sekuła, Ewa Kmiecik, M. Cimochowicz-Rybicka
2018 E3S Web of Conferences  
The analyses of the results were done using ROBAN software based on technique of robust statistics analysis of variance (rANOVA).  ...  To estimate the uncertainty associated with sampling the results of determinations of metasilicic acid (H 2 SiO 3 ) in normal and duplicate samples collected in two series were used (in each series the  ...  Measurement variance [mg/L] 2 1.19 2.31 Percentage of measurement variance in total variance [%] 15.95 13.14 The values of uncertainty estimated on the basis of results from ROBAN software are  ... 
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20183001006 fatcat:hqabrhm3nffxdfj4uoymp376ta

The Effects Of Software Size On Development Effort And Software Quality

Zhizhong Jiang, Peter Naudé, Binghua Jiang
2007 Zenodo  
This study provides a model to predict development effort based on the software size estimated with function points.  ...  As the size of software constantly increases, the quality remains to be a matter which requires major concern.  ...  A common approach to predict development effort is to first estimate the software size, and then use some guidelines on productivity rates to arrive at the time and effort needed to complete the project  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1063378 fatcat:2n35chllr5beblvotekrw37vdq

System Optimization With Component Reliability Estimation Uncertainty: A Multi-Criteria Approach

D.W. Coit, T. Jin, N. Wattanapongsakorn
2004 IEEE Transactions on Reliability  
The system design problem is thus formulated with multiple objectives: (1) to maximize the system reliability estimate, and (2) to minimize its associated variance.  ...  Several sample systems are solved to demonstrate the approach presented in this paper.  ...  NOTATION system reliability estimate, for design vector variance of the system reliability estimate, for design reliability estimate for subsystem unreliability estimate for subsystem variance of the reliability  ... 
doi:10.1109/tr.2004.833312 fatcat:xteragrksfavlepvivwduvt3ei

Estimating reliability of school-level scores using multilevel and generalizability theory models

Min-Jeong Jeon, Guemin Lee, Jeong-Won Hwang, Sang-Jin Kang
2009 Asia Pacific Education Review  
The generalizability theory and multilevel models for the 'students within schools' approach produced the same variance components and reliability estimates for the balanced data, while failing to do so  ...  The different results from the two models can be explained by the fact that they administer different procedures in estimating the variance components used, in turn, to estimate reliability.  ...  to the total score variance.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12564-009-9014-3 fatcat:ickp5d4xjvccpbhbhvnkuxgh4u

Confidence Interval Estimation of Software Reliability Growth Models based on Ohba's Inflection S-shaped Model

Tean-Quay Lee, Chih-Chiang Fang, Chun-Wu Yeh
2013 Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information  
Most SRGMs, nonetheless, do not have transparent explanations for the variance estimation of cumulative software errors.  ...  Software reliability growth models with confidence intervals (SRGMs) are often utilized in software industry in that they provide useful information for software developers to decide the optimal software  ...  Therefore, software developers should give a conservative estimation of software reliability.  ... 
doi:10.12720/jiii.1.4.196-200 fatcat:aub66iq76jennjslfpwxhxh5qa

Reliability of tumor volume estimation from MR images in patients with malignant glioma. Results from the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) 6662 Trial

Birgit B. Ertl-Wagner, Jeffrey D. Blume, Donald Peck, Jayaram K. Udupa, Benjamin Herman, Anthony Levering, Ilona M. Schmalfuss
2008 European Radiology  
We aimed to evaluate two software-systems in their ability to estimate volume change of tumor and/or edema on magnetic resonance (MR) images of malignant gliomas.  ...  Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs), variance components, and prediction intervals were estimated.  ...  We would like to acknowledge Sharlene Snowdon for excellent technical assistance. In addition we would like to sincerely acknowledge all our readers and the members of the consensus panel, namely  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00330-008-1191-7 pmid:18925402 pmcid:PMC2636854 fatcat:millo64vfngf5a4b6v5llpd7jm

Fault-tolerant embedded system design and optimization considering reliability estimation uncertainty

Naruemon Wattanapongskorn, David W. Coit
2007 Reliability Engineering & System Safety  
In this new research, the system design process is formulated as a multiple-objective optimization problem to maximize an estimate of system reliability, and also, to minimize the variance of the reliability  ...  Therefore, for reliability analysis studies and system optimization, it is meaningful to consider component reliability estimates as random variables with associated estimation uncertainty.  ...  The new models combine the approach of considering both the system reliability estimate and its variance, with the embedded system optimization approach.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ress.2005.12.011 fatcat:zu6xmdlxazafrhgd4l7bdarchm

Global Sensitivity Analysis of Predictor Models in Software Engineering

Stefan Wagner
2007 Third International Workshop on Predictor Models in Software Engineering (PROMISE'07: ICSE Workshops 2007)  
This paper presents an example application of global sensitivity analysis on a software reliability model used in practice. It describes the approach and the possibilities offered.  ...  There are various models available that can help the software engineer in decision-making. However, such models are often difficult to apply in practice because of the amount of data needed.  ...  Furthermore, we would like to thank Sebastian Winter for useful comments.  ... 
doi:10.1109/promise.2007.7 fatcat:lycfdlemfrgphk7qi73262xuz4

Expediting Clinical and Translational Research via Bayesian Instrument Development

Yu Jiang, Diane K. Boyle, Marjorie J. Bott, Jo A. Wick, Qing Yu, Byron J. Gajewski
2014 Applied Psychological Measurement  
Instead of using an exact estimation procedure to examine psychometric properties, our Bayesian Instrument Development (BID) method integrates expert data and participant data into a single seamless analysis  ...  Developing valid and reliable instruments is crucial but costly and time-consuming in health care research and evaluation.  ...  Acknowledgments Thanks to Drs. K Reeder and Carol Smith for use of their data from grant K99NR012217.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0146621613517165 pmid:24882893 pmcid:PMC4034393 fatcat:wod5rnfphfdv7bfpr2qhc2qyhy

How to estimate the measurement error variance associated with ancestry proportion estimates

David B. Allison, Raymond J. Carroll, Jasmin Divers, David T. Redden
2011 Statistics and its Interface  
We extend existing internal consistency measures to estimate the ME variance, and we compare these estimates with the ME variance estimated by use of the repeated measurement (RM) approach.  ...  Independently of the value of k, the measures of internal reliability provided less biased and more precise estimates of the ME variance than did those obtained with the RM approach.  ...  Estimating the ME variance by using the repeated measurement approach The repeated measurement approach may be the most widely used approach to estimate the ME variance.  ... 
doi:10.4310/sii.2011.v4.n3.a7 pmid:24089627 pmcid:PMC3786624 fatcat:sqwmjxcmnvetxl2ycn7h6josaq

Reliability Evaluation Of Composite Electric Power System Based On Latin Hypercube Sampling

R. Ashok Bakkiyaraj, N. Kumarappan
2014 Zenodo  
It is found that LHS approach estimates indices nearer to actual value and gives tighter bounds of indices than non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation.  ...  An error analysis is also carried out to check the LHS method's ability to capture the distributions of the reliability indices.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the Annamalai University authorities for carrying out this research work in their laboratories.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1336319 fatcat:fgnsqkala5fzrni4zil476mkom
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