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Performance of Particle Oxidation Catalyst and Particle Formation Studies with Sulphur Containing Fuels

Piotr Bielaczyc, Jorma Keskinen, Jakub Dzida, Rafal Sala, Topi Ronkko, Toni Kinnunen, Pekka Matilainen, Panu Karjalainen, Matti Juhani Happonen
2012 SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants  
The aim of this paper is to analyse the quantitative impact of fuel sulphur content on particulate oxidation catalyst (POC) functionality, focusing on soot emission reduction and the ability to regenerate. Studies were conducted on fuels containing three different levels of sulphur, covering the range of 6 to 340 parts per million, for a light-duty application. The data presented in this paper provide further insights into the specific issues associated with usage of a POC with fuels of higher
more » ... ulphur content. A 48-hour loading phase was performed for each fuel, during which filter smoke number, temperature and back-pressure were all observed to vary depending on the fuel sulphur level. The Fuel Sulphur Content (FSC) affected also soot particle size distributions (particle number and size) so that with FSC 6 ppm the soot particle concentration was lower than with FSC 65 and 340, both upstream and downstream of the POC. Conversely, FSC did not have major effects on the soot particle number reduction efficiency of the POC. Soot and other exhaust compounds accumulated within the POC during this phase, gradually built a pressure drop across the POC. The final mass of collected matter in the POC differed significantly according to the sulphur content. The efficiency of removal of gaseous pollutants by the POC was found to be markedly worse for the fuels with higher sulphur content, although this deterioration was observed to be non-linear. Following the accumulation phase, a duty cycle was applied that caused the POC to commence passive regeneration. The time taken for the POC to cleanse itself of accumulated matter and thereby eliminate the pressure drop was observed to increase with increasing fuel sulphur content. The proportion of NO x leaving the POC in the form of NO 2 was also found to vary as a strong function of fuel sulphur content.
doi:10.4271/2012-01-0366 fatcat:5ybyq5ismzfevoaxea4jp7qemu

An evaluation of particle oxidation catalyst (POC) performance and a study of particle formation for sulphur containing diesel fuels

2012 Combustion Engines  
This paper describes and analyses the overall impact of fuel sulphur content on particulate oxidation catalyst (POC) performance, focusing mainly on particulates emission reduction and the ability to regenerate. Studies were carried out for diesel fuels containing different levels of sulphur, covering the range from 6 to 340 parts per million. The results presented in this paper give an outlook on specific issues and problems associated with POC application when running on fuels containing high
more » ... sulphur level. The test methodology was experimentally established and then applied for POC catalysts to run on different sulphur level fuels. Each fuel was tested on an identical fresh POC sample. It was observed that the Fuel Sulphur Content (FSC) significantly affects catalyst conversion efficiency, as well as the particle size distribution. It also has a remarkable influence on particulate matter (PM) mass accumulation inside the POC and on the ability of the POC to regenerate passively. Regarding the latter aspect, NO2 formation was also determined. Extended test results and analyses presented in this paper are presented in SAE technical paper 2012-01-0366 [1].
doi:10.19206/ce-117042 fatcat:am6syaninvc6pmhpp6k5hbgx6u

Development and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa

Tony Addison, Ville Pikkarainen, Risto Rönkkö, Finn Tarp
2017 unpublished
This paper puts sub-Saharan Africa's economic development into perspective. While much did not go as hoped for at independence, much of the region has been on a more promising development trajectory since the mid-1990s, as we illustrate using growth, poverty, and human development indicators. We identify key weaknesses, including lack of structural transformation and the slow rate of employment growth. We refer to global shocks that have played a critical role in sub-Saharan Africa's economic
more » ... rformance alongside domestic events, policies, and governance. Finally, we discuss a set of critical challenges requiring effective management for sub-Saharan Africa to realize its considerable development potential.

The Effect of a Particle Oxidation Catalyst (POC®) on Particle Emissions of a GDI Car during Transient Engine Operation

Matti Happonen, Pekka Matilainen, Kauko Kanniainen, Toni Kinnunen, Panu Karjalainen, Juha Heikkilä, Topi Ronkko, Jorma Keskinen, Tero Lähde, Antti Malinen, Liisa Pirjola, Theodoros Tzamkiozis
2013 SAE Technical Paper Series   unpublished
The coming Euro 6 emission regulation includes particle number (PN) limit for gasoline engines as well.
doi:10.4271/2013-01-0839 fatcat:tudnownldbesjlmsqenp45dzp4

Almost Like Us – Getting Familiar with another Historical Period in a Pre-school Group

Juli-Anna Aerila, Marja-leena Rönkkö, Satu Grönman
2016 International Journal of Learning and Teaching  
(Tony 9th May 2014) Tony's design and craft product Aerila, Rönkkö & Grönman, S. (2016). Almost Like Us -Getting familiar with another historical period in a pre-school group.  ...  The design stage distinguishes the holistic craft from the ordinary craft (Pöllänen, 2011; Rönkkö 2011) .  ... 
doi:10.18844/ijlt.v8i3.707 fatcat:zgtaxjuxjnbxjbbeqoo2hiosv4

Osallistava suunnittelu supistuvien kuntien taajamien kehittämisessä

Jonna Taegen, Tuula Kivinen
2021 Architectural research in Finland  
Vuosien 1980-2010 välisenä aikana maaseudun joukkoliikenne on supistunut merkittävästi (Rönkkö 2010) .  ...  Seinäjoen PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE TONI KOTNIK TONI KOTNIK sekä Kuvio 3. Vastaajien tärkeinä pitämät palvelut taajaman keskustassa (n=1034).  ...  PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE TONI KOTNIK PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE TONI KOTNIK  ... 
doi:10.37457/arf.113264 fatcat:ebleav5znnf4bhhzrnqf3aj4ly

Social technologies

Penny Hagen, Toni Robertson
2010 Proceedings of the 11th Biennial Participatory Design Conference on - PDC '10  
., (Balka, 2006; Loi, 2008; Rönkkö, Hellman, Kilander, & Dittrich, 2004) .  ...  Rönkkö, et al., (2004) stress the importance of addressing specifically what it is that prohibits the dissemination of participatory methods into industrial practice.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1900441.1900447 dblp:conf/pdc/HagenR10 fatcat:7gm7srna45a7ngn5xjkjcilbvq

On-road emission factor distributions of individual diesel vehicles in and around Beijing, China

Xing Wang, Dane Westerdahl, Ye Wu, Xiaochuan Pan, K. Max Zhang
2011 Atmospheric Environment  
We would also like to acknowledge Tony Hansen of Magee Scientific, US and Beijing staff of TSI and Beijing staff of Vaisala for technical assistance. We also appreciated the help from Dr.  ...  Ronkko et al. (2007 Ronkko et al. ( , 2006 showed that the nucleation mode particles are already formed after 0.7 s residence time in the atmosphere (corresponding toe5 m behind the target vehicle) and  ...  ., 2004; Ronkko et al., 2006; Schneider et al., 2008; Westerdahl et al., 2005; Yli-Tuomi et al., 2005) , and on-road testing with the portable emission measurement system (PEMS) (Johnson et al., 2009;  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.09.014 fatcat:gr6rkrfzpnhx3n5pjpxh3clcni

What to Expect and What to Focus on in SQL Query Teaching

Toni Taipalus, Piia Perälä
2019 Proceedings of the 50th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education - SIGCSE '19  
Mikko Rönkkö for his invaluable advice and support regarding the methodology, and the anonymous reviewers for their comments and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3287324.3287359 dblp:conf/sigcse/TaipalusP19 fatcat:ze2lmpo66jgoxdhn6pl37b4pvy

Designing an immersive environment for public use

Toni Robertson, Tim Mansfield, Lian Loke
2006 Proceedings of the ninth conference on Participatory design Expanding boundaries in design - PDC '06  
But as in Rönkkö et al.'  ... 
doi:10.1145/1147261.1147267 dblp:conf/pdc/RobertsonML06 fatcat:m4h6oczcjzepph3uxt3igznk6m

Vietnam [chapter]

Finn Tarp
2019 Asian Transformations  
Acknowledgements The author is grateful for excellent research assistance from Risto Rönkkö, who constructed a comprehensive set of background tables and figures, available in a detailed WIDER Working  ...  The author also appreciates advice, comments, and constructive criticism from Vu Xuan Nguyet Hong, Thi Thu Hoai Dang, and Tony Addison, and from Deepak Nayyar, who invited the contribution of this study  ... 
doi:10.1093/oso/9780198844938.003.0018 fatcat:nt6u2ueounct3fg7mjtcub5tfq

Flamencon moderni ilme Toimittaja osaa kirjoittaa Totuus Akatemiasta sivu 6

Joskus Jopa, Kirjoja Arviot, Janic Leino
Tuukan matkassa, kahdeksas osa Jylkkärin entinen siviilipalvelusmies Tuukka Rönkkö matkusti halki Aasian. Sarja päättyy.  ...  " " kuvatuksia Toni Peltonen VAPAA SANA Jirka Karikoski, 28, varhaiskasvatus: "Tuota sietää tuumata.  ... 

Käteinen hukassa yläkaupungilla Futisfani etsii elämyksiä

Jyri Marviala
Tuukan matkassa Sarjassa Jylkkärin entinen siviilipalvelusmies Tuukka Rönkkö matkustaa halki Aasian. TUUKKA RÖNKKÖ "YLIOPPILAAKSI TULTUANI näin unen, jossa olin laboratoriossa töissä.  ...  Toni Kirkossa tarvitaan asennemuutos Päätoimittaja Peltonen päivittelee pääkirjoituksessaan (Jylkkäri 11/2005) luterilaisen kirkon kadonneita 18-39vuotiaita jäseniä.  ... 

Palaeolimnological evidence of forestry practices disturbing small lakes in Finland

Jaana Turkia, Olavi Sandman, Pertti Huttunen
1998 unpublished
De Toni and F. rhomboides var. saxonica (Rabenh.) De Toni are somewhat more abundant near the sediment surface; in the topmost sample their relative abundances amount to 21%.  ...  On the other hand, Rönkkö et al. (1988) found only a mild reaction of benthic diatoms in small forest streams to forest clear cutting and peatbog ditching.  ... 

Bodom-miehen piinaviikot pääkirjoitus

Bodom Är Anna-Maija, Tuuliainen, Jyväskylän Ylioppilaslehti
2004 Jyväskylän Ylioppilaslehti   unpublished
TEKSTI: MATTI TULLA KUVAT: TUUKKA RÖNKKÖ AURINKO LASKEE perjantaina, valo siirtyy Ilokiveen. Ensimmäisen bändin, Hotguitarsin, aikana paikalla on väkeä kaksi kourallista.  ...  Tilaa halutaan jättää myös juhlimiselle.Järjestelytiimin puheenjohtaja Toni Peltonen ja Leena Talvisään Puolueainejärjestöstä myöntävät, että siirtyminen oli tehtävä pakon edessä: "Yksikään keskustan ravintoloista  ... 
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