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Who Wants Income Inequality?: An Analysis of Public Choice under Income Comparison

Tongzhe Li
2016 Social Sciences  
This study investigates when individuals from advantaged and disadvantaged groups are in favor of reducing income inequality. Using a model that considers both an individual's absolute income and relative income, I examine the conditions under which income equalization is supported by some members in the advantaged group and, more interestingly, opposed by part of the disadvantaged group. In equilibrium, the valuation towards relative income, the initial endowment the difference between the two
more » ... groups and the amount of income transfer upon equalization have opposite effects on different groups' likelihood of favoring equalization. To this end, I conduct a comparative statics analysis, and the results suggest that in order to incentivize more individuals to support inter-group income transfer, a policymaker's optimal strategy substantially depends on how much the society values relative income.
doi:10.3390/socsci5030033 fatcat:sxusvmw6tze2dj6jafjlqawiuy

Promoting Residential Recycling: An Alternative Policy Based on a Recycling Reward System

Tongzhe Li, Ana Espínola-Arredondo, Jill McCluskey
2016 Games  
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more » ... bedingungen die in der dort genannten Lizenz gewährten Nutzungsrechte. Abstract: This paper analyzes a reward system that uses a club good to promote recycling. In particular, we examine a context of incomplete information in which the administrator is unable to observe the resident's attitude towards recycling. The results suggest that despite the lack of information, the administrator is able to induce all types of residents to recycle when the reward is sufficiently high. Furthermore, we show that education programs, technologies that help to reduce the residential recycling cost and penalties for garbage dumping are complementary tools that could also promote recycling.
doi:10.3390/g7030021 fatcat:l6fe3okfwffsjhdb3vwgcu6dfe

Heterogeneous Preferences for Oysters: Evidence from Field Experiments

Tongzhe Li, Maik Kecinski, Kent D. Messer
2017 Agricultural and Resource Economics Review  
N ¼ 471 Tongzhe Li et al.  ...  Li et al.  ... 
doi:10.1017/age.2017.16 fatcat:tqybqve5jba3bpxswmycgkqxwu

Financial crises, Asian stock indices, and current accounts: An Asian-U.S. comparative study

David Y. Chen, Tongzhe Li
2014 Journal of Asian Economics  
Li / Journal of Asian Economics 34 (2014) 66-78  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.asieco.2014.06.002 pmid:32288457 pmcid:PMC7111672 fatcat:mrddz7d5uzbbzgchs7brpupao4

Tourist Viewshed Externalities and Wind Energy Production

Jacob R. Fooks, Kent D. Messer, Joshua M. Duke, Janet B. Johnson, Tongzhe Li, George R. Parsons
2017 Agricultural and Resource Economics Review  
This study uses an experiment where ferry passengers are sold hotel room "views" to evaluate the impact of wind turbines views on tourists' vacation experience. Participants purchase a chance for a weekend hotel stay. Information about the hotel rooms was limited to the quality of the hotel and its distance from a large wind turbine, as well as whether or not a particular room would have a view of the turbine. While there was generally a negative effect of turbine views, this did not hold
more » ... all participants, and did not seem to be effected by distance or hotel quality.
doi:10.1017/age.2017.18 fatcat:t7y75doojrebra7r25ciqpvucq

Bidding behavior in auctions versus posted prices: comparisons of mean and marginal effects

Shang Wu, Jacob R. Fooks, Tongzhe Li, Kent D. Messer, Deborah A. Delaney
2021 Agricultural and Resource Economics Review  
In experimental settings with real monetary incentives, a single-bounded posted price format has become popular recently (Venkatachalam 2004; Li, Kecinski, and Messer 2017) .  ...  For example, double-bounded posted price questions are widely used to elicit consumer WTP for new technologies (Li and McCluskey 2017) , and researchers have studied how to best implement such a mechanism  ... 
doi:10.1017/age.2021.6 fatcat:hs3jwqzdhza3fnduchnea5b4hu

Agricultural Best Management Practices, A summary of adoption behaviour

Emilia Traxler, Tongzhe Li
2020 unpublished
., 2016; Li et al., 2018; Tey et al., 2014; Traoré et al., 1998).  ...  However, this negative relationship has also been reported in the literature without significance (Li et al., 2018; Lubell & Fulton, 2008; Traoré et al., 1998).  ... 
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.305271 fatcat:332bo7aql5fa3bdeohcqgxujou

Research on Scientific and Technology Service Mode based on "Internet + Inspection"

Tongzhe Li
2019 Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Social Science and Management Innovation (SSMI 2019)   unpublished
In order to improve the technical service capability of the inspection industry, the "Internet + inspection " technology service mode is proposed. Based on the analysis of the role of inspection industry in the development of national economy, studies the mechanism of inspection technology service mode and the relationship between the elements of service mode innovation mechanism. Design the technical scheme of "Internet + inspection " technology service mode, and compare the efficiency of
more » ... rnet + inspection" technology service mode and traditional technology service mode.
doi:10.2991/ssmi-19.2019.55 fatcat:dvfvemofo5cxxc4gfwzr43hy5e

The impact of nontraditional irrigation water on consumers' perception of food and non-food items: A field experiment in the United States

Stavroula Tsigkou, Kent D. Messer, Maik Kecinski, Tongzhe Li
2021 unpublished
Interestingly, the study of Li et al. (2018) found that participants' willingness to pay was higher when the wine was made from grapes irrigated with an unspecified type of water revealing an unknown  ...  In 2021, Li and Roy's study discusses that generally studies have established that recycled water purposed for uses such as irrigation of nonfood crops or foods which undergo further processing are more  ... 
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.313940 fatcat:qt2iqzyjhjf5vmt3uuz3wazwia

Topic-Aware Evidence Reasoning and Stance-Aware Aggregation for Fact Verification

Jiasheng Si, Deyu Zhou, Tongzhe Li, Xingyu Shi, Yulan He
2021 Proceedings of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 11th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (Volume 1: Long Papers)   unpublished
evidencet e based on the sentence-level topic representation t e ∈ R N ×K of the retrieved evidence for a given claim. t e = multihead(t e ) (4) Moreover, we utilize the co-attention mechanism (Chen and Li  ... 
doi:10.18653/v1/2021.acl-long.128 fatcat:6hv3vf27p5cqhbnhi2efvarhky

Green Logistics Development Decision-making: Factor Identification and Hierarchical Framework Construction

Meng Zhang, Minghe Sun, Datian Bi, Tongzhe Liu
2020 IEEE Access  
Construction VOLUME XX, 2017 11 Meng Zhang, Minghe Sun, Datian Bi, Tongzhe Liu: Green Logistics Development Decision-making: Factor Identification and  ...  , Chen and Wang (2020) [43] Government support Qu, Tang, Liu, Song, Zhang and Wang (2017) [10] Green education Tu, Chen and Chen (2017) [55] Enterprise Green barriers Li, Chen and Wang (2020) [43  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3008443 fatcat:g2k23wjchjfpjapqw3n7icshau


El-Hussein El-Masry
2014 Journal of International Finance and Economics  
Chen, North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC, USA Tongzhe Li, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan, ROC were selected from 1997 to 2010 inclusive the  ... 
doi:10.18374/jife-14-1.1 fatcat:ofswnggpcbgjzfjhzir6kc3t54

VisDrone-MOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results

Longyin Wen, Yue Zhang, Liefeng Bo, Hailin Shi, Rui Zhu, Ajit Jadhav, Bing Dong, Brejesh Lall, Chang Liu, Chunhui Zhang, Dong Wang, Pengfei Zhu (+48 others)
2019 2019 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshop (ICCVW)  
Li et al. [29] propose a new spatiotemporal attention model that automatically discovers a diverse set of distinctive body parts. Recently, Chen et al.  ...  A hierarchical multi-target tracker based on detection for drone vision (HMTT) Siyang Pan, Zhihang Tong and Yanyun Zhao {pansiyang, tongzh, zyy} HMTT is based on CenterNet [64] , IOU-tracker  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccvw.2019.00028 dblp:conf/iccvw/WenZBSZJDLLZWZN19 fatcat:qkbkptg6ibau3opugtxsxym4wm

Selected Papers, SAEA 2011 Annual Meetings

2011 Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics  
Measurements of Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency Gains from North American Free Trade Agreement Osei Yeboah, Cihat Gunden, and Tongzhe Li, North Carolina A&T State University, Saleem Shaik, North  ...  The Causality of Foreign Direct Investment and Its Effects on Economic Growth: Reestimated by a Directed Graph Approach Yarui Li, Joshua D. Woodard, and David J.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1074070800004454 fatcat:eypc7laavfdp5g7peplyrzonxi


R. Bergh
1907 Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society  
The tongzhe large, as usual, quite hardened, so that neither the number of rows of plates in the colourless radula nor in the sheath could be determined ; the number of plates also in the rows could not  ...  This latter ( fig. 2e) lies before the heart, on the hinder end of the stomach; it was globular, yellowish, of a diameter of 4 mm. ; its duct a little longer inclosed in the mantle.  ... 
doi:10.1080/21560382.1907.9526085 fatcat:tvgz3ubpmnfsvd4ldy5kdajepe
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