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Orexigenic action of oral zinc: metabolomic analysis in the rat hypothalamus

Mika Nishiuchi, Kumiko Sakai, Hiroyuki Tajima, Kazuo Katayama, Fumiko Kimura, Seiko Hoshi, Tomoko Goto, Hitoshi Shirakawa, Michio Komai
2018 Figshare  
We previously reported an orexigenic action of oral zinc administration in male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats during an early stage of feeding with a zinc-deficient diet, without decreased zinc concentrations in tissues. The overall conclusion was that orally but not intraperitoneally administered zinc stimulates food intake in short-term zinc-deficient-diet fed rats. We here investigate the mechanism of the orexigenic action of zinc using GC-MS/MS-targeted metabolomic analysis in the rat
more » ... s. Four-week-old, male SD/Slc rats were used, and after 2 days of feeding with a zinc-deficient diet, 3 mg of ZnSO4 in 5 mL saline solution were administered to each rat either orally or intraperitoneally. Three hours after administration, the rats were sacrificed and the hypothalamus were excised and analyzed. We found that the oral administration group showed increased concentrations of 3-aminopropanoic acid (β-alanine), hypotaurine, dopamine, and biotin. In light of metabolomic analysis of these results, we indicate directions for further research. Plot of the results of an OPLS-DA for Zn-PO (oral) and Zn-IP (intraperitoneal) groups, and S-plot by OPLS-DA revealed several metabolites were increased in the hypothalamus by Zn-PO.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7119509.v1 fatcat:z2mb5c25jfhyppo6ncym4s5spq

Expression in Cereal Plants of Genes That InactivateFusariumMycotoxins

2003 Bioscience, biotechnology and biochemistry  
Trichothecene 3-O-acetyltransferase (encoded by Tri101) inactivates the virulence factor of the cereal pathogen Fusarium graminearum. Zearalenone hydrolase (encoded by zhd101) detoxiˆes the oestrogenic mycotoxin produced by the same pathogen. These genes were introduced into a model monocotyledon rice plant to evaluate their usefulness for decontamination of mycotoxins. The strong and constitutive rice Act1 promoter did not cause accumulation of TRI101 protein in transgenic rice plants. In
more » ... ast, the same promoter was suitable for transgenic production of ZHD101 protein; so far,ˆve promising T0 plants have been generated. Low transgenic expression of Tri101 was suggested to be increased by addition of an Q enhancer sequence upstream of the start codon.
doi:10.1271/bbb.67.914 pmid:12784641 fatcat:wtclxcesafgkhdu35mumuegtau

Correlation between Alcohol-Based Handrub Consumption and Adherence to Hand Hygiene Protocols in Individual Nurses

Yamamoto Yoko, Harada Kiyomi, Murota Masako, Takishita Yukie, Iwawaki Yoko, Matsuoka Tomoko, Nishiuchi Yukari, Ibayashi Toshie, Matsumoto Kenya
2018 International Archives of Nursing and Health Care  
Hand hygiene helps prevent health careassociated infections. Prior studies have investigated methods to measure adherence to hand hygiene protocols and have attempted to determine the correlation between alcohol-based handrub consumption and hand hygiene adherence via direct observation in healthcare facilities or wards, but there remains need for methods measuring hand hygiene adherence in individual health care workers. The failure of even one worker to adhere to the hand hygiene protocols
more » ... increase the risk of infection. We aimed to examine the correlation between alcohol-based handrub consumption and adherence to hand hygiene protocols by direct observation in individual nurses. Methods: We surveyed regarding alcohol-based handrub consumption and directly observed 17 nurses engage in hand hygiene practices at the University hospital in Japan. Results: There was a significant, positive and moderate correlation between alcohol-based handrub consumption among day shift nurses (mL/patient-day) and the rate of adherence to hand hygiene protocols (%) on direct observation [r = 0.543 (p = 0.045)]. Conclusion: Alcohol-based handrub consumption per patient-day during the day shift can be used to validate direct observation compliance rates of hand hygiene activities among individual nurses.
doi:10.23937/2469-5823/1510111 fatcat:jzobyzz7bveupllt7fev54tzbu

Prehospital intravenous access for survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: propensity score matched analyses from a population-based cohort study in Osaka, Japan

Tomoko Fujii, Tetsuhisa Kitamura, Kentaro Kajino, Kosuke Kiyohara, Chika Nishiyama, Tatsuya Nishiuchi, Yasuyuki Hayashi, Takashi Kawamura, Taku Iwami
2017 BMJ Open  
, 2 Kentaro Kajino, 3 Kosuke Kiyohara, 4 Chika Nishiyama, 5 Tatsuya Nishiuchi, 6 Yasuyuki Hayashi, 7 Takashi Kawamura, 8 Taku Iwami 8 To cite: Fujii T, Kitamura Open Access Usually,  ...  Prehospital intravenous access for survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: propensity score matched analyses from a population-based cohort study in Osaka, Japan Tomoko Fujii, 1 Tetsuhisa Kitamura  ... 
doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2016-015055 pmid:29197833 pmcid:PMC5719330 fatcat:l262wlme7rg7hexl65upx3xca4

Improvement of Cardiac Diastolic Function and Prognosis After Autologous Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation in AL Cardiac Amyloidosis

Shusuke Yagi, Masashi Akaike, Shuji Ozaki, Chikako Moriya, Kyoko Takeuchi, Tomoko Hara, Mitsunori Fujimura, Yuka Sumitomo, Takashi Iwase, Yasumasa Ikeda, Ken-ichi Aihara, Takehiko Kimura (+3 others)
2007 Internal medicine (Tokyo. 1992)  
AL amyloidosis is a disease in which immunoglobulin L chain is deposited in multiple organs, and the prognosis of cardiac amyloidosis is extremely poor. Although several treatments based on that for multiple myeloma, have been performed, there is no clear evidence that cardiac function is improved. We report a case of AL cardiac amyloidosis with moderate cardiac dysfunction for which we performed autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (auto-PBSCT) in combination with high-dose
more » ... phalan therapy. This treatment resulted in significant improvement in cardiac function and good prognosis for about 3.5 years after the diagnosis. Therefore, auto-PBSCT is a possible option as up-front therapy for AL cardiac amyloidosis. A 63-year-old woman visited a hospital because of palpitation in 2002. A 12-lead electrocardiography (ECG) revealed first-degree atrioventricular block and low voltage in the limb lead. Multifocal premature ventricular contractions were observed on a 24-
doi:10.2169/internalmedicine.46.0142 pmid:17938525 fatcat:bqmokrogwja4zhxasu7e2rryzi

Successful Treatment of Cytomegalovirus Retinitis in a Child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia during Maintenance Chemotherapy

Tomoko URAKAMI, Ritsuo NISHIUCHI, Megumi ODA, Chikayo TAKEMOTO, Yoshie TOMIYAMA, Akira MANKI, Yoshiki SEINO
2002 The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Hematology  
し か し急 性 リ ンパ 性 白血 病 (ALL)の 維 持 療 法 中 は 一 般 に免 疫 抑 制 は 強 度 で は な く, 2002年5月7日 受 付,2002年7月22日 受 理 別 刷 請 求 先:〒700-8558岡 山 市 鹿 田 町2-5-1岡 山 大 学 大 学 院 医 歯 学 総 合 研 究 科 小 児 医 科 学 浦 上 知 子 Reprint requests to Tomoko  ... 
doi:10.11412/jjph1987.16.312 fatcat:ksr5vbqfjnc7dnubz6zy6bg7zy

Successful treatment of direct hemoperfusion with polymyxin B-immobilized fiber for septic shock and severe acute kidney injury due to ceftriaxone-resistant Escherichia coli: a case report with literature review

Hisato Shima, Takehiko Kimura, Takeshi Nishiuchi, Takashi Iwase, Shunji Hashizume, Nobuyuki Takamori, Megumi Harada, Yusuke Higashiguchi, Chiaki Masaki, Taro Banno, Naoki Nagasaka, Ayako Ito (+6 others)
2020 Renal Replacement Therapy  
Septic shock is a life-threatening condition and one of the most common causes of acute kidney injury. Polymyxin B-immobilized fiber column direct hemoperfusion (PMX-DHP) is used to reduce endotoxin levels in blood. Here, we report a rare but important case of sepsis-induced acute kidney injury and septic shock, which was successfully treated with PMX-DHP in spite of inappropriate initial antibiotic therapy. Case presentation: An 84-year-old man was hospitalized for septic shock and acute
more » ... injury. Although he was treated with ceftriaxone, he did not recover from hypotension and had reduced urine output. After initiating PMX-DHP on days 3 and 4, his blood pressure was immediately elevated and his white blood cell count and Creactive protein levels improved. Because ceftriaxone-resistant Escherichia coli was identified in blood culture, we changed his antibiotics to levofloxacin on day 7. He successfully recovered from the septic shock and dialysis was withdrawn. Conclusions: Considering the use of inappropriate initial antibiotics, the early induction of PMX-DHP might have been a key determinant of his outcome. PMX-DHP therapy should be considered in septic shock in addition to antibiotic treatment.
doi:10.1186/s41100-020-00266-z fatcat:2mbpdlwq5rakpk2gqdfa42yfha

An exploratory study regarding the mental and physical functions and the background characteristics related to non-participation and dropouts in a longitudinal study of community-dwelling elderly

Mayumi Nagano, Yoshihiko Moriyama, Tomoko Hatayama, Yu Nofuji, Hisato Nishiuchi, Shuzo Kumagai
2016 Japanese journal of physical fitness and sports  
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the baseline characteristics related to the participation status in a longitudinal epidemiological study for the elderly. Nine hundred twenty-six self-supporting older adults lived in a local city located southwest in Japan were classified into the following 3 groups; non-participants (NP, n=170), participants for the baseline measurements (PB, n=278), and participants for both the baseline and follow-up measurements after two-years (PBF,
more » ... ). The basic attributes including socioeconomic status, depressive symptoms, cognitive function, sleep quality, fitness, objectively-measured physical activity, habitual behavior, psychosocial characteristics and functional problems in daily life were assessed. Regarding the NP group, data were collected by questionnaire or home visits. According to the results of a multinomial logistic regression analysis adjusted for age, sex and years of education, significant odds ratios which indicate a poor status in most of the assessment items were observed in both the NP and PB groups in comparison to the PBF group. We concluded that sex (female), a higher age, fewer years of education, a cognitive function decline, depressive symptoms, a low fitness level, physical activity and daily living function, and poor psychosocial backgrounds were related to the non-participation and dropouts. These results should be considered in a longitudinal data analysis of the present study, as well as in the design setting of epidemiological studies dealing with physical activity indexes and care risk factors. Furthermore, these findings are also considered to be useful as basic data for such care prevention activities in the community.
doi:10.7600/jspfsm.65.315 fatcat:26bw7kcipreargla4lanbmmdqe


2021 Nippon Saikingaku Zasshi  
092 Nishikino, Tatsuro 錦野 達郎 EWS1-2 〃 ODP-065 Nishimori, Asami 西森 朝海 JRS-7 Nishimura, Akira 西村 明 WS6-5/ODP-078 〃 ODP-077 〃 ODP-080 〃 ODP-158 Nishino, Kunihiko 西野 邦彦 S11-1 Nishiuchi  ...  茂幸 ODP-211 Hamaguchi, Kanta 濱口 幹太 ODP-024 Hamahata, Takeshi 濱端 崇 WS7-8/ODP-126 Hamano, Kimikazu 濱野 公一 ODP-217 Hamauzu, Ryoko 濱渦 亮子 ODP-079 Hanaki, Hideaki 花木 秀明 ODP-004 Hanawa, Tomoko  ... 
doi:10.3412/jsb.76.129 pmid:33627528 fatcat:ri66tv7vbvcyvcw2xktocuv2im


2013 Circulation Journal  
Significant Improvement of Left Atrial and Left Atrial Appendage Function After Catheter Ablation for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Tomoko Machino-Ohtsuka, Yoshihiro Seo, Tomoko Ishizu, Satomi Yanaka  ...  Application of 3-Dimensional Speckle Tracking Imaging to the Assessment of Right Ventricular Regional Deformation Akiko Atsumi, Tomoko Ishizu, Yuri Kameda, Masayoshi Yamamoto, Yoshie Harimura, Tomoko  ... 
doi:10.1253/circj.cj-77-12-index_1 fatcat:sc7qtl6pifdxfnlso2mubjqdiq


2018 Nippon Saikingaku Zasshi  
Nishikino, Tatasuro 錦野 達郎 P-129 Nishimura, Akira 西村 明 P-125 〃 P-271 〃 P-281 Nishimura, Masahiro 西村 昌洋 P-202 Nishimura, Ryutaro 西村 隆太郎 WS4-6 (P-220) Nishimura, Tomoya 西村 知泰 P-118 Nishiuchi  ...  大庭 良介 P-201 Ohno, Hiroshi 大野 博司 P-106 Ohno, Kinji 大野 欽司 S1-4 Ohno, Yuka 大野 由香 P-102 Ohsawa, Hiroyoshi 大澤 弘宜 P-328 Ohshima, Tomoko 大島 朋子 P-342 Ohsugi, Mitsuru 大杉 満 WS9-1 (P-099)  ... 
doi:10.3412/jsb.73.156 pmid:29479021 fatcat:lpjvphrpovbrjlw6ni2kxtu344


2019 Nippon Saikingaku Zasshi  
村田 武士 DP03-09 (P-283) Muto, Naoki 武藤 真輝 DP24-09 (P-333) DP04-14 (P-215) 〃 DP05-04 (P-111) 〃 DP18-01 (P-162) 〃 DP18-04 (P-166) Ryutaro 西村 隆太郎 DP15-08 (P-175) Nishitani, Yoshihiro 西谷 佳浩 DP04-04 (P-158) Nishiuchi  ...  , Takashi 杉田 隆 S08-03 〃 DP23-12 (P-040) 〃 DP24-05 (P-272) Sugiura, Yuki 杉浦 悠毅 DP14-04 (P-236) Sugiyama, Toshiro 杉山 敏郎 DP20-06 (P-057) Sumi, Masato 鷲見 優斗 DP02-10 (P-074) Sumitomo, Tomoko  ... 
doi:10.3412/jsb.74.143 fatcat:yvmlgo2w75cbrg2ivwycsl6sra

Global Prevalence of Domestic Cat Hepadnavirus: An Emerging Threat to Cats' Health?

Maya Shofa, Yasuyuki Kaneko, Kazuki Takahashi, Tamaki Okabayashi, Akatsuki Saito
2022 Frontiers in Microbiology  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank Tomoko Nishiuchi for her support. Figure 1 and Figure 4 were created with BioRender (https://  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2022.938154 pmid:35814669 pmcid:PMC9263588 fatcat:dv2j4hpyczabbefka7p5lzt7t4


2011 Circulation Journal  
Assist Device -Single Center's Experience in Japan - Ikutaro Nakajima, Tomoko S.  ...  , Tomoko Machino, Haruhiko Higuchi, Junji Shiotsuka, Yuichi Noguchi, Kazutaka Aonuma ········ 1934 173.  ... 
doi:10.1253/circj.cj-75-12-index_1 fatcat:hyupe3wu5ffjhcthwnvk2yrvfy

The Fifty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Population Association of Japan

2004 Jinkogaku kenkyu  
g e me n t s a n d We l l -Be i n g o f t h e E l d e r l y i n Ba n g k o k , Th a i l a n d MORIKI, Yoshie ( P e n n s y l v a n i a S t a t e Un i v e r s i t y ) ……………………………………………………… C h a i r > NISHIUCHI  ...  ………………………………………………………… 3 .F a mi l y P l a n n i n g a n d P r e v e n t i o n o f S e x u a l l y Tr a n s mi t t e d Di s e a s e s :Ne w Ap p r o a c h e s i n He a l t h P r o mo t i o n SAOTOME, Tomoko  ... 
doi:10.24454/jps.35.0_100 fatcat:p4js4a4lurfsxls7ybb3umtm4e
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