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Timber Wolf Optimization Algorithm for Real Power Loss Diminution

Kanagasabai Lenin
2020 Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics & Intelligent Systems  
Proposed Timber Wolf optimization (TWO) algorithm has been tested in standard IEEE 14, 30 bus test systems and simulation results show the projected algorithm reduced the real power loss efficiently.  ...  In this paper Timber Wolf optimization (TWO) algorithm is proposed to solve optimal reactive power problem.  ...  Proposed Timber Wolf optimization (TWO) algorithm has been tested in standard IEEE 14, 30, bus test systems and simulation results show the projected algorithm reduced the real power loss effectively.  ... 
doi:10.14313/jamris/1-2020/3 fatcat:yqqxij3vhjcc5haxknkbrrscda

Comparative Analysis of Different Machine Learning Classifiers for the Prediction of Chronic Diseases [chapter]

Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Dharam Buddhi
2022 Comparative Analysis of Different Machine Learning Classifiers for the Prediction of Chronic Diseases  
Precise diagnosis of these diseases on time is very significant for maintaining a healthy life.  ...  A comparative study of different machine learning classifiers for chronic disease prediction viz Heart Disease & Diabetes Disease is done in this paper.  ...  The Solar-Stirling engine systems can be the better option for off-grid power generation.  ... 
doi:10.13052/rp-9788770227667 fatcat:da47mjbbyzfwnbpde7rgbrlppe

Research Exhibition "Design Probes" - Deliverable 3.1 (The Innochain Network Journal #2)

Zeynep Aksöz, Efilena Baseta, Klaus Bollinger, Anja Jonkhans, Clemens Preisinger
2017 Zenodo  
The journal doubles as a dissemination tool for running scientific dissemination of network results.  ...  The Innochain Network Journal #3 Following the description provided in the Innochain Grant agreement and the Innochain Dissemination plan, the format for this deliverable is that of a journal.  ...  Karamba3d comes to use with Octopus' new Machine Learning Algorithms to form and optimize virtual structures.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3948522 fatcat:2u5vy4brubcntapku7dkd5kfsu

Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics

2000 Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics  
for money.  ...  The empirical analysis shows that the volatility of annual real macroeconomic indicators and the average severity of recessions have declined only slightly between the pre-World War I and post-World War  ...  The implications of these findings for compensation for property value diminution are discussed.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0951007900005155 fatcat:psscujcxd5gvnjv6p4qd3vwsi4

Vol. 10, No. 2 (Full Issue)

2011 Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods  
permutation, exact, and approximate randomization methods, and (3) applications of computer programming, preferably in Fortran (all other programming environments are welcome), related to statistical algorithms  ...  David Cairns for informing him of the D'Amico, Neilands & Zambarano (2001) article.  ...  The extended power law model shows the best fit for the real data, although the log linear appears to be a reasonable fit as well.  ... 
doi:10.22237/jmasm/1320122040 fatcat:oqroy7zx2nh4djqqrqkc5nm6la

Trust in a viable real estate economy with disruption and blockchain

Jan Veuger
2018 Facilities  
Centre for Real Estate -in daily speaking 'CEJ' -is the new centralized real estate centre in the Danish public authority, Capital Region of Denmark.  ...  The preparations The corporate management decided in 2015 that the preparations of a centre for real estate should take place in 2016 and 1 of January 2017 was set as the formal opening day.  ...  Acknowledgements The contents of this paper are partly based on research carried out within the framework of the BENEFIT (Business Models for enhancing Funding and enabling Financing for Infrastructure  ... 
doi:10.1108/f-11-2017-0106 fatcat:arwuj47mdvdtbd56fxxneedtwa

:Nostalgia for the Modern: State Secularism and Everyday Politics in Turkey

2007 American Anthropologist  
The purpose of this volume is to examine "the settlement patterns for each major time period in the history of the Cuzco Valley" and the multitude of societies and ethnic groups that comprised it through  ...  Wolf and William H. Durham, eds. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2004. 228 pp.  ...  Editors Wolf and Durham differ on whether Westermarck's hypothesis has carried the day.  ... 
doi:10.1525/aa.2007.109.3.575 fatcat:3xbpbwjs4vdmfhmxdltc465xia

8th European Federation for Primatology Meeting

2019 Folia primatologica  
Asia stands out in the world for many reasons.  ...  commodity resource extraction is predicted to more than double, from 85 bn tons today to 186 bn by the year 2050, reversing the current trend of primate population decline and extinction due to habitat loss  ...  Wich k,l , Florian Wolf a , Isabel M.D.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000502392 pmid:31487734 fatcat:lzryxmot2jeqzemspeubyssiem

Protected Area Management [chapter]

Tony Prato, Daniel B. Fagre
2020 Landscape and Land Capacity  
She is also active in protected areas management in the public institution for the management of protected areas Natura Histrica, Croatia.  ...  Acknowledgement The chapter "Management for Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve" was elaborated by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority working group responsible for the implementation of the activities  ...  Msuya Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI), Tanzania Acknowledgement We are thankful to the editor and the reviewers for their comments and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1201/9780429445552-10 fatcat:ioe2dks4kvdqtpjvx3mdimsbje

APS Abstracts Submitted for Presentation at the 2003 APS Annual Meeting

2003 Phytopathology  
In the second year, Rf values varied between 0.23 for 'Adagio' to 1.55 for 'Rimbo' for all Pi, and no differences in Rf values were detected between radish cultivars.  ...  In the first year, Rf values ranged from 0.02 for 'Colonel' to 0.44 for 'Rimbo' at Pi > 2.5 eggs+J2/ml soil.  ...  Real-time PCR conditions were optimized for consistent amplification of the three products in a single, multiplex reaction.  ... 
doi:10.1094/phyto.2003.93.6.s1 pmid:18944040 fatcat:ad6r6isckfcetceh4u5o6yz3iu

Volume 56, Number 5 (September 2003)

Editorial Board
2003 Journal of range management  
Optimal stocking of rangeland for livestock production within a dynamic framework. Western J. Agr.. Econ. 9(1)160-169. SAS Institute, Inc. 1990  ...  The opportunity cost of funds was charged at a real annual interest rate of 4%.  ...  the loss in biomass.  ... 
doi:10.2458/azu_jrm_v56i5_board fatcat:jseil7cufjdnvm4ywdoab24yzu


" Gheorghe, Asachi, Florian Stătescu, " Bartha, Asachi Gheorghe, Assoc, Constantin Bofu, Virgil Breabăn, " Cismaru, Gheorghe, " Cojocaru, Asachi Gheorghe (+23 others)
This paper was realized with the support of POSDRU CUANTUMDOC "Doctoral Studies for European Performances in Research and Inovation" ID-79407 project funded by the European Social Found and Romanian Government  ...  (1) is known as Bursa-Wolf model.  ...  the selection of the optimal variant is given by minimizing the overall cost.  ... 

Tick Tock: Insect Figuration, Temporal Estrangement and Historiographic Critique in Postmodern and Contemporary Literature, Art, and Film

Melissa Haynes
I am more grateful than I say for the help and encouragement I have been given.  ...  It argues that insect figuration, as a way of "thinking with insects," offers a strategy for deconstructing concepts such as human exceptionalism, progressive linear history, and colonial imperialism.  ...  The allusion to the filmmaker's plyboard set suggests the loss of the symbolic order and the incursion of the real: for the body-who-was-Eagleman, the Real of Lacanian psychoanalytic theory; and for the  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3-6ytz-fg17 fatcat:ygurxbrkabeyrnwzuku4zx7xom

Free love, Linux and Leishmaniasis: developing a business model for communitarian innovation

David Brent Francom
This dissertation provides the business model for communitarian innovation as well as recommendations on how to apply the business model to all stages of biotechnology innovation.  ...  communities of the 19 th century and Free and Open Source Software development communities share similar contributors' incentives and comparable organizational structures which provides a foundation for  ...  Together with remarks on the nature of the land, timber, grass, &c.  ... 
doi:10.26053/0h-d4m5-1c00 fatcat:br6cat2xmvdwdlenpdnmr4jdfm

Anchors Away: Contested Space and Local Resistance on Australia's Gold Coast

Ed J Southorn, University, My, James A Bennett
experiences coexist with physical representations generating beliefs and understandings of what a place means or should mean, so that the being of a place, as it were, with ongoing particular geometries of power  ...  Government officials and elected agents with limited funding for public infrastructure and public services may be forced to choose between retaining public open space or divesting public land to property  ...  An integrated resort is a proxy, a wolf in sheep's clothing.  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/3950 fatcat:3v67l4gxqjeinibjjgveezu7ae
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