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Porphyria cutanea tarda and Sjogren's syndrome

Su Fang, XiaoJie Sun, ZanFeng Wang, DanYang Song, TieNan Li
2014 Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia  
Porphyria cutanea tarda is prevalent in connective tissue disease, common in systemic lupus erythematosus. However, the co-existence of primary sjogren's syndrome and porphyria cutanea tarda is rare and poses diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. We report a case of porphyria cutanea tarda associated with primary sjogren's syndrome.
doi:10.1590/abd1806-4841.20142969 pmid:25054769 pmcid:PMC4148296 fatcat:au4mqwkclbe6natwqypz4u7m5u

Impact of Acceleration/deceleration Limits on the String Stability of Adaptive Cruise Control [article]

Hao Zhou, Anye Zhou, Tienan Li, Danjue Chen, Srinivas Peeta, Jorge Laval
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This paper demonstrates that the acceleration/deceleration limits in ACC systems can make a string stable ACC amplify the speed perturbation in natural driving. It is shown that the constrained acceleration/deceleration of the following ACCs are likely to cause speed overshoot to compensate for an extra large/small spacing. Additionally, we find that the constrained deceleration limits can also jeopardize safety, as the limited braking power produces extra small spacing or even crashes. The
more » ... ings are validated through experiments on real cars. The paper suggests that the ACC parameter space should be extended to include the acceleration/deceleration limits considering their significant role exposed here. Through numerical simulations of ACC platoons, we show i) a marginal string stable ACC is preferable due to the smaller total queue length and the shorter duration in congestion; ii) congestion waves in a mixed ACC platoon largely depend on the sequence of vehicles provided different acceleration/deceleration limits, and iii) the safety hazard caused by the constrained deceleration limits is more significant in mixed ACC platoons when string unstable ACCs exist.
arXiv:2108.03232v1 fatcat:nzcnnysi3zen5igut2ckgmnnqm

Aging-associated alterations in epidermal function and their clinical significance

Zhen Wang, Mao-Qiang Man, Tienan Li, Peter M Elias, Theodora M Mauro
2020 Aging  
Chronologically-aged skin displays multiple functional changes in both the dermis and the epidermis. It appears that epidermal dysfunction, compromised permeability homeostasis, reduced stratum corneum hydration and elevated skin surface pH predispose to the development of aging-associated cutaneous and extracutaneous disorders. Improvements in epidermal function have been shown to be an effective alternative therapy in the prevention and treatment of some aging-associated cutaneous disorders,
more » ... ncluding eczematous dermatitis, pruritus, and xerosis. Recent studies demonstrated that epidermal dysfunction leads to the development of chronic, low-grade systemic inflammation, termed 'inflammaging,' which is linked to the development of aging-associated systemic disorders. Thus, correction of epidermal dysfunction could comprise a novel strategy in the prevention and treatment of aging-associated systemic disorders as well. In this review, we summarize aging-associated alterations in epidermal function, their underlying mechanisms, and their clinical significance. Regimens to improve epidermal function in the elderly are also discussed.
doi:10.18632/aging.102946 pmid:32217811 pmcid:PMC7138575 fatcat:3f3fy7mtv5gzdjbriigwify6vy

Discovery of Cysteine and Its Derivatives as Novel Antiviral and Antifungal Agents

Shan Yang, Tienan Wang, Yanan Zhou, Li Shi, Aidang Lu, Ziwen Wang
2021 Molecules  
Based on the structure of the natural product cysteine, a series of thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acids were designed and synthesized. All target compounds bearing thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid were characterized by 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and HRMS techniques. The antiviral and antifungal activities of cysteine and its derivatives were evaluated in vitro and in vivo. The results of anti-TMV activity revealed that all compounds exhibited moderate to excellent activities against tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
more » ... t the concentration of 500 μg/mL. The compounds cysteine (1), 3–4, 7, 10, 13, 20,23, and 24 displayed higher anti-TMV activities than the commercial plant virucide ribavirin (inhibitory rate: 40, 40, and 38% at 500 μg/mL for inactivation, curative, and protection activity in vivo, respectively), especially compound 3 (inhibitory rate: 51%, 47%, and 49% at 500 μg/mL for inactivation, curative, and protection activity in vivo, respectively) with excellent antiviral activity emerged as a new antiviral candidate. Antiviral mechanism research by TEM exhibited that compound 3 could inhibit virus assembly by aggregated the 20S protein disk. Molecular docking results revealed that compound 3 with higher antiviral activities than that of compound 24 did show stronger interaction with TMV CP. Further fungicidal activity tests against 14 kinds of phytopathogenic fungi revealed that these cysteine derivatives displayed broad-spectrum fungicidal activities. Compound 16 exhibited higher antifungal activities against Cercospora arachidicola Hori and Alternaria solani than commercial fungicides carbendazim and chlorothalonil, which emerged as a new candidate for fungicidal research.
doi:10.3390/molecules26020383 pmid:33450940 fatcat:vwdnzgenwbartddwiv3kpzxjoe

A Continuous Trust-Region-Type Method for Solving Nonlinear Semidefinite Complementarity Problem

Ying Ji, Tienan Wang, Yijun Li
2014 Abstract and Applied Analysis  
We propose a new method to solve nonlinear semidefinite complementarity problem by combining a continuous method and a trust-region-type method. At every iteration, we need to calculate a second-order cone subproblem. We show the well-definedness of the method. The global convergent result is established.
doi:10.1155/2014/589731 fatcat:m75kghnvwrazvlz4kvbwsh6t6y

Lipid metabolism gene-wide profile and survival signature of lung adenocarcinoma

Jinyou Li, Qiang Li, Zhenyu Su, Qi Sun, Yong Zhao, Tienan Feng, Jiayuan Jiang, Feng Zhang, Haitao Ma
2020 Lipids in Health and Disease  
Background Lung cancer has high morbidity and mortality across the globe, and lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) is the most common histologic subtype. Disordered lipid metabolism is related to the development of cancer. Analysis of lipid-related transcriptome helps shed light on the diagnosis and prognostic biomarkers of LUAD. Methods In this study, expression analysis of 1045 lipid metabolism-related genes was performed between LUAD tumors and normal tissues derived from the Cancer Genome Atlas Lung
more » ... denocarcinoma (TCGA-LUAD) cohort. The interaction network of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) was constructed to identify the hub genes. The association between hub genes and overall survival (OS) was evaluated and formed a model to predict the prognosis of LUAD using a nomogram. The model was validated by another cohort, GSE13213. Results A total of 217 lipid metabolism-related DEGs were detected in LUAD. Genes were significantly enriched in glycerophospholipid metabolism, fatty acid metabolic process, and eicosanoid signaling. Through network analysis and cytoHubba, 6 hub genes were identified, including INS, LPL, HPGDS, DGAT1, UGT1A6, and CYP2C9. High expression of CYP2C9, UGT1A6, and INS, and low expressions of DGAT1, HPGDS, and LPL, were associated with worse overall survival for 1925 LUAD patients. The model showed that the high-risk score group had a worse OS, and the validated cohort showed the same result. Conclusions In this study, a signature of 6 lipid metabolism genes was constructed, which was significantly associated with the diagnosis and prognosis of LUAD patients. Thus, the gene signature can be used as a biomarker for LUAD.
doi:10.1186/s12944-020-01390-9 pmid:33050938 fatcat:wge5bowfmfcgfldg35nom5yaqe

Hierarchical nanoporosity enhanced reversible capacity of bicontinuous nanoporous metal based Li-O2 battery

Xianwei Guo, Jiuhui Han, Pan Liu, Luyang Chen, Yoshikazu Ito, Zelang Jian, Tienan Jin, Akihiko Hirata, Fujun Li, Takeshi Fujita, Naoki Asao, Haoshen Zhou (+1 others)
2016 Scientific Reports  
The working principle of the non-aqueous Li-O 2 battery is based on an electrochemical reaction: 2Li + + 2e − + O 2 ↔ Li 2 O 2 (E o = 2.96 V vs Li + /Li) with the solid Li 2 O 2 formation and decomposition  ...  Li 2 O 2 formation and decomposition during discharging and charging.  ...  Li-O 2 batteries 3,5 .  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep33466 pmid:27640902 pmcid:PMC5027567 fatcat:ishn6hzuavbktkfn6y3saabm7e

Dampen the Stop-and-Go Traffic with Connected and Automated Vehicles – A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach [article]

Liming Jiang, Yuanchang Xie, Danjue Chen, Tienan Li, Nicholas G. Evans
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Stop-and-go traffic poses many challenges to tranportation system, but its formation and mechanism are still under exploration.however, it has been proved that by introducing Connected Automated Vehicles(CAVs) with carefully designed controllers one could dampen the stop-and-go waves in the vehicle fleet. Instead of using analytical model, this study adopts reinforcement learning to control the behavior of CAV and put a single CAV at the 2nd position of a vehicle fleet with the purpose to
more » ... the speed oscillation from the fleet leader and help following human drivers adopt more smooth driving behavior. The result show that our controller could decrease the spped oscillation of the CAV by 54% and 8%-28% for those following human-driven vehicles. Significant fuel consumption savings are also observed. Additionally, the result suggest that CAVs may act as a traffic stabilizer if they choose to behave slightly altruistically.
arXiv:2005.08245v1 fatcat:wpqzubpby5effc64xqv7jtzktu

Modified Nuss operation using introducer-bar complex for pectus excavatum in adults: a retrospective study

Lei Wang, Juan Liu, Yao Li, Tienan Feng, Beibei Cao, Haibo Xiao, Fengqing Hu, Guoqing Li
2021 Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery  
Background Shortcoming of traditional Nuss operation on adults is gradually found in the clinical practice. A new kind of introducer-bar complex was introduced. However, there is limited evidence regarding its safety and efficacy. Therefore, a single center, retrospective study was conducted to address this issue. Methods Patients with pectus excavatum who underwent surgery between January 2015 and June 2017 were consecutively enrolled in this study. In all, 52 patients underwent the modified
more » ... ocedure using the introducer-bar complex (new procedure group), whereas 48 underwent the traditional anti-Nuss procedure (traditional procedure group). Outcomes analysis of balanced baseline was performed to compare the intraoperative and postoperative short-term outcomes. Results All patients in the new procedure group had shorter operation duration (51.54 ± 20.32 vs. 79.45 ± 13.88 min, p = 0.017), postoperative hospitalizations (4.77 ± 1.62 vs. 6.86 ± 2.18 days, p = 0.028), plate removal surgery durations (39.30 ± 8.97 vs. 60.30 ± 10.49 min, p < 0.001), and less blood loss during operation (6.25 ± 4.88 vs. 10.90 ± 5.75 ml, p = 0.003) than patients in the traditional procedure group. There was no significant difference in the length of incision, postoperative Haller index, cost, number of steel bars, postoperative surgical outcome and incidence of complications between the two groups. Conclusion Through the main clinical outcome were similar, our results shown that modified procedure may have the shorter operation time, postoperative hospital stay, and operation time for plate removal and less blood loss, which may bring potential clinical benefits to patients.
doi:10.1186/s13019-021-01624-6 pmid:34551817 fatcat:qb6rrlcchvautaph2qz7d7x2im

Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies in new-onset systemic lupus erythematosus

Fang Su, Weiguo Xiao, Pingting Yang, Qingyan Chen, Xiaojie Sun, Tienan Li
2017 Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia  
) 1(1.6) Subpleural opacities 8(17.8) 3(4.8) Hydropericardium 3(6.6) 0 (0) Pulmonary hypertension 4(8.8) 1 (1.6) How to cite this article: Su F, Xiao W, Yang P, Chen Q, Sun X, Li  ...  Pradhan et al. also reported that ANCA was positively associated with SLE disease activity, and might be used as a potential complementary parameter to differen- Su F, Xiao W, Yang P, Chen Q, Sun X, Li  ... 
doi:10.1590/abd1806-4841.20175476 pmid:28954092 pmcid:PMC5595590 fatcat:qw2luhg2d5grxiq26ru6uydsqq

Scenario Analysis of Initial Water-Rights Allocation to Improve Regional Water Productivities

Tienan Li, Xueting Zeng, Cong Chen, Xiangmin Kong, Junlong Zhang, Ying Zhu, Fan Zhang, He Dong
2019 Water  
In this study, an initial water-rights allocation (IWRA) model is proposed for adjusting the traditional initial water-rights empowerment model based on previous water intake permits, with the aim of improving the productivity of water resources under population growth and economic development. A stochastic scenario with Laplace criterion mixed fuzzy programming (SSLF) is developed into an IWRA model to deal with multiple uncertainties and complexities, which includes dynamic water demand,
more » ... ing water policy, adjusted tradable water rights, the precise risk attitude of policymakers, development of the economy, and their interactions. SSLF not only deals with fuzziness in probability distributions with high satisfaction degrees, but also reflects the risk attitudes of policymakers with the Laplace criterion, which can handle the probability of scenario occurrence under the supposition of no data available. The developed IWRA model with the SSLF method is applied to a practical case in an alpine region of China. The results of adjusted initial water rights, optimal water-right allocation, changed industrial structure, and system benefits under various scenarios associated with risk attitudes and water productivity improvement were obtained and analyzed. It was found that the current initial water-rights allocation scheme based on previous intake water permits is not efficient, and this can be modified by the IWRA model. Based on the strategies of drinking safety and ecological security, the main tradeoff between agricultural and industrial water rights can facilitate optimization of the current initial water-rights allocation. This can assist policymakers in producing an effective plan to promote water productivity and water resource management in a robust and reliable manner.
doi:10.3390/w11061312 fatcat:nwzsnesfsvdpfdizkn7h3u3jq4

Adjuvant Chemotherapy in pT2N0M0 Gastric Cancer: Findings From a Retrospective Study

Yu Mei, Xijia Feng, Tienan Feng, Min Yan, Zhenggang Zhu, Tian Li, Zhenglun Zhu
2022 Frontiers in Pharmacology  
., 2019; Li et al., 2020; Low et al., 2021; Nakazawa et al., 2021) ), the most common adverse events of grade 3 or 4 were peripheral neuropathy (12%), anemia (8%) and anorexia (4%) in the SOX group.  ...  Drug resistance is the major factor of treatment failure and relapse and numerous studies aim to investigate the mechanisms of drug resistance ( (Nagaraja et al., 2019; Li et al., 2020; Low et al., 2021  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphar.2022.845261 pmid:35250596 pmcid:PMC8891981 fatcat:e6wdvwiuorgn5hxianywc6y3pq

Research on the Allocation in the Complex Adaptive System of Agricultural Land and Water Resources of the Sanjiang Plain [chapter]

Qiang Fu, Tienan Li, Tianxiao Li
2015 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
As for the improper water and land use structure and difficulty in bringing the system into maximum performance, this research takes the Sanjiang Branch of Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Bureau as an example and uses the concept of complex adaptive system to build an allocation model of the complex adaptive system of agricultural land and water resources of the Sanjiang Plain and to make evolution analysis of optimized allocation of agricultural land and water resources under different
more » ... r exploitation plans. This research shows that: with the increased exploitation of groundwater, the agricultural production value and the grain yield have increased; the ecological area has decreased within a certain range; with the increased restriction in groundwater exploitation year by year, the efficiently-used land area will decrease, resulting in a lot of land not being effectively utilized and seriously hindering the coupling between the regional water and land resources and the local economy development.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-19620-6_13 fatcat:g3cfobbz7bg55adnplzkdf3wn4

FOXP4 differentially controls cold-induced beige adipocyte differentiation and thermogenesis [article]

Fuhua Wang, Shuqin Xu, Tienan Chen, Shifeng Ling, Wei Zhang, Shaojiao Wang, Rujiang Zhou, Xuechun Xia, Zhengju Yao, Pengxiao Li, Xiaodong Zhao, Jiqiu Wang (+1 others)
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Given that FOXP1 and FOXP4 form dimers in various tissues (Li et al., 2012; Li et al., 2004; Sin et al., 2015) , we cannot exclude the potentially cooperative function of FOXP1/4 in controlling beige  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.10.11.463898 fatcat:ivr6jzcq2vdqfdu2ok5tot6ox4

Association between sex hormones regulation-related SNP rs12233719 and lung cancer risk among never-smoking Chinese women

Ying Qian, Li Xie, Lei Li, Tienan Feng, Tengteng Zhu, Ruoyang Wang, Yuqing Yang, Baosen Zhou, Herbert Yu, Biyun Qian
2021 Cancer Medicine  
ORCID Li Xie Biyun Qian SUPPORTING INFORMATION Additional supporting information may be found online in the Supporting Information  ... 
doi:10.1002/cam4.3772 pmid:33595913 fatcat:mc55kmdnurfw3e5pjmywn75sr4
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