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Hybrid Intelligence in Big Data Environment: Concepts, Architectures, and Applications of Intelligent Service

Zhenghao Liu, Xi Zeng
2021 Data and Information Management  
Strengthening the interaction between cognition and perception can be the key to break through the bottleneck.  ...  The development of hybrid intelligence is faced with cognitive differences, system fragmentation, human–machine digital divide, and other issues.  ...  and reasonable, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of cognitive enhancement.  ... 
doi:10.2478/dim-2020-0051 fatcat:z27hcnyj2zesjojnnudbg4lthy

Critical Computation: Digital Automata and General Artificial Thinking

Luciana Parisi
2019 Theory, Culture and Society. Explorations in Critical Social Science  
This shift in logical methods of decision-making does not simply concern technical apparatuses, but is a symptom of a transformation in logical thinking activated with and through machines.  ...  As machines have become increasingly smart and have entangled human thinking to artificial intelligences, it seems no longer possible to distinguish amongst levels of decision-making that occur in the  ...  reasoning through, as it were, the manipulation of symbols.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0263276418818889 fatcat:jb3nk7tdafairgmmtztpbntr6i

A Critical Conceptual Analysis of Definitions of Artificial Intelligence as Applicable to Computer Engineering

Prof Dalvinder Singh Grewal
2014 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
A complete definition is required to cover the entire universe and all the means of acquisition of intelligence through artificial means.  ...  The purpose of artificial intelligence is to acquire knowledge of required subject.  ...  Or 'AI is the ability of Machine/Tools' : 'The ability of a machine to learn from experience and perform tasks normally attributed to human intelligence, for example, problem solving, reasoning, and understanding  ... 
doi:10.9790/0661-16210913 fatcat:qpd5chze6rdnbl4omz3lwzq7zi


Ngoc-Hien Tran
2017 Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology  
Intelligent machining systems enable to adapt to the changes of manufacturing environment such as orders, disturbances happening in the system.  ...  In machining system, machine tools play an important role to have the products with high quality, low cost and high productivity.  ...  According to disturbance types, cognitive agent reasons to make a decision using the "adjust" or "collaboration" method.  ... 
doi:10.15625/2525-2518/55/3/8632 fatcat:3xkhdrki7rdlbl5qfqlecst2wi

Enhancing the common model of cognition with social cognitive components – "the rise of the humans"

John Yanosy, Chris Wicher
2018 Procedia Computer Science  
The intent of this paper is to add inspirational context/understanding for the Common Model of Cognition (CMC) by postulating that the model's definitions and constituent cognitive concepts are influenced  ...  Abstract The intent of this paper is to add inspirational context/understanding for the Common Model of Cognition (CMC) by postulating that the model's definitions and constituent cognitive concepts are  ...  by machines, from individual human reasoning to human reasoning jointly with machine reasoning, and from languages with no metadata for machine consumption to languages with increasingly stacked profiles  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2018.11.025 fatcat:ypt6heqaerbrhiewkdeqztdsgq

To Root Artificial Intelligence Deeply in Basic Science for a New Generation of AI [article]

Jingan Yang, Yang Peng
2020 arXiv   pre-print
), develop a new inference engine for cognitive network recognition~(CNR); (v)~to develop high-precision, multi-modal intelligent perceptrons; (vi)~investigating intelligent reasoning and fast decision-making  ...  (iii)~to root brain-computer interface~(BCI) and brain-muscle interface~(BMI) technologies deeply in science on human behaviour; (iv)~making research on knowledge-driven visual commonsense reasoning~(VCR  ...  Correspondence should be addressed to  ... 
arXiv:2009.05678v1 fatcat:vn4pdl3k7jdwrmx4dygsyyfxvy

From Automation to Autonomy - a New Trend for Smart Manufacturing [chapter]

H. S. Park
2013 DAAAM International Scientific Book 2013  
From an engineering perspective, the SM is the reinforced application of advanced intelligence and cognitive technologies to enable rapid productivity, dynamic response to product quality demand and real-time  ...  In order to guarantee the requested product quality and reduce downtime, the smart manufacturing (SM) which is considered as a new trend helps to meet objectives associated with these problems and improve  ...  Information model of an autonomous machining system The reasoning process of human, namely practical reasoning mechanism was applied to the agent technology to implement the cognitive agent for adapting  ... 
doi:10.2507/daaam.scibook.2013.03 fatcat:gbtgnr7rkbgrjcd5pzcycvdoty

Cognitive Programming

Loizos Michael, Antonis C. Kakas, Rob Miller, György Turán
2015 International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition  
This position paper argues for the adoption of cognitive programming as the paradigm for this user-machine interaction, whereby the machine is no longer viewed as a tool at the disposal of the user, but  ...  We argue that despite the many challenges that the proposed paradigm presents, recent advances in several key areas of Artificial Intelligence, along with lessons learned from work in Psychology, give reasons  ...  We also wish to thank Hugo Mercier and Francesca Toni for many valuable discussions on the psychology of reasoning and the nature of cognitive systems.  ... 
dblp:conf/aic/MichaelK0T15 fatcat:r5l4d5axqbc7ngrwmhwktnfrg4

Individual differences in susceptibility to mindlessness

M. Scott Key, John E. Edlund, Brad J. Sagarin, George Y. Bizer
2009 Personality and Individual Differences  
At the copy machine, a confederate asked to cut in line, providing no reason, a real reason, or a placebic reason.  ...  After completing need for cognition and self-monitoring scales, participants were asked to make photocopies for the experimenter.  ...  Alternatively, individuals high in need for cognition might see through the placebic reason but still comply due to the awkwardness of refusing.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.paid.2008.10.001 fatcat:fj24qxpl2fcdpkbzcfg564f724

Autonomy for Smart Manufacturing
스마트 매뉴팩처링을 위한 자율화

Hong-Seok Park, Ngoc-Hien Tran
2014 Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering  
To prove this concept, a cloud machining system is considered as research object in which internet of things and cloud computing are used to integrate, organize and allocate the machining resources.  ...  Artificial life tools are used for cooperation among autonomous elements in the cloud machining system.  ...  A cognitive control consists of three general actions: perceiving information in the environment, reasoning about those perceptions using existing knowledge, and acting to make a reasoned change to the  ... 
doi:10.7736/kspe.2014.31.4.287 fatcat:cdiakzdpqbcerkna6wttvcaheq

Hybrid-augmented intelligence: collaboration and cognition

Nan-ning Zheng, Zi-yi Liu, Peng-ju Ren, Yong-qiang Ma, Shi-tao Chen, Si-yu Yu, Jian-ru Xue, Ba-dong Chen, Fei-yue Wang
2017 Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  
The long-term goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make machines learn and think like human beings.  ...  intelligence, in which a cognitive model is embedded in the machine learning system.  ...  Acknowledgements We are grateful to the reviewers for their valuable comments which helped us improve the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1631/fitee.1700053 fatcat:t4axcmno75a5vegz2jlhoj53ci

Cognitive Digital Twins for Resilience in Production: A Conceptual Framework

Pavlos Eirinakis, Stavros Lounis, Stathis Plitsos, George Arampatzis, Kostas Kalaboukas, Klemen Kenda, Jinzhi Lu, Jože M. Rožanec, Nenad Stojanovic
2022 Information  
Through analyzing five real-life production cases in different industries, similarities and differences in their corresponding needs are identified.  ...  processes and to support decisions to alleviate their consequences.  ...  Another process of cognition pertains to reasoning. Broadly defined, reasoning is a process by which we derive conclusions [18] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/info13010033 fatcat:lmmcifk3l5hzdkkvkm2yckorry

Towards Cognitive Social Machines for Bridging the Cognitive-Computational Gap in Creativity and Creative Reasoning

Ana-Maria Olteteanu
2017 Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society  
Starting from the levels of Cognition and Computation, their potential bootstrap is discussed in relation to the concept of Cognitive Social Machines.  ...  These aspects refer to (i) building systems and models which solve creative reasoning tasks; (ii) computationally generated tools for a deeper understanding of cognition; (iii) cognitively-inspired processes  ...  Acknowledgements Ana-Maria Oltet ¸eanu gratefully acknowledges the support of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft -DFG) for the Creative Cognitive Systems 2 (CreaCogs) project  ... 
dblp:conf/cogsci/Olteteanu17 fatcat:tjqzeyppbfaized53cjwdtlny4

Using Multi-agent Systems to Pursue Autonomy with Automated Components

Jeffrey W. Tweedale
2013 Procedia Computer Science  
This process of transforming cognitive functionality into machine actionable form has encompassed many careers.  ...  The framework is introduced by describing the human-machine relationship, followed by the theoretic background into cognitive architectures and a conceptual mechanism that could be used to implement a  ...  It may be possible to stimulate machines to provide appropriate responses without the need to duplicate or mimic human cognition, although recognition, learning, memory (persistent and temporal), reasoning  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2013.09.226 fatcat:bzugucykcfc4nceyb3fykfrhuq

Layout Design of Human-Machine Interaction Interface of Cabin Based on Cognitive Ergonomics and GA-ACA

Li Deng, Guohua Wang, Suihuai Yu
2016 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  
First, from the perspective of cognitive psychology, according to the information processing process, the cognitive model of human-machine interaction interface was established.  ...  In order to consider the psychological cognitive characteristics affecting operating comfort and realize the automatic layout design, cognitive ergonomics and GA-ACA (genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm  ...  Step 1 (establish the cognitive model of human-machine interaction interface). The reasons of cognitive errors could be analyzed by the cognitive model, which described the cognitive process.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2016/1032139 pmid:26884745 pmcid:PMC4739460 fatcat:ljm6xxy36ffthokb5o3k4c7wbm
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