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Three Generalizations of the FOCUS Constraint [article]

Nina Narodytska, Thierry Petit, Mohamed Siala, Toby Walsh
2013 arXiv   pre-print
To tackle this issue, we propose three generalizations of the FOCUS constraint. We provide for each one a complete filtering algorithm as well as discussing decompositions.  ...  The FOCUS constraint expresses the notion that solutions are concentrated. In practice, this constraint suffers from the rigidity of its semantics.  ...  Unfortunately, FOCUS only considers the number of disjoint sequences, and does not consider their length. We tackle those issues here by means of three generalizations of FOCUS.  ... 
arXiv:1304.5970v1 fatcat:ehax44spprclzhqrzzdwmhulae

Three generalizations of the FOCUS constraint

Nina Narodytska, Thierry Petit, Mohamed Siala, Toby Walsh
2015 Constraints  
To tackle this issue, we propose three generalizations of the FOCUS constraint. We provide for each one a complete filtering algorithm. Moreover, we propose ILP and CSP decompositions.  ...  The FOCUS constraint expresses the notion that solutions are concentrated. In practice, this constraint suffers from the rigidity of its semantics.  ...  Next, in Sections 3, 4 and 5, we present three generations of the FOCUS constraint (denoted by SPRINGYFOCUS, WEIGHTEDFOCUS, and WEIGHTEDSPRINGYFOCUS respectively).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10601-015-9233-7 fatcat:5ylhp6dfrrcobhr3v6qmzio2um

Functional unification grammar revisited

Kathleen R. McKeown, Cecile L. Paris
1987 Proceedings of the 25th annual meeting on Association for Computational Linguistics -  
They require that such constraints be expressed locally as part of syntactic rules and therefore, duplicated in the grammar.  ...  Finally, we discuss a reimplementation of lUg that achieves the similar levels of efficiency as Rubinoff's adaptation of MUMBLE, a detcrministc language generator.  ...  We would like to thank Bill Mann for making a portion of NIGEL's grammar available to us for comparisons.  ... 
doi:10.3115/981175.981189 dblp:conf/acl/McKeownP87 fatcat:e3zvsfqhnnbkznojzajvzld4n4

Creative Process in the Face of Change: How Teams Experience and Respond to Pressure

Benjamin Herndon, Christina E. Shalley, Gamze Koseoglu
2013 2013 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences  
Specifically, this study looks at how the timing of imposed constraints results in different patterns of team process across the team's workflow.  ...  Using an experimental study of teams, results show that disruptions experienced earlier in a team's workflow result in more steady-state time pacing behaviors and focus of attention than when time pressure  ...  If the teams can maintain high levels of focus of attention, they can stay focused on the task and continue generating, selecting, and refining ideas.  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.2013.151 dblp:conf/hicss/HerndonSK13 fatcat:byaob64sp5f4bh46ytqetgoxna

Optimization in Focus Identification [chapter]

Petra Hendriks
2004 Optimality Theory and Pragmatics  
In this paper it is argued that the identification of this focused expression is subject to interacting and violable constraints.  ...  This paper investigates which factors are involved in the identification of the focused expression with which a focus particle associates.  ...  The constraint FOCUSING, finally, reflects the general tendency not to express salient material or introduce new material in the domain of quantification.  ... 
doi:10.1057/9780230501409_3 fatcat:a4ylrawjijcqnmgzdpshtykrdq

Constraint Satisfaction Methods for Information Personalization [chapter]

Syed Sibte Raza Abidi, Yong Han Chong
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper explores the application of constraint satisfaction methods to personalize generic information content with respect to a user-model.  ...  Constraints formalize the dependencies in a physical world in terms of a logical relation among several unknowns.  ...  User-model constraint satisfaction: Generating the candidate-IS set A user-model constraint between a focus-variable and a user-variable is satisfied when all the IS in the domain of the focus-variable  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24840-8_19 fatcat:h357usxywnarzcjtor2y5gkaga

Optimizing a Structural Constraint Solver for Efficient Software Checking

Junaid Haroon Siddiqui, Darko Marinov, Sarfraz Khurshid
2009 2009 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering  
This paper presents a novel technique to selectively reduce the number of test cases to be generated. Our technique applies across a class of structural constraint solvers.  ...  Solving such constraints can be expensive due to the large number of aliasing possibilities that the solver must consider.  ...  This material is based upon work partially supported by the NSF under Grant Nos. IIS-0438967, CNS-0615372, CCF-0702680, CCF-0746856, and CCF-0845628, and AFOSR grant FA9550-09-1-0351.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ase.2009.52 dblp:conf/kbse/SiddiquiMK09 fatcat:ddelfk7oizbfxiyn4amexmosiu

Model-Based Planning of Sensor Placement and Optical Settings

Roger Y. Tsai, Kostantinos Tarabanis, Paul S. Schenker
1990 Sensor Fusion II: Human and Machine Strategies  
Other constraints. such as depth of focus. as well as other vision sensors can also be considered resulting in a fully integrated sensor planning system.  ...  space as well as the optical settings that satisfy each of the constraints separately.  ...  field of view). while with increasing focus values the zoom lens focuses closer (i.e. at smaller ohject distances).  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.969966 fatcat:hsx5zaplabhh5lv3mkokrwxnae

Comparison of methods to identify crop productivity constraints in developing countries. A review

Richard Kraaijvanger, Marthijn Sonneveld, Conny Almekinders, Tom Veldkamp
2014 Agronomy for Sustainable Development  
As a follow up, we compared in a case study the three different methods, representative for the three main clusters of the heuristic model, in order to assess their congruency.  ...  The major findings are the following: (1) Variation in methods is wide. (2) Applying the heuristic model results in three main clusters of methods: farmer-control/farmer-opinion, scientist-control/scientist-opinion  ...  FGD generated a contextually differentiated multi-focused set of constraints. Only location-specific issues can be considered a common denominator for all woredas.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13593-014-0254-1 fatcat:n2zacb4hqnd57i2ccyxs3p64b4

Phonology competes with syntax: experimental evidence for the interaction of word order and accent placement in the realization of Information Structure

F Keller
2001 Cognition  
In the first experiment, we focus on the interaction of word order and context. In the second experiment, we investigate the additional effect of accent placement and clitic doubling.  ...  In the theoretical part of this paper, we formalize the interaction of syntactic and phonological constraints on Information Structure.  ...  However, we were able to model all major patterns in the experimental data based on only three constraints, thus demonstrating the general viability of our approach.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0010-0277(00)00131-1 pmid:11165215 fatcat:4wqm6lnlnbc2jn2uu7te2eqooe

TOC, lean and six sigma: The missing link to increase productivity?

Augusto de Jesus Pacheco Diego
2015 African Journal of Business Management  
The focus of discussion of this study was to search the literature to identify characteristics of exclusion and similarities between the three approaches when applied in an integrated way in productive  ...  The objective of this study is to analyze the points of convergence and divergence between the Theory of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma in an integrated manner when used for continuous improvement  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This research was conducted with support from CNPq/ Brazil (National Council for Research and Development) to which the author expresses gratitude.  ... 
doi:10.5897/ajbm2014.7672 fatcat:pkf2z6setvg5tlegdvdmuukmgi

Beyond the entanglement of qubit pair in a mixed state [article]

S. Shelly Sharma, Naresh K. Sharma
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Monogamy constraints, reported in this letter, are relations between well known entanglement measures such as one-tangle, two-tangles and three-tangles of an N-qubit pure state.  ...  Algebraic analysis of two-qubit states yields monogamy constraints on distribution of entanglement between sub-systems of an N-qubit state and criterion to determine if the state has multipartite entanglement  ...  constraint of Eq. ( 24 ) is equivalent to CKW inequality: τ 1|23 = τ 2 1|2 (ρ 12 ) + τ 2 1|3 (ρ 13 ) + τ 1|2|3 . (25) In other words, with qubit A 1 as focus qubit the sum of two-tangles and three-way  ... 
arXiv:2111.07833v1 fatcat:c6zz5xype5gazarjf3kiwyjqju

Dialectal Variation in German 3-Verb Clusters: A Surface-Oriented Optimality Theoretic Account

Tanja Schmid, Ralf Vogel
2004 Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics  
We present data from an empirical investigation on the dialectal variation in the syntax of German 3-verb clusters, consisting of a temporal auxiliary, a modal verb and a predicative verb.  ...  The ordering possibilities vary largely among the dialects. Some of the orders that we found only occur under particular stress assignments.  ...  Some Problems The general strategy for the solution of the problems of the missing orders, the first three problems listed at the end of the preceding section, is that there are more possible foci than  ... 
doi:10.1023/b:jcom.0000016639.53619.94 fatcat:snpptjptiffn3opxw6k6mapv74

Integrating Gricean and Attentional Constraints [article]

Rebecca J. Passonneau
1995 arXiv   pre-print
I discuss Dale and Reiter's [To appear] recent model and show how it can be augmented for understanding as well as generating the range of data presented here.  ...  I present the results of an analysis of all discourse anaphoric noun phrases (N=1,233) in a corpus of ten narrative monologues, where the choice between a definite pronoun or phrasal NP conforms largely  ...  Here, I simply assume that the three types of attribute sets mentioned above-where applicable-are in focus.  ... 
arXiv:cmp-lg/9505036v1 fatcat:gcsy7ovh2vdadnpkrdwxszlexi

Embedding the Antecedent in Gapping: Low Coordination and the Role of Parallelism

Maziar Toosarvandani
2016 Linguistic Inquiry  
I proposed that this generalization might arise because of a constraint on the focus structures of the coordination structures in which gapping appears.  ...  In Section 3, I suggest that this generalization arises from a constraint on the focus structures of the coordination structures in which gapping appears.  ... 
doi:10.1162/ling_a_00216 fatcat:ecgpuc26azalrniw5qtbg6t3gm
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