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Intellectual structure of the entrepreneurship field: a tale based on three core journals

Aurora A.C. Teixeira, Elsa Ferreira
2013 Journal of Innovation Management  
Using bibliometrics, a in depth analysis was conducted on the most influential authors, their professional affiliation and educational training, in order to map the informal links between the most-cited  ...  In this study, we perform a two-stage analysis to identify invisible colleges in the field of entrepreneurship using three core journals: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ETP); Journal of Business  ...  (2008) Objectives: -Trace the evolution of the intellectual structure of the strategic management field during the period 1980-2000 Bibliometric Indicators: -Management Information Systems  ... 
doi:10.24840/2183-0606_001.002_0005 fatcat:qxsuy27jnfavbahltiiuds2kwa

The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Earnings Management: Bibliometric Review

José Manuel Santos-Jaén, Ana León-Gómez, José Serrano-Madrid
2021 International Journal of Financial Studies  
The data were analyzed by year, journal, author, institution, country, affiliation, subject area and term analysis.  ...  The most important findings consist of a number of gaps in the literature, such as gender diversity, voluntary disclosure of information and existence of an audit committee, among others, that allow for  ...  [CrossRef] Merigo, Jose M, Fabio Blanco-Mesa, Anna M Gil-Lafuente, and Ronald R Yager. 2017. Thirty Years of the International Journal of Intelligent Systems: A Bibliometric Review.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijfs9040068 fatcat:7bwjcfqb4ndlfbdszg5mgyslji

Analysis of the Circular Economic Production Models and Their Approach in Agriculture and Agricultural Waste Biomass Management

Mónica Duque-Acevedo, Luis Jesús Belmonte-Ureña, Natalia Yakovleva, Francisco Camacho-Ferre
2020 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  
Bibliometric analysis has been used to evaluate the approach of these models in agriculture and to introduce the ways in which they address the management of agricultural waste biomass (AWB).  ...  The management policies and strategies of the circular bioeconomy are key to promoting research focused on AWB valorization since bioenergy and/or biofuel production continue to be a priority.  ...  [58] 2020 A literature review on forest bioeconomy with a bibliometric network analysis.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijerph17249549 pmid:33419338 fatcat:7uj5tejp4zgodhsttbkfm7dq5e

The Connection between Cooperativism and Decent Work

Caroline Jacques, Max Richard Verginio, Dimas de Oliveira Estevam
2019 International journal for innovation education and research  
Thus, the present article aims to identify the connection between cooperativism and Decent Work through a bibliometric revision of literature.  ...  The methodological process used in the research was the bibliometric approach by applying co-word analysis.  ...  These are examples of how it is possible to work with bibliometric analysis using a large amount of information to identify the state of the art on the publications of a given theme.  ... 
doi:10.31686/ijier.vol7.iss10.1814 fatcat:a5u6gd2jbfbwpjeg3uzwukl2fm

Bibliometric Analysis of DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology from 2001-2010

Manoj Kumar Manoj Kumar, A.L. Moorthy
2011 DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology  
DJLIT has just completed 30 years of its publication. This paper presents bibliometric analyses of DJLIT during 2001-2010.  ...  It is brought out by Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), a constituent establishment of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).  ...  Institution-wise Distribution of Papers Thirty years is a long time to sustain a publication.  ... 
doi:10.14429/djlit.31.3.989 fatcat:rtpuwtc23jet5ossmm3uzsekwa

Bibliometric Analysis of IP&M Journal (1980–2015)

Asad Abdi, Norisma Idris, Rasim M Alguliyev, Ramiz M Aliguliyev
2018 Journal of Scientometric Research  
Table 5 As shown in Table 8 , there are 29117 citations provided over thirty-six years for the total contributions of 2913 papers.  ...  Bibliometrics is considered as a standard tool of science policy and research management in the last decades.  ...  Findings of study The followings are several useful facts discovered from the analysis of the journal IP&M. • The analysis displays a trend of growth in contributions published during 2004 to 2009 and  ... 
doi:10.5530/jscires.7.1.8 fatcat:rwat4bhifndd5jgzsg6mceboq4

Leveraging intersections in management theory and practice (Extended Abstracts)

2021 Sinergie Italian Journal of Management  
Balancing theory and practice: a review of the state of PLS-SEM research by the community of Italian management scholars FRANCESCA MAGNO, FABIO CASSIA " Co-creation of value in Open Innovation: does coopetition  ...  the generation of green technologies ALBA MARINO, FRANCESCO QUATRARO " Exploring the innovation paths of SMEs to face the COVID-19 crisis: A cluster analysis applied to the Italian context MARCO BETTIOL  ...  KARAMCHANDANI A., SRIVASTAVA S.K., SRIVASTAVA R.K. ( 2020 2006 ), "A meta-analysis of the Technology Acceptance Model", Information & Management, vol. 43, n. 6, pp. 740-755.  ... 
doi:10.7433/srecp.ea.2021.01 fatcat:l2upsdqpqvc3zgahty45hquici

Accounting Sciences theses: an analysis of their dissemination

Jacqueline Veneroso Alves da Cunha, Gilberto de Andrade Martins, Edgard B. Cornachione Jr
2010 BBR Brazilian Business Review  
An empirical-analytical approach was used by employing bibliographic and documental research, as well as bibliometric analysis.  ...  When a thesis is defended it moves to the condition of scientific literature, serving as a source of knowledge to other authors, thus, playing their role in the construction process and scientific development  ...  Rey (1978, p. 4) highlights that "production of scientific information and its communication form part of a complex system, which operation is essential to the development of scientific knowledge."  ... 
doi:10.15728/bbr.2010.7.3.3 fatcat:2m6uol4xebgv5c5zinlovilx6m

Knowledge structure transition in library and information science: topic modeling and visualization

Yosuke Miyata, Emi Ishita, Fang Yang, Michimasa Yamamoto, Azusa Iwase, Keiko Kurata
2020 Scientometrics  
The purpose of this research is to identify topics in library and information science (LIS) using latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) and to visualize the knowledge structure of the field as consisting of  ...  A total of 30 topics in each period were labeled based on the frequency of terms and the contents of the articles.  ...  Figure 1 shows a 2D plot of thirty topics and categories in 2000-2002.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11192-020-03657-5 fatcat:yhczhi2qivbktlnprhduvg3pai

Mapping the Knowledge of CSR and Sustainability

Eva M. Sánchez-Teba, María Dolores Benítez-Márquez, Guillermo Bermúdez-González, María del Mar Luna-Pereira
2021 Sustainability  
Furthermore, a link between CSR, sustainability and business has been found in the analysis of the different thematic networks.  ...  A bibliometric analysis will be carried out with SciMAT over the period 2003–2021, to understand the evolution and relationship of the aforementioned terms, but also to show the relevance of the link between  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su131810106 fatcat:3sd2ygxgnfbijkr2lkxjauxigy

Information literacy trends in higher education (2006–2019): visualizing the emerging field of mobile information literacy

María Pinto, Rosaura Fernández-Pascual, David Caballero-Mariscal, Dora Sales
2020 Scientometrics  
The thematic evolution of research on Mobile Information Literacy (MoIL) between 2006 and 2019 in the field of Information Literacy, learning and mobile technologies is analysed in an international context  ...  In conclusion, there is evidence of a growing interdisciplinarity in the scientific publications on Mobile Information Literacy, which interrelates the studies of information and digital literacy with  ...  Acknowledgements This research is part of the R&D project "Innovation and training in the information competencies of university lecturers and students in the social sciences.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11192-020-03523-4 fatcat:2ko2mhxcuneevb4mftfdk2v67q

EHMA 2021 Annual Conference: Abstracts Health Management: Managing the Present and Shaping the Future

2021 Portuguese Journal of Public Health  
Over the last year, health systems across Europe have encountered the most difficult times for a generation.  ...  As managers are pondering whether there will be a return to a 'new normal', important questions will be asked about how to increase the resilience and readiness of health systems whilst also providing  ...  Materials and Methods: The dataset provided for this analysis was retrieved from the hospital's information system.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000520543 fatcat:cibq3w5xsneepbblo5b265hhwi

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research

Hannes Velt, Lasse Torkkeli, Igor Laine
2020 Journal of Business Ecosystems  
In addition, six themes within the research domain are identified. The multilevel analysis gives a comprehensive overview of the entrepreneurial ecosystem domain.  ...  The findings illustrate an exponential growth of research covering a wide array of disciplines and top journals, observe several influential scholars and their collaboration networks, and find that the  ...  This analysis yields six thematic clusters relevant to EE research (Figure 4 ).  ... 
doi:10.4018/jbe.20200701.oa1 fatcat:6py4azpzwrb5zhql5x4jdzj7qu

Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic in Electronics: Applying Intelligence in Practice

Malinka Ivanova, Petya Petkova, Nikolay Petkov
2021 Electronics  
The paper presents an analysis and summary of the current research state concerning the application of machine learning and fuzzy logic for solving problems in electronics.  ...  systems.  ...  In order for this analysis to be deeper and more complete, a combination of a bibliometric approach and detailed paper review is carried out.  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics10222878 fatcat:26fop4exengm5pmaf6y23ihjoe

Towards evidence-based management of external resources: Developing design propositions and future research avenues through research synthesis

Kari Tanskanen, Tuomas Ahola, Anna Aminoff, Johanna Bragge, Riikka Kaipia, Katri Kauppi
2017 Research Policy  
Through a systematic review and synthesis of 601 articles in six academic journals representing three management disciplines we develop design propositions for supporting evidence-based management of external  ...  Our analysis reveals external resource management (ERM) research to be concentrated on six distinct, yet interrelated, themes.  ...  In light of earlier bibliometric research (e.g.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.respol.2017.04.002 fatcat:xc3qa7s5wfh5flxdq7onklsrwa
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