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Application of Thermal Imaging in Agriculture and Forestry

Victor Dragavtsev, V.P. Nartov
2015 European Agrophysical Journal  
This paper briefly reviews various studies conducted on application of thermal imaging in agriculture and forestry.  ...  Thermal imaging visualizes differences in surface temperature by detecting infrared radiation emitted by objects.  ...  The paper of Bulanon et al. (2008) presents a study of the thermal temporal variation in citrus canopy as a potential approach for improving fruit detection for harvesting orange.  ... 
doi:10.17830/j.eaj.2015.01.015 fatcat:v4ejqyrjtnf4ppnoju4wl3ondy

Approach to assess infrared thermal imaging of almond trees under water-stress conditions

Iván García-Tejero, Víctor Hugo Durán-Zuazo, Javier Arriaga, Almudena Hernández, Luisa Maria Vélez, José Luis Muriel-Fernández
2012 Fruits  
The methodological protocol for analysing thermal images allowed a time saving in processing information and additionally offered the possibility of estimating the Ψ Stem and g S values. Conclusion.  ...  A methodology to estimate water stress of young almond trees from thermal images was developed based on assessing the physiological status of almond crops under limited water-supply conditions.  ...  Acknowledgements The author I. García-Tejero received a contract co-financed by the European Social Fund Operational Programme (FSE) 2007-2013: "Andalucía is moving with Europe".  ... 
doi:10.1051/fruits/2012040 fatcat:tha2itqzrnbs3bk6fn3zqozyoq

Monitoring yield and fruit quality parameters in open-canopy tree crops under water stress. Implications for ASTER

2007 Remote Sensing of Environment  
Stem water potential and stomatal conductance were measured on selected trees at the time of airborne flights over the orchards.  ...  A simulation study using ASTER spectral bands and aggregated pixels for stress detection as a function of irrigation level was conducted in order to study the applicability of medium resolution thermal  ...  Thermal images acquired with the thermal camera were compared with the hand-held infrared radiometer and with infrared sensors placed on top of the tree to asses the validity of the crown-thermal imagery  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.rse.2006.09.014 fatcat:a222ruanybf2zctp2lm2y2pjce

Applications of Thermal Imaging in Agriculture—A Review

Roselyne Ishimwe, K. Abutaleb, F. Ahmed
2014 Advances in Remote Sensing  
In thermal remote sensing the invisible radiation patterns of objects are converted into visible images and these images are called thermograms or thermal images.  ...  This paper reviews the application of thermal imaging in agriculture and its potential use in various agricultural practices.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank University of Johannesburg and University of Witwatersrand for providing financial assistance.  ... 
doi:10.4236/ars.2014.33011 fatcat:zuh5z2u5zrfr7ehg6fc4sayjli

Stress indicators based on airborne thermal imagery for field phenotyping a heterogeneous tree population for response to water constraints

N. Virlet, V. Lebourgeois, S. Martinez, E. Costes, S. Labbe, J.-L. Regnard
2014 Journal of Experimental Botany  
The different stress indicators tested on a series of airborne multispectral images (RGB, near-infrared, and thermal infrared) of a population of 122 apple hybrids, under two irrigation regimes, significantly  ...  As field phenotyping of plant response to water constraints constitutes a bottleneck for breeding programmes, airborne thermal imagery can contribute to assessing the water status of a wide range of individuals  ...  Jolivot for their contributions to the establishment of the experiment and the field measurements. We also thank the Avion Jaune® Company for its expertise in airborne imagery. We are grateful to L.  ... 
doi:10.1093/jxb/eru309 pmid:25080086 pmcid:PMC4157722 fatcat:6vjlcy6fp5fdzfmbt4yi7cltzu

Assessing a crop water stress index derived from aerial thermal imaging and infrared thermometry in super-high density olive orchards

Gregorio Egea, Carmen M. Padilla-Díaz, Jorge Martinez-Guanter, José E. Fernández, Manuel Pérez-Ruiz
2017 Agricultural Water Management  
Characterization of the spatio-temporal variability of tree water status is a prerequisite to conducting precise irrigation management in fruit tree orchards.  ...  This study assessed the suitability of a crop water stress index (CWSI) derived from high-resolution aerial thermal imagery for estimating tree water status variability in super high density (SHD) olive  ...  (Interoliva), for allowing us to conduct the experiments in the Sanabria farm.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2017.03.030 fatcat:yedx2org3rcv5ci56fxnnthlv4

Performance Assessment of Thermal Infrared Cameras of Different Resolutions to Estimate Tree Water Status from Two Cherry Cultivars: An Alternative to Midday Stem Water Potential and Stomatal Conductance

Marcos Carrasco-Benavides, Javiera Antunez-Quilobrán, Antonella Baffico-Hernández, Carlos Ávila-Sánchez, Samuel Ortega-Farías, Sergio Espinoza, John Gajardo, Marco Mora, Sigfredo Fuentes
2020 Sensors  
The midday stem water potential (Ψs) and stomatal conductance (gs) have been traditionally used to monitor the water status of cherry trees (Prunus avium L.).  ...  Results showed that the accuracy in the estimation of CWSIs was not statistically significant when comparing both cameras for the representation of Ψs and gs in both cultivars.  ...  We also thank Gabriel Delgadillo (School of Civil Computer Engineering in the Universidad Católica del Maule), for his initial support in the development of the scripts to analyze the TIR images, and to  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20123596 pmid:32630534 pmcid:PMC7349581 fatcat:c7w6dntg4rdxhdb3jd3swqvu6m

Plant-Based Methods for Irrigation Scheduling of Woody Crops

José Fernández
2017 Horticulturae  
In this review, the relevance of precision irrigation for a rational use of water in agriculture, and methods related to the use of plant-based measurements for both the assessment of plant water stress  ...  The use of measurements related to canopy temperature, both for direct assessment of water stress and for defining zones with different irrigation requirements, is also addressed.  ...  Thanks are due to all the members of the Group on Irrigation and Crop Ecophysiology, of the IRNAS, who generated part of the knowledge contained in this work.  ... 
doi:10.3390/horticulturae3020035 fatcat:4tewiwlt4zdx7ihfnrvln2imvi

Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) under citrus species production: A review

Amoakohene Appiah Sadick, Li Jiuhao, Lan Yubin, Edom Alordzinu Kelvin, Al Aasmi Alaa, Wang Hao, Qiao Songyang, Owusu-Sekyere Ernest, Acheampong Afful Ebenezer, Asenso Evans, Issaka Fuseini
2021 Journal of Horticulture and Forestry  
Most of the approaches employed in citrus RDI scheduling require weather data for evapotranspiration calculations which is very technical, laborious and time consuming.  ...  adequate volume of water for maximum water use efficiency.  ...  thermal infrared emittance showed a positive responsiveness to canopy response in relation to measurements from ground tools and hence suggested that images acquired by thermal infrared at low-altitude  ... 
doi:10.5897/jhf2021.0676 fatcat:zapcxpx5wffpbklnnx36euwlsy

Diverging Drought Resistance of Scots Pine Provenances Revealed by Infrared Thermography

Hannes Seidel, Christian Schunk, Michael Matiu, Annette Menzel
2016 Frontiers in Plant Science  
Both indices were derived from infrared images during a 6-week drought/control treatment in a greenhouse in the summer of 2013.  ...  index and stomatal conductance index).  ...  We thank Allan Buras and especially Elisabet Martínez Sancho for fruitful discussion, Marina Gabler, Laura Stratopoulos, and Stefanie Weindler for help with thermal image acquisition and Steffen Taeger  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpls.2016.01247 pmid:27630643 pmcid:PMC5005371 fatcat:szl5qrfotnh5xihhq32gmijjnm

Thermal Imaging for Plant Stress Detection and Phenotyping

Mónica Pineda, Matilde Barón, María-Luisa Pérez-Bueno
2020 Remote Sensing  
However, thermal data need some corrections related to the environmental and measuring conditions in order to achieve a correct interpretation of the data.  ...  Often combined with other imaging sensors and data-mining techniques, thermography is crucial in the implementation of a more automatized, precise and sustainable agriculture.  ...  The funders had no role in the design of the study; in the collection, analyses, or interpretation of data; in the writing of the manuscript, or in the decision to publish the results.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13010068 fatcat:v7h6lmczwzbvjhv47g6gmttvhe

Irrigation scheduling: advantages and pitfalls of plant-based methods

H. G. Jones
2004 Journal of Experimental Botany  
Recent advances, especially in the use of infrared thermometry and thermography for the study of stomatal conductance changes, are highlighted.  ...  Specific plant-based methods include the use of dendrometry, fruit gauges, and other tissue water content sensors, while measurements of growth, sap flow, and stomatal conductance are also outlined.  ...  Acknowledgements The author is grateful to sponsors of various aspects of the work presented, who include the European Commission (projects: WATER-USE, contract EVKI-2000-22061, and STRESSIMAGING, Contract  ... 
doi:10.1093/jxb/erh213 pmid:15286143 fatcat:rj74b5sxrbgn7pfjhs6h5iuqra

Thermal Imaging Techniques in Agricultural Applications

This paper briefly reviews some of the works on thermal imaging for agricultural applications  ...  It is a procedure of improving the permeability of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects infrared radiation and shaping an image based on that obtained data.  ...  conditions, for example, colder periods. [22] Contemplated LiDAR and thermal images combination for the ground-based 3D portrayal of fruit trees where the framework conveys numerous perspectives of the  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijitee.l2949.1081219 fatcat:n4t7dnuip5dt7ib7pzgagutxvu

Multispectral airborne imagery in the field reveals genetic determinisms of morphological and transpiration traits of an apple tree hybrid population in response to water deficit

Nicolas Virlet, Evelyne Costes, Sébastien Martinez, Jean-Jacques Kelner, Jean-Luc Regnard
2015 Journal of Experimental Botany  
Aerial images acquired in visible, near-and thermal-infrared at three dates each year allowed calculation of vegetation and water stress indices. Tree vigour and fruit production were also assessed.  ...  Genetic studies of response to water deficit in adult trees are limited by low throughput of the usual phenotyping methods in the field.  ...  Labbé (IRSTEA) for their expertise in airborne imagery. The PhD scholarship of Nicolas Virlet was granted by Montpellier SupAgro and the Languedoc Roussillon Region.  ... 
doi:10.1093/jxb/erv355 pmid:26208644 pmcid:PMC4585425 fatcat:wibh6woinrhpreg7lc3gelx5hy

Opportunities and pitfalls in the use of thermal sensing for monitoring water stress and transpiration

H.G. Jones
2018 Acta Horticulturae  
conductance and the critical need for improved software for extraction of information from images are discussed. 25  ...  plant phenotyping, for the study of plant water relations and for estimating stomatal conductance and transpiration from crops.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am grateful to CSIRO for the award of a McMaster Fellowship which contributed to some of the content of this paper, and to David Deery, Paul Hutchinson, and Brian Loveys for important  ... 
doi:10.17660/actahortic.2018.1197.5 fatcat:4zjdunjhhrerxerfjigejpjfy4
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