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The value of children to children

P B Namerow, S G Philliber
1983 Adolescence  
Alternative wording of the questions about the values of children indicates that while children and mothers may be aware of the dominant cultural values, they may not have internalized these for themselves  ...  Some of the same variables related to adult perceptions of values of children show similar relationships among children. Data are included from both mothers and children in the families sampled.  ...  The last ten years have seen the emergence of a substantial literature on the value of children.  ... 
pmid:6666704 fatcat:gqxukkrubbd73ktreqxspsh6oe

Children being children: the value of an "importance filter"

Dr Jonathon Sargeant
2007 The Journal of Student Wellbeing  
The perspectives of young children are of considerable interest to the community yet remains largely misunderstood.  ...  The effects of external media and the reputed social decay of society and the pessimistic worldview reportedly held by young children are questioned.  ...  As Prout (2005:124) notes, 'children who are connected with TV and the internet extend the reach of their experience and multiply the range of facts and values they encounter'.  ... 
doi:10.21913/jsw.v1i1.106 fatcat:xk4o3eblhreyvof2risf6mddi4

A Theory of the Value of Children

Debra Friedman, Michael Hechter, Satoshi Kanazawa
1994 Demography  
Then we propose a theory of the value of children based on the uncertainty-reduction assumption.  ...  We begin by reviewing the inadequacies of normative and standard rational choice explanations of shifts in fertility behavior.  ...  The Value of Children: Available Empirical Evidence The value of children can be captured in many ways.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2061749 pmid:7828763 fatcat:zx5dzmaatzed7porefcrjzumii

The Changing Value of Children in Turkey

Cigdem Kagitcibasi
1982 Studies in family planning  
Values of children The values attributed to children by parents reflect both the needs of the parents and the place of children in the family and society.  ...  Various theoretical orientations have helped shape the concept of the value of children.  ...  All papers in Current Studies will be assigned the number 60, to indicate that they are part of Papers of the East-West Population Institute.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1965809 fatcat:vcvjvzmdqfe2pf42lnr3rmphkm

Review of The value of children: A cross-national study. Introduction and comparative analysis, Vol 1, The value of children: A cross-national study, Vol 2, and The value of children: A cross-national study, Vol 3

1976 Contemporary Psychology  
A large-scale study of the value of children in six cultures will be published in seven volumes.  ...  The value of children: A cross-na- tional study, Vol. 3. Honolulu, Ha- waii: East-West Population Institute, 1975. Pp. viii + 152. $3.00.  ... 
doi:10.1037/014797 fatcat:mdypdk3hjjbhdcbxacjqkbyfla

The Salience of Children Increases Adult Prosocial Values

Lukas J. Wolf, Sapphira R. Thorne, Marina Iosifyan, Colin Foad, Samuel Taylor, Vlad Costin, Johan C. Karremans, Geoffrey Haddock, Gregory R. Maio
2021 Social Psychology and Personality Science  
The findings suggest broad, reliable interconnections between human mental representations of children and prosocial motives, as the child salience effect was not moderated by participants' gender, age  ...  Such initiatives raise a key theoretical and applied question that has yet to be addressed directly: Does the salience of children increase prosocial motivation and behavior in adults?  ...  Acknowledgements We thank all of the following students at the University of Bath for their help with data collection: Hannah Bratt, Si Lok Chan, Paige Davies, Alice Drake, Maddie Holden, Katya Kowalski  ... 
doi:10.1177/19485506211007605 fatcat:4x2nasrjvfawzidkgek4azuhsq

Enuresis in children: the value of radiological investigation

1954 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine  
The remaining children either had a history of occasional dry nights or had had a period of complete control of micturition and then relapsed.  ...  In a recent two-year survey of urographic examinations carried out at the Bristol Children's Hospital, it was noted that out of 276 children so examined between the ages of 2 and 15 years, 164 (59 4°)  ...  -The results of the urographic examination of the children in this series were as follows: A few children had more than one lesion noted but of the total, 54 children (33 %) had a significant lesion.  ... 
pmid:13167052 pmcid:PMC1918843 fatcat:cvxhwjfd5bfo5ieewpz6jg6p2a


Qurrata 'Ain, Margana Margana
2019 Lire Journal  
This article has aimed to expose the ability of deaf children to understand the feelings and values of others. It refers to social and cognitive development.  ...  It can be helped the deaf children to understand the signs. The disability people or gift children have an equal with normal people.  ...  The factor of impulsive can be a reason why the deaf children so hard to understand the feelings and values of other people.  ... 
doi:10.33019/lire.v3i1.40 fatcat:s7qejjiwnfe7zfq673ceqzuvqm

The Role of Parents' Empathic Tendencies in Children Value Acquisition

2020 Eurasian Journal of Educational Research  
A B S T R A C T Article History: Purpose: The present study aims to reveal the predictive role of parents' empathic tendencies in children value acquisition.  ...  Findings: Results indicated that there was a significant positive correlation between value of children and parent's empathic tendencies.  ...  The values of children with the highest mean score were sharing, respect and honesty.  ... 
doi:10.14689/ejer.2020.86.11 fatcat:kroild24jbgjfkqbcj4mqaixgy

On the value of Systematic Examination of Stillborn Children

J B Sutton
1884 Medico-chirurgical transactions  
sees it in instances of the disease occurring in children.  ...  LXVII. 11 SYSTEMATIC EXAMINATION OF STILLBORN CHILDREN.  ... 
pmid:20896629 pmcid:PMC2121376 fatcat:baigkfysofee5jf2rptapv4uva

Value of Children and the social production of welfare

Bernhard Nauck
2014 Demographic Research  
BACKGROUND The paper describes the origins of the Value of Children (VOC) approach to the cross-cultural research on fertility behavior around the Pacific Rim, and critically discusses its shortcomings  ...  CONCLUSIONS The VOC approach extends economic theories of fertility: Whereas traditional economic theories emphasize the costs of children, the VOC approach also encompasses the supply side of children  ...  The value of children therefore remains exogenous and unexplained.  ... 
doi:10.4054/demres.2014.30.66 fatcat:tkijzgehqzb6ngdskbfiz6wzpe

Nutritive Value of the Diets of Iowa School Children

Ercel S. Eppright, Virginia D. Sidwell, Pearl P. Swanson
1954 Journal of Nutrition  
NUTRITIVE VALUE OF THE DIETS OF IOWA SCHOOL CHILDREN * 2 ERCEL 8. EPPRIGHT, VIRGINIA D. SIDWELL AND PEARL P.  ...  The children of the Northeastern region were also noted to have many diets below the Allowances in calcium, ascorbic acid, and in vitamin A value.  ... 
doi:10.1093/jn/54.3.371 pmid:13212474 fatcat:vbwpmtatdzcxzl7wsezsv2gp6y

On the Value of Systematic Examination of Stillborn Children

John Bland Sutton
1884 Medico-chirurgical transactions  
On the Value of Systematic Examination of Stillborn Children. (JOHN BLAND SUTTON.) PLATE 1. FIG. 1.  ...  sees it in instances of the disease occurring in children.  ... 
doi:10.1177/095952878406700113 fatcat:kpnq6lqmebhxbe4u4enpiu74x4

The Effect of Children on the Housewife's Value of Time

Reuben Gronau
1973 Journal of Political Economy  
of the various children.  ...  the costs of depreciation of their market skills as well as the value of appreciation of their nonmarket skills (Michael and Lazear 1971).  ...  of children to the participation decision, did not investigate the effect of children in sufficient detail to allow any inference on the effect of children on the housewife's value of time.  ... 
doi:10.1086/260160 fatcat:lnzxoiuq2zd2bptdrwuqcx64d4

Children, Value of [chapter]

Elizabeth Thomson
2015 International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences  
In demography, the value of children refers most often to the benefits parents receive from having and rearing children.  ...  Cultural foundations for the value of children have also been explored.  ...  Culture and the Value of Children Broad cultural values may also serve as sources of specific or general values of children.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-08-097086-8.31063-7 fatcat:ui2duzellzhotiejj76vdebfhu
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