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System Dynamics in the Evolution of the Systems Approach [chapter]

Markus Schwaninger
2009 Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science  
This is necessary because SD is often erroneously taken as the systems approach as such, not as part of it.  ...  It is also requisite to show that the processes of the evolution of both the systems movement as a whole and SD in particular are intimately linked and intertwined.  ...  It implies that the varieties of two interacting systems must be in balance, if stability is to be achieved.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-30440-3_537 fatcat:mrzeleybbvftthfmaffx2ejp2q

System Enquiry: A System Dynamics Approach

Simon Peck, Eric F. Wolstenholme
1991 Journal of the Operational Research Society  
I suspect that most modern OR professionals will take the view that system dynamics, while having its own techniques and approaches, fits well into existing OR methodology alongside the variety of other  ...  If there is a criticism of this book, it is that more discussion of the methodological aspects of using system dynamics would have been welcome.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2583422 fatcat:n5g6ledvavfi5jwxibbqp7xnbm

System Enquiry: A System Dynamics Approach

Simon Peck
1991 Journal of the Operational Research Society  
I suspect that most modern OR professionals will take the view that system dynamics, while having its own techniques and approaches, fits well into existing OR methodology alongside the variety of other  ...  If there is a criticism of this book, it is that more discussion of the methodological aspects of using system dynamics would have been welcome.  ... 
doi:10.1057/jors.1991.175 fatcat:y5e47thx7bbgxffjsql3gwpo6q

Phenylenevinylene Systems: The Oligomer Approach [chapter]

Juan C. Cárdenas, Cristian Ochoa-Puentes, Cesar A. Sierra
2016 Conducting Polymers  
Herein, we describe the oligomer approach using the Mizoroki-Heck reaction as a synthetic route for oPVs and PPVs, and the importance of an extensive characterization for novel applications, such as photocatalysis  ...  oligomer approach.  ...  the reaction to take place at room temperature in a variety of solvents [22] .  ... 
doi:10.5772/63394 fatcat:oz5flhmzgjardmvz6evmg5yk6q

Metamodeling Approach for Hazard Management Systems

Anca Daniela Ionita, Mariana Mocanu
2017 Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Software Technologies  
The management of natural and human-caused hazards is performed by reuniting a large variety of stakeholders, non-homogeneous collections of data, and systems that may not have been conceived for interoperability  ...  The use of the model editor is exemplified on a system for early warning in case of accidental water pollution.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The work was realized within the Partnerships in Priority Areas Program -PN II, supported by MEN-UEFISCDI under the project number 298/2014.  ... 
doi:10.5220/0006417702570264 dblp:conf/icsoft/IonitaM17 fatcat:4lnoez3rjzfxhicria4cpjmzkq

Critical Analysis of the Systems Approach

Vladimir I. Zhukovsky, Daniil V. Pivovarov
2015 Journal of Siberian Federal University  
The critics argue that, firstly, the systems principle in its most important aspects is alternative to the holistic principle; secondly, the holistic principle is much richer and more realistic than the  ...  Keywords. systemness and wholeness, the systems approach, a thing as a metasystem, the holistic approach, epistemic truth of knowledge about the wholeness of things and logical correctness of systematic  ...  The systems principle in its most important aspects is an alternative to the holistic principle.  ... 
doi:10.17516/1997-1370-2015-8-8-1569-1575 fatcat:y5gp26xtybau3asslxh3qrm7ga

How to approach the development of enterprise information system

I. Vrana
2012 Agricultural Economics (AGRICECON)  
This paper deals with the basic rules for building an information system of the enterprise, particularly of medium or large  ones.  ...  These are mainly the enterprise information policy planning, project feasibility and forms of its management.  ...  IS PROJECT FEASIBILITY The project feasibility expresses the ability to control the project and to complete it successfully. The IS project feasibility is influenced by a variety of factors.  ... 
doi:10.17221/5165-agricecon fatcat:n3gqevl5ofaihoxs3gddfmiahe

System Approach for Reconstruction of the National Postal Systems

Pero Tabak
2011 Pošta, Telekomunikácie a Elektronický obchod  
Certainly it should be noted technological aspects in the creation of a national postal system and need to conduct research of postal services in the public postal network according customer requirements  ...  However, from the actual postal practices we could see two approaches, one where the Member States recognize and established the national strategy of postal system then restructured the national postal  ... 
doi:10.26552/pte.c.2011.2.4 fatcat:5vroebozs5ggddxhhz6zamvo2q

The Role of Systems Engineering in the Development of Information Systems

Miroljub Kljajic, John V. Farr
2008 International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach  
We found a positive trend in the evolution of research methodology in SE and its use in IS towards a system's approach as a holistic methodology.  ...  While SE is relatively a well-established discipline based upon an interdisciplinary approach to enable the realization of successful systems, ISD has evolved to a variant of SE applied mainly for the  ...  Applying a system approach (SA) and its interaction with systems engineering (SE) for a better understanding and development of the information systems (IS) disciplines is one of main goals of the new  ... 
doi:10.4018/jitsa.2008010104 fatcat:5yzxd6ml3bhk5h5gv5yl7cpxli

Systems approach in the research of human potential

D. I. Zakirova
2020 Bulletin of "Turan" University  
, the possibility of fixing knowledge, its alienation and reproduction, the form of interaction within the system of human potential.  ...  Within the framework of system approach, the elements of human potential are classified according to some characteristics: subjects of human potential, the content of knowledge as the basis of human potential  ...  At the same time, the system interacts with lower-order systems. It expresses the systemic and communicative aspect of consistency.  ... 
doi:10.46914/1562-2959-2020-1-4-76-80 fatcat:7wgyzs3e2fcwtdxe7tqcq4wn6y

The best diagnostic approach for systemic neonatal infections

Roberto Pedicino, Carmela Paciullo, Manuela Bedetta
2015 Italian Journal of Pediatrics  
Inflammatory Markers: many biomarkers tested in research gave a lot of aspectative not confirmed in the clinical practice.  ...  Introduction The difficulty to set up a diagnostic model to improve actual medical care results [1] , depends on the varieties of clinical presentations for serious infections in the newborn and on his  ... 
doi:10.1186/1824-7288-41-s1-a28 pmcid:PMC4595089 fatcat:odjg22bo4ncpbosww5v4ihnv2u

Revisiting the Categorical Approach to Systems* [chapter]

Antónia Lopes, José Luiz Fiadeiro
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Although the contribution of Category Theory as a mathematical platform for supporting software development, in the wake of Goguen's approach to General Systems, is now reasonably recognised, accepted  ...  and even used, the emergence of new modelling techniques and paradigms associated with the "New-Economy" suggests that the whole approach needs to be revisited.  ...  Introduction In the early 70's, J.Goguen proposed the use of categorical techniques in General Systems Theory for unifying a variety of notions of system behaviour and their composition techniques [11  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45719-4_29 fatcat:llkmvkfcwnhmzm3r47grolawty


N.V. Yakovenko, I.V. Komov
2016 Research Result Business and Service Technologies  
The levels of the social, economic and geographical system (SEGS) coincide with the state structure existing in Russia, due to its role in the forming base of all territorial social and economic systems  ...  The authors put emphasis on a topological approach towards the definition of the concept «the regional social, economic and geographical system».  ...  System approach is the main method in research studies of any territorial social and economic system, according to it the object is regarded as an integral variety of interconnected elements (components  ... 
doi:10.18413/2408-9346-2016-2-1-16-23 fatcat:bawzwavcxzhtlofmsjr3zjwsxq

An Open Quantum System Approach to the B-Mesons System

Raffaele Romano
2003 International Journal of Theoretical Physics  
We outline the main differences between this approach and the usual one in the description of evolution and decay of single mesons or correlated pairs.  ...  In this talk we consider a non standard evolution for the neutral B-mesons system, namely, an evolution in the open quantum systems framework.  ...  Arno Bohm and the other organizers for the invitation to the workshop; I am also grateful to F. Benatti and R. Floreanini for many helpful discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1023/b:ijtp.0000005971.45408.81 fatcat:ly2b7pwgyzhmlf3qieljhigooq

A systems approach to the physiology of weightlessness

Ronald J. White, Joel I. Leonard, John A. Rummel, Carolyn S. Leach
1982 Journal of medical systems  
This paper presents a systems approach to the unraveling of the complex response pattern of the human subjected to the challenge of weightlessness.  ...  The cornerstone of this approach is the utilization of a variety of mathematical models in order to pose and test alternative hypotheses concerned with the adapta• tion process.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration through contracts NAS 9-15487 and NAS 9-16328.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf00992878 pmid:7142855 fatcat:xzdzovvaurddpixrzgr4jp7b64
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