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Page 5 of Science Trends Vol. 14, Issue 14 [page]

1965 Science Trends  
BUREAU INTERNATIONAL YEARBOOK: Volume IV of the Bureau of Mines' series of statistical and economic reports.  ...  GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS IN SPACE: A Congressional report on the role of the military and civil agencies in developing the frontier of space.  ... 

Computer Architecture and Amdahl's Law

Gene M. Amdahl
2007 IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Newsletter  
Figure 1 shows a diagram of the Illiac IV; Figure 2 shows the performance of the Illiac IV on a problem having a varied, but reasonable, range of parallelism under the control of an operating system  ...  Figure 3 shows the performance of the super uniprocessor on that same problem and operating system; Figure 4 shows the performance of the Illiac IV with Slotnick's expected future goal of 256 E-units  ... 
doi:10.1109/n-ssc.2007.4785612 fatcat:cmnjk47rzvgl5esuzo5a6m5qja

Page 1180 of American Anthropologist Vol. 70, Issue 6 [page]

1968 American Anthropologist  
(The Illiac IV is a joint project of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois and the Burroughs Corpo. ration. It will be available for operation in about two years.  ...  REFERENCES CITED BURROUGHS CORPORATION 1966 Illiac IV system study, Final Report. Submitted to the University of Illinois, CRICK, F. H. C. 1966 The genetic code: III.  ... 

Page 262 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 57, Issue 1 [page]

1979 Mathematical Reviews  
These results are of current interest due to the present Illiac IV programming effort.” Sudborough, I. H.; Zalcberg, A. 1969 On families of languages defined by time-bounded random access machines.  ...  These results show that, for irregular per- mutations, these recently developed interconnection schemes yield a speedup of at most O(4/N) over the Illiac IV-type intercon- nections.  ... 

A method of test generation for fault location in combinational logic

Y. Koga, C. Chen, K. Naemura
1970 Proceedings of the November 17-19, 1970, fall joint computer conference on - AFIPS '70 (Fall)  
AND operations are trans-* In the case of the ILLIAC IV PE design, the Boolean equations are automatically generated from wiring information.  ...  The network shown in Figure 6 is a typical control logic of the ILLIAC IV PE.  ...  This method is a powerful tool for testing tree structure logic networks. If the structure of a logic network is not of the tree type, the conflicts may occur.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1478462.1478473 dblp:conf/afips/KogaCN70 fatcat:pj7re654q5gwvfopy6qgpte4ca

Modular Asynchronous Control Design

Nordmann, McCormick
1977 IEEE transactions on computers  
After discussing several basic control modules, the overall design of control sequencing is described and a particular control sequence taken from the Illiac III computer is worked as an example of the  ...  A modular design strategy for the implementation of control logic is discussed.  ...  This linked list is a very special form, called a pointer stack in the Illiac III system.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tc.1977.1674808 fatcat:a5xuxgwlqng7nckfdzhbe6jcua

Parallel Computers in Signal Processing

Narsingh Deo
1985 Defence Science Journal  
The paper reviews various types of parallel computer architectures from the viewpoint of signal and image processing.  ...  Signal processing often requires a great deal of raw computing power for which it is important to take a look at parallel computers.  ...  This is why ILLIAC IV was delivered long after its due date and became operational only in 1975-9 years after its construction was started.  ... 
doi:10.14429/dsj.35.6031 fatcat:bbmfjzefgrcellkfnvpmuxl5ve

Abstracts of Current Computer Literature

1969 IEEE transactions on computers  
Logic Debugging and Diagnosis of the Processing Element of the ILLIAC IV Computer 6977 Relational, processing Programmers List-Processing System Based on Di- rected Graph Structures Manipulated  ...  These methods are being applied to the logic debugging and diagnosis of the processing element of the ILLIAC IV computer.  ... 
doi:10.1109/t-c.1969.222790 fatcat:6uoe3hk6ffhxvgnifzisoykq4e

Abstracts of Current Computer Literature

1969 IEEE transactions on computers  
The structure of ILLIAC IV, a parallel- array computer containing 256 processing elements, is described.  ...  The ILLIAC IV operating system, applications programming, and a high-level array language are included. Several examples of programs are given to illustrate the utility of the language.  ... 
doi:10.1109/t-c.1969.222625 fatcat:n6paydv7k5aaphhvk5wom2xplu

Nonlinear filtering algorithms for vector processing machines

Richard S. Bucy, Kenneth D. Senne
1980 Computers and Mathematics with Applications  
Implementation of the nonlinear filter on various computer architectures, including the CDC6600/76G9, CDC STAR-100, lliiac IV, the CRAY-I, and the Floating Point Systems AP120B is reviewed.  ...  Detailed Monte Carlo performance analysis is presented for the two-dimensional system, while partial results are included for the three dimensional case.  ...  (c) The Illiac IV algorithm The primary considerations for programming the Illiac IV array are the proper utilization of all of the 64 processor elements (PEs) and minimization of data routing between  ... 
doi:10.1016/0898-1221(80)90040-1 fatcat:2bxjpihrrrbq5mspxesk5qafhi

Page 3 of Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology Vol. 13, Issue 1 [page]

1981 Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology  
ILLIAC IV (Slotnick et al 1972), is the way in which the DAP has been integrated into a modern serial computer.  ...  Software Architecture Any user of a 2900 system interacts with the VME/B Operating system using the System Control Language The Australian Computer journel, Vol. 13, No. 1, February 1987 | VME/B system  ... 

A Model of SIMD Machines and a Comparison of Various Interconnection Networks

1979 IEEE transactions on computers  
A formal mathematical model of single instruc-  ...  This is the network implemented in the Illiac IV [6] and DAP [12] systems. Its ability to perform various tasks is discussed in [1] , [6] , [12] , [18] . Pm-I Pi+IPiPi-I Po for 0 < i < m.  ...  This type of machine structure is designed to exploit the parallelism of tasks such as vector and matrix operations. A formal mathematical model of SIMD machines is defined.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tc.1979.1675280 fatcat:zv5qaf4a7fdzja3ui4skmnbvdi

Page 408 of Thought Vol. 61, Issue 243 [page]

1986 Thought  
Mod- ern array processors are Illiac-IV, BSP (Burroughs Scientific), and MPP (Massively Parallel Processor by Goodyear Aerospace).  ...  Included on the list of multiprocessor systems are C.mmp sys- tem and Cm* system developed at Carnegie Melion University, the S-1 mul- tiprocessor system developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Labora  ... 

R68-32 The IADIC: A Hybrid Computing Element

O. Serlin
1968 IEEE transactions on computers  
Of course, it is entirely possible that digital computers that are essentially parallel in structure (e.g., SOLOMON, ILLIAC IV, parallel DDA) may be able to take advantage of a multiplicity of AD converters  ...  ) and should be as useful at the AD end of a hybrid system as the M DAC is at the DA end.  ...  Of course, it is entirely possible that digital computers that are essentially parallel in structure (e.g., SOLOMON, ILLIAC IV, parallel DDA) may be able to take advantage of a multiplicity of AD converters  ... 
doi:10.1109/tc.1968.227416 fatcat:vdlx3sk7kffzjlmindxzjkhcrm

Parallel Tridiagonal Equation Solvers

Harold S. Stone
1975 ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software  
For array computers similar to ILLIAC IV, cyclic odd-even reduction has the least operation count for highly structured sets of equations, and recursive doubling has the least count for relatively unstructured  ...  This paper compares three parallel algorithms for the direct solution of tridiagonal linear systems of equations. The algorithms are suitable for computers such as ILLIAC IV and CDC STAR.  ...  Acknowledgement The author is deeply indebted to Prof. Gene Golub of Stanford University for many discussions, comments, and suggestions regarding this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1145/355656.355657 fatcat:dcegxoxuajhllhqsig6yz75ota
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