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"It Was Like Listening to Someone Laughing Their Way Toward Death": Black Noise, Vocal Experiments, and Sonic Silence in Chester Himes's The Heat's On

Dorottya Mozes
2022 Open Cultural Studies  
Finally, the article emphasizes the link between what it terms sonic silence, embodied practices of listening and breathing where keeping breath in the Black body can be seen as a prerequisite to interconnected  ...  Taking up Sharpe's call for recognizing "insistent Black visualsonic resistance to that imposition of non/being," it finds that Himes's soundscapes in The Heat's On offer alternatives to how western sound  ...  Furthermore, sonic silence delivers them to the sounds of their making, in particular, the sound of their heavy breathing.  ... 
doi:10.1515/culture-2022-0152 fatcat:nhbn325rvratpim6sxdnz4dtou

"Let's Listen with Our Eyes ..." The Deconstruction of Deafness in Christine Sun Kim's Sound Art [chapter]

Anna Benedikt
2021 Under Construction: Performing Critical Identity  
UAWMF's anti-racism depended on the overarching concept of the "Hip Community", of the Motherfucker coming to erase any and all traces of past identities, including those codified as racial.  ...  [CrossRef] Anderson, Leon. 2006 Almost all of the 'core members' of the group were white, with Latinos and blacks following (Neumann 2008, p. 59), perhaps solely due to the group's positioning in the  ...  How to find a place for these memories and how to find the trace of these lives? 12 How might these thoughts and actions attain recognition?  ... 
doi:10.3390/books978-3-03897-500-7-3 fatcat:q7ca7vkxxfh43lizxsvkamgxla

A virtual auditory environment for investigating the auditory signal processing of realistic sounds

Sylvain Favrot, Jörg M. Buchholz
2008 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
On the basis of original data for 2005 -2007 period, and archives of Department of Vertebrate Zoology of Saint-Petersburg State University, the history of local dialect of Redwing ͑Turdus iliacus͒ from  ...  The consistency of the objective ͑time histories͒ and subjective ͑listening tests͒ findings showed that covered commercial areas may have a specific sound environment.  ...  The resulting frequency spectra and time histories of the generated flexural wave pulses have been calculated for different values of laser pulse energy and for different heights of the laser beam focusing  ... 
doi:10.1121/1.2936003 fatcat:ontu6yamdvgbnooet5fe36fm74

Sights, Sounds, Memories: South African Soldier Experiences of the Second World War

Rodney Warwick, Chris Saunders
2021 South African Historical Journal  
In Michel Foucault's analysis of the history of sexuality, he traces a development in attitudes towards sex and sexuality in Europe from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, where the earlier period  ...  He became a sounding board for several unit commanders, who either sought to 'correct' the history that was being projected, or gain advice on the writing of a post-war history.  ...  However, the phenomenon of transnational volunteers for military service in foreign conflicts has a long history.  ... 
doi:10.1080/02582473.2021.1924247 fatcat:6oakuotauzfd7gjpo7z7f6ryhq

Herta Müller's Atemschaukel (The Hunger Angel) in the Context of Twentieth-Century Forced Migration in East-Central Europe

Ernő Csongor Kiss
2018 Hungarian Cultural Studies  
In the absence of official ownership, the legacies of these colletive and individual traumas became predominantly text-based (rather than image- or monument-based).  ...  My paper elaborates Herta Müller's Gulag novel, Atemschaukel (2009; published in English under the title of The Hunger Angel in 2012), in the historical, political and ethical contexts of twentieth-century  ...  Müller and her writing, just as the deep silence surrounding Romanian-German involvement in the history of the Third Reich.  ... 
doi:10.5195/ahea.2018.323 fatcat:s4zvya6e65eebd5ubm66d6ncaa

The edge of modernism: American poetry and the traumatic past

2006 ChoiceReviews  
My thinking for this book began in response to the graduate students in my "Literature and the Real" seminar at Emory University and to the participants in the trauma seminar that I led for the Modern  ...  A number of talks given at the Modern Language Association, Modern Studies Association, American Studies Association, and the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society as well as lectures  ...  of some of the leading theorists of Holocaust trauma working within the fields of history, literature, and documentary and video testimony. .  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.44-0803 fatcat:xmgbzsvbq5gvzbigcfukk3eiie

Memory, History, and the Construction of Self in Dina Arma's Novel The Road Home (Doroga domoy) (2009)

Lidia Zhigunova
2016 Journal of Caucasian Studies  
History looms large in Circassian intellectual and literary imagination as a source of anxiety, anger, and affirmation for a people who were and still are denied history, whose humanity was at once disdained  ...  How does Arma engage in the process of rewriting and reconstructing history and how does she articulate the ways of re-existence and transformation of one's culture and identity?  ...  The reconceptualization of the history of Circassians in Russian historiography, overcoming the archival silences and absences, and withholding the "permission to narrate" became important topics in both  ... 
doi:10.21488/jocas.27782 fatcat:zenh722phbecbecoatsbafujsy

The Palestinian Perspective: Understanding the Legacy of al-Nakba Through the Palestinian Narrative

Muhammad Jamal Saadah
2022 Berkeley undergraduate journal  
The Palestinian Perspective Palestinians today find their memories of trauma, as well as their general culture and history, challenged by the historical frameworks and atmospheres produced and used by  ...  As a result, Palestinians today find their memories of trauma challenged and in some cases outright denied via these historical frameworks and atmospheres produced by the Israeli government.  ...  A fragmented archive Israeli history is deeply rooted in the aim to appropriate the history of Palestine while silencing the Palestinian voices. 34 t isn't that Palestinian archives did not exist, but  ... 
doi:10.5070/b335254822 fatcat:jvikizu745fifhfnvuv5salu5m

Herbaceous Traces: A History of Agri/cultural Sinuosities

Camille Roulière
2021 Performance Philosophy  
Their punctual nature accounts/allows for ruptures, disruptions and (dis)continuity: each intervention carries its own rhythms of the collision between past and future in its midst.  ...  In particular, I draw on the concept of trace as theorised by philosophers Jacques Derrida and Édouard Glissant to explore and produce aesthetic interventions which reveal, shape, coerce and/or support  ...  Such a discerning analysis reminds me of Derrida, who ponders if "the end of history is but the end of a certain concept of history" (2006, 17, original emphasis) .  ... 
doi:10.21476/pp.2021.62321 doaj:fd91d7a6a32644afa15472718a986795 fatcat:vnhyu7jmynf6rcq35ap445yxke


(:Unkn) Unknown, University, My, Miles Orvell
, Julia Alvarez, and Amy Tan (immigrants or second-generation citizens), who write about personal tragedies and trauma to address the issue of omission and silence in historical records.  ...  of History that do not incorporate a multitude of voices and points of opinion.  ...  CHAPTER 3 ERASURES AND ELISIONS: SILENCED HISTORY AND THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN EDWIDGE DANTICAT'S BREATH, EYES, MEMORY In the 20th anniversary edition of Breath, Eyes, Memory, there is a printed interview  ... 
doi:10.34944/dspace/7727 fatcat:anv3ddhzlzggbe7hx5pkwfe2gy

Reading Myself and Worlds: Coping Strategies in the Face of Cumulative Trauma [chapter]

Danielle Schaub
2018 What Happened? Re-presenting Traumas, Uncovering Recoveries  
Winnicott, 'The theory of the parent-infant relationship,' International Jour- nal of Psycho-Analysis 41 (1960): 585-595 and 'Mirror role of mother and family in child development,' In Donald W.  ...  two history pages a week, for instance.  ... 
doi:10.1163/9789004385931_010 fatcat:myj4pvrxsbdahaespx4pej5s2q

This page intentionally left blank : silence and sexual violence in contemporary Canadian literature and drama

Lucia Marie Lorenzi
The introduction establishes a methodological framework for my analysis, tracing a history of silence and its relationship to sexual assault narratives.  ...  In Chapter 1, I discuss histories of censorship in order to set up a historical and political context for silence as a tool of oppression.  ...  silence that is part and parcel of histories of gender violence, including the textual and archival violence of elision and erasure.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0223828 fatcat:dzuvv37tcrafnhjb2qacxk6es4

Refract Journal, Volume 3: Hauntings and Traces Full Issue

Refract Journal Editorial Board
2020 Refract An Open Access Visual Studies Journal  
Memory is one of the intangible archives and thus the repository for these obdurate traces.  ...  Can you expand more on the traces that are left in the archive and how destruction, invisibility, and these vestiges of trauma amalgamate to rewrite historical narratives?  ...  Diffraction, rather than refraction, as an approach to Banaban histories, works for me because of the numerous geopolitical, economic, agricultural, and Indigenous interests in an island that functioned  ... 
doi:10.5070/r73151195 fatcat:o33zpdsrova5xkjdv6admxnroe

Composting Settler Colonial Distortions: Cultivating Critical Land-Based Family History

Kristen B. French, Amy Sanchez, Eddy Ullom
2020 Genealogy  
Using a process of unsettling reflexivity to analyze and interrupt settler colonial logics, the authors share their storied journeys, lessons learned and limitations for the cultivation of Critical Land-based  ...  Engaging in spiral discourse through Critical Personal Narratives, the authors theorize critical family history, Land-based learning, and Indigenous decolonial and anti-settler colonial frameworks.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/genealogy4030084 fatcat:kpy3y7xac5fhpc7a5gnxnvcz3a

Irish Studies Round the World – 2009

David Pierce
2010 Estudios Irlandeses  
the poetic persona is finding in class consciousness, in trauma and in grief.  ...  Jobs are scarce in the depressed economy of 1950s Ireland and Eilis, finishing a bookkeeping course, is struggling to find work.  ...  However, from these oral accounts of the Famine and the hopes associated with emigration Lloyd purports to find traces of a Messianic vision.  ... 
doi:10.24162/ei2010-2483 fatcat:acmhn3j6ofajze45tsypf5jjpe
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