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Dynamic Evolution and the Mechanism behind the Coupling Coordination Relationship between Industrial Integration and Urban Land-Use Efficiency: A Case Study of the Yangtze River Economic Zone in China

Kun Ge, Shan Zou, Xinhai Lu, Shangan Ke, Danling Chen, Zhangsheng Liu
2022 Land  
Based on this system, this paper analyzes the evolution process and the mechanism behind the coupling coordination relationship between industrial integration and ULUE with the help of the coupling coordination  ...  In particular, the impact of industrial agglomeration and factor flow on the ULUE and the impact of land on industrial integration in terms of ecological environment were prominent.  ...  Spatial differentiation of coupling coordination between industrial integration and ULUE.  ... 
doi:10.3390/land11020261 fatcat:6rhz5mfz5vb6vamf67uev633si

Spatio-Temporal Coupling Characteristics and the Driving Mechanism of Population-Land-Industry Urbanization in the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Liejia Huang, Peng Yang, Boqing Zhang, Weiyan Hu
2021 Land  
The high value of coupling degree and coordination degree are clustered continuously in developed cities, provincial capitals, and central cities of the downstream reaches of the Yangtze River. (4) The  ...  On the whole, the three-dimensional urbanization is in a running-in period, and land-based urbanization dominates, while population-based urbanization and industry-based urbanization are relatively lagging  ...  Acknowledgments: We thank the anonymous referees for their comments on the paper. We are grateful to Hai Liu, Man Yuan and Liu Tian for their help in the part of data processing.  ... 
doi:10.3390/land10040400 fatcat:arthphntpng6rhy5glgwq3ogla

Spatial-temporal Evolution of the Urban-rural Coordination Relationship in Northeast China in 1990–2018

Ying Wang, Xiaohong Chen, Pingjun Sun, Hang Liu, Jiaxin He
2021 Chinese Geographical Science  
Second, the urban-rural coupling coordination degree in Northeast China had spatial differences and was characterized by central polarization, converging on urban agglomeration, which was high in the south  ...  model and geographically and temporally weighted regression (GTWR) model to analyze the spatial-temporal patterns and the corresponding driving mechanisms of its urban-rural coordination since 1990.  ...  The spatial differentiation of the major mechanisms determined the spatial pattern of the urban-rural coupling coordination degree in Northeast China.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11769-021-1202-z fatcat:74cgztsukjdu7cqcyyoua7zzju

Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Sustainable Urbanization Development: A Perspective of the Coupling Coordination Development Based on Population, Industry, and Built-Up Land Spatial Agglomeration

Yanjing Zhang, Zhengguo Su, Guan Li, Yuefei Zhuo, Zhongguo Xu
2018 Sustainability  
This study proposes an integrated coupling coordination index system in sustainable urbanization evaluation based on population, industry, and built-up land, to evaluate the spatial-temporal evolution  ...  A series of negative effects of urban development have emerged owing to the imbalance of population, industry, and built-up land spatial agglomeration.  ...  Acknowledgments: The research reported in this paper is supported by the Key Program of National Social Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 13AZD012).  ... 
doi:10.3390/su10061766 fatcat:hjlkdqvkgzdrnjaqkwtg5nemyi

An Empirical Study on the Agglomeration Characteristics of China's Construction Industry Based on Spatial Autocorrelation and Spatiotemporal Transition

Likun Zhao, Junsen Tian, Yanqi Liu, Rui Liu, Hou-Sheng Su
2021 Complexity  
Based on the analysis of the spatiotemporal distribution of China's construction industry agglomeration, this paper analyzes the characteristics and evolution trend of the spatiotemporal agglomeration  ...  Spatially, China's construction industry, as a whole, the space takes the shape of one horizontal and two vertical, similar to the letter "H" being crossed.  ...  e authors acknowledge and are grateful for the funding.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/5539047 fatcat:gejnyhvqbbg6xcnpllzd7xi3dq

The Spatiotemporal Coupling Characteristics of Regional Urbanization and Its Influencing Factors: Taking the Yangtze River Delta as an Example

Dong Xu, Guolin Hou
2019 Sustainability  
The research on the coupling coordination of regional urbanization is of great significance for achieving sustainable urbanization.  ...  Based on the theories of coordinated development, this paper constructs an index system for comprehensive evaluation of the three sub-systems of urbanization (population, economy and land urbanization)  ...  Acknowledgments: We thank the academic editors and anonymous reviewers for their kind suggestions and valuable comments. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su11030822 fatcat:l54yf2aetjchzjiyuymuac4j3y

Spatial-temporal Evolution of Coupling Coordination between Socio-economic Development and Growth of Service Economy—A Case Study in Zhejiang Province

Ping SUN, Chang-Juan ZHENG
2017 DEStech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research  
Based on the analysis of coupling mechanism between socio-economic growth and the growth of service economy, this paper reconstructed the evaluation index system of regional socio-economic development  ...  On the use of coupling coordination model, this paper measured the coupling development of socio-economic development and the growth of service economy in Zhejiang Province, and carried out spatial econometric  ...  Acknowledgement This research was financially supported by the ministry of education humanities and social science fundation (No.12YJA630196).  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtetr/sste2016/6613 fatcat:mgypzfc7lffx7efmwsa7gv2tzq

Spatial Heterogeneity of Coupling Coordination Development between Logistics and Economy in Central Plains of China

Guangliang Zhou, Congyu Zhao, Ming Wu, Yu Chen, Fuli Zhou, Marcio Eisencraft
2022 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
) the overall coupling and coordination level of logistics industry and economy in the Central Plains City Cluster is not high and is at the stage of imminent disorder; in space, it presents a spatial  ...  To promote the regional development of urban agglomeration in Central Plains of China, this paper attempts to study the spatial divergence of coupling development and the influential factors.  ...  , which are the southern cities with obvious clustering characteristics. (3) e spatial differentiation of the hot and cold spots of the coupling and coordination degree of the two systems in the Central  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/7388666 fatcat:mftzlgf7sfan3ockx3a3zcusbq

Research on Construction Land Use Benefit and the Coupling Coordination Relationship Based on a Three-Dimensional Frame Model—A Case Study in the Lanzhou-Xining Urban Agglomeration

Weiping Zhang, Peiji Shi, Huali Tong
2022 Land  
Therefore, based on the coupling coordination connotation and interaction mechanism of construction land use benefit (CLUB), we measured the CLUB level and the coupling coordination degree (CCD) between  ...  Coordinating the social, economic, and eco-environmental benefits of construction land use has become the key to the high-quality development of Lanzhou-Xining urban agglomerations (LXUA).  ...  Acknowledgments: We sincerely thank the reviewers for their helpful comments and suggestions about our manuscript. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/land11040460 fatcat:iahycggt2jfxno7w63jmxrtxay

Spatial and Temporal Measurement of the Interaction between the County Economy and Rural Transformation in Xinjiang, China

Bo Tan, Hongwei Wang, Chen Ma, Xiaoqin Wang, Jing Zhou
2021 Sustainability  
Given the background of urbanization and rural revitalization in the new era, it is important to explore the synergy between regional macroeconomics and rural transformation, as a balanced and coordinated  ...  The county economy has a stronger spatial dependence on rural transformation and insufficient spillover, a stagnating effect, mainly negative driving effects, and unstable interaction effects; while the  ...  Acknowledgments: We thank the editor and the reviewers for their insightful and valuable suggestions, which greatly improved the quality of this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13095318 fatcat:6r2afqvobnhglogmpov2ey7t7q

Spatial–Temporal Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Coupled Coordination between Urbanization and Eco-Environment: A Case Study of 13 Urban Agglomerations in China

Jia Wan, Liwei Zhang, Junping Yan, Xiaomeng Wang, Ting Wang
2020 Sustainability  
Based on the population–economy–society–spatial model and the pressure–state–response model, this study develops an evaluation index system for the urbanization and eco-environment of 13 urban agglomerations  ...  The coupled coordination of the two indices is measured with the coupled coordination model, and the influence of the indicator factors is calculated with a geographical detector.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su12218821 fatcat:62md4y5kpfg7fnkw6hi4icttle

Coupling Coordination Development of the Logistics Industry, New Urbanization and the Ecological Environment in the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Chong Ye, Jiawei Pi, Hanqi Chen
2022 Sustainability  
The entropy method, coupled coordination degree model and exploratory spatial data analysis method are used to empirically analyze the spatial and temporal evolution patterns of the coupled coordination  ...  These reflect the enormous spatial and temporal differences in the coupling coordination of the three systems in the Yangtze River Economic Belt.  ...  Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Evolution of the Coupling and Coordination of the Logistics Industry, New Urbanization and Ecological Environment According to the coupling coordination degree model  ... 
doi:10.3390/su14095298 fatcat:7ifpkhdhjzb63jcxq6ssjzwmva

Study on the Evolution, Driving Factors, and Regional Comparison of Innovation Patterns in the Yangtze River Delta

Dongsheng Yan, Wei Sun
2022 Land  
, based on the coefficient of variation, locational Gini coefficient, and the relative development rate index.  ...  On the one hand, different periods show an intensification of factor inputs and external linkage effects, as well as the differentiation of urban development state effects.  ...  spatial study based on the classification of realistic development conditions.  ... 
doi:10.3390/land11060876 fatcat:jt47dlmamfhjfcn2diygbv4wjq

Analysis of the Spatial Structure of Regional Enterprises and Its Impact on Regional Economic Development Based on the Data Envelopment Analysis Model (DEA)

Lei Wang, Yuan He, Tongwen Wang, Miaochao Chen
2021 Journal of Mathematics  
Firstly, the concepts of urban agglomeration, regional spatial pattern evolution, and coordinated regional development and their connotations are explained to define the research topic of this paper.  ...  of the coupling coordination degree of the three are comprehensively analyzed, and the spatial classification of the coupling coordination type of each county unit is made.  ...  differences, and regional economic growth dynamics. e paper's research on the spatial structure evolution of economic growth rate and efficiency as well as the quality of urban agglomerations and its coupling  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/8153506 fatcat:ypej4t2apzgxdlry74rzpe2pai

Coupling Coordinated Development of Space-Industry in Central Plains Urban Agglomeration

Yuhan Yang
2020 Modern Economy  
mechanism for the coordinated development of industry and space.  ...  plains urban agglomeration spatial and industrial comprehensive development level and the coupling coordination degree, the results show that most cities are in dissonance.  ...  Note: The data are calculated according to relevant formulas and data collation.  ... 
doi:10.4236/me.2020.1110113 fatcat:suslw3n6bvf4vdis7rmmo27ebu
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