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A Pragmatic Study Of Metaphorization In English Newspaper Headlines

Wang Haiyan
2013 Zenodo  
This paper attempts to explore the phenomenon of metaphorization in English newspaper headlines from the perspective of pragmatic investigation.  ...  With relevance theory as the guideline, this paper makes an explanation of the processing of metaphor with a pragmatic approach and points that metaphor is the stimulus adopted by journalists to achieve  ...  INTRODUCTION HIS study aims to explore the phenomenon of metaphorization in today's English newspaper headlines with a pragmatic approach.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1088903 fatcat:syuv2wyot5ftfeddvsbmbpxwny

Page 691 of Communication Abstracts Vol. 23, Issue 5 [page]

2000 Communication Abstracts  
The metaphorical story of The Wizard of Oz proved to be an effective intervention with tornado disaster survivors, the editor of this article found.  ...  Even as online newspapers are trying to identify a niche in cyberspace, disagreement exists as to whether it will be a financially viable medium for them.  ... 

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Figurative Language in Pakistani English Newspapers

Rashid Mahmood, Misbah Obaid, Aleem Shakir
2014 International Journal of Linguistics  
It explores how figurative language is used in communicating ideas to facilitate the readers and to uncover the manipulation through its usage.  ...  This research highlights the implicit function of figurative language in the English Newspapers.  ...  This gives an implied meaning as actually time is unable to run so it is a metaphor. Metaphors are abstract relations which appear to be more convincing and persuade the reader.  ... 
doi:10.5296/ijl.v6i3.5412 fatcat:3cohrti2tffqhgojmlaqxo2lzq

What the query told the link

Gene Golovchinsky
1997 Proceedings of the eighth ACM conference on Hypertext - HYPERTEXT '97  
The newspaper metaphor is used to organize the retrieval results.  ...  An experiment has been conducted to test the relative effectiveness of dynamic links and user-specified queries.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research was conducted as part of the author's Ph.D. research in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto.  ... 
doi:10.1145/267437.267445 dblp:conf/ht/Golovchinsky97 fatcat:2juzv3i46fcijbd3u5zda7hsk4

"Editing" Genes: A Case Study About How Language Matters in Bioethics

Meaghan O'Keefe, Sarah Perrault, Jodi Halpern, Lisa Ikemoto, Mark Yarborough
2015 American Journal of Bioethics  
Metaphors used to describe new technologies mediate public understanding of the innovations.  ...  Analyzing the linguistic, rhetorical, and affective aspects of these metaphors opens the range of issues available for bioethical scrutiny and increases public accountability.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT We thank Paul Knoepfler, PhD, for the very useful background information about CRISPRcas9 he provided to us as we prepared the article. &  ... 
doi:10.1080/15265161.2015.1103804 pmid:26632354 fatcat:s4roulqzmbfzxmrqzwuwqqmyaq

Page 28 of Electronic Publishing Vol. 7, Issue 2 [page]

1994 Electronic Publishing  
NewsPeek [28] uses the metaphor of a newspaper front page and Newspace [5] the metaphor of a set of newspaper article clippings for an news-oriented informa- tion retrieval system.  ...  The NewsPeek [28] system has incorporated several concepts for content individualiza- tion based on content analysis and complex keyword filters as well as concepts for changing the newspaper content because  ... 

Page 95 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 93, Issue 1 [page]

2006 Psychological Abstracts  
In nominal metaphors, such as ‘‘My lawyer is a shark’’, the metaphor vehicle ‘‘shark’’ refers to an abstract category of predatory crea- tures, not to the basic-level concept, the literal fish we call  ...  It turns out that the absence of auxiliary vocabulary, such as connectives, may be an advantage when storing information in the mental reservoir—Journal abstract. 740. Wu, Ruey-Jiuan Regina.  ... 

The Word Weavers: Newshounds and Wordsmsiths

Eun Young Bae
2009 Issues in Applied Linguistics  
the cases of newspaper reportage and emails.  ...  In her book The Word Weavers: Newshounds and Wordsmiths, Jean Aitchison, one of the eminent scholars in the field of language and the media, explores the validity of the long-standing belief of the inferiority  ...  In the next two chapters, Aitchison investigates the language of poetry, which is one type of imaginative writing, as an attempt to explore the similarities and differences between literary writers' and  ... 
doi:10.5070/l4171005107 fatcat:2xt2heyhp5fqvkbhsxdlhoa5iy

The Communicative Functions of Tanzanian Online Newspaper Headlines

Nasibu M. K. Musa, Gechemba Damaris Nyakoe, Kenneth Odhiambo
2020 International Journal of Innovative Research & Development  
The studies by Haiyan (2013) and MoleK-Kozakowska (2014) have attempted to explore the occurrence of metaphorization in newspaper headlines.  ...  have the intention to inform the audience (acting as an abstract of the news).  ... 
doi:10.24940/ijird/2020/v9/i9/sep20001 fatcat:rqzdwct5snbtvatmmztcjnjoqe

Schizophrenia, an Illness and a metaphor: analysis of the use of the term 'schizophrenia' in the UK national newspapers

A. K Chopra, G. A Doody
2007 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine  
Design An examination of articles published in the British press.  ...  containing the term schizophrenia used the word as a metaphor.  ...  Sontag suggested that as the aetiology of an illness becomes clearer, the stigma and metaphorization reduce.  ... 
doi:10.1258/jrsm.100.9.423 pmid:17766915 pmcid:PMC1963407 fatcat:qdqexwga2fa5vlkb3aujvinsje

Problems in Translating Economic Terminology from English into Arabic and vice versa

Iman Ahmad Mukhtar Imam, Mustafa Riad, Ahmad Elezabi
2020 مجلة البحث العلمی فی الآداب  
the same stylistic register (formal versus informal language), frequent use of metaphoric expressions and collocations in business media discourse.  ...  Finally, the researcher explores the dominant metaphoric expressions and collocations frequently used in business media discourse and suggests their translations.  ...  Metaphors are used excessively in business magazines, books and newspapers as they have positive impact on readers' cognition.  ... 
doi:10.21608/jssa.2020.80150 fatcat:4knsnj7lrrdfdgfvjrstp62drq

Nature of Mediatization of Sino-Kenya Relations by the Kenyan Mainstream Press

2021 New Media and Mass Communication  
An explorative research design approach was adopted to address the question of meditization by the mainstream press on Sino-Kenya relations.  ...  The study used the political economy and the mediatization theories to critically explore and get the discourses in the selected Kenyan Newspapers' mediatization of Sino-Kenya relations.  ...  It is from these targeted newspaper copies that the researcher relied on as an accurate and representative population for study.  ... 
doi:10.7176/nmmc/97-04 fatcat:lafpv6kbtjfbzpddbgrmdmraiu

Crime rates and local newspaper coverage of schizophrenia

Arun K. Chopra, Gillian A. Doody
2007 Psychiatric bulletin of the Royal College of Psychiatrists  
Schizophrenia has entered the language as a metaphor. Clinical Implications Local levels of crime do not appear to influence the portrayal of schizophrenia in local newspapers.  ...  This study looks at whether there are differences in the portrayal of schizophrenia in the local newspapers of Nottingham, an area with a high crime rate and Dorset, an area with a low crime rate.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the editors of the newspapers reported in this article, Graham Glen (Nottingham Evening Post), Neal Butterworth (The Daily Echo) and David Murdock (Dorset Echo) for discussing  ... 
doi:10.1192/pb.bp.106.011577 fatcat:f7eyemklhnanlfsxisvs3do6ky


Isheryakova Joanna Laylo Khaydarova
2022 Zenodo  
the same stylistic register (formal versus informal language), frequent use of metaphoric expressions and collocations in media business discourse.  ...  This study aims at exploring and solving the main obstacles in translating economic texts; namely, lexical problems and their impact on translating economic terminology, using the equivalence that is form  ...  the same stylistic register (formal versus informal language), frequent use of metaphoric expressions and collocations in business media discourse.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6719851 fatcat:gdjifhyyrnahdbopge57lycdtq

Page 854 of Communication Abstracts Vol. 21, Issue 6 [page]

1998 Communication Abstracts  
In this chapter, the author, the pioneering student of archetypal metaphor, explores some intriguing questions about the rhetoric of early feminists: How were gender differences manifested in the metaphors  ...  Experts also ana- lyzed the contents of six leading newspapers representing the political spectrum. This paper is an edited version of the preliminary report on the Russian presiden- tial elections.  ... 
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