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Advancing the mission

Mukesh K. Jain
2015 Journal of Clinical Investigation  
I realized that in order for us to understand the mission, we needed to have a stated mission.  ...  As such, we felt it proper to connect physicianscientists with significant achievements throughout long careers to those who are early in their careers.  ... 
doi:10.1172/jci83335 pmid:26241056 pmcid:PMC4588297 fatcat:qvqzlxdpw5d35n5ncjgnrr5bom

Health information outreach: the land-grant mission

J J McGowan
2000 Bulletin of the Medical Library Association  
Reengineering library services designed to meet the specific information needs of its diverse clientele, partnering with disparate health care organizations, and relying on fees for service to expand its  ...  Service to the state is one of the core principles of the land-grant mission.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author gratefully acknowledges the faculty and staff of the Dana Medical Library, whose creativity, dedication, and hard work have been responsible for the success of its various outreach  ... 
pmid:11055303 pmcid:PMC35257 fatcat:4pmgl2miw5fe5bw26ogkmyxiqi

Mission Institution

Trevor D. Bell
2017 Journal of Prisoners on Prisons  
Contribution to the dialogue on Canada's federal penitentiary system and the need for penal reform.  ...  There need to be highly qualifi ed professionals with either a bachelor's or master's degree that are independently contracted from outside of the correctional system who are there to deliver the programs  ...  To those who have instituted policies that impact prisoners without ever listening to what they need to have access to in order to become productive members of society, I would like to formally invite  ... 
doi:10.18192/jpp.v26i1-2.2272 fatcat:mbo2loa7cnfopdamtakkqruy5m

1 The mission and purposes of the public library [chapter]

2020 IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines  
Information is very important to the development of the individual and of society, and information technology gives considerable power to those able to access and use it.  ...  In meeting the needs of its community the public library will provide a range of services, some of which (for example, large collections of printed material), can be most effectively delivered from a library  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110232271-003 fatcat:egfsm4ffmrfnhc24fb2pwoapwu

The Research Mission of Public Universities

Mary Sue Coleman
2004 Merrill Series on The Research Mission of Public Universities  
This participation is also an important hallmark for our country -it led to our pre-eminence in science, technology, and innovation in the latter half of the twentieth century.  ...  In addition to being attuned to our own ambitions and possibilities, we always need to be aware of the expectations we face.  ...  There was a need for this program because the medical faculty wanted to work with students who had expertise in engineering -and the engineering faculty wanted its students to have more exposure to the  ... 
doi:10.17161/merrill.2004.8003 fatcat:yciemvmuavh67dgfvqatlf73h4

The Standardized Nurse: Mission Impossible? [chapter]

Rune Pedersen, Gunnar Ellingsen, Eric Monteiro
2011 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
to the use of information systems.  ...  technological interoperability.  ...  In Norway there is much un-finished work to establish the technological and semantic interoperability needed for this mission.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-21364-9_11 fatcat:ke7d7tibtvbttgqgqd5hrt6lwy

The European Union mission in Mali - Hungary's involvement in the mission

Besenyő János
2018 Figshare  
of the mission and its execution so far.  ...  The essay's main goalis to provide a detailed analysis of the EU's training mission in Mali (EUTM Mali), beginning with the events leading up to the creation of the mission, then proceeding with the description  ...  The attitude and statements of Sudan's top leaders reveal that the government's support for the use of militias has become more and more obvious as the conflict has evolved (Bastid, 2005, pp. 143-145).  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7016321 fatcat:lfaccccconbalg7uquvywwuhzy

Activities of the un missions in the information sector

Stepko Olexandr
2018 Zenodo  
These tasks compel the UN to adjust traditional concepts, and one of the most important aspects is the widespread use of information technology.  ...  It is impossible to achieve the main goals of the UN without informationit is becoming an important aspect of increasing the effectiveness of peacekeeping operations.  ...  They need to know exactly who to contact for the necessary answers and support.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2270589 fatcat:yarmkfztx5c67eecd4ou6grs4m

Lessons from Mission-Critical Spreadsheets

Thomas A. Grossman, Vijay Mehrotra, Özgür Özlük
2007 Communications of the Association for Information Systems  
We explain why people might prefer a spreadsheet to an application developed by the IT department, and show how some spreadsheet programmers choose to avoid-or do not have-an IT department.  ...  We present eighteen examples of mission-critical spreadsheets used by diverse people and organizations for application software development, financial risk management, executive information systems, sales  ...  In our opinion, the burden of proof resides with those who believe that users are making a mistake, not with the people who choose to write spreadsheet programs.  ... 
doi:10.17705/1cais.02060 fatcat:6q6rdcp5yvhwbkgvcq3udn4ddu

Sustainable University: Beyond the Third Mission

Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis
2016 Aplinkos tyrimai, inzinerija ir vadyba / Environmental Research, Engineering and Management  
It shows that the missions of education, research and technology transfer are able to potentially co-exist with co-creation for sustainability and complement the first three missions at a sustainable university  ...  The trigger for the second mission of research was Humboldt who led to the establishment of the University of Berlin in 1810 (Trencher et al., 2014).  ...  It directs those who do academic work to pursue goals that are rewarded by performance management measures and metrics, even if scholars themselves do not agree with the rationale and usefulness of these  ... 
doi:10.5755/j01.erem.72.2.16203 fatcat:bbfxsc76jnbxpj5mpz5lxzegju


J. S. Murray
1963 International Review of Mission  
The second part of the study engages the biblical and theological literature on group life and mission. It discusses the varying experiences of different-sized gatherings of Jesus' followers.  ...  Word Count: 258 To my family: Rachel, Kyra, Luke, Cole, and Shane, who present me with a daily reminder that I am blessed beyond measure iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many people have helped to make this project  ...  The Church cannot only be concerned for those who walk in the door; it must also share a concern for those on the outside.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1758-6631.1963.tb02427.x fatcat:w5nnobjyjbco7gzeckufsklulm

A Business-Oriented View of the Academy

Andrew J. Blanchard
1999 Merrill Series on The Research Mission of Public Universities  
"The new barrier to entry is not volume or price; it is in finding the right fit between particular technologies and particular markets" (Robert Reich, Point of View, Spring 1991).  ...  We have always perceived that the academic organization is different from its competitive counterparts. Part of that perception is driven by the fact that we have to be different in order to compete.  ...  However, "the fray" is where everything happens! This is especially true when the value of information is driven not by the individuals who create content, but by those who market the content.  ... 
doi:10.17161/merrill.1999.8135 fatcat:ixmdnjcukvfd3haviq2fgcxgcy

The Ministry of the Missional Church: A Community Led by the Spirit

Fergus King
2009 Mission studies  
It also explores how Jürgen Moltmann's Liberation theology can further inform Free Methodist ecclesiology. Land was donated to use for the Compton garden project.  ...  Content Reader: Jude Tiersma Watson, PhD Words: 295 To my husband, Larry, and my family-Lindsey, TJ, Anjelica, and Matt-who cheered and prayed for me all the way to the finish line ACKNOWLEDGMENTS  ...  This goal helps to raise awareness that the local church cares for those who live within its borders.  ... 
doi:10.1163/157338309x450174 fatcat:w6slb5wv5bg65doj3diim25ng4

The ELFIN Mission

V. Angelopoulos, E. Tsai, L. Bingley, C. Shaffer, D. L. Turner, A. Runov, W. Li, J. Liu, A. V. Artemyev, X.-J. Zhang, R. J. Strangeway, R. E. Wirz (+70 others)
2020 Space Science Reviews  
Using those, the spin axis is placed normal to the orbit plane (nominally), allowing full pitch-angle resolution twice per spin.  ...  From its ionospheric vantage point, ELFIN uses its unique pitch-angle-resolving capability to determine whether measured relativistic electron pitch-angle and energy spectra within the loss cone bear the  ...  We acknowledge the critical contributions and talent of numerous volunteer team members (more than 250 students contributed to this program since its inception) who made this challenging program both successful  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11214-020-00721-7 pmid:32831412 pmcid:PMC7413588 fatcat:qcjwavqfdjb6jcau7b4hxwfjhe

The Large Benefits of Small-Satellite Missions

Daniel N. Baker, S. Pete Worden
2008 EOS  
Small spacecraft missions tend to be flexible and can thereby be extremely responsive to new opportunities or technological needs.  ...  They have been responsible for greatly reducing the time to obtain science and technology results.  ...  provided to the STEDI teams, only as needed.  ... 
doi:10.1029/2008eo330001 fatcat:jkfik7pxyjbwzfegujk5qr3hua
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