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Fitting Polynomial Volumes to Surface Meshes with Voronoï Squared Distance Minimization

Gilles-Philippe Paillé, Pierre Poulin, Bruno Lévy
2013 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
The result is a point-to-point map distorting linear cells into curved ones.  ...  This allows us to globally optimize the mapping without prior parameterization. The anisotropic VSDM formulation allows for sharp and semi-sharp features to be implicitly preserved without tagging.  ...  Bruno Lévy is partly supported by the European Research Council (GOODSHAPE ERC-StG-205693) and the ANR (MORPHO and BECASIM).  ... 
doi:10.1111/cgf.12177 fatcat:2orwc7ktt5ajhknvjey3rkiigq

A Robust Image Processing Algorithm for Optical-Based Stress–Strain Curve Corrections after Necking

Feng Lu, Tomáš Mánik, Ida Lægreid Andersen, Bjørn Holmedal
2021 Journal of materials engineering and performance (Print)  
Tests were made for an isotropic, commercially pure aluminum alloy and for an axisymmetric, peak aged AA6082 alloy, based on image recording by a digital camera and synchronized force measurements.  ...  Modeling by finite element simulations was performed to assess the accuracy of analytical corrections of the stress–strain curves by inverse modeling and for designing a robust contour-tracking algorithm  ...  , adaptation, distribution and reproduction in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons licence, and  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11665-021-05777-2 fatcat:tzisft7ywne4jflwrd45xbou6q

A robust solver for elliptic PDEs in 3D complex geometries [article]

Matthew J. Morse, Abtin Rahimian, Denis Zorin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We present a series of geometry-processing algorithms required for \qbkix to run efficiently with accuracy guarantees on arbitrary geometries and an adaptive upsampling scheme based on a iteration-free  ...  heuristic for quadrature error.  ...  We then evaluated hedgehog in various test cases, for Laplace, Stokes, and elasticity problems various patch-based geometries and thoroughly compared with [YBZ06] .  ... 
arXiv:2002.04143v4 fatcat:ci47ngv7ybgkdbe4tmjyn4plum

Energetic-Statistical Size Effect in Quasibrittle Failure at Crack Initiation

2000 ACI Materials Journal  
To fit the test data, a rapidly converging iterative nonlinear optimization algorithm is developed.  ...  Data fitting with the new formula reveals that, for concrete and mortar, the Weibull modulus m z 24 rather than 12, the value widely accepted so far.  ...  With the help of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, the fit of these normalized data is then in this plot optimized considering as unknown the overall values of three parameters J,.,~, Db' and r for one  ... 
doi:10.14359/9879 fatcat:eda3enmazjcyjhykwlriffyzv4

Inverse Infiltration Modeling of Dike Covers Made of Dredged Material Using PEST and AMALGAM

Tim Jurisch, Stefan Cantré, Fokke Saathoff
2021 Geosciences  
Therefore, different methods of inverse infiltration modeling were applied, such as the parameter estimation tool (PEST) and the AMALGAM algorithm.  ...  Although this complicates the inverse modeling (e.g., termination in local minima), parameter sets close to an optimum were found with both the PEST and the AMALGAM algorithms.  ...  AMALGAM Optimization The AMALGAM method [21] is based on evolutionary search algorithms for mathematical optimization.  ... 
doi:10.3390/geosciences11020041 fatcat:5bnewmx5hvhjjhv6pk3jyanfgi

Quantum confinement in two dimensional layers of PbSe/ZnSe multiple quantum well structures

V. Arivazhagan, M. Manonmani Parvathi, S. Rajesh, Ragnhild Sæterli, Randi Holmestad
2013 Applied Physics Letters  
It is common to calculate an energy-volume curve, fitting an equation of state around the equilibrium cell volume.  ...  We present a simple approach for efficient optimisation of crystal structures based on a known equation of state.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors thank J. M. Frost for useful discussions. We acknowledge our use of the ARCHER computing facility through our membership of the UK's HPC Materials  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.4811763 fatcat:6nzyo2oo2repnkhrgpdc6jop4m


Hayriye Pehlivan Solak, Accepted: 02.04.2020. Istanbul Technical University, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey.
2020 Brodogradnja  
It is aimed here to establish a methodology for the aft form optimization for minimum viscous resistance, thus the present study is focused on the aft form where the viscous effects become dominant.  ...  number of training points according to selected optimization algorithm for multidimensional ship design problem.  ...  The optimization process for minimum viscous resistance is performed by genetic algorithm (GA).  ... 
doi:10.21278/brod71106 fatcat:itblvy7xizfwjmekv4r43r6awu

Bayesian estimation of 2-DP-velocity models from active seismic arrival time data: imaging of the shallow structure of Mt Vesuvius (Southern Italy)

A. Zollo, L. D'Auria, R. De Matteis, A. Herrero, J. Virieux, P. Gasparini
2002 Geophysical Journal International  
The evaluation of the a posteriori pdf is based on traveltime computations using ray tracing techniques.  ...  Constraints on the model parameters are inserted in the form of prior pdf and error maps are inferred from cross-sections of the posterior probability around the found best fit solution.  ...  Error estimation For this reason, we used an approximate method to estimate the uncertainty on velocity at grid nodes based on the computation of cross-section of the posterior pdf in eq. (4): p C (m i  ... 
doi:10.1046/j.1365-246x.2002.01795.x fatcat:c7vkcwmbkfexfa5xgu2iyymcya

From Stress to Shape: Equilibrium of Cloister and Cross Vaults

Andrea Montanino, Carlo Olivieri, Giulio Zuccaro, Maurizio Angelillo
2021 Applied Sciences  
The proposed algorithm aims at finding membrane shapes, entirely comprised between the geometry of the vault, in equilibrium with admissible stress fields, through the minimization of an error function  ...  The assessment of the equilibrium and the safety of masonry vaults is of high relevance for the conservation and restoration of historical heritage.  ...  We assume the same definition of the error introduced in Equation (20) and evaluate it for different values of β, and then minimizing I k with respect to α 0 .  ... 
doi:10.3390/app11093846 doaj:2a51de5c3aa44779b1df237c4b0e27e8 fatcat:5niobhydhnht7jra7xmi66ugny


Yaohui Li
2016 International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems  
Efficient Global Optimization (EGO) algorithm with Kriging model is stable and effective for an expensive black-box function.  ...  However, How to get a more global optimal point on the basis of surrogates has been concerned in simulation-based design optimization.  ...  The HAM algorithm is also efficient optimization method based on hybrid metamodels (Kriging, RBF and PRS). .10 Contours and expensive evaluation points of Shubert function Fig. 11 11 Optimization results  ... 
doi:10.21307/ijssis-2017-902 fatcat:k3nqawbsfndvbckfhjrkiopppq

Sustainable Slope Stability Analysis: A Critical Study on Methods

Ancuța Rotaru, Florin Bejan, Dalia Almohamad
2022 Sustainability  
Results for FEM show the influence of the slope geometry and the mesh size and density on the safety factor.  ...  The study compares the limit equilibrium results with those determined by the shear strength reduction method using an approach based on the upper-bound limit analysis to compare the predictions extracted  ...  Acknowledgments: Many thanks to Dashnor Hoxha from the University of Orléans, France, for providing guidance and feedback throughout the writing process.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su14148847 fatcat:gkc7ws62svdhxctmry75es3dl4

Effective and efficient algorithm for multiobjective optimization of hydrologic models

Jasper A. Vrugt, Hoshin V. Gupta, Luis A. Bastidas, Willem Bouten, Soroosh Sorooshian
2003 Water Resources Research  
Bouten, and S. Sorooshian, Effective and efficient algorithm for multiobjective optimization of hydrologic models, Water Resour.  ...  One strategy to circumvent this problem is to define several optimization criteria (objective functions) that measure different (complementary) aspects of the system behavior and to use multicriteria optimization  ...  This material is based upon work supported in part by SAHRA (Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas) under the STC Program of the National Science Foundation, agreement EAR-9876800, and  ... 
doi:10.1029/2002wr001746 fatcat:m33wt46kwzc5flwnhkdb66jdlu

Joint Determination of Slip and Stress Drop in a Bayesian Inversion Approach: A Case Study for the 2010 M8.8 Maule Earthquake

Lifeng Wang, Gert Zöller, Sebastian Hainzl
2014 Pure and Applied Geophysics  
Our results indicate that the derived slip models based on both fault geometries are similar, showing major slip north of the hypocenter and relatively weak slip in the south, as indicated in the slip  ...  In this study, we introduce a mechanically constrained Bayesian approach to simultaneously invert for fault slip and stress drop based on geodetic measurements.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank the editor and the anonymous reviewers for their very detailed and constructive reviews.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00024-014-0868-x fatcat:uhzrwzfwobgdtkyusnziabcp2m

Crystal structure optimisation using an auxiliary equation of state

Adam J. Jackson, Jonathan M. Skelton, Christopher H. Hendon, Keith T. Butler, Aron Walsh
2015 Journal of Chemical Physics  
It is common to calculate an energy-volume curve, fitting an equation of state around the equilibrium cell volume.  ...  We present a simple approach for efficient optimisation of crystal structures based on a known equation of state.  ...  A.W. acknowledges support from the Royal Society and the ERC (grant no. 277757).  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.4934716 pmid:26567640 fatcat:vr6xcavoofcq7jc6vayu3rmvsq

Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Flow Stress in Hot Rolling

Parya Aghasafari, Hamid Abdi, Mahmoud Salimi
2014 ISIJ International  
The results of the optimal network were compared with those of the conventional analytic method and it is shown that using an optimal neural network the mean calculated error is drastically reduced.  ...  Optimization of the proposed neural network with respect to number of neurons within the hidden layer, different training methods and transfer functions of the neural network is performed.  ...  Optimal structure for the FFANN based on the minimum of mean error values in rolling force recalculation was obtained. The flowchart of the method used is given in Fig. 2 .  ... 
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.54.872 fatcat:sgwk22v2bvdopfk66cr5c5pkdy
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