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The Universality of Psychological Autonomy Across Cultures: Arguments from Developmental and Social Psychology [chapter]

Valery Chirkov
2014 Human Motivation and Interpersonal Relationships  
Despite of the long history and crucial importance of psychological autonomy for people's effi cient and happy living, this concept is still a marginal one in mainstream psychology and is not a frequent  ...  Neurophysiological studies have had a strong impact on the recent debates about human freedom of will and agency, giving rise to ideas which have been labelled 'brain determinism' -theorizing that considers  ...  Individualism and Collectivism, Cultural Models of Self, and Psychological Autonomy Across Cultures Every cultural community develops a set of ideas about what a person and his or her elements (self, motivation  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-017-8542-6_2 fatcat:zkfmxp4mwjhj7pk277r6qsu4gi

Toward Understanding Work Motivation

Craig Boardman, Eric Sundquist
2008 American Review of Public Administration  
Eric Sundquist is a senior associate and policy analyst at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  ...  He works on sustainable energy policy, with a focus on transportation and building energy efficiency. Boardman, Sundquist / Understanding Work Motivation 17  ...  falling down on the job.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0275074008324567 fatcat:tldwxy3q5jfwzf4tbojv4znowq

Motivating participation in online innovation communities

Mercedes Paulini, Mary Lou Maher, Paul Murty
2014 International Journal of Web Based Communities  
This article reports on the results of a survey of participants in a specific online innovation community to characterise and find correlations between motivation and participation styles.  ...  An analysis of the survey results show: the reasons for joining collective innovation communities are not always the same as the reason for continuing to participate; primary motivations for participation  ...  Acknowledgements Thanks go to Danielle Merrett for her help with the data modelling.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijwbc.2014.058388 fatcat:hvfkm4eeyvds3eoapbzipa3nrm

Helping Yourself or Others? Motivation Dynamics for High-Performing Volunteers in GLAM Crowdsourcing

Sultana Lubna Alam, Ruonan Sun, John Campbell
2020 Australasian Journal of Information Systems  
had a greater impact on long-term participation.  ...  Based on the case study, we found that high-performing volunteers were motivated by a combination of personal, collective, and external factors classified into intrinsic, extrinsic, and internalised extrinsic  ...  Vale John Campbell John Campbell was a Professor of Business Information Systems at the Australian National University.  ... 
doi:10.3127/ajis.v24i0.2599 fatcat:7sipqktvevhtvab3n2agklxzwy

A Functional Model of Kitsch and Art: Linking Aesthetic Appreciation to the Dynamics of Social Motivation

Stefan A. Ortlieb, Claus-Christian Carbon
2019 Frontiers in Psychology  
Based on the Zurich Model of Social Motivation we hypothesize that social distance regulation and aesthetic liking are synchronized via notions of self-efficacy and autonomy: Whenever we feel safe and  ...  We make a case that preferences for the one or the other are dynamically related to a set of conflicting needs which constitute the basic dilemma of human attachment behavior: needs for safety and intimacy  ...  Clearly, cross-cultural differences in terms of collectivism and individualism touch upon the basic variables of our model.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.02437 pmid:30745890 pmcid:PMC6360167 fatcat:gxyzy7wqljgyjfoidm4ds7hgb4

Individualism and Collectivism in America: The Case of Gun Ownership and Attitudes toward Gun Control

Katarzyna Celinska
2007 Sociological perspectives  
This article uses a unidimensional index of individualism and collectivism to analyze one of the most debated sociopolitical issues in America: gun ownership and gun control.  ...  The findings indicate that the index is one of the predictors of gun ownership and of attitudes about gun permits.  ...  An earlier version of this article was presented at the 2002 annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Chicago.  ... 
doi:10.1525/sop.2007.50.2.229 fatcat:xwsidqeyvfbjrhhtjmzy2zcqqu

Cross-Cultural Organizational Behavior

Michele J. Gelfand, Miriam Erez, Zeynep Aycan
2007 Annual Review of Psychology  
After a brief review of the history of cross-cultural OB, we review research on work motivation, or the factors that energize, direct, and sustain effort across cultures.  ...  We next consider the relationship between the individual and the organization, and review research on culture and organizational commitment, psychological contracts, justice, citizenship behavior, and  ...  The study of one cultural value (individualism-collectivism) to the study of multiple values simultaneously and the examination of neglected sources of cultural differences (e.g., roles, norms, implicit  ... 
doi:10.1146/annurev.psych.58.110405.085559 pmid:17044797 fatcat:rsh7b7722fcx7agag4w5uuiwv4

Revisiting the Relationship between Justice and Extra-Role Behavior: The Role of State Ownership

Xi Chen
2018 Management and Organization Review  
Implications for the micro-foundations of corporate governance and institutional change, organizational justice literature, and cross-cultural research are developed.  ...  I leverage a sample of organizations in China to explore how different ownership structures activate different relational models among employees and alter the relationship between organizational justice  ...  In 624 order to rule out the alternative argument that the effect of state ownership 625 is due to individual differences on value of groups and relationships, I also 626 included psychological collectivism  ... 
doi:10.1017/mor.2018.7 fatcat:324honq45bdalmcbhqej2h6jl4

Influence of Prosocial Motivation on Employee Creativity: The Moderating Role of Regulatory Focus and the Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing

Xizhou Tian, Xiqiang Peng, Xiaoping Peng
2021 Frontiers in Psychology  
Contrary to the hypothesis, promotion focus also played a negative moderating role. Thus, the results revealed the mechanism and boundary conditions of prosocial motivation on creativity.  ...  Consequently, a survey of 320 Chinese employees revealed that, under the condition of controlling for intrinsic motivation, the prosocial motivation of employees was positively related to creativity and  ...  AUTHOR CONTRIBUTIONS XQP and XZT recruited the participants, collected the data, and prepared the draft. XPP performed the data analysis. XZT reviewed the data critically and gave important advice.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2021.704630 pmid:34594269 pmcid:PMC8477033 fatcat:zvhoxpokh5ahxpova3ju55tvxi

A pawn in someone else's game?: The cognitive, motivational, and paradigmatic barriers to women's excelling in negotiation

Jessica A. Kennedy, Laura J. Kray
2015 Research in organizational behavior  
The New Psychology of Women Women in organizations are succeeding to a lesser degree than men.  ...  Within a framework of inequality the existence of conflict is denied and the means to engage openly in conflict are excluded. -Jean Baker Miller, M. D.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Temi Lal, Sarena Martinez, and Amy Zhang for their assistance with this research.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.riob.2015.09.002 fatcat:qead6gu46nb7thixaxddhihhbm

Diversity from within: The Impact of Cultural Variables on Emotion Expressivity in Singapore

Carolyn M. Hurley, Wen Jing Teo, Janell Kwok, Tessa Seet, Erika Peralta, Shuang Yu Chia
2016 International Journal of Psychological Studies  
The present study examines the impact of cultural diversity within Singapore, a heterogeneous Asian nation of 5.4 million residents.  ...  These results emphasize the importance of exploring culture within national boundaries, as multiple cultural factors (e.g., ethnic groupings, values, and face) influenced expression.</p>  ...  We employ the following research question as this examination of ethnicity in Singapore International Journal of Psychological Studies Vol. 8, No. 3; is exploratory and the impact  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijps.v8n3p50 fatcat:ybnhtjwx6rceri7fig5yyctfeu

Suggestions for improving the effectiveness of environmental education in the maritime sector

Jelena Čulin, Toni Bielić, Krešimir Jakšić
2019 Pomorstvo  
the sustainability of shipping.  ...  Research shows that many barriers to pro-environmental behaviour in the maritime industry exist despite significant efforts of various stakeholders, and there is a need to put additional efforts to improve  ...  For example, a study performed in Germany, Spain, and Mexico, countries with low, medium and high levels of collectivism, respectively, revealed that collectivism has a positive impact on consumers' adoption  ... 
doi:10.31217/p.33.2.13 fatcat:evxlf4dqrvgcrfel7eqiidbnwa

Role of in-group collectivism in the longevity of family firms

Vipin Gupta, Paul Kirwan
2013 Global Business Perspectives  
In this paper, we formulate a set of propositions on how the cultural dimension of in-group collectivism moderates the relationship between the characteristics of family businesses and longevity.  ...  The cultural dimension of in-group collectivism is connected with the concept of social capital, which has been shown in prior research to be a key factor in resource access and longevity of firms.  ...  For a cross-cultural sample as a whole, at their extremes, the impact of factors on family business endurance is likely to reverse.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40196-013-0022-7 fatcat:wjgtl7bxuzd7tllcvbkedjmw4a

Exploring the associations of culture with careers and the mediating role of HR practices

Merel M.S. Kats, I.J. Hetty Van Emmerik, John Blenkinsopp, Svetlana N. Khapova
2010 Career Development International  
/value -At a general level, there is ample evidence of the impact of culture on the effectiveness of a variety of individual outcomes.  ...  Drawing on Hofstede's cultural dimensions, five propositions are developed regarding the impact of culture on career-relevant HR practices, and how these practices are likely to influence employee career  ...  The dimension of individualism and collectivism has received the most attention in cross-cultural organizational research (Triandis, 1994) .  ... 
doi:10.1108/13620431011066268 fatcat:5jje6gueezajxkw77vsuzilgey

Cross-Cultural Perspective in Romanian I/O Psychology

2016 Psihologia Resurselor Umane  
Romanian psychology may benefit from the development of a cross-cultural approach, dealing with cultural heterogeneity in Romania, Romanians in the diaspora, and the place of Romania on the "psychological  ...  differences, and the need to have a team with all relevant types of expertise on board.  ...  If the effect size of the cross-cultural differences is not much different in both analyses, the pragmatic conclusion can be drawn that the prevailing item bias did not have a major impact on the size  ... 
doi:10.24837/pru.2016.2.6 fatcat:mjdtm73yu5gd3mwlhetbpgfgke
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