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The genome of the recently domesticated crop plant sugar beet (Beta vulgaris)

Juliane C. Dohm, André E. Minoche, Daniela Holtgräwe, Salvador Capella-Gutiérrez, Falk Zakrzewski, Hakim Tafer, Oliver Rupp, Thomas Rosleff Sörensen, Ralf Stracke, Richard Reinhardt, Alexander Goesmann, Thomas Kraft (+7 others)
2013 Nature  
Leafy beets have been cultivated since Roman times, but sugar beet is one of the most recently domesticated crops.  ...  Intraspecific genomic variation was analysed based on the genome sequences of sea beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima; progenitor of all beet crops) and four additional sugar beet accessions.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported by the BMBF grant ''Verbundprojekt GABI BeetSeq: Erstellung einer Referenzsequenz fü r das Genom der Zuckerrü be (Beta vulgaris)'', FKZ 0315069A and 0315069B (to  ... 
doi:10.1038/nature12817 pmid:24352233 fatcat:dmr3jgfzz5dbbe6dwmwonpx6g4

Genetic diversity among cultivated beets (Beta vulgaris) assessed via population-based whole genome sequences

Paul Galewski, J. Mitchell McGrath
2020 BMC Genomics  
Diversification on the basis of utilization is a hallmark of Beta vulgaris (beet), as well as other crop species.  ...  Beta vulgaris L. (2n =18) is a species complex composed of diverged lineages (e.g., crop types), including the familiar table, leaf (chard), fodder, and sugar beet crop types.  ...  Funding Funding was provided by USDA-ARS CRIS 3635-21000-011-00D and the Beet Sugar Development Foundation, Denver, CO, USA, who had no role in the design of the study and collection, analysis, and interpretation  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12864-020-6451-1 pmid:32122300 pmcid:PMC7053042 fatcat:p23zifd7hvhgbb6u2aq2hb3pnu

An Insight into the Abiotic Stress Responses of Cultivated Beets (Beta vulgaris L.)

Seher Yolcu, Hemasundar Alavilli, Pushpalatha Ganesh, Muhammad Asif, Manu Kumar, Kihwan Song
2021 Plants  
Cultivated beets (sugar beets, fodder beets, leaf beets, and garden beets) belonging to the species Beta vulgaris L. are important sources for many products such as sugar, bioethanol, animal feed, human  ...  Beta maritima L. (sea beet or wild beet) is a halophytic wild ancestor of all cultivated beets.  ...  All beets originate from a halophytic plant, Beta vulgaris L. ssp. maritima (sea beet or wild beet), also known as Beta maritima L. [3] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants11010012 pmid:35009016 pmcid:PMC8747243 fatcat:jeyw3nkqzvaqlimdatyil4xgga

Differences between the rhizosphere microbiome of Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima—ancestor of all beet crops—and modern sugar beets

Christin Zachow, Henry Müller, Ralf Tilcher, Gabriele Berg
2014 Frontiers in Microbiology  
Wild beet plants harbor distinct operational taxonomic units (OTUs) and a more diverse bacterial community than the domesticated sugar beet plants.  ...  (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris) cultivated in CS and potting soil (PS) under greenhouse conditions.  ...  Business Promotion Agency SFG, the Standortagentur Tirol and ZIT -Technology Agency of the City of Vienna through the COMET-Funding Program managed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2014.00415 pmid:25206350 pmcid:PMC4144093 fatcat:o6wxioscjjdijfbyoqvsxiyp6q

BvCOLD1: A novel aquaporin from sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) involved in boron homeostasis and abiotic stress

Rosa Porcel, Antonio Bustamante, Roc Ros, Ramón Serrano, José M. Mulet Salort
2018 Plant, Cell and Environment  
Plant Cell & Environment. 41(12):2844-2857. 1 2 BvCOLD1 a novel aquaporin from sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) involved in 3 boron homeostasis and abiotic stress 4 5 ABSTRACT 1 Beta vulgaris (sugar beet)  ...  BvCOLD1: A novel aquaporin from sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) involved in boron homeostasis and abiotic stress.  ...  crop plant sugar 30 beet (Beta vulgaris).  ... 
doi:10.1111/pce.13416 pmid:30103284 fatcat:p4nv3uw7k5bqzcqmiesrjvy3ky

Genetic and phenotypic assessment of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. subsp. vulgaris) elite inbred lines selected in Japan during the past 50 years

Kazunori Taguchi, Yosuke Kuroda, Kazuyuki Okazaki, Masanori Yamasaki
2019 Breeding Science  
A nearly identical group was identified as the highest sugar content group irrespective of the grouping methods.  ...  Genetic diversity of Japanese sugar beet elite inbred line diversity (JSBDIV) set consisting of 63 lines was investigated using 33 cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence and 38 simple sequence repeat analyses  ...  Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank Ms. Naoko Yamada for technical assistance. And we would like to thank Prof. Dr. J.  ... 
doi:10.1270/jsbbs.18121 pmid:31481834 pmcid:PMC6711736 fatcat:pgtk3ew6dzhlnc2n2ocs3fcwca

A contiguous de novo genome assembly of sugar beet EL10 (Beta vulgaris L.) [article]

J. Mitchell McGrath, Andy Funk, Paul Galewski, Shujun Ou, Belinda J Townsend, Karen Davenport, Hajnalka Daligault, Shannon Johnson, Joyce Lee, Alex R Hastie, Aude Darracq, Glenda Willems (+15 others)
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
A contiguous assembly of the inbred 'EL10' sugar beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris) genome was constructed using PacBio long read sequencing, BioNano optical mapping, Hi-C scaffolding, and Illumina short  ...  Read depth mapping with short-read whole genome sequences from other sugar beet germplasm suggested that relatively few regions of the sugar beet genome appeared associated with high-copy number variation  ...  Acknowledgements: We thank Safa Alzohairy for isolating RNA from germinating sugar beet  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.09.15.298315 fatcat:swthexwdhfe7xdbgy47k2oayli

EcoTILLING in Beta vulgaris reveals polymorphisms in the FLC-like gene BvFL1 that are associated with annuality and winter hardiness

Sebastian LM Frerichmann, Martin Kirchhoff, Andreas E Müller, Axel J Scheidig, Christian Jung, Friedrich J Kopisch-Obuch
2013 BMC Plant Biology  
Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris L.) is an important crop for sugar and biomass production in temperate climate regions. Currently sugar beets are sown in spring and harvested in autumn.  ...  Autumn-sown sugar beets that are grown for a full year have been regarded as a cropping system to increase the productivity of sugar beet cultivation.  ...  Axel Schechert from Strube Research GmbH & Co.KG for providing seed material, and Gretel Schulze-Buxloh and Sebastian Vogt for providing the full-length genomic sequence of BvFT1.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-52 pmid:23531083 pmcid:PMC3636108 fatcat:hxu4hmfbl5adrpf3vvr6fpxkae

Positive correlation between recombination rates and levels of genetic variation in natural populations of sea beet (Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima)

T Kraft, T Säll, I Magnusson-Rading, N O Nilsson, C Halldén
1998 Genetics  
The relation between the level of genetic variation and the rate of recombination per physical unit was investigated in sea beet (Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima).  ...  The rate of recombination per physical unit was estimated indirectly through marker density in an RFLP linkage map of sugar beet.  ...  For all high-density RFLP linkage map of sugar beet (B. vulgaris subsp. vulgaris), making it possible to estimate recombi- nation rates per physical unit in the beet genome.  ... 
pmid:9799275 pmcid:PMC1460383 fatcat:svnqdmfqnzalpp27uzrcm33kgi

Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris) Guard Cells Responses to Salinity Stress: A Proteomic Analysis

Fatemeh Rasouli, Ali Kiani-Pouya, Leiting Li, Heng Zhang, Zhonghua Chen, Rainer Hedrich, Richard Wilson, Sergey Shabala
2020 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Of the 2088 proteins identified in sugar beet GCs, 82 were differentially regulated by salt treatment.  ...  Soil salinity is a major environmental constraint affecting crop growth and threatening global food security. Plants adapt to salinity by optimizing the performance of stomata.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Abbreviations DAB 3,3'-Diaminobenzidine GC Guard cell GO Gene Ontology Mes Mesophyll  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijms21072331 pmid:32230932 pmcid:PMC7212754 fatcat:dmtdw34rcrgk5jixfyv73ht4zq

Two male sterility-inducing cytoplasms of beet (Beta vulgaris) are genetically distinct but have closely related mitochondrial genomes: implication of a substoichiometric mitochondrial DNA molecule in their evolution

Yasuyuki Onodera, Takumi Arakawa, Rika Yui-Kurino, Masayuki P. Yamamoto, Kazuyoshi Kitazaki, Shigehiko Ebe, Muneyuki Matsunaga, Kazunori Taguchi, Yosuke Kuroda, Shiko Yamashita, Tomoyuki Sakai, Toshiro Kinoshita (+2 others)
2015 Euphytica  
Acknowledgements 523 Part of this work was conducted at the Center for Genome Dynamics, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido  ...  Genome Biol Evol 3JC, Minoche AE, Holtgrawe D, Capella-Gutierrez S, Zakrzewski F, et al. (2014) The genome of the 548 recently domesticated crop plant sugar beet (Beta vulgaris).  ...  Mitochondrion 8: 5-14 576 Kubo T, Nishizawa S, Sugawara A, Itchoda N, Estiati A, et al. (2000) The complete nucleotide sequence of 577 the mitochondrial genome of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) reveals  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10681-015-1484-2 fatcat:66c5py6sqzfh3fme4bpaupzr6a

OMICS Technologies and Applications in Sugar Beet

Yongxue Zhang, Jingdong Nan, Bing Yu
2016 Frontiers in Plant Science  
Sugar beet is a species of the Chenopodiaceae family. It is an important sugar crop that supplies approximately 35% of the sugar in the world.  ...  The knowledge gained is valuable for improving the tolerance of sugar beet and other crops to biotic and abiotic stresses as well as for enhancing the yield of sugar beet for energy and food production  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research was supported by the National Science Foundation of China (Project 31471552: The response of antioxidant enzymes to salt stress in sugar beet M14, and Project 31501359: Study  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpls.2016.00900 pmid:27446130 pmcid:PMC4916227 fatcat:yagn6oj465h3feqxw66svte3oq

Breeding and usage of sugar beet cultivars and hybrids resistant to sugar beet nematode Heterodera schachtii

L. Pylypenko, K. Kalatur
2015 Agricultural science and practice  
Heterodera schachtii Schmidt, 1871 is one of the most economically important pests of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) worldwide.  ...  But alternative strategies based on nematode resistant sugar beet cultivars and hybrids are required as none of nematicides approved for the open eld application are registered in Ukraine.  ...  CONCLUSIONS Sugar beet remains a strategically important crop in Ukraine and, taking into account a wide distribution of sugar beet nematode in the country, the problem of breeding domestic nematode-resistant  ... 
doi:10.15407/agrisp2.01.012 fatcat:5iatkswgjbhrtfnzlrfc3crjum

Complete pan-plastome sequences enable high resolution phylogenetic classification of sugar beet and closely related crop wild relatives [article]

Katharina Sielemann, Boas Pucker, Nicola Schmidt, Prisca Viehoever, Bernd Weisshaar, Tony Heitkam, Daniela Holtgraewe
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
As the major source of sugar in moderate climates, sugar-producing beets (Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris) have a high economic value.  ...  studies of beet wild relatives and the diverse plant order Caryophyllales.  ...  Acknowledgements We acknowledge support for the Article Processing Charge by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) and the Open Access Publication  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.10.08.463637 fatcat:wxcasu2s6ncgxhtkuh6ge42zsa

Broadening the genetic base of sugar beet: introgression from wild relatives

L. Panella, R. T. Lewellen
2006 Euphytica  
It was developed in the late 1700s from white fodder beet; therefore, the genetic base of sugar beet is thought to be narrower than many open-pollinated crops.  ...  The breeding system of sugar beet is complex and the crop is biennial, which lengthens the generation time to almost 1 year.  ...  The wild sea beet (Beta vulgaris subspecies maritima (B. v. ssp. maritima) long has been thought to be the progenitor of all domesticated beet, and recent molecular data have confirmed this (Hjerdin et  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10681-006-9209-1 fatcat:rzsedne7ivhtzipqnuvokvmpiy
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