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The Guppy Game: Understanding the big ideas of natural and sexual selection

Margaret Blattner, Barbara Hug, Patrick Watson, Donna Korol
2012 The Science Teacher  
They represent aspects of two of the big ideas in science: evolution and natural selection (NRC 2011). To help students understand these ideas, we developed the "Guppy Game."  ...  In this article, we describe the game and how we used it in an AP biology classroom to model the dynamic processes of population genetics and environmental influence on behaviors.  ...  Acknowledgments This project was supported by the National Center for Research Resources and the Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives of the National Institutes of Health  ... 
pmid:24363462 pmcid:PMC3867137 fatcat:uunfqy7t75f6fo4urzf52e5e4u

Mutation, Sexual Reproduction and Survival in Dynamic Environments [article]

Ruta Mehta and Ioannis Panageas and Georgios Piliouras and Prasad Tetali and Vijay V. Vazirani
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Using this machinery, we study the role of mutation in changing environments in the presence of sexual reproduction.  ...  Finally, we also show that in static environments, sexual evolution with mutation converges, for any level of mutation.  ...  In contrast, under sexual evolution with mutation the probability of long term survival is strictly positive.  ... 
arXiv:1511.01409v3 fatcat:gsym7whv7zcn5csam3fj5pmzbu

Mutation, Sexual Reproduction and Survival in Dynamic Environments

Ruta Mehta, Ioannis Panageas, Georgios Piliouras, Prasad Tetali, Vijay V. Vazirani, Marc Herbstritt
2017 Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science  
Using this machinery, we study the role of mutation in changing environments in the presence of sexual reproduction.  ...  Finally, we also show that in static environments, sexual evolution with mutation converges, for any level of mutation.  ...  This work was completed while Ioannis Panageas was a PhD student at Georgia Institute of Technology.  ... 
doi:10.4230/lipics.itcs.2017.16 dblp:conf/innovations/MehtaPPTV17 fatcat:5we4licf3jewdnw5z3uhujjbza

Why Darwin would have loved evolutionary game theory

Joel S. Brown
2016 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
Game theory clarifies aspects of ecological and evolutionary stability in ways useful to understanding eco-evolutionary dynamics, niche construction and ecosystem engineering.  ...  While natural selection provides the scientific basis for the fit of form and function, Darwin found certain adaptations vexing or particularly intriguing: sex ratios, sexual selection and altruism.  ...  theory, adaptive dynamics, G-functions, and other means for modelling and testing for the fit of form and function.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rspb.2016.0847 pmid:27605503 pmcid:PMC5031650 fatcat:gedmruxvd5fb3b7ct5iqtk5va4

The generation game is the cooperation game: The role of grandparents in the timing of reproduction

Rebecca Sear, Thomas E. Dickins
2010 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
We then turn to the possible impact of grandparental acts of altruism, and examine whether benefits of grandparental care in industrialized societies may manifest in terms of less tangible dimensions,  ...  Although grandparents in industrialized societies continue to invest substantial amounts of time and money in their grandchildren, we find a paucity of studies investigating the influence that this investment  ...  Whereas evolutionary theorists may define parental investment as all the resources that parents invest in children to maximize their chance of survival to sexual maturity, it is well known that parents  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x09991725 fatcat:e6kft7jyibcwhokyapjgjzfq4y

Modeling a Virtual World for the Educational Game Calangos

Angelo C. Loula, Leandro N. de Castro, Antônio L. Apolinário, Pedro L. B. da Rocha, Maria da Conceição L. Carneiro, Vanessa Perpétua G. S. Reis, Ricardo F. Machado, Claudia Sepulveda, Charbel N. El-Hani
2014 International Journal of Computer Games Technology  
The paper presents the computational model of the ecological system included in the game, based on a real ecological case, a sand dune ecosystem located in the semiarid Caatinga biome, namely, the sand  ...  dunes of the middle São Francisco River, in the state of Bahia, Brazil.  ...  CNPq granted PLBR and CNEL a research fellowship during the development of this work. They are also thankful to the students involved in the high school classroom study reported here.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/382396 fatcat:lgrfi7tairhcfk46ij3lagrjbm

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Educational Influence of Video Games in Counteracting Gender Stereotypes

Dalila Forni
2020 Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association  
Thecontribution analyses a specific case study in order to investigate the potential influence of non-stereotyped narrative video games on the perception of gender norms.  ...  Firstly, this paper analyses the traditional female models promoted in video games and their influence on the construction of gender ideals.  ...  Aloy explores the environment and deals with a variety of quests and side quests in order to discover the secrets of the past.  ... 
doi:10.26503/todigra.v5i1.111 fatcat:sxcbhheeerc5ro6xouxfjuvpbe

On the Evolution of Attitudes towards Risk in Winner-Take-All Games

Eddie Dekel, Suzanne Scotchmer
1999 Journal of Economic Theory  
A long-standing conjecture is that winner-take-all games such as patent races lead to the survival of risk-takers and the extinction of risk-averters.  ...  Using an evolutionary model of preference-formation, we investigate to what extent evolution leads to risk-taking in winner-take-all environments.  ...  Waldman (1995) develops an explicitly sexual model, where evolution can lead to \second-best adaptation."  ... 
doi:10.1006/jeth.1999.2537 fatcat:bex3ul3x7fgklfsftm6qffl4pq

When and How Does Mutation-Generated Variation Promote the Evolution of Cooperation?

Mathias Spichtig, Martijn Egas
2019 Games  
Mutation-generated variation in behavior is thought to promote the evolution of cooperation.  ...  Here, we study this by distinguishing two effects of mutation in evolutionary games of the finitely repeated Prisoner's Dilemma in infinite asexual populations.  ...  Invasion Condition of TfT1 in X3-Defector Populations We study the fitness of a TfT1 individual in populations otherwise composed of defectors (full defection).  ... 
doi:10.3390/g10010004 fatcat:74sq2bsttbatllqbcwlteennhi

The morphogenesis of spatialized cooperation relations: an evolutionary game approach with genetic algorithm

Claude Dupuy, Andr� Torre
1999 European Journal of Economic and Social Systems  
The first part is devoted to a presentation of the analysis of co-operative relations in the evolutionary game theory.  ...  This paper deals with the morphogenesis of spatialized cooperative relations and with the role of proximity in the evolution, persistence and co-existence of various local strategies.  ...  methods: -the evolution dynamic formalization and their variants; -the attempts at highlighting the evolution processes via simulation procedures.  ... 
doi:10.1051/ejess:1999103 fatcat:peb4r25frjhnzajabccxvrylty

Origin of biomolecular games: deception and molecular evolution

Steven E. Massey, Bud Mishra
2018 Journal of the Royal Society Interface  
In both biochemistry and molecular evolution, the important role of information asymmetry remains largely unaddressed.  ...  Thus, macromolecules do not need to possess information only to survive in an environment, but also to strategically interact with others by sending signals to a receiving macromolecule that can properly  ...  S.E.M. and B.M. designed the research and wrote the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsif.2018.0429 pmid:30185543 pmcid:PMC6170767 fatcat:c4himyrx5na73hbiybrcjyf2mm

Why war is a man's game

Alberto J. C. Micheletti, Graeme D. Ruxton, Andy Gardner
2018 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
These results reveal a potentially key role for ancestral conditions in shaping our species' patterns of sexual division of labour and violence-related adaptations and behavioural disorders.  ...  The qualitative observation that participation in warfare is almost exclusive to one sex is ultimately explained by the fundamentally sex-specific nature of Darwinian competition-in fitness terms, men  ...  Bowles, and the St Andrews Quantitative Biology Discussion Group, and four anonymous reviewers for helpful comments and discussion.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rspb.2018.0975 pmid:30111597 pmcid:PMC6111185 fatcat:3vij7f5yovcwfcfefwsql5ndwm

Stochastic game dynamics under demographic fluctuations

Weini Huang, Christoph Hauert, Arne Traulsen
2015 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
This should be reflected in fluctuations of the population size even in constant environments.  ...  In contrast to previous game theoretic models, the carrying capacity of the population, and thus the population size, is determined by pairwise competition of individuals mediated by evolutionary games  ...  This should be reflected in fluctuations of the population size even in constant environments.  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.1418745112 pmid:26150518 pmcid:PMC4517200 fatcat:sjyq5tkwrzbdph4by56qugjane

How long do Red Queen dynamics survive under genetic drift? A comparative analysis of evolutionary and eco-evolutionary models

Hanna Schenk, Hinrich Schulenburg, Arne Traulsen
2020 BMC Evolutionary Biology  
Here, we recall the different mathematical approaches used in the current literature on Red Queen dynamics.  ...  Red Queen dynamics are defined as long term co-evolutionary dynamics, often with oscillations of genotype abundances driven by fluctuating selection in host-parasite systems.  ...  Funding We gratefully acknowledge generous funding by the Max Planck Society, which takes no part in the design, analysis or publication of research.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12862-019-1562-5 pmid:31931696 pmcid:PMC6958710 fatcat:xuvtssnarnhwxes5rzdpxrjnbm

On the evolutionary stability of male harassment in a coercive mating game

Oyita Udiani, Yuan Lou, Ian Hamilton
2016 Tamkang Journal of Mathematics  
Further, we argue based on these results that h * is an evolutionary stable male harassment level at which females will be ideally distributed to match the resource quality and social environments of their  ...  This article is a continuation of that work addressing the questions of stability at equilibria where males harass at the threshold level (i.e., h * ).  ...  Introduction Sexual conflict is ubiquitous in animals-a consequence of the often divergent reproductive strategies of the sexes.  ... 
doi:10.5556/j.tkjm.47.2016.1936 fatcat:bsrchdch5bgnnfp4w6e36pcvvq
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