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The essence of ideal completion in quantitative form

Robert C. Flagg, Philipp Sünderhauf
2002 Theoretical Computer Science  
The same applies for the quantitative version of ideal completion suggested in the literature.  ...  We introduce topological V-continuity spaces and their Smyth completion and show that this is an adequate setting to consider ideal completion of quantitative domains: Performing the Smyth completion of  ...  Moreover, Smyth completion of a quantitative domain with its Alexandro topology is exactly the essence of ideal completion: It yields the ideal completion together with the Scott topology.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0304-3975(00)00334-0 fatcat:hnqnpprphfbpxmub6mav5q54j4

Page 7 of The Review of Metaphysics Vol. 1, Issue 1 [page]

1947 The Review of Metaphysics  
Just as subject develops its own objects, so essence negates and affirms itself in appearance, the universal takes on the form of particul- ars, quality expresses itself quantitatively.  ...  in the form of coats, banners, fire, and flowers, with spatial and temporal extension.  ... 

Page 473 of The Philosophical Review Vol. 44, Issue 5 [page]

1935 The Philosophical Review  
If we wished to symbolize the relation mathematically, we should commit an obvious error, and reveal a complete misunderstanding of the problem, were we to represent essence and appearance in the form  ...  In this paradoxical juxta- position of one and many I am tempted to perceive the first glim- mering of the idea of ‘logical groups’: essence is a group of trans- formations, or—in metaphysical terminology—a  ... 

Page 95 of American Architect and Architecture Vol. 143, Issue 2617 [page]

1933 American Architect and Architecture  
Hamlin proves himself to be so steeped in the heady liquor of eclecticism that he completely confounds the spirit of architecture with the copying of long-dead architectonic forms.  ...  Cae ¢ PROS AND CONS OF THE INTERNATIONAL STYLE Editor, AMERICAN ARCHITECT: In his article entitled “The International Style Lacks the Essence of Great Arichitect,” which appeared in the January issue of  ... 

Capturing the Essence of Practical Obfuscation [chapter]

J. Todd McDonald
2012 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
The essence of obfuscation (in practice) is best described as a measurable loss of abstraction.  ...  In the realm of protecting programs from illegitimate use, obfuscation offers a modicum of defense against malicious reverse engineering and tampering.  ...  In addition, lessons learned from polymorphic circuit variation can be applicable to general programs: if the essence of obfuscation can be captured at this level, it may support an ideal marriage of theory  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-29166-1_44 fatcat:rqezlqbfynfi7dyidzormarol4

Page 19 of MIND Vol. 12, Issue 45 [page]

1903 MIND  
How completely he did so can easily be seen from his writings if the mathe- matical physics of the Timeus be studied side by side with the treatment of proportion and symmetry as the essence of goodness  ...  into a great independent scientific discipline, have led to a growing conviction that there are, or may be, branches of scientific knowledge which are non-quantitative, but the quantitative ideal in science  ... 

Page 3773 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2003e [page]

2003 Mathematical Reviews  
Dieter Spreen (D-SGN-TI; Siegen) 2003e:68079 68Q55 06B30 06B35 Flagg, Robert C. (1-SME-MS; Portland, ME); Siinderhauf, Philipp The essence of ideal completion in quantitative form.  ...  The same applies for the quantitative 68Q Theory of computing 2003e:68082 version of ideal completion suggested in the literature.  ... 

Apriorism, Introspection, and the Axiom of Action: A Realist Solution

François Facchini
2007 The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics  
Acknowledgment I would like to thank the referees of this journal for their helpful comments and suggestions. All errors are my responsibility. 4y Springer  ...  It abstracts the essence of being not in its sensory or quantitative form, but ontologically-reality as it really is.  ...  An explanation is not limited to forecasting and describing economic phenomena in quantitative form (Maki 1990, pp. 331-335) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12113-007-9022-2 fatcat:pvn2ehqkz5eobcvwqptluywgxq

Page 251 of The Unitarian Review Vol. 26, Issue 3 [page]

1886 The Unitarian Review  
men, an absorption so complete, a devotion to ideal truth so perfect, that the accent of religion will not be denied to their habitual mood by any who are able to distinguish the abiding essence of religion  ...  Nevertheless, the difference in degree between the common- est knowledge and the quantitative prevision of science is  ... 

Page 392 of The Philosophical Review Vol. 52, Issue 4 [page]

1943 The Philosophical Review  
Dewey assimilates intellectual and practical to esthetic experience on the basis of a common form present in all “complete” experience.  ...  identical essence.  ... 

Author index volume 278 (2002)

2002 Theoretical Computer Science  
S . underhauf, The essence of ideal completion in quantitative form (1-2) 141-158 Freyd, P., Cartesian logic (1-2) 3-21 Gastin, P. and D.  ...  Schellekens, On the Yoneda completion of a quasi-metric space (1-2) 159-194 Malacaria, P., see A. Bucciarelli (1-2) 91-110 Mislove, M., see S. Brookes (1-2) 1-2 Mislove, M., see S.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0304-3975(02)00149-4 fatcat:aatd2uip3nfazmcqnx5bzq6obq


1881 Journal of Speculative Philosophy  
Since now the absolute ideal watches over the unity of form and essence in organism, as that in which alone the latter is the symbol of it, so it is determined?  ...  In the higher shape which they attain in organism, they are forms which are at the same time the essence of matter.  ... 

The Concept of Continuity in Dewey's Theory of Esthetics

Sidney Zink
1943 Philosophical Review  
Dewey assimilates intellectual and practical to esthetic experience on the basis of a common form present in all “complete” experience.  ...  identical essence.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2180671 fatcat:hugblc7wnbaj7jkjnaahjz2kv4

Abstraction And Language Model

Bazarov Oybek Odilovich, Candidate Of Philological Sciences, Kokand State Pedagogical Institute, Uzbekistan
2020 The American Journal of Social Science and Education Innovations  
This article discusses abstraction, its essence, methods of abstraction and the role of abstraction in the formation of language models.  ...  The first is the relative completeness of linguistics in the more complete qualitative and quantitative study of its object (language), and the second is the ability of linguists to use mathematical and  ...  If we take the lexeme of the word "tree," which is taken out of a sentence or sentence and is in an ideal position in the vocabulary of our memory, we realize that its meaning consists mainly of general  ... 
doi:10.37547/tajssei/volume02issue08-08 fatcat:2kmpluswnvevvpykouc3g3xx7m

Page 667 of The Hibbert Journal : A Quarterly Review of Religion, Theology and Philosophy Vol. 4, Issue 3 [page]

1905 The Hibbert Journal : A Quarterly Review of Religion, Theology and Philosophy  
For are not all our abstract ideas of quality infinite in essence? And does not the notion of qualitative infinity lie at the root of all ideals of progress, morality, and religion ?  ...  comfort seems to be the fact that the form of subscription was relaxed by Act of Parliament in 1865.  ... 
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