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Evolving Perspectives on Computers and Composition Studies: Questions for the 1990s

Mary G. French, Gail E. Hawisher, Cynthia L. Selfe
1992 College composition and communication  
And, finally, in chapter 4, Donald Ross examines the concept of an electronic workstation and scrutinizes .3 relation to those of us working in computer writing classes.  ...  Patricia Sullivan, in chapter 2, then looks at the relationship of author to text in electronic environments.  ...  Catherine Smith's work considers recent developments in hypertext, focusing particularly on the connections between electronic experience and everyday physical and social experience.  ... 
doi:10.2307/358659 fatcat:arztlhpjxbdubhy6w7h6qwolmu

Mobile Communications, Social Networks, and Urban Travel: Hypertext as a New Metaphor for Conceptualizing Spatial Interaction∗

Mei-Po Kwan
2007 Professional Geographer  
The widespread use of mobile communications is leading to new practices in family life and social life, and these changes have significant implications for the study of urban travel.  ...  of social networks and social capital, and the shift to person-to-person connectivity, the spatial structure and processes of interaction among individuals have become much more complicated in this age  ...  In a hypertext document, any word can be a link to another document (e.g., a Web page, an image, a Web site).  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-9272.2007.00633.x fatcat:obo32wmdjveahbgkqvj52cgcjm

Context-aware hypermedia in a dynamically-changing environment, supported by a high-level Petri net

Jin-Cheon Na, Richard Furuta
2000 Proceedings of the eleventh ACM on Hypertext and hypermedia - HYPERTEXT '00  
In modern hypertext systems, with the increased availability of personal computers with environmental sensors (e.g., GPS sensors), adaptation support to meet the needs of the users in dynamically-changing  ...  An analysis tool, which is integrated into the authoring tool, supports the verification of application models.  ...  (the output arc of the busy transition has an expression "r.w.schedule = 'busy'"; the output arc of not_busy has "r.w.schedule = 'not_busy'").  ... 
doi:10.1145/336296.336376 dblp:conf/ht/NaF00 fatcat:lyxoaernzneelacgfoaiqjwt74

The history of information technology

Thomas Haigh
2011 Annual Review of Information Science and Technology  
2 In many scholarly fields the new entrant must work carefully to discover a gap in the existing literature.  ...  A search ensues for an untapped archive, an unrecognized nuance, or a theoretical framework able to demolish a sufficiently large body of existing work.  ...  Acknowledgements I wrote much of this chapter as a fellow in the Center for 21st Century Studies of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee during the 2008-9 academic year.  ... 
doi:10.1002/aris.2011.1440450116 fatcat:typxbgauhvfwbad7but7xiwsrm

Reproduced and Emergent Genres of Communication on the World Wide Web

Kevin Crowston, Marie Williams
2000 The Information Society  
They further suggested that communications in a new media would show both reproduction and adaptation of existing communicative genres as well as the emergence of new genres.  ...  emerging to t the unique communicative needs of the audience.  ...  Others, like splash pages on Web sites, may represent dead ends, experiments with linking that do not become commonly accepted usages.  ... 
doi:10.1080/01972240050133652 fatcat:p65shaed7bdibbq36az4j5udv4

Dimensions of Interaction: AAAI-90 Presidential Address

Daniel G. Bobrow
1991 The AI Magazine  
Electron- turing engineers who want to minimize man- ic messages in a business setting can be cate- ufacturing costs, especially tool setup costs, gorized as moves in a conversation.  ...  The JANUS etc. system (Fischer, structures in the VIEWPOINT hypertext.  ... 
doi:10.1609/aimag.v12i3.904 dblp:journals/aim/Bobrow91 fatcat:7zovpmh2hjfh5iriujsd73xpa4

Some Aspects of California Cyberpunk

Mike Mosher
2018 Arts  
Attentive to the Cyberpunk novelists, an animating spirituality of the time also looks to Timothy Leary and Marshall McLuhan.  ...  This paper explores the rise and fall of Cyberpunk influences in California's Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay area circa 1988–93, in prevalent technologies, industry, by artists and in enthusiastic  ...  Thanks to Takayuki Tatsumi for his invitation to participate in this Special Issue. Conflicts of Interest: The author declares no conflicts of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/arts7040054 fatcat:fjwq5ern3jcu5brsych2sqfkxi

Hyper-Image Network? An Investigation Into The Role Of Text And Image In The Design Of Hypertext Networks With Specific Consideration Of The World Wide Web

Vogelsang, Axel (Autor/in)
2007 Zenodo  
Design practice plays an important role in the discussion regarding digital writing and the iconic turn as it is held partly responsible for the shift from alphabetic text to the image by some of the theorists  ...  The multi-linear approach of hypertext, the increasing integration of pictures, moving image and animation in the Internet as well as the dominance of the graphic user interface (GUI) are seen as major  ...  This thesis proposes an alternative. From the 1960s onwards, 20 concrete poetry has experimented with so called text constellations as a form of experimentation with text in an information age.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.44490 fatcat:osyyga7shrecneu2qfd2exdgly

Understanding Internet Usage

Robert Larose, Dana Mastro, Matthew S. Eastin
2001 Social science computer review  
In a survey of 171 college students, the social-cognitive model explained 60% of the available variance in Internet usage using multiple regression analysis, a significant improvement over prior uses and  ...  Like Bandura's social-cognitive theory, the uses and gratifications framework explains media use in terms of expected positive outcomes, or gratifications.  ...  ., University of Michigan) is an assistant research scientist at the University of Michigan and a member of the Virtual Data Center project team.  ... 
doi:10.1177/089443930101900401 fatcat:7xggydjopjcw5ojbfhyxj4sudu

Book Review: Chowdhury, G.G., Introduction to modern information retrieval

Frances C. Johnson
2000 Education for Information  
in electronic format.  ...  , Marketplace, Business, Ethics, Regulations).  ...  The author is well qualified to write the authority of experience on these topics, and this comes out in the text. Judged by these self-declared standards, this book should be counted a success.  ... 
dblp:journals/efi/Johnson00a fatcat:wcku2ogudrg3zljaskhjlkosgi

An Exquisite Mutual Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement Using Smart Card

Anton Železnikar, Chiu-Hsiung Liao, Hon-Chan Chen, Ching-Te Wang
2009 unpublished
In this paper, we propose a nonce-based authentication scheme using smart card. We use Diffie-Hellman scheme to enhance the security of our protocol.  ...  The protocol also supports convenient password update at the user's terminal. To avoid the identity duplication, we introduce the idea of transformed identity in our protocol.  ...  Acknowledgement Acknowledgement The first author's opinions expressed in this paper do not necessarily reflect the official positions of Zagrebačka banka d.d.  ... 

Electronic Communication across the Curriculum

Donna Reiss, Dickie Selfe, Art Young
1999 College composition and communication  
information systems and business management using a model that can be applied in any discipline.  ...  C011aboratory is an online learning community supporting a series of courses in the Rainbow Advantage Program at the University of Hawaii.  ...  One of those assignments must be due in the first half of the semester.  ... 
doi:10.2307/359052 fatcat:boltxyqpkzcbvnptnqo2oo4q6e

Electronic Field Guides and User Communities in the Eco-informatics Revolution

R. D. Stevenson, William A. Haber, Robert Morris
2003 Conservation ecology  
Electronic field guides and user communities in the eco-informatics revolution. Conservation Ecology 7(1): 3. [online] URL: ABSTRACT.  ...  We suggest that wider adoption of the citizen science model and the use of electronic field guides will enhance public understanding and participation in biodiversity monitoring.  ...  The usual advantages of electronic documents are apparent in these products: hypertext links, more color photographs, and greater amounts of information, such as the inclusion of both field marks and songs  ... 
doi:10.5751/es-00505-070103 fatcat:4jwvr7egrvbsbbujh7gf7ljc74

The future of written culture: Envisioning language in the New Millennium

Naomi S. Baron
2005 Ibérica  
In the course of the past three centuries, much of Europe was transformed from an oral culture into one that was fundamentally grounded in the printed word.  ...  While the discussion focuses on the United States, the paper's conclusions should resonate in other contemporary societies in which similar technological and social variables are at work.  ...  Respect for the work of an author was typically delayed until after he was dead (Minnis, 1988) .  ... 
doaj:f08d12673e7f48f0b3fd2c992b08e2fc fatcat:qqyorxwmcrdxzasolgbrpad64q


He always believed in tight integration between hardware and software. He wanted to be in charge of complete user experience.  ...  It didn't invent the personal computer, the MP3 player, downlaodable music, the mobile phone, or the tablet computer.  ...  The business model Steve had proposed, gave Apple all the customer information like his email and credit card number which would have Apple at an advantageous position to further its own business cause  ... 
doi:10.34218/jom.6.6.2019.007 fatcat:m4voob37jbdzroeq5ox3o43jja
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