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Future Projections and Fallouts of Exponential Longevity and Revival from Cryopreservation

Vinod Nikhra
2018 Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences  
The incredible advances in the field of medical science have made possible to cure acute disorders and chronic diseases, and avoid frailty, complications and untimely demise.  ...  The lifespan of organisms, including human beings, is not fixed but limited [1] .  ...  The cells possess a number of systems for functional and structural maintenance and repair. In fact, the DNA-repair capability correlates well with the lifespan of a species.  ... 
doi:10.31031/rmes.2018.06.000641 fatcat:beszsjz5rzd5fhiefaoelbznyq

Software evolution: the lifetime of fine-grained elements

Diomidis Spinellis, Panos Louridas, Maria Kechagia
2021 PeerJ Computer Science  
We present methods and tools that allow tracking of each line's or token's birth and death.  ...  of software development.  ...  This work's first author thanks Michiel van Genuchten and Les Hatton for their fruitful collaboration on software growth modeling.  ... 
doi:10.7717/peerj-cs.372 pmid:33817021 pmcid:PMC7959608 fatcat:v3yr43mxnbee7h34klnmryppf4

The importance of life cycle on the future development of tourist destination

2019 CES Working Papers  
The research aims to identify the phase of the life cycle in which the destination is currently located, according to the Batler model, and to measure the achievement of ecological and economic sustainability  ...  The work analyses the theoretical phases of the life cycle of touristic destinations and presents the results of the research Case study: Nature Park Zlatibor - the most visited touristic destination.  ...  The life cycle is based on the comparison with living being which life is characterized by two extreme occurrences: birth and disappearance (death).  ... 
doaj:53bab6db55e04bb2a8e2c5a02a70afbd fatcat:3okawco7pfgxpbu6ukkzgavo4a

Two stochastic processes shape diverse senescence patterns in a single-cell organism [article]

Ulrich K Steiner, Adam Lenart, Ming Ni, Peipei Chen, Xiaohu Song, Francois Taddei, Ariel Lindner, James Vaupel
2017 bioRxiv   pre-print
the lack of a mother offspring correlation in age at death.  ...  This second process is required to explain the difference between the classical mortality plateaus detected for young mothers' offspring and the near non-senescence of old mothers' offspring as well as  ...  transition rate and the 843 death rate, respectively. 844 µ0=a+c, the death rate at birth i.e. state i=0, 845 .  ... 
doi:10.1101/105387 fatcat:pwlhhdwqazgmtafe47si4u4k7a

How to Build and to Protect the Neuromuscular Junction: The Role of the Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor

Serena Stanga, Marina Boido, Pascal Kienlen-Campard
2020 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Historically related to the maintenance and survival of dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra, GDNF also plays a fundamental role in the peripheral NS (PNS).  ...  Indeed, signals originating from the muscle play an important role in synapse formation, stabilization, maintenance and function, both in development and adulthood.  ...  , and the rescue of neurons from axotomyinduced cell death [16] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijms22010136 pmid:33374485 fatcat:oafl7x2udbfbvp4nuxxipoeicm

Optimization Culture Conditions of Differentiating Endothelial Progenitor Cells From Human Mononuclear Cells in Vitro

Xu Qing
2019 Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research  
The experimental results confirmed that the vitOrgan drug contains 123 cytokines, including ACE2, and ULBP2.  ...  However, the molecular mechanisms involved remain unclear and underresearched.  ...  research data of vitOrgan with the research community.  ... 
doi:10.26717/bjstr.2019.15.002640 fatcat:4nv46rdyjngw7m2umu3lsxa6ai

Desumoylase SENP6 maintains osteochondroprogenitor homeostasis by suppressing the p53 pathway

Jianshuang Li, Di Lu, Hong Dou, Huadie Liu, Kevin Weaver, Wenjun Wang, Jiada Li, Edward T.H. Yeh, Bart O. Williams, Ling Zheng, Tao Yang
2018 Nature Communications  
The development, growth, and renewal of skeletal tissues rely on the function of osteochondroprogenitors (OCPs).  ...  Our data reveals a crucial role of the SENP6-p53 axis in maintaining OCP homeostasis during skeletal development.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the members of the Yang laboratory and other members of the Program for Skeletal Disease and Tumor Metastasis at Van Andel Research Institute for discussion; Drs.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41467-017-02413-3 pmid:29321472 pmcid:PMC5762923 fatcat:jadauvkb35bolglnqouum5fugu

The Social Economy as a Factor of Economic Development and Resilience of Population in Rural Areas. A Study of Mediating Effects in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

Marcos Carchano, Inmaculada Carrasco, Sebastián Castillo, M. Carmen García-Cortijo
2021 Sustainability  
growth.  ...  entities helps to anchor population and increase the resilience of this territory.  ...  The first, understood as the population variation due to the difference between live births and deaths, is mainly motivated by both the reduction of birth rates [46] , and the high aging rates of the  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13105544 fatcat:iad6b5plwzdorfu4anjmqgtjvu

Status of women and family planning: the Indian case

K E Vaidyanathan
1989 Asia-Pacific Population Journal  
in household affairs is positively correlated with the degree of awareness and knowledge of contraceptives as well as adoption of family planning; and 3) interspousal communication was significantly related  ...  It uses both macro-level data for the states of India and date from household surveys and field studies to assess the extent of interaction between the women's status indicators and family planning indicators  ...  Growth of the elderly in India Until the year 1951, the sequence of high birth rates followed by high death rates kept the proportion of the persons aged 60 and above at a low level in India.  ... 
pmid:12316023 fatcat:ueo233dxzfcvrhkeaxqhgnkpwm

Overexpression of Atg5 in mice activates autophagy and extends lifespan

Jong-Ok Pyo, Seung-Min Yoo, Hye-Hyun Ahn, Jihoon Nah, Se-Hoon Hong, Tae-In Kam, Sunmin Jung, Yong-Keun Jung
2013 Nature Communications  
Our observations suggest that the leanness and lifespan extension in Atg5 transgenic mice may be the result of increased autophagic activity.  ...  Furthermore, mouse embryonic fibroblasts cultured from Atg5 transgenic mice are more tolerant to oxidative damage and cell death induced by oxidative stress, and this tolerance was reversible by treatment  ...  Kaplan-Meier survival curves were constructed using known birth and death dates, and differences between groups were evaluated using the logrank test.  ... 
doi:10.1038/ncomms3300 pmid:23939249 pmcid:PMC3753544 fatcat:lkpd57xburcc7o2xkarzlocrpi

Ideal Technology Concept & Its Realization Opportunity Using Nanotechnology

Aithal P. S., Shubhrajyotsna Aithal
2015 Zenodo  
The concept of ideal engine, ideal switch, ideal semiconductor devices like ideal diodes, transistors, etc. have been defined and taken as standards to improve the quality and performance of such practical  ...  Based on the discussion, it is realized that many of the characteristics of ideal technology are achievable through discoveries and innovations in Nanotechnology.  ...  The preliminary report of the isolation of these cells marked the birth of the new area of research called regenerative medicine.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.61591 fatcat:cttlixvsajdo5f5zpofbkyu7su

Rejuvenescence American Style: Longevity, Aging, The US Tradition of Rejecting the Old & the US Baby Boom Generation Now

John Dean
2015 Transatlantica : Revue d'Études Américaines  
Specially the issue of rejuvenating surgery for the human body.  ...  functional delivery system and as a software, wetware conveyor of emotions -and how the popular culture which is purveyed by media corporations acutely function as the "folklore of industrial mankind"  ...  the application of science to develop solutions to health problems or issues, such as the prevention or delay of onset of disease, or the promotion and monitoring of good health.  ... 
doi:10.4000/transatlantica.7441 fatcat:tqwxgtcehfgatm7vp3zhlc4gjq

Free-Roaming Dogs Control Activities in One Italian Province (2000-2013): Is the Implemented Approach Effective?

Shanis Barnard, Matteo Chincarini, Lucio Di Tommaso, Fabrizio Di Giulio, Stefano Messori, Nicola Ferri
2015 Macedonian Veterinary Review  
The aim of this retrospective study was to describe the local FRD population, identifying its source and to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions implemented by the local authorities.  ...  Results highlighted a lack of responsibility of owners by failing to sterilise and identify their dogs and allowing intact animals to roam free, therefore producing uncontrolled and unwanted litters.  ...  The present results highlight a high entrance rate of sub-adult animals (around 1 y.o., Fig. 2 ) and a rejuvenation of the population across the years (Fig. 3) .  ... 
doi:10.14432/j.macvetrev.2015.04.041 fatcat:wsylylc7zzd3ji7hnjjtd7glze


Rashmi M, Lekshmi V Nair
But this article is focusing on the inclusion of gender in policies relating to information and communication technology with the aim of empowering women as users and producers of this technology.  ...  It is built around three pillars of economic, social and womens empowerment. Its formation was the culmination of a process of community mobilization taken up by the State Government.  ...  And through these contacts which they have developed over time now they are trying to get private sector jobs, for example, two of the units have worked as hospital kiosk to enter death and birth details  ... 
doi:10.24297/jssr.v7i2.3568 fatcat:qtj3umggk5etjbdbf7duemnefq

Ideal Systems, Ideal Technology and their Realization Opportunities Using Information Communication & Computation Technology (ICCT) and Nanotechnology (NT)

P. Sreeramana Aithal
2021 Zenodo  
The developments and progress in society depend on the improvements in the performance of every system and innovations in technology.  ...  Technology management is an area of predicting, identifying, managing, and utilising existing and new technologies for the benefit of people, organizations, and society.  ...  Green technologies support the use of natural  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4709634 fatcat:bvx7d7aax5aatnlayvnhuaozke
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