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The TW Wine Agent: A Social Semantic Web Demo

James Michaelis, Li Ding, Deborah L. McGuinness
2008 International Semantic Web Conference  
The Tetherless World (TW) Wine Agent extends the original Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory (KSL) Wine Agent to support collective recommendations on food-wine pairings.  ...  into Social Web applications.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to acknowledge the other members of our research lab, the Tetherless World Research Constellation, whom assisted us with this project.  ... 
dblp:conf/semweb/MichaelisDM08 fatcat:qr3p5ztew5c5pnxpetxc5h6la4

Towards Social Webtops Using Semantic Wiki

Jie Bao, Li Ding, Deborah L. McGuinness, Jim Hendler
2008 International Semantic Web Conference  
The fast-growing Web 2.0 applications promote explicit social structure and explosive data on the Web, and enable the realization of social webtops, where users use web applications to collaboratively  ...  In this work, we show that semantic wiki technologies are suitable for building a social webtop.  ...  Our study also results in a handful semantic wikis using SWM including (i) TW Wiki 1 which servers as a semantic group portal, (ii) RPI Map 2 which mashes up with external Web data, and (iii) TW Wine Wiki  ... 
dblp:conf/semweb/BaoDMH08 fatcat:7wheaqbhfvcpzicmgwmll33gpa

A Philosophy for Globalization

Richard Kustin
1993 Marketing Intelligence & Planning  
As a 'connection withoutc ontour',t he meaning of globalization lacks the order that serves as am eaning-giving element.T he concepts of border crossinga nd  ...  To analyze the different layers,i tm akes sense to use the term in plural. (Epple 2014). Ih avea ttempted abovet oc haracterize the definitions alluded to here.  ...  global dispersion on the great digital spider web.  ... 
doi:10.1108/02634509310027873 fatcat:qzd3rqbfobechibuspdetflnjy

2012 Jahresbericht Annual Report Jahresbericht Annual Report

Kontakt Geschäftsstelle, Schloss Dagstuhl, Heike Clemens, Jutka Gasiorowski
2013 unpublished
Acknowledgments Many thanks to the Dagstuhl office and its helpful and patient staff; huge thanks to the organizers of the previous seminars in the series for setting us up for success; and thanks to all  ...  the participants, who worked hard and were amiable company all week.  ...  Semantic Web.  ... 

Reading Becomes a Necessity of Life: Material and Cultural Life in Rural New England, 1780-1835

Robert B. Winans, William J. Gilmore
1990 American Literature  
The Angel with the Book. The Holy Bible. Pro Pa tria. George Was hington. [John Corry]. Biographical Memoirs. Squire Thornhill Ca rrying off Olivia.  ...  Brimstone, a sulphur-based preservative fo r wine and some fo ods, was also available.  ...  Reading can be a strong defender of tradition or an agent of change.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2927078 fatcat:bjwi6xzcmffgpgfqos6shxjbx4

Reading becomes a Necessity of Life: Material and Cultural Life in Rural New England, 1780-1835

Gloria L. Main, William J. Gilmore
1990 American Historical Review  
The Angel with the Book. The Holy Bible. Pro Pa tria. George Was hington. [John Corry]. Biographical Memoirs. Squire Thornhill Ca rrying off Olivia.  ...  Brimstone, a sulphur-based preservative fo r wine and some fo ods, was also available.  ...  Reading can be a strong defender of tradition or an agent of change.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2162887 fatcat:obcgz6m4gjcfzndpfo2ncwoune

Visualising Italian Language Resources: a Snapshot [chapter]

Riccardo Del Gratta, Francesca Frontini, Monica Monachini, Gabriella Pardelli, Irene Russo, Roberto Bartolini, Sara Goggi, Fahad Khan, Valeria Quochi, Claudia Soria, Nicoletta Calzolari
Proceedings of the Second Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2015  
MF would also like to thank the EPSRC for its support in the form of a doctoral training grant.  ...  and creation of a dictionary, n. 20105B3HE8), funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). http://combinet.humnet.  ...  Social Media are observed to measure the sentiment expressed in the Web about products, companies or politicians.  ... 
doi:10.4000/books.aaccademia.1442 fatcat:2gywsrwxgravrdrgprh2l25eo4


Daniel L. Selden
1998 Classical Antiquity  
social order.  ...  There is a membrane extended between its tentacles up to a certain point, as palmipeds have between their feet, except that theirs is thick and that of the nautilus thin and like a spider’s web.  ... 
doi:10.2307/25011086 fatcat:ikcs6l2rknb7vpaqs272tewe5m

ANUARIO DEL SEMINARIO DE FILOLOGÍA VASCA «JULIO DE URQUIJO» International Journal of Basque Linguistics and Philology

Manuel Agud, -Luis Michelena, Zuzendariak Directores, Directors, Joseba Lakarra, Jumi, Jacques Allieres, Toulouse, Patxi Altuna, Jesus Antonio, Cid, Lyle Campbell (+23 others)
2007 unpublished
First, we want to thank the scientific committee for their help in the review process. These are Asier Alcázar (  ...  BIDE 2005 would not have taken place without the help and support of many colleagues.  ...  First contact and reason d'être for CEPAC The first time that I came across the Consumer Eroski Magazine I was browsing the World Wide Web in search for web pages that could be used as a reference for  ... 

The Art of vision: ekphrasis in medieval literature and culture

2016 ChoiceReviews  
Baudri was very particular about the colouring of his capitals . . . because since the verses are very indifferent, he would like to make sure of readers by the beauty of the MS.  ...  not black, because green is more pleasing to the eye. . . .  ...  at hand, thereby extending its meanings by linking it to a web of associations.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.196058 fatcat:avjtolycljapho6kmfch7whl3y

LANGUAGE IN INDIA Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow Volume 12 : 4 April 2012

M Thirumalai, B Mallikarjun, Sam, B A Sharada, A R Fatihi, Lakhan, Marie Jennifer, S M Bayer, G Ravichandran, L Baskaran, Ramamoorthy
Acknowledgement The author of this paper thanks Dr.  ...  ========================================================== Acknowledgements The authors wish to acknowledge the support of Dr.  ...  Nothing arouses the suspicion of Holmes save the wine glasses.  ... 

Scanning the Science-Society Horizon [article]

Brenda Moon, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
The increase in people participating in social media on the Internet offers a new resource for monitoring what people are discussing.  ...  People self publish their views on social media, which provides a rich source of every day, every person thinking.  ...  wine press.  ... 
doi:10.25911/5d6664e8354b8 fatcat:jmgtblj2n5e6xosu7ue3sokami

Structure and Motif in "Finnegans Wake."

David Hayman, Clive Hart
1964 Books Abroad  
a web of correspondences stretched like strings between key points on the Scale of Nature.  ...  Today there is life, wine, and the key to the universe ('here tokay'); 'tomorrow we die'.  ...  The act of baptism, symbolically allied to the transubstantiation of the wine, is itself discussed in terms of micturition in one of the parodies of Quinet: 'there's a spurtfire turf a'kind o'kindling  ... 
doi:10.2307/40118478 fatcat:w55nvfwkd5d6hd2qknlh3hwhme

The targum (1956:Feb. 1 - 1956:Feb. 28)

No Name Supplied
In January 1869, the Targum as we now know it, made its appearance as a monthly paper that concerned itself with student "literary contributions" and college news as well as serving as a vehicle for bringing  ...  As a student organization, the Targum operated under the oversight of the dean of students and student government but in October 1980, the Targum became an independent college paper.  ...  The Rutgers Man's Valet University Princeton, Rutgers Oh the joy of semantics!  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3-pwb4-bh20 fatcat:ogicpc4yyvdebg6k5yn3zczitm

Religion in Tamang society: A Buddhist community in northern Nepal

Andrew R. Hall
A comprehensive account is first given of the community, including its economic basis and social structure.  ...  This thesis examines the interrelationship of the religious rituals, beliefs and specialists of a Tamang community in northern Nepal, where a variant of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism ('Lamaism') is found in  ...  W couple and the groom's family, bearing with them a basket filled with bread fried in butter together with rice and wine.  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00029246 fatcat:o4hgqsre3vaktejpuo5icnk3kq
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