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Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

A. J. Vakharia, A. Yenipazarli
2008 Foundations and Trends® in Technology Information and Operations Management  
From a supply chain perspective, disruptions can lead to severe consequences.  ...  ; implementation of these strategies; and finally mitigation of supply chain risks.  ...  Appendix The comprehensive global SC design model proposed by Kouvelis and Su [24] is as follows. λ i S mk : cost to ship one unit of subassembly i from country m to country k (i.e., subassembly transportation  ... 
doi:10.1561/0200000012 fatcat:h4njfuxnenca7fbc332qbxpxlm

Managing Disruption Risks in Supply Chains

Paul R. Kleindorfer, Germaine H. Saad
2009 Production and operations management  
T here are two broad categories of risk affecting supply chain design and management: (1) risks arising from the problems of coordinating supply and demand, and (2) risks arising from disruptions to normal  ...  Based on these results and other literature, we discuss the implications for the design of management systems intended to cope with supply chain disruption risks.  ...  Helpful discussions with Caroline Beaird, Jack Harrald, Howard Kunreuther, Kalyan Singhal, Vinod Singhal, Jonathan Gold, and the participants of the Roundtable on Global Retail Chain Security on October  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1937-5956.2005.tb00009.x fatcat:nq5qcfmwh5e65kvjlbxwrtteeu

Building Supply Chain Resilience Capabilities during Pandemic Disruption

Jun Tian, Thoo Ai Chin, Yang Kaihan
2022 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
Supply chain resilience is used to mitigate and deal with the unexpected disruptions of supply chains in the past decades.  ...  The outcomes of the review indicate that SCRes is a significant dynamic capability for supply chains to prepare, adjust, response, recover and grow (which has ignored by many scholars) before or after  ...  Chowdhury and Quaddus (2016) proved that this kind of capability (readiness) is crucial by framing dynamic regulations on the supply chain to mitigate disruptions.  ... 
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v12-i3/12302 fatcat:ktj2cnjel5ez7ef34xzwrtjth4

A Reengineering Methodology for Supply Chain Networks Operating Under Disruptions [chapter]

Alain Martel, Walid Klibi
2011 Supply Chain Disruptions  
Supply Chain Networks (SCN) are very complex organisational systems, and their reengineering gives rise to major projects which must be carefully planned and managed.  ...  After discussing the problem, and the relevant literature, the activities of the methodology are presented and illustrated for a particular case: the location-transportation problem under uncertainty.  ...  Supply chain Design: Flexibility Considerations, in de Kok and Graves Eds, Supply Chain Management: Design, Coordination and Operation, Handbooks in OR & MS, Vol. 11, Elsevier.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-85729-778-5_9 fatcat:kq2w2jvrs5h2zbyzwben7t54qa

Supply Chain Resilience Roadmaps for Major Disruptions

Jessica Olivares-Aguila, Alejandro Vital-Soto
2021 Logistics  
Each roadmap contains the description of a plausible future in terms of supply chain disruptions and the strategies to implement to help mitigate negative impacts.  ...  The roadmaps development establishes the foundations for a holistic supply chain disruption preparation and analysis.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/logistics5040078 doaj:93e45d95f6784066a83afe27c4be92dc fatcat:x5ymo3bkkbcmvj2v5dj7iv2cfe

Capacity Scalability in Robust Design of Supply Flow Subject to Disruptions

Alireza Ebrahim Nejad, Onur Kuzgunkaya
2014 Procedia CIRP  
Within the last decade, several cases of the supply chain vulnerability to major disruptions have been observed.  ...  We present a multi-stage robust optimization model to determine optimal strategic stock levels and layout configuration of the back-up supplier for a supply chain subject to random realization of disruptions  ...  In order to have a robust supply chain, Tang [1] identifies several mitigation strategies. Tomlin [5] categorize these strategies based on the impact and frequency of disruptions.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procir.2014.01.125 fatcat:vhemfeslfbf7jiuc6dgx7yrig4

Effectiveness of policies for mitigating supply disruptions

Joong Y. Son, Ryan K. Orchard
2013 International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management  
License All Rights Reserved Structured Abstract: Purpose -The purpose of this paper is to examine supply-side disruptions in a supply chain, and to analyse the effectiveness of two inventory-based policies  ...  for mitigating the impact of supply disruptions: maintaining strategic inventory reserves (the R-policy), and using larger orders (the Q-policy).  ...  Modeling supply disruptions Typically, supply chain risk can be characterized by both the probability of an event and its severity given that an event occurs (Handfield et al., 2011) .  ... 
doi:10.1108/ijpdlm-04-2012-0109 fatcat:mjgsigazordbzdepifk6goukpi

Effects of trust-based decision making in disrupted supply chains

Rozhin Doroudi, Pedro Sequeira, Stacy Marsella, Ozlem Ergun, Rana Azghandi, David Kaeli, Yifan Sun, Jacqueline Griffin, Baogui Xin
2020 PLoS ONE  
The causes underlying the severity and prolongation of these shortages are complex, in part due to the complexity of the underlying supply chain networks, which involve supplier-buyer interactions across  ...  This interaction can engender different behaviors and impact the overall supply chain performance, either prolonging and exacerbating even small local disruptions, or mitigating a disruption's effects.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank Omid Mohaddesi and Casper Harteveld for their comments and feedback. We would also like to thank David Pynadath's help with PsychSim.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0224761 pmid:32069295 pmcid:PMC7028279 fatcat:sgkfu4pcu5bt5jlyqc5yfjsbqu

The benefits and constraints of temporary sourcing diversification in supply chain disruption and recovery

Daniel E. Whitney, Jianxi Luo, Daniel A. Heller
2014 Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management  
due to the high degree of specificity required in the design and manufacturing methods of the disrupted product item, suggesting product and process specificity limit recovery alternatives.  ...  For rare-but-catastrophic disruptions of fortified supply chains, temporary sourcing diversification has been seen as a desirable response strategy.  ...  perceptions of supply chain disruption risks and the actions they take to mitigate supply disruption risks.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.pursup.2014.06.001 fatcat:kj7k44brwrbyxfqxuhh5rh7lzy

How to Predict Disruptions in the Inbound Supply Chain in a Volatile Environment [chapter]

Andréas Malmstedt, Jenny Bäckstrand
2022 Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering  
The most common solutions to protect the supply chains for disruptions are increasing inventory, adding capacity, and using multiple suppliers.  ...  From the available literature about Supply Chain Resilience, and similar advanced supply chain solutions, we can conclude that the main focus of research has so far been on the demand side, i.e., how to  ...  A digital twin can enable a more dynamic sensing capability and further enhance the robustness of the supply chain.  ... 
doi:10.3233/atde220182 fatcat:i6bonvfexjes7awcsvazsrvp5u

Implications of the Tohoku earthquake for Toyota׳s coordination mechanism: Supply chain disruption of automotive semiconductors

Hirofumi Matsuo
2015 International Journal of Production Economics  
The 2011 Tohoku Earthquake damaged severely and extensively a large geographical area and caused devastating disruptions to the industrial supply chains in Japan.  ...  The third purpose of this paper is to show by presenting a detailed case analysis that the underlying characteristics of supply chain structure and infrastructure should be linked with the resilience tactics  ...  Acknowledgements This research is supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research [Grant 25380464].  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijpe.2014.07.010 fatcat:mmvpxk2zwbdunkfnwnmehimrd4

Supply chain disruptions and resilience: a major review and future research agenda

K. Katsaliaki, P. Galetsi, S. Kumar
2021 Annals of Operations Research  
The content analysis of these studies synthesized existing information about the types of disruptions, their impact on supply chains, resilience methods in supply chain design and recovery strategies proposed  ...  The aim of this study is to amalgamate knowledge on supply chain disruptions which constitutes an important and timely as the frequency and impact of disruptions increase.  ...  supplier and a reliable one that is more expensive 5 The Severity of Supply Chain Disruptions: Design Characteristics and Mitigation Capabilities.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10479-020-03912-1 pmid:33437110 pmcid:PMC7792559 fatcat:x2ce77z4lval7ifffhit6bhnvm

Disruptions Control on Precast Concrete Supply Chain in Construction Projects

Iveline Anne Marie, N. Nilla, Nora Azmi, Yayang Ade Suprana
2020 Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Industri  
It takes into account such supply-chain disruptions, and therefore, the two-layered model of House of Risk (HOR) to subsume risks identification and risks control is applicable for minimizing possible  ...  PT ABX as one of Indonesian precast-concrete manufactures is the object of this research aiming to find precautionary strategies for controlling disruptions to concrete supply chain in construction projects  ...  Companies to manage construction projects based on their supply chain uncertainty have the following characteristics (i.e., high level of volatility demand, high level of lead-time supply, moderate process  ... 
doi:10.23917/jiti.v19i2.11791 fatcat:rqx46uu3svb4vh3lcdmxzhqcae

A resilient supply portfolio considering political and disruption risks

Reza Hosnavi, Seyed Mohammad Khalili, Mohammad Ali Nekooie, Ahmad Tavakoli
2019 International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering  
supply chain under operational and disruption risks.  ...  The need of accounting for resilience in global supply chains has been growing from practical and academic points of view.  ...  Tang and Tomlin (2008) highlighted the power of flexibility in providing resilience in supply chains and mitigating risks.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijise.2019.10018816 fatcat:n7bcu36wdfdqrexedhtudeugnq

Framework for disruptive AI/ML Innovation [article]

Wim Verleyen, William McGinnis
2022 arXiv   pre-print
This framework incorporates value chain, supply chain, and ecosystem strategies.  ...  Furthermore, the business plan represents the fundamentals of AI/ML Innovation and AI/ML Solutions. Therefore, the framework provides a menu for managing and investing in AI/ML.  ...  A framework for AI/ML disruptive innovation is composed of components vital for the digital transformation of the supply chain, value chain, and ecosystem.  ... 
arXiv:2204.12641v1 fatcat:zg2xxxnc6jcvvdlqosfe46rnuy
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