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Revisiting the system of English relative clauses: structure, semantics, discourse functionality

2017 English Language and Linguistics  
The goal of this article is to uncover the system underlying three types of English relative clauses, and to characterise their distinctive uses in discourse: NP-integrated ones, namely restrictive and  ...  The area at issue is central, since understanding the functioning of these constructions requires reference to the fundamental interface between grammar (language system) and discourse (language use).  ...  Distribution and functions In English too, RMs and relative (wh-)pronouns may be distinguished: that in English is arguably not a relative pronoun, 8 but simply marks a departure from and (indirectly)  ... 
doi:10.1017/s136067431700003x fatcat:foanjnwr3jd2fdl2kxcdscswti

Resumptive Pronoun Detection for Modern Standard Arabic to English MT

Stephen Tratz, Clare Voss, Jamal Laoudi
2014 Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation (HyTra)  
The system achieves 91.9 F1 and 77.8 F1 on Arabic Treebank data when using gold standard parses and automatic parses, respectively.  ...  We then present what is, to the best of our knowledge, the first system for automatic identification of resumptive pronouns.  ...  Another natural next step is to train the system using automatically generated parse, partof-speech tag, and clitic segmentation information instead of gold standard annotation to see if this produces  ... 
doi:10.3115/v1/w14-1008 dblp:conf/hytra/TratzVL14 fatcat:ux6yvuad7vdgrp4acnci6dl3ra


Sudarsono Sudarsono
2021 Journal of Languages and Language Teaching  
The present study was designed to investigate the transfer strategy from the Indonesian relative clauses to the English ones. It was a descriptive study.  ...  The data were collected from the theses submitted by the Master's Program students of English Language Education to the university.  ...  I also thank the Chair of Languages and Arts Education Department, and the Chair of Master's Program as well as the lecturers, students, graduates, and staff for the support and the contribution to the  ... 
doi:10.33394/jollt.v9i4.4055 fatcat:ppxwqdmme5eozdwgyzwzmjzgcu

Analysis of Errors Made by Iraqi University Students in the Area of English Relativization System

Abbas Naethel
2020 International Journal of Language and Literary Studies  
It focuses mainly on dealing with the investigation of the syntactic errors committed by Iraqi students in English relative clause.  ...  This study aims at giving an account of an analysis of errors made by Iraqi university students in the area of English Relativization system.  ...  Because of the complexity of this system, and the many differences in meaning, form, and structure between English and Arabic relativization system, students are liable to find difficulties in choosing  ... 
doi:10.36892/ijlls.v2i1.194 fatcat:ycfe2beyabacrkdrjlorfmdrfe

Comparison of Coreference Resolvers for Deep Syntax Translation

Michal Novák, Dieke Oele, Gertjan van Noord
2015 Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Discourse in Machine Translation  
We compare multiple coreference resolvers for English in terms of how they affect the quality of pronoun translation in English-Czech and English-Dutch machine translation systems with deep transfer.  ...  We examine which pronouns in the target language depend on anaphoric information, and design rules that take advantage of this information.  ...  The following rules are used: • Impose agreement in gender and number for personal, possessive, and relative pronouns translated from English pronouns it and its as well as English relative pronouns. 6  ... 
doi:10.18653/v1/w15-2502 dblp:conf/discomt/NovakON15 fatcat:iw2zqm7zsja3fl2ioskpidw6b4

Automatic Question Generation using Relative Pronouns and Adverbs

Payal Khullar, Konigari Rachna, Mukul Hase, Manish Shrivastava
2018 Proceedings of ACL 2018, Student Research Workshop  
This paper presents a system that automatically generates multiple, natural language questions using relative pronouns and relative adverbs from complex English sentences.  ...  Our system is syntax-based, runs on dependency parse information of a single-sentence input, and achieves high accuracy in terms of syntactic correctness, semantic adequacy, fluency and uniqueness.  ...  Acknowledgments We acknowledge the support of Google LLC for this research, in the form of an International Travel Grant.  ... 
doi:10.18653/v1/p18-3022 dblp:conf/acl/KhullarRHS18 fatcat:zssc7fexifdn7cveavy5t7koaa

A Study of a Multiple Evaluation System of College English Online Teaching in China

Fan Zhang, Shuxiong Feng
2021 Global Research in Higher Education  
The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) has been used to analyze the relative importance of the indicators at the first two levels in the multiple evaluation system.  ...  Based on the operational principle, the principle of service to students, and the feasibility principle, this study aims to construct a multiple evaluation system of online college English teaching based  ...  Since 2007, many forms of college English online teaching systems have emerged, such as the New Horizon College English online learning system and Bingo English functional Composition System (Zhang &  ... 
doi:10.22158/grhe.v4n4p27 fatcat:6ziczs5dijayheszbm6wvwnd4q

Page 8277 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2000k [page]

2000 Mathematical Reviews  
The author applies TT relativity in the paper under review to explore relatively moving systems.  ...  (English summary) Comm. Math. Phys. 205 (1999), no. 2, 249-262. The authors consider the coupled system of Einstein, Maxwell and Dirac fields, for the static spherically symmetric case.  ... 

Evaluating the Grammars of Children Who Speak Nonmainstream Dialects of English

Janna B. Oetting, Ryan Lee, Karmen L. Porter
2013 Topics in Language Disorders  
To illustrate the usefulness of a system-based approach and to distinguish our two terms from others in the dialect literature, we present AAE and SWE relative clause data from two previously published  ...  Then we introduce a fourth, system-based response that views nonmainstream dialects of English, such as African American English (AAE) and Southern White English (SWE) as made up of dialect-specific and  ...  Appreciation is extended to Michael Hegarty, Janet McDonald, and a number of current and past doctoral students who have worked in the Language Development and Disorders Lab at Louisiana State University  ... 
doi:10.1097/tld.0b013e31828f509f pmid:26893531 pmcid:PMC4755032 fatcat:4by2sbrlxzanfmq6p5j4pmcgui

Cultural Differences in Chinese and English Address Terms

Qian Chen
2010 Journal of Language Teaching and Research  
THE COMPARISON BETWEEN CHINESE AND ENGLISH ADDRESS SYSTEMS Chinese and English address systems are different but both of them can be classified into two types: kinship address and address in social intercourse  ...  Through the comparison between the Chinese and English address terms, the social and cultural elements embodied in the difference of the two systems can be revealed.  ...  From the different address systems the following social and cultural differences in Chinese and English can be reflected: A.  ... 
doi:10.4304/jltr.1.6.898-900 fatcat:7u3rkpbwercsbevzlxdxtoct7u


Tatjana Ulanska
2021 Vospitanie  
This paper describes the semantic features of kinship terms in Macedonian, English and German and attempts to make a complete analysis in these languages.  ...  The comparison between these three languages will show both similarities and differences in the lexical fields of kinship terms, especially in Macedonian to English and German.  ...  The descriptiveness of the typology of the Macedonian system of kinship appears to be opposite of the systems in English and German.  ... 
doi:10.46763/jestp211610055u fatcat:pg7zuw6gvja4takw4537eedyme

English relative clauses in a cross-Germanic perspective

Julia Bacskai-Atkari
2020 Nordlyd: Tromsø University Working Papers on Language & Linguistics  
The differences from other Germanic languages (both West Germanic and Scandinavian) are primarily due to the historical changes affecting the case and gender system in English more generally.  ...  The loss of case and gender on the original singular neuter relative pronoun facilitated its reanalysis as a complementiser.  ...  The system was weakened during the Middle Dutch period and 27 In (15), the antecedent of the gap in the relative clause (the head noun) is plural; nevertheless, the verb in the relative clause shows singular  ... 
doi:10.7557/12.5213 doaj:69526baa6950483bac02fb53f81f25bb fatcat:6cokndgu5vbwhiqulhxdxbswka

The Chinese Unknown Term Translation Mining with Supervised Candidate Term Extraction Strategy

Ying-Hong Liang, Jin-xiang Li, Liang Ye, Ke Chen, Cui-zhen Guo
2011 Procedia Engineering  
strategy is used to identify English phrases and the English Noun phrases and Verb phrases are selected.  ...  Experimental results show that the supervised candidate term extraction method improves the top 10 inclusion rate by 1.6% than baseline system, which verifies that the supervised candidate term extraction  ...  Acknowledgements The work in this paper is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.08.257 fatcat:w2htqneo5rhkfasurxnuugfuya

An assessment of the translation-specificity of over-represented multi-word patterns in Swedish fiction texts translated from English

P-O Nilsson
2021 Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series – Themes in Translation Studies  
and parallel aligned cor¬pus of English and Swedish original and translated texts.  ...  The study focuses on the explicitation of clausal relations in translations from English into Swedish.  ...  of a coordinator and a relative word in the English source texts.  ... 
doi:10.52034/lanstts.v1i.28 fatcat:gbf36xrsnnhadpayubtuucxe3q

Tracking tip-of-the-tongue states in a multilingual speaker: Evidence of attrition or instability in lexical systems?

Peter Ecke, Christopher J. Hall
2012 International Journal of Bilingualism  
1 The issues • TOTs experienced and recorded by one of the authors over a period of ten years while he was living in the US and Mexico. • Whether a multilingual speaker's development of an L3 (English)  ...  from other languages known or used. • The kind and relative degree of attrition and cross-linguistic interaction in each period. • The data are analyzed with respect to four time periods corresponding  ...  general pattern of findings. • But again the L1 appears to resist attrition over time, despite its relative infrequency of use. • English and German were the most available competing languages during  ... 
doi:10.1177/1367006912454623 fatcat:2db6zyauofc3lbjttdibxmxneq
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