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LFC: Combining Autonomous Agents and Automated Planning in the Multi-Agent Programming Contest [article]

Rafael C. Cardoso and Angelo Ferrando and Fabio Papacchini
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The 2019 Multi-Agent Programming Contest introduced a new scenario, Agents Assemble, where two teams of agents move around a 2D grid and compete to assemble complex block structures.  ...  To implement our strategies, we use the multi-agent systems development platform JaCaMo to program our agents and the Fast Downward planner to plan the movement of the agent in the grid.  ...  Work supported by UK Research and Innovation, and EPSRC Hubs for Robotics and AI in Hazardous Environments: EP/R026092 (FAIR-SPACE), EP/R026173 (ORCA), and EP/R026084 (RAIN).  ... 
arXiv:2006.02736v1 fatcat:beamipqktzccxckipu7p47w454

Formal Verification of a Map Merging Protocol in the Multi-Agent Programming Contest [article]

Matt Luckcuck, Rafael C. Cardoso
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The protocol was used by the LFC team in the 2019 edition of the Multi-Agent Programming Contest (MAPC).  ...  Communication is a critical part of enabling multi-agent systems to cooperate.  ...  As indicated by the results in [7] , different parts of the system may require distinct verification techniques.  ... 
arXiv:2106.04512v2 fatcat:vetzmatwi5aeja3hi3snmqouge

Candidates Personality and Voting Preferences in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

2019 Global Regional Review  
Many scholars found that the individuals who have leadership qualities are generally talkative, energetic, enthusiastic, assertive, outgoing and sociable (is of the opinion that "variations in experiential  ...  'Openness' are the major psychological determinant of political polarities" (McCrae, 1996:325).  ...  None of the political party was allowed to contest election under any specific program or political ideology, consequently paving a way for independent candidates.  ... 
doi:10.31703/grr.2019(iv-i).04 fatcat:vx6aequa35f5xifkyu6umckhpa

Foreign Policy through Other Means: Hard Power, Soft Power, and China's Turn to Political Warfare to Influence the United States

Jacques deLisle
2020 Orbis: Journal of World Affairs  
The People's Republic of China increasingly has turned to political warfare and sharp power to influence U.S. policy toward China and on international issues that it considers important.  ...  This turn in part reflects the limited effectiveness of Beijing's much-increased hard power and its never-formidable and now-reduced soft power as means to achieve China's ends with the United States.  ...  barriers, or blocking by Chinese censors. 51 By the late 2000s and 2010s, the most iconic Chinese cultural figure for many Americans was the dissident and later exiled multi-media artist Ai Weiwei, whose  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.orbis.2020.02.004 pmid:32292215 pmcid:PMC7102532 fatcat:kulmsqoqh5hxrm4qjgnianmfve

Togo – 2019 : Domestic politics, foreign affairs, socio-economic development [chapter]

Dirk Kohnert
2020 Zenodo  
The first local elections since more than 30 years resulted in the victory of the ruling party.  ...  The human rights situation sharply deteriorated due to growing political and social tensions related to the prospects of the head of state running for a fourth term.  ...  due to growing political and social tensions related to the prospects of the head of state running for a fourth term and the contested 2019 constitutional reforms.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3667763 fatcat:gelzggqfefcorev3cxequp6dfe

Understanding bricolage in norm development: South Africa, the International Criminal Court, and the contested politics of transitional justice

Alexander Beresford, Daniel Wand
2020 Review of International Studies  
This article develops the concept of bricolage to offer a novel understanding of norm development and contestation in international relations, including the role African actors play in this.  ...  Through a detailed study of the contestation of transitional justice between South Africa and the International Criminal Court, we elucidate how bricolage can help to illuminate the normative agency of  ...  The authors would like to thank the three anonymous reviewers and the editors for their detailed and thoughtful comments on previous versions of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0260210520000224 fatcat:f6csksle4bex5kkwdyuvqzffki

Culture, Politics and Contested Identity among the "Kurdish" Alevis of Dersim: The Case of the Munzur Culture and Nature Festival

Ülker Sözen
2019 Journal of ethnic and cultural studies  
This article analyzes the Munzur Culture and Nature Festival organized by the people of Dersim, an eastern province of Turkey, as a site of political activism, cultural reproduction, and intra-group contestation  ...  The festival experience came to reflect and contribute to the debates and anxieties about identity whereby different political groups competed to increase their influence over local politics as well as  ...  By this means, the Munzur Festival came to mirror internal differentiation and political contestations to a larger extent.  ... 
doi:10.29333/ejecs/196 fatcat:pxnjesppznhx3cmptw6hv2nxna

Power Relations, Coalitions, and Rent Control: Reforming The Military's Natural Resource Levies

Collin Grimes, David Pion-Berlin
2019 Comparative politics  
Correa, who vowed to terminate levies and spend the savings on social programs, then secured approval to convene an assembly to rewrite the constitution.  ...  "The old structures are defeated," Correa declared. 57 Correa attributed the historic victory to the ascendency of the coalition he assembled, saying: "If we wanted to change Ecuador, we had to win political  ... 
doi:10.5129/001041519x15647434970072 fatcat:4urf75jqfbatxdtxt2tpcza4r4

Rethinking of AlphaStar [article]

Ruo-Ze Liu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We present a different view for AlphaStar (AS), the program achieving Grand-Master level in the game StarCraft II. It is considered big progress for AI research.  ...  One is that what can we get from the built of AS? The other is that does the battle between it with humans fair? After the discussion, we present the future research directions for these problems.  ...  HPs will try different strategies and have plans to carry out the strategies over time. E.g., see GSL 2019 Season 1 final contest Maru vs. Classic.  ... 
arXiv:2108.03452v3 fatcat:l54gd7xv5jfctol64czjjnmrra


Miranda Natalie, Sherene Patricia, Sherene Patricia, Erlyn Silveria, Ellya Dameria, Tiolas Sitanggang, Valerie Michelle
2020 Sociae polites  
We also contemplate the alternatives way to solve the environmental problem through the Paris Agreement, and a solution to the problem occurs within the members by considering the consequences under international  ...  We are trying to explain the dynamics (changes and debates) that occur in the policy-making process by the actors and stakeholders in the Paris Agreement.  ...  For many common types of bulbs that would have come to fruition in 2020, the Energy department blocked stricter efficiency standards in 2019.  ... 
doi:10.33541/sp.v21i1.1588 fatcat:ay6gy735cvgbhb5lo6qxjlphri

Egypt Digital Rights Landscape Report [chapter]

Mohamed Farahat
2021 Digital Rights in Closing Civic Space: Lessons from Ten African Countries  
) the resulting reduction in digital rights makes it impossible to achieve the kind of inclusive governance defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  ...  They show that: (1) when civic space closes offline citizens often respond by opening civic space online; (2) when civic space opens online governments often take measures to close online space; and (3  ...  Finally, one year after the contested elections, the government started to block access to blogs and websites where dissenting opinions were found (May 2006).  ... 
doi:10.19088/ids.2021.014 fatcat:xftn3v746rbavesdzpriudhiim

Power Sharing as a Tool for Resolving Electoral Violence: Revisiting the Zimbabwean Experience

Happy Mathew Tirivangasi, Department of Research Administration and Development, University of Limpopo, P. bag X1106, Sovenga, 0727, South Africa
2021 International Journal of Criminology and Sociology  
The theoretical explanations why electoral violence would occur in a country ruled by an authoritarian leadership suggests that, autocratic governments use electoral violence as a way of influencing the  ...  This paper uses Hartzell and Hoddie's four dimensions of power-sharing to analyse the implementation of the 2008 power-sharing in Zimbabwe and its impact on electoral violence.  ...  This led to the contested 2008 elections which ZANU PF lost to Tsvangirai and the MDC T but used its coercive power to maintain power.  ... 
doi:10.6000/1929-4409.2021.10.124 fatcat:nizftcigjrh5dgftv2f5sk7gay

Private regulation, public policy, and the perils of adverse ontological selection

Janina Grabs, Graeme Auld, Benjamin Cashore
2020 Regulation & Governance  
Despite access to the same empirical evidence, the current scholarship on private governance offers widely divergent answers to these questions.  ...  As a corrective, we encourage scholars to make their assumptions explicit, and occasionally switch between logics, to better understand private governance's problem-solving potential and its interactions  ...  Benjamin Cashore wishes to thank the Canada-US Fulbright Program, and the Institute of the Environment and Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI), University of Ottawa, for granting him the Canada Research Chair  ... 
doi:10.1111/rego.12354 fatcat:czzvoi3fbrdi3i674rs5v3wfzi

A Hyper Meta-Heuristic Cascaded Support Vector Machines for Big Data Cyber-Security

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
Thence, detection of intrusion and its prevention are rising challenge in Big data factors. the information inundation generally incorporate the Big data terms to dataset.  ...  Initially, the feature selection is done by using improved K-means clustering. Based on the selected features the intrusion detection and malware detection are performed using ESVM approach.  ...  This research extracts small files on evaluating Application Programming Interface (API) calls and split the small code files into blocks in API calls.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijrte.d5330.118419 fatcat:yx4adfy4ondyzdazdsql76msby

Radio Spectrum and the Disruptive Clarity of Ronald Coase

Thomas W. Hazlett, David Porter, Vernon L. Smith
2010 Social Science Research Network  
This led to the now familiar sequential ascending auction (SAA) format, also known as a sequential, multi-round auction (SMR). 130 Inefficiencies yet arise, however, due to risks bidders face in assembling  ...  By aggregating licenses, network operators have assembled bandwidth blocks of consistent size (and, although not shown, frequencies).  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1583098 fatcat:ri7wp6xnwrgi3a7dlbvxs2wkky
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