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Page 114 of Philosophy of Science Vol. 28, Issue 2 [page]

1961 Philosophy of Science  
the logical structure of the predicate bases of theories.  ...  of predicate bases of every relevant logical kind.® In general, and necessarily vaguely, Goodman’s assignments of simplicity values may be thought of as depending on the manner in which the extra-logical  ... 

An Introduction to Simplicity

Richard Rudner
1961 Philosophy of Science  
The Journal of Symbolic Logic, XIV (1949), pp. 228-229. [5] Goopman, Nelson, “The Logical Simplicity of Predicates.””  ...  the logical structure of the predicate bases of theories.  ... 
doi:10.1086/287793 fatcat:bwvo3oyjircunjwygitzn2mdry

On "Divine Simplicity - A New Defense"

Barry Miller
1994 Faith and Philosophy  
Although I am as ready to defend the divine simplicity as is William Vallicella, I fear that, both in the body of his "Divine Simplicity: A New Defense"!  ...  It might have been tempting to think that the second "is F" is being predicated of the referent of "what ' ___ is F' stands for," i.e. that the proposition's logical form is singular term/1st-level predicate  ... 
doi:10.5840/faithphil199411353 fatcat:fce7yv47ljexfdkljmcmqqwjna

Page 393 of The Philosophical Review Vol. 70, Issue 3 [page]

1961 The Philosophical Review  
SIMPLICITY theory is measured by the number of quantifiers that occur in the set of statements.  ...  Tarski, “A General Theorem concerning the 9 Reduction of Primitive Notions,” read at the 16th meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic (1953), abstract in Journal of Symbolic Logic, XIX (1954), 158  ... 

Page 572 of The Review of Metaphysics Vol. 4, Issue 16 [page]

1951 The Review of Metaphysics  
Goodman, Nelson [ Simplicity] “On the simplicity of ideas,” Journal of Symbolic Logic 8.107-21 (1943). — [ Logical simplicity] ‘The logical simplicity of predicates,” Journal of Symbolic Logic 14.32-41  ...  (1949). ~ [ Likeness] “On likeness of meaning,” Analysis 10.1-7 (1949). — [ Improvement ] “An improvement in the theory of simplicity,” Journal of Symbolic Logic 14.228-9 (1950).  ... 

Analogy Sans Portrait

Barry Miller
1990 Faith and Philosophy  
One is the classical theistic doctrine of the divine simplicity; the other is the doctrine that some propositions are logically simple in the sense of having no sub-propositional logical parts.  ...  The impression is sometimes given that the analogical character of God-talk could be established only by providing an account of the particular form thatthe analogy would take.  ...  All predications, of course, must be logically complex, containing at least two logical parts, either subject and predicate, or predicable and higher-level predicate. But, what of the converse?  ... 
doi:10.5840/faithphil1990717 fatcat:u2cinbojmzdndpj45r3gnnrcjy

The Test of Simplicity: Simplicity is a test of the effectiveness of scientific theories; but what is the test of simplicity?

N. Goodman
1958 Science  
All scientific activity amounts to the invention of and the choice among systems of hypotheses. One of the primary considerations guiding this process is that of simplicity.  ...  When simplicity of basis vanishes to zero-that is, when no term or principle is derived from any of the others-system also vanishes to zero. Systematization is the same  ...  we can redefine B from B' and the logic alone.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.128.3331.1064 pmid:17741834 fatcat:ekj3teasaja5jg4b7ote2xfffq

Page 668 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 10, Issue 10 [page]

1949 Mathematical Reviews  
Phys. 40, 113— 126 (1933) ]; but the clear, nontechnical presentation here will doubtless be helpful to students. H. B. Curry. Goodman, Nelson. The logical simplicity of predicates. J.  ...  This paper is related to an earlier one by the author [same J. 8, 107-121 (1943); these Rev. 5, 86], in which for a fully Platonistic logic a way of determining the relative simplicity of different sets  ... 

Page 251 of The Philosophical Review Vol. 68, Issue 2 [page]

1959 The Philosophical Review  
In addition to a logical apparatus and a set of extra- logical predicates, the system of hypotheses contains a consistent set of empirical propositions (ibid.).  ...  A system of hypotheses is to be regarded as a linguistic system with its own set of extralogical predicates (p. 168), and its simplicity is to be determined in terms of the number of distinct models it  ... 

The Weight of Simplicity in the Construction and Assaying of Scientific Theories

Mario Bunge
1961 Philosophy of Science  
by the predicates involved. (3) Simplicity of the predicate basis.  ...  Even the gauges of the syntactical simplicity of predicate bases proposed so far?  ... 
doi:10.1086/287794 fatcat:nk746wz2cbf5nfci52zbzfxg24

Topologically Modulated Signals and Predicate Gates For Their Processing [article]

G. Kouzaev
2001 arXiv   pre-print
Amplitudes of the impulses play a role of predicates and discrete spatial distributions of fields serve as predicate variables.  ...  Designed electronic gates are different by parallelism of the signal processing and allow to create a predicate processor for artificial intellect applications.  ...  Thus, the signals are natural carriers of predicate information and that is caused simplicity of fundamental predicate gate design.  ... 
arXiv:physics/0107002v1 fatcat:ej22y3xzbbcxpl65skmza6rj5m

Page 114 of The Philosophical Review Vol. 62, Issue 1 [page]

1953 The Philosophical Review  
The formal simplicity of a predicate set as defined by Goodman is not, of course, just a function of the number of predicates ; it depends on the total number of argument places involved and, in an intricate  ...  Before this simplicity of predicate sets — which must be distinguished from the simplicity of theories, or hypothesis sets ——can serve as a criterion in appraising the adequacy of a constructional system  ... 

Swinburne on the Simplicity of Theism

Bruce Langtry
2011 European Journal for Philosophy of Religion  
a wide range of hypotheses where the assessment of simplicity rests entirely on the number and kinds of postulated properties (2) Swinburne's main argument in The Christian God for the simplicity of theism  ...  This paper argues that (1) richard Swinburne's general account of the simplicity of empirical hypotheses fails because it involves a deeply problematic notion of postulating a property, while there is  ...  Swinburne holds that h-simplicity is a multi-dimensional feature of theories: [Quotation 1] The simplicity of a theory, in my view, is a matter of it postulating few (logically independent) entities, few  ... 
doi:10.24204/ejpr.v3i2.403 fatcat:32ldz4zoqjhytaz2eql7rzutue

Goodman, Quine, and Chomsky: from a grammatical point of view

Marcus Tomalin
2003 Lingua  
The main topics considered include the development of constructional system theory, the use of mechanical procedures for measuring the formal simplicity of extralogical bases in constructional systems,  ...  Finally, the relationship between the notion of simplicity in 1950s-style generative grammar and more recent discussions of economy in the Minimalist Program is assessed. #  ...  systems and, in his paper 'The Logical Simplicity of Predicates' (Goodman, 1949a) , Goodman proposed one possible criterion for nominalistic constructional systems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0024-3841(03)00017-2 fatcat:eckabsvqhzhf3eq6zvlre5l4cq

A Modest Proposal Concerning Simplicity

Henry E. Kyburg
1961 Philosophical Review  
The Logical Simplicity of Predicates,”’ loc. cit., XIV (1949), 32-41; ‘““An Improvement in the Theory of Simplicity,” Joc. cit., XIV (1949), 228-229; ‘New Notes on Simplicity,” loc. cit., XVII (1952),  ...  Suppes,* and Svenonius,4—have been concerned with just one aspect of simplicity: the “‘structural simplicity of the set of primitives constituting the extra-logical basis of a system.’® This is a simple  ... 
doi:10.2307/2183382 fatcat:bsmfltq5ynhrdjrnmqp6we7uym
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