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The Logical Difference for Fuzzy Ontologies

Sha-sha Feng, Dan-tong Ou-yang, Yong-gang Zhang
2010 2010 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology  
In this paper, we define the logical difference of two fuzzy EL + ontologies.  ...  For fuzzy EL + ontologies of different versions we investigate how to compute the difference in taxonomy and concept subsumption difference.  ...  In this paper, we investigate how to clarify the difference between two fuzzy EL + ontologies. First, we define the logical difference in fuzzy EL + .  ... 
doi:10.1109/cit.2010.104 dblp:conf/IEEEcit/FengOZ10 fatcat:43tsldsfz5derky32mskhd2jmu

Tractability of the Crisp Representations of Tractable Fuzzy Description Logics

Fernando Bobillo, Miguel Delgado
2010 International Semantic Web Conference  
An important line of research within the field of fuzzy DLs is the computation of an equivalent crisp representation of a fuzzy ontology.  ...  In this short paper, we discuss the relation between tractable fuzzy DLs and tractable crisp representations. This relation heavily depends on the family of fuzzy operators considered.  ...  The authors have been partially supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (project TIN2009-14538-C02-01).  ... 
dblp:conf/semweb/BobilloD10 fatcat:chadj53xx5etjhc7fxgp5qhmye

Classifying Fuzzy Subsumption in Fuzzy-EL+

Giorgos Stoilos, Giorgos B. Stamou, Jeff Z. Pan
2008 International Workshop on Description Logics  
Following the paradigm of classical DLs, fuzzy extensions to tractable DLs have been proposed. In the current paper we present a fuzzy extension to the tractable DL EL+, creating f-EL+.  ...  Besides the syntax and the extended semantics we also provide a reasoning algorithm for f-EL+.  ...  The work of Giorgos Stoilos and Giorgos Stamou was partially supported by the European Commission under project X-Media (FP6-26978).  ... 
dblp:conf/dlog/StoilosSP08 fatcat:iug6v4khhndbpkzizzegvllywm

Decidability and Complexity of Fuzzy Description Logics

Franz Baader, Stefan Borgwardt, Rafael Peñaloza
2016 Künstliche Intelligenz  
First approaches for reasoning in FDLs where based either on a reduction to reasoning in classical description logics (DLs) or on adaptations of reasoning approaches for DLs to the fuzzy case.  ...  The goal of this project was a comprehensive study of the border between decidability and undecidability for FDLs with GCIs, as well as determining the exact complexity of the decidable logics.  ...  A different approach for fuzzy CQ answering for the inexpressive FDL DL-Lite was developed independently in [45] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13218-016-0459-3 fatcat:kvlgugali5ebdey55yep3zqzcq

Łukasiewicz Fuzzy EL is Undecidable

Stefan Borgwardt, Marco Cerami, Rafael Peñaloza
2017 International Workshop on Description Logics  
In this paper, we take those results to the extreme, and show that subsumption in fuzzy EL under Łukasiewicz semantics is undecidable.  ...  Fuzzy Description Logics have been proposed as formalisms for representing and reasoning about imprecise knowledge by introducing intermediate truth degrees.  ...  However, there are different choices of possible semantics for the logical constructors.  ... 
dblp:conf/dlog/BorgwardtCP17 fatcat:t6auk2htqjcjfegfxku73w3kpa

Dealing with Incompleteness and Vagueness in Inductive Logic Programming

Francesca Alessandra Lisi, Umberto Straccia
2013 Italian Conference on Computational Logic  
We present a novel ILP method for inducing fuzzy DL inclusion axioms from crisp DL knowledge bases and discuss the results obtained in comparison with related works.  ...  In order to deal with incomplete and vague structured knowledge, several fuzzy extensions of Description Logics (DLs) have been proposed in the literature.  ...  Also, it can be interesting to analyse the impact of the different fuzzy logics on the learning process.  ... 
dblp:conf/cilc/LisiS13 fatcat:hidn3vxb7bctroxpvtd4y63emy

Semantic Technologies for Situation Awareness

Franz Baader, Stefan Borgwardt, Patrick Koopmann, Veronika Thost, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
2020 Künstliche Intelligenz  
The general idea was to formalize situations as ontology-mediated queries, but in order to express the relevant situations, both the employed ontology language and the query language had to be extended  ...  In this paper we sketch the general approach and then concentrate on reporting the formal results obtained for reasoning in these extensions, but do not describe the application that triggered these extensions  ...  contributions to this project, and all the other members of the CRC HAEC for their cooperation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13218-020-00694-3 fatcat:xcoxluhqdvbjvfbelzrrjesvpi

A fuzzy extension of the semantic Building Information Model

J. Gómez-Romero, F. Bobillo, M. Ros, M. Molina-Solana, M.D. Ruiz, M.J. Martín-Bautista
2015 Automation in Construction  
We propose an expressive fuzzy ontology language, and describe how to use a fuzzy reasoning engine in a BIM context with selected examples.  ...  In this paper, we present a fuzzy logicbased extension of such semantic BIMs that provides support for imprecise knowledge representation and retrieval.  ...  First, we describe the materials, methods and tools used in this research work; namely: (i) ontologies as representation formalisms for the BIM; (ii) fuzzy logic and fuzzy DLs for the creation of fuzzy  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.autcon.2015.04.007 fatcat:d4hugykqzveuhhvzzodpzybxom

Reasoning with Vague Concepts in Description Logics

Mohamed Gasmi, Mustapha Bourahla
2017 International Journal of Fuzzy System Applications  
The authors will propose also an extension of the Tableau algorithm for reasoning over vague ontologies.  ...  The open world assumption in ontologies representing knowledge may assign deficient (imprecise) meaning for ontology concepts which are language adjectives referring the meaning of classes of objects (  ...  For recent work, research on fuzzy DLs has covered many different logics, from the inexpressive EL to the expressive SROIQ(D), from simple fuzzy semantics to ones covering all continuous t-norms, from  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijfsa.2017040103 fatcat:dnfbve6p4rfmnb4wvwcuq6mm4y

Fuzzy ontology representation using OWL 2

Fernando Bobillo, Umberto Straccia
2011 International Journal of Approximate Reasoning  
In this work, we follow the latter approach, by identifying the syntactic differences that a fuzzy ontology language has to cope with, and by proposing a concrete methodology to represent fuzzy ontologies  ...  We also report on some prototypical implementations: a plug-in to edit fuzzy ontologies using OWL 2 annotations and some parsers that translate fuzzy ontologies represented using our methodology into the  ...  We are also indebted to Daniele Bacarella for his help with the implementation. F.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijar.2011.05.003 fatcat:4dngj25475hshd3ro5rgnbhmqm

Knowledge Mobilisation for Knowledge Whenever and Wherever Needed

Christer Carlsson, Matteo Brunelli, József Mezei
2010 Bled eConference  
Fuzzy ontology replaces classical ontology for knowledge representation.  ...  We will show that fuzzy ontology is useful to represent real world knowledge and to give us answers which are sufficiently good for real world situations for which we need sufficiently good knowledge.  ...  However, we should note that the ranking of the wines is different compared to the ranking we obtained by querying the fuzzy ontology with ordinary logical operators.  ... 
dblp:conf/bled/CalssonBM10 fatcat:elb2q3mxqrawzfzcdush2hpx5q

Knowledge Processing for Web Search — An Integrated Model [chapter]

Peter Gurský, Tomáš Horváth, Jozef Jirásek, Stanislav Krajči, Róbert Novotný, Veronika Vaneková, Peter Vojtáš
2008 Studies in Computational Intelligence  
We present the model-theoretic semantic for fuzzy description logic f-EL which is the motivation of creating a model for fuzzy RDF. Our model was experimentally implemented and integration was tested.  ...  The model is based on modeling preferences by fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic.  ...  We introduce the model of building fuzzy RDF based on fuzzy description logic f-EL proposed in [10] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-74930-1_10 fatcat:k4nx3gqrtjfkthj2fejc6cibgm

An Extended Semantic Interoperability Model for Distributed Electronic Health Record Based on Fuzzy Ontology Semantics

Ebtsam Adel, Shaker El-Sappagh, Sherif Barakat, Jong-Wan Hu, Mohammed Elmogy
2021 Electronics  
We thirdly extend the integrated crisp ontology into a fuzzy ontology by using a standard methodology and fuzzy logic to handle this limitation.  ...  The main contribution of this paper is to propose and implement a fuzzy ontology-based semantic interoperability framework for distributed EHR systems.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors want to express gratitude toward Ashraf Khater "Surgical Oncology" and Moahamed Awad Ibrahem "Medical Oncology" (Mansoura University Oncology Center) for their support during  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics10141733 fatcat:3cefxssoh5ct5p6rwktdgz2l2a

The limits of decidability in fuzzy description logics with general concept inclusions

Stefan Borgwardt, Felix Distel, Rafael Peñaloza
2015 Artificial Intelligence  
On the other hand, we also provide matching decidability results for most of the remaining logics.  ...  Fuzzy Description Logics (DLs) can be used to represent and reason with vague knowledge.  ...  For the last two decades, research on fuzzy DLs has covered many different logics, from the inexpressive EL [5] to the expressive SROIQ(D) [6] , from simple fuzzy semantics [7] to ones covering all  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.artint.2014.09.001 fatcat:njegfwhtmrevpf4xtvccrcglpa


Umberto Straccia, Matteo Mucci
2015 Proceedings of the 30th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing - SAC '15  
In this paper, given an OWL target class T , we address the problem of inducing EL(D) concept descriptions that describe sufficient conditions for being an individual instance of T .  ...  SAC' ogy of the ontology, one may ask about what are sufficient conditions characterising good hotels in Pisa according the user feedback.  ...  Related Foil-like algorithms for the fuzzy case are reported in the literature [13, 55, 56] but they are not conceived for DL ontologies.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2695664.2695707 dblp:conf/sac/StracciaM15 fatcat:vcncqvxwando7etj27ebnxxit4
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