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On The Margins Of Language: Ideophones, Interjections And Dependencies In Linguistic Theory [chapter]

Mark Dingemanse
2017 Zenodo  
On the margins of language: Ideophones, interjections and dependencies in linguistic theory  ...  I gratefully acknowledge funding from the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science and an NWO Veni grant.  ...  Acknowledgements I thank Kimi Akita, Nick Enfield and Felix Ameka for being interlocutors on these topics over the last few years.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.573781 fatcat:la4hytwgzjeilgemb75jmickv4


Mariyana MaTsibranska-Kostova, Vanya Micheva
2021 Proceedings of the Institute for Bulgarian Language "Prof Lyubomir Andreychin"  
Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Резюме: Изследването представя структурните и семантичните особености на междуметията в два диахронни езикови корпуса: бележките на българските  ... 
doi:10.7546/pibl.xxxiv.21.02 fatcat:qf5doshj2nbctghii2i6r3zqau

Interjections in the speech of British royal family members

Natalya Panina, Oksana Amerkhanova
2018 Training Language and Culture  
The anthropocentric orientation of today's scientific paradigm sparks increased interest in the role of the human factor in language production, the issues having to do with the connection between language  ...  Serving as an instrument of human communication, language reflects people's perception of the surrounding reality.  ...  Amerkhanova Training, Language and Culture 89 Interjections in the speech of British royal family members by Natalya V. Panina and Oksana O.  ... 
doi:10.29366/2018tlc.2.4.6 fatcat:2aiyfx4durbz7eniz7csgitxxu

Interjections and the Language Functions Debate

Els Elffers
2008 Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas Bulletin  
However, for him interjections are bound up with the so-called interjections-theory, which is one of many theories about the origin of language he rejects.  ...  At first sight it seems plausible that the study of interjections benefited from the language function debate.  ... 
doi:10.1080/02674971.2008.11827189 fatcat:sqknl6faybda7nhezdikck4zmi

Emotional Prosody in Interjections: A Case of Non-arbitrariness in Language

Åsa Abelin
2013 The public journal of semiotics  
Emotional prosody shows a connection between meaning and expression, and constitutes a special case of non-arbitrariness in language.  ...  prosody, written emotional interjections, and lexical frequency of interjections.  ...  Acknowledgements Warm thanks are extended to Isac Waern Kyrck who performed the lexical decision experiment of words in isolation (Experiment 2), and whose BA thesis (Waern Kyrck 2013) can be consulted  ... 
doi:10.37693/pjos.2013.5.9648 fatcat:fqr36qptvfdbrmlsodmh7z72l4

Russian Phatic Interjections :

2012 Bulletin of the Japanese Association for the Study of Russian Language and Literature  
the Russian language.  ...  However, very often in real communication simple translation of the interjection does not achieve in the target language the communicative effect the original interjection had.  ... 
doi:10.32278/yaar.44.0_135 fatcat:ikv5sm4cdvdsvhz6xtbvmfcb6y


Serafima Sergeevna Sibatrova
2019 Yearbook of Finno-Ugric Studies  
The aim of the paper is to define vocabulary of the studied interjections and the place of the Russian borrowings among them.  ...  Etymology of 8 items (or 57 %) is connected with Russian language: 6 interjections (3 supposedly) address dogs and puppies, 2 interjections address cats and kittens.  ...  The aim of the paper is to define vocabulary of the studied interjections and the place of the Russian borrowings among them.  ... 
doi:10.35634/2224-9443-2019-13-3-412-419 fatcat:jtein5aclvh55dkbjj2ghugzoe


Nurhalima Tanjung, Yetty Zainil, Delvi Wahyuni
2020 English Language and Literature  
The aims of this research is to describe the types and function of interjections used in Webtoon Digital Comic, the differences of used between primary that has 4 subdivided and secondary interjection.  ...  The researcher used table instrument to categories the types and function of interjection used.  ...  One of the strong components of the comic besided sentences and images (visual language) is the use of interjection.  ... 
doi:10.24036/ell.v9i1.108136 fatcat:w357oqcjfndctkyhjr3t3umn2q

Gesture, Interjection and Onomatopoeia in Edward Burnett Tylor's Theory of the Origin and Development of Language

Roberta P. Mocerino
2016 Theoria et Historia Scientiarum  
The 400 or 500 roots which remain as the constituent elements in different families of language are not interjections, nor are they imitations.  ...  of language was to be envisaged in onomatopoeia (bow-wow theory) or interjections (pooh-pooh theory).  ... 
doi:10.12775/ths.2016.005 fatcat:27qfnitb2fhm3m5rgiva4wdk5m

Comparative analysis of teaching zoonyms phraseological units in the function of interjection (english, french and russian languages)

Evgenya Mikhailovna Maklakova, Svetlana Olegovna Magfurova
2020 Revista Conrado  
It has been revealed that IPhU with a zoonym component which have an invariant emotional-evaluative meaning of interjections are represented by a large number of units in the compared languages with a  ...  The results of the research have led to the establishment of a special IPhU corpus with a zoonym component on the material of the English, French and Russian languages, which makes it possible to refer  ...  "The anthropocentric paradigm suggests switching the interests of the researcher from the objects of cognition to the subject, that is, to aspects of the analysis of a person in language and language in  ... 
doaj:83213a7c16a8492eb4b6b0667a72c591 fatcat:r3dsrgku35ghjcmsrg3v5d4ym4

Actualization of interjections' potential in the English-language multimodal text (based on 'Disney Magic Kingdom Comics')

N. V. Panina
2021 Vestnik of Samara University. History, pedagogics, philology  
However, the most numerous and variable group is made up of interjections expressing the emotional state of the characters, which may be explained by the nature of interjections.  ...  Further on the concentration of interjections in speech balloons is recorded and it is revealed that interjections occupy 1/5 of the entire communicative space of each of the analyzed comics.  ...  equivalent of 'omi god' or 'oh my god' or 'oh my gosh' that is slurred') (Urban Dictionary).  ... 
doi:10.18287/2542-0445-2021-27-1-122-128 fatcat:nfh662xgcbhqrjdxpsyzgaxyle

On the Origin of Language from Interjections, and of Our Modern English in the Teutonic and Cognate Dialects

William Bell
1867 Journal of the Anthropological Society of London  
and, as I hope to sIioav from a simple interjectional monosyllable to raise up the stupendous structure of living and dead languages, Avhich can embrace the meanest ancl the most abject ideas, or rise  ...  To get at the origin of language it Avas certainly worth while to study the interjections, and it was satisfactory to find even philologists vol. v. I coming to an agreement on this point.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3025253 fatcat:iwl3fdxswzcjtohsmjoz2wthei

Empathic Interjection Rejoinders (on the Material of the French Language)
Междометия как средство выражения эмпатии (на материале французского языка)

Larisa Aznabaeva, Anna Anishchenko
2015 Vestnik Volgogradskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta. Seriâ 2. Âzykoznanie  
The article examines the empathic content and the structure of French interjections used in empathic speech acts mentioned above.  ...  Moreover, some of the empathic interjections possess a high degree of compatibility with other empathic speech acts.  ... 
doi:10.15688/jvolsu2.2015.2.8 fatcat:iyn6uolupjfdfno7qn7m3yxzii

Ways of mastering the grammatical structure of the Russian language interjections at the lessons with foreign students
Совершенствование языковых навыков иноязычных учащихся при овладении грамматической структурой междометий русского языка

G.B. Baimurzaeva, Y. Boronenkova
2016 Âzyk i Tekst  
Ways of mastering the grammatical structure of the Russian language interjections at the lessons with foreign students [Elektronnyi resurs].  ...  Jazyk i tekst [Language and Text], 2016, vol. 3, no. 4.  ... 
doi:10.17759/langt.2016030409 fatcat:tv24zc75nngq3e55musushupue

About the origin of the Mari interjections addressing pigs and piglets: borrowings from the Russian language
О происхождении марийских обращений-междометий к свиньям и поросятам: заимствования из русского языка

S.S. Sibatrova
2018 Bulletin of Ugric studies  
On the origin of the Mari interjections addressing pigs and piglets: borrowings from the Russian language // Vestnik ugrovedenia = Bulletin of Ugric studies. 2018; 8(1): 61-68.  ...  Research materials: the research was conducted on the base of materials of modern grammars, special monographs and articles on the Mari language, lexical data of dictionaries (10 volumed dictionary, dialectical  ... 
doi:10.30624/2220-4156-2018-8-1-61-68 fatcat:cmur4oo5qjgwxmaiklprjbrq3m
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