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Supporting Map-based Geocollaboration Through Natural Interfaces to Large-Screen Displays

Alan M. MacEachren, Guoray Cai, Issac Brewer, Jin Chen
2006 Cartographic Perspectives  
One adopts a combined wall map/white board metaphor while the other adopts a drafting table metaphor. We focus on crisis management as a typical use case.  ...  Elsewhere, we have developed a comprehensive conceptual approach to geocollaboration that provides a framework for both studying collaborative work with geospatial information (and technologies) and the  ...  ., & Cramer, N. 2004, The human-information workspace (HI-Space): Ambient table top entertainment, Entertainment Computing -Icec 2004 (Vol. 3166, pp. 101-107).  ... 
doi:10.14714/cp54.344 fatcat:n7r5ybujovdtxbavmcxpab7wbm

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2006 Cartographic Perspectives  
The human-information work- space (HI-Space): Ambient table top entertainment, Entertainment Comput- ing -Icec (V3166, 101-107). Dourish, P. and Belotti, V., 1992.  ...  In section 3, we describe and compare two environments: DAVE_G (Dialogue Assisted Virtual Environment for Geoinformation) and HI-SPACE (Human Information Workspace).  ...  Each table should have a descriptive title as well as informational column headings. Titles should accent the relationships or patterns presented in the table. Illustrations.  ... 
doi:10.14714/cp54.336 fatcat:vrmndbcbqrhkdp6wx6b5iaptgq

Place and Technology in the Home

Lynne Baillie, David Benyon
2007 Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)  
In the last few years information and communication technologies have added to the technological complexity of the home.  ...  Entertainment technologies have become increasingly dominant, as the simple TV has given way to video, DVD and satellite or cable services.  ...  Robert Cook said that his workspace was 'his space' but that since the family only had one PC he was happy for the children to use this space and the equipment in it (e.g. scanner and printer) for their  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10606-007-9063-2 fatcat:gaga4l4ns5h77bivwr5hlsbtaq

Vision-based multiple user interaction with in-home large displays

Wei You
We explore the usefulness of a vision system through two user studies. We designed the first study to compare the use of tracker-based mechanism versus manual ones for managing the display.  ...  User interface issues such as multiple users sharing the screen resources of the displays, and the usage of multiple control devices have begun to emerge.  ...  for his space (a).  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0070804 fatcat:dsyjpu5s6bfqza3lias6bfuqqm

ACHI 2015 COMMITTEE ACHI Advisory Committee

Leslie Miller, Katia Sykara, Alma Culén, S Madrid, Eugenio Spain, Molina, Andrea Gasparini, Majed Alshamari, Florian Alt, Margherita Antona, Michael Bauer, Marios Belk (+97 others)
The copyright release is a transfer of publication rights, which allows IARIA and its partners to drive the dissemination of the published material.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to thank all members of the DESIGN group at the University of Oslo and Maritime Human Factors Lab at Ålesund for their guidance and support.  ...  Our thanks also go to the 37 th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia for suggestions and constructive comments.  ... 

Complex Adaptive Systems and Urban Morphogenesis

Sharon Wohl
The research is further predicated on the notion that, while such responses are both imbricated with, and stewarded by human actors, the specificities of the material characteristics themselves matter.  ...  The goal of the dissertation is then to determine how such generalized principles might 'play out' within the urban fabric.  ...  Thus, a cobbler operating in a space of five square meters cannot repurpose his space to run a hotel.  ... 
doi:10.7480/abe.2018.10.2397 fatcat:xok5vybzunabdlmhtnfqyvkcoy

Mediating Modernity: Visual Culture and Class in Madrid, 1926-1936 [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, University, My, Adele Nelson, Gerald D. Silk
In the second chapter, I look at how the construction of the Gran Vía avenue was presented in the press to investigate the social effects of the reorganization of Madrid's center.  ...  Thus, the questions and concerns of the period are instilled in the visual arts, regardless if the city is explicitly represented in them or not.  ...  the inhabitants of those lower levels, used the photographs to allow the world to come into his space.  ... 
doi:10.34944/dspace/731 fatcat:qpdusaytrzb3vpn3hlpmq6rnme

Colours of the kitchen cabinet : a studio exploration of memory, place, and ritual arising from the domestic kitchen

Honeywill, Greer, 1945-
Mies talks about 'free space' : but his space is very fixed I can't even put a clothes hanger in my house without considering how it affects everything from outside.  ...  The press and electronic media as information, infotainment and entertainment remain powerful cultural indicators and a heady societal drug.  ... 
doi:10.4225/03/59cb225b90b0a fatcat:fw2er6qidrcxfd2pp33o6o6k6y

Place, information technology and legal ethics

Jasmine Thomas, Reid Mortensen, Francessca Bartlett
This Heideggerian framework underpins the thesis and addresses the issues lawyers face with increased technology use.  ...  This thesis addresses the impact that technology has on lawyers' ethics. It first establishes a case for place, drawing on the works of Martin Heidegger and his disciples.  ...  For consistency in this thesis, I replace his space with place.  ... 
doi:10.26192/5c060a458a82a fatcat:4hx4pishzbg5vlbb45i6lvdvfm

Chennai Ponnuga Da (Chennai's young women) : an ethnographic study of the everyday life experiences and perspectives of young women in a hostel in ChennaiChennai Ponnuga Da (Chennai's young women) : an ethnographic study of the everyday life experiences and perspectives of young women in a hostel in Chennai [article]

Josephine Varghese, University Of Canterbury
There is a burgeoning body of literature tracing the changes that ensued India's process of economic liberalization in the last decade of the 20th century.  ...  Young women, often expected to be the authentic bearers of culture, are at the centre of the tensions unfolding between these competing discourses.  ...  Luckily enough for me, one of Danny's flat mates had been away, visiting his family in a neighboring state, and his space was temporarily available.  ... 
doi:10.26021/10412 fatcat:qeyir2i5wbc5hbkrgkty7ie7de