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The Effects of Manipulating Task Determinability on Search Behaviors and Outcomes

Robert Capra, Jamie Arguello, O'Brien, Heather, 1977-, Yuan Li, Bogeum Choi
One view of task complexity is through the lens of a priori determinabilitythe level of uncertainty about task outcomes and processes experienced by the searcher.  ...  An important area of IR research involves understanding how task characteristics influence search behaviors and outcomes.  ...  RQ4: What is the effect of task version on participants' search behaviors?  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0398730 fatcat:a26wz5e7avfxfbrt7lnib7l3aa

Top-down search strategies determine attentional capture in visual search: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence

Martin Eimer, Monika Kiss
2010 Attention, Perception & Psychophysics  
When responses were required to only one of the two color singletons, the same cues no longer elicited behavioral spatial cuing effects, and the N2pc to these cues was attenuated and delayed, in line with  ...  Results demonstrate that the ability of visual singleton stimuli to capture attention is not simply determined by their bottom-up salience, but strongly modulated by top-down task sets.  ...  A potentially important factor that may determine the strength of this residual capture effect is the type of search array used.  ... 
doi:10.3758/app.72.4.951 pmid:20436192 fatcat:cd4sjs75hjh5ddrwhti62kssiy

Is my Effort Worth IT? Investigating the dual effects of Search Cost on Search Utility

Fei Liu, Bo Sophia Xiao, Eric T. K. Lim, Chee-Wee Tan
2016 Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems  
We therefore draw on Information Foraging Theory (IFT) to disentangle the dual role of search cost in shaping the utility of information search.  ...  By analyzing the behavioral data generated in the experimental process, we discover that search cost reduces the expected search utility while improving the yield of search space.  ...  By analyzing the behavioral data generated in the experimental process, we aim to answer the following research questions: First, how does search cost exert dual effect on search utility?  ... 
dblp:conf/pacis/0028XLT16 fatcat:tnfn3s6n6vfyrbetidaar52ghm

Understanding the Impact of the Role Factor in Collaborative Information Retrieval

Lynda Tamine, Laure Soulier
2015 Proceedings of the 24th ACM International on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management - CIKM '15  
Such policies allow work to be divided among collaborators with the aim of preventing redundancy and optimizing the synergic effects of collaboration.  ...  Collaborative information retrieval systems often rely on division of labor policies.  ...  search and a non-assigned-role-based one in terms of users' search behavior and effectiveness.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2806416.2806481 dblp:conf/cikm/TamineS15 fatcat:6l6hi44eevhs5enpesrcrxqysm

Eye-tracking analysis of user behavior and performance in web search on large and small screens

Jaewon Kim, Paul Thomas, Ramesh Sankaranarayana, Tom Gedeon, Hwan-Jin Yoon
2014 Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology  
We analyze web searches with 2 task types on 2 differently sized screens: one for a desktop and the other for a mobile device.  ...  In addition, we examine the relationships between search performance and several search behaviors to allow further investigation of the differences engendered by the screens.  ...  Furthermore, we investigate the effect on search speed of some of the differences in search behavior.  ... 
doi:10.1002/asi.23187 fatcat:y32hgil4dnhupklvhninhygt3i

Peer Effects on Real-Time Search Behavior in Experimental Stock Markets

Xuejun Jin, Xue Zhou, Xiaolan Yang, Yiyang Lin
2021 Frontiers in Psychology  
By randomly assigning subjects into pairs and presenting them with real-time information on their peers' searches, we investigated the effects of peers' decisions on search behaviors.  ...  However, this peer effect did not exist when subjects had access to feedback information on the ex-post best response.  ...  Risk attitude and cognitive ability are two major determinants of search behaviors.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2021.635014 fatcat:wg6hc6mdgzh3fmihpkdmp3bemm

The Effects of Search Environment and Task Realism on Search Behavior

Xioyan Niu, Ann M. Bisantz
2001 Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting  
Search tasks were defined based on a qualitative, three-stage model of search behavior.  ...  Additionally, behavior was also similar across the structured vs. self defined search tasks, suggesting that aspects of search engines and user search behavior can be tested in a controlled setting and  ...  For the self-directed search task, there was a significant effect of search environment on search time, and a significant effect of search stage on search time, the number of items checked, ratings of  ... 
doi:10.1177/154193120104500609 fatcat:uwopglw5bjhtzbjbrbl72dzjxa

Developmental changes in visual search are determined by changing visuospatial abilities and task repetition: a longitudinal study in adolescents

Rudolf Burggraaf, Jos N. van der Geest, Ignace T. C. Hooge, Maarten A. Frens
2019 Applied neuropsychology. Child  
We analyzed the association between changes in visuospatial ability and changes in visual search performance and behavior and estimated additional effects of age and task repetition.  ...  We found that both the increase in age and the yearly repetition of the DOT had a positive effect on visuospatial ability.  ...  I am also grateful for the students, teachers, conrectors, and rector of Gemeentelijk Gymnasium Hilversum.  ... 
doi:10.1080/21622965.2019.1627211 pmid:31268363 fatcat:2yooo3rypjfcti54brgqshqapy

Examining the effects of task topic familiarity on searchers' behaviors in different task types

Jingjing Liu, Chang Liu, Nicholas Belkin
2013 Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology  
In this paper, we examined the effects of information searchers' familiarity with task topics on their search behaviors, in different task types.  ...  Each participant searched on four tasks varying along four task facets: task product (being factual or a mix of intellectual/factual), level (the needed information being the whole document or a segment  ...  One stream of research examines the effect of task type on user behaviors in searching and has found significant effects.  ... 
doi:10.1002/meet.14505001033 fatcat:popualnobzejtbe6fwnux6dkma

Behavior Driven Topic Transition for Search Task Identification

Liangda Li, Hongbo Deng, Yunlong He, Anlei Dong, Yi Chang, Hongyuan Zha
2016 Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on World Wide Web - WWW '16  
the effectiveness of our proposed model.  ...  We extensively evaluate the proposed approach and compare with several state-of-the-art search task identification methods on both synthetic and real-world query log data, and experimental results illustrate  ...  In this sense, the search behavior and the topic of the current query together to determine the topic of the next query.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2872427.2883047 dblp:conf/www/LiDHDCZ16 fatcat:yzjwz3ingvcptpqci7c5xjclsi

Consumer Search Behavior in Online Shopping Environments

Kumar, Lang, Peng
2004 e-Service Journal  
This paper explores search behavior of online shoppers.  ...  compare product and shopping information on the Internet.  ...  This study contributes to the research of consumer information and product search and adds to our understanding on the determining factors of search performance.  ... 
doi:10.2979/esj.2004.3.3.87 fatcat:g6g75m3dhbaufd33tfo2ppffzu

Consumer Search Behavior in Online Shopping Environments

Nanda Kumar, Karl R. Lang, Qian Peng
2004 e-Service Journal  
This paper explores search behavior of online shoppers.  ...  compare product and shopping information on the Internet.  ...  This study contributes to the research of consumer information and product search and adds to our understanding on the determining factors of search performance.  ... 
doi:10.1353/esj.2005.0011 fatcat:tp4emkbq5ncv5np6qtwpjjrvbe

Novelty Is Not Always the Best Policy

Michael D. Dodd, Stefan Van der Stigchel, Andrew Hollingworth
2009 Psychological Science  
We report a study that examined whether inhibition of return (IOR) is specific to visual search or a general characteristic of visual behavior.  ...  IOR, task set 3 Novelty is not always the best policy: Inhibition of return and facilitation of return as a function of visual task To successfully navigate our visual world, we must efficiently direct  ...  In the present study, we examined whether IOR is specific to visual search tasks or is a general property of visual behavior 1 .  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-9280.2009.02294.x pmid:19222812 fatcat:3pvhkfklarcurd4wowp35hvirm

The effect of cognitive abilities on information search for tasks of varying levels of complexity

Kathy Brennan, Diane Kelly, Jaime Arguello
2014 Proceedings of the 5th Information Interaction in Context Symposium on - IIiX '14  
Our results suggest three important trends: (1) associative memory ability had no significant effect on search behavior and workload, (2) visualization ability had a significant effect on search behavior  ...  , but not workload, and (3) perceptual speed had a significant effect on search behavior and workload.  ...  Visualization ability had a significant effect on a few of our search behavior measures, but no significant effect on any of the workload dimensions.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2637002.2637022 dblp:conf/iiix/BrennanKA14 fatcat:safsv6qsyndppomjumf6euyu34

Large-scale analysis of individual and task differences in search result page examination strategies

Georg Buscher, Ryen W. White, Susan Dumais, Jeff Huang
2012 Proceedings of the fifth ACM international conference on Web search and data mining - WSDM '12  
We examine queries, clicks, cursor movements, scrolling, and text highlighting for millions of queries on the Bing commercial search engine to better understand the impact of user, task, and user-task  ...  Understanding the impact of individual and task differences on search result page examination strategies is important in developing improved search engines.  ...  effect of search task on users' SERP examination behaviors.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2124295.2124341 dblp:conf/wsdm/BuscherWDH12 fatcat:eqyovmjumjhetm3o3ddgw6rhje
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